My Sex Life Ch. 02

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Chapter 2: The First Tongue On My Pussy

This happened about three weeks after the evening of the events in Chapter 1 of ‘My Sex Life’.

We were round at Patrick’s again, in his room. We had the house to ourselves. His parents were out and wouldn’t be back until after 10pm. Patrick already had my top off and was paying serious attention to my tits. I had unbuttoned his shirt and was running my hands over his chest as his tongue gently explored mine.

I was incredibly turned on and feeling really naughty. Patrick had never seen me naked but I was about to change that. I asked him if he would like to see some more and, not really surprisingly, he said yes.

I stood up and kicked off my trainers and socks. I slowly undid my jeans and pushed them down to the floor. Then I turned around hitched my thumbs into the elastic at my waist and slowly pushed my knickers down over my hips. I bent forward, wriggling my bum just inches from his face as I slid my knickers down past my knees. They fell to the ground, I stepped out of them and kicked them to one side as I turned to let him see me, ‘in the flesh’, for the first time.

I took his hand and lead him to the bed. I pulled off his casino şirketleri shirt and then we lay down. We kissed and Patrick’s hands were all over me, exploring my naked body for the first time.

His mouth went to my tits and he started to lick and suck them. His hand slid up my leg and his fingers started to explore my pussy. I was very excited and very wet.

After a few minutes of this, Patrick stood up and removed his jeans. He parted my legs then climbed between them. H is head dipped and I could hardly imagine what was about to happen. He lowered his head and gently ran his tongue up the length of my pussy. A thrill like an electric shock ran through my body as his tongue lightly made contact with my clit. I moaned and Patrick’s tongue lapped at my pussy and occasionally slid up inside me.

As he licked me, Patrick reached up and began to squeeze my tits. He teased my nipples as his tongue continued to explore every crevice of my pussy. I came, hard, for the first time that evening.

I was so turned on. I didn’t want him to stop eating me. I started imagining how it would feel to have Patrick’s cock inside me. The thought that I might soon be having my first ever fuck plus casino firmaları the effects of Patrick’s tongue on my pussy and his hands on my tits suddenly drove me over the edge.

I came again, even harder this time.

Patrick continued to gently lick my pussy until a third orgasm, smaller this time, shook my body, then a fourth. Reluctantly, as I came for the fifth time, I could take no more and had to beg him to stop.

Patrick moved up the bed and held me tight as I recovered. As I said, I was dying to do it right there and then. I asked him if he had any condoms but he shook his head.

Since I wasn’t going to get fucked that evening, I decided to do something for him. I reached down and started to stoke his cock through his boxer shorts. After a few minutes, I decided I wanted to see what I had in my hand. I gripped the waistband of his boxer shorts and started to pull. Patrick raised his hips, making it easier for me to remove them. I tugged them off then turned to take my first glimpse of Patrick’s cock.

It was about 6½” long. To my untrained eye it was huge, (although, since then I’ve had quite a few that were bigger and thicker than his). I shuddered at the thought güvenilir casino of having something that big inside me. The thought scared me and excited me at the same time.

Anyway, I took Patrick’s cock in my hands and began to rub it. I tried speeding up and slowing down, tightening my grip and loosening it. Patrick’s breathing became deeper and more rapid and I felt his cock began to twitch and stiffen even more.

Without any more warning, Patrick came. His cum splashed over my tits and dribbled over my fingers.

I felt so horny knowing that my actions had caused Patrick to unload all over me. Like so many things, I’d never done this with anyone before. I began to rub his cum into my skin. I must say it felt really dirty and I loved it. Patrick watched me as I licked my fingers clean. The taste was salty and, whilst not exactly pleasant, it wasn’t unbearable (and certainly not enough to stop me from tasting it again and again) so I leaned forward and ran my tongue over the end of his cock, licking him clean. I’ve cleaned lots of cocks with my mouth since then but, that first time, I felt a strange thrill at doing something that seemed so ‘dirty’.

Afterwards, we lay there, just holding each other for a while until, eventually, I decided I needed a shower.

I showered quickly then got dressed as Patrick cleaned himself up and made us some coffee. After I drank that, it was time for me to go home.

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