Mowing The Lawn

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Mothers can be sneaky, untrustworthy creatures. I had very subtly insinuated that I was interested in buying mine something for Mother’s Day and a suggestion of what she’d really like would be nice.

Do you know what she decided she would like? A freshly mown lawn. As a matter of fact she’d like one so much that she didn’t really want to wait until Mother’s Day. Why didn’t I do it Saturday afternoon? The exercise would do me good.

See what I mean? Sneaky. So here I was on a perfectly good Saturday afternoon mowing the lawn. What I found most annoying about the whole thing was that Mum wasn’t even home to see me slaving away. She and Dad had both gone to watch the footy, leaving me to do the dirty work.

The front lawn was a snap. Small and easily run over. The back yard was something else. It was great to have a large backward when we were growing up. Now that I was mowing the stupid thing I was thinking that maybe the parents should move into a flat. One with no yard would be good.

I started in the centre of the yard, running around a little square. Each time I circled around that square was larger and I could see I was making good progress. I was powering down one side when I thought I heard someone calling. I just ignored it and kept going. Coming back up toward the house I noticed that the gate between our property and the place next door was open and Cathy, affectionately known as Cat, was standing there, tapping her foot and looking angry.

An attractive young woman, Cat. We’d grown up together and she seemed to get a real kick out of bossing me around. I usually let her. It didn’t worry me. She’d lay out her orders, I’d agree, she’d go off satisfied and I’d do exactly what I’d intended to all along.

Looking at her standing there, obviously in a snit about something, I did a little mental arithmetic. She was younger than me by nearly a year. I was pushing twenty so she was eighteen, nearly nineteen. And she had a very nice figure I noticed. I wasn’t sure exactly when she’d blossomed into that shape, but I was pleased that she had.

I was also pleased that for some reason she was wearing a bikini. It showed off her figure very nicely. I couldn’t help wondering how good she’d look without that bikini. As soon as I did the old fellow down below reared its head, wanting to know what had got me interested.

I waved as I approached. I was going to throttle down and stop when I drew level but Cat didn’t wait. She crossed angrily over to me and flicked the lead to the spark plug. The motor died and there was silence apart from the radio playing in Cat’s place.

“Hi,” I said, reconnecting the lead, but not starting the mower.

“You’ll have to do that some other time?” stated Cat. “I’m sunbathing and listening to my music and I can’t hear it with that thing bellowing.”

With that, apparently taking my obedience to her wishes for granted, she turned around and stalked off back to her yard. I watched her go, giving close attention to the way her bottom swished back and forth. Thinking of other instances when her bottom would be moving in interesting ways I could feel my cock getting even harder. The gate banged behind her and I sighed and restarted the mower.

I’d barely got the mower ticking over and Cat was back, glaring at me, hands on her hips. An unfortunate position from my point of view as it threw her breasts out more prominently. She really was having a most unfortunate effect on my libido.

“I asked you not to do that right now,” Cat said.

“Actually, you didn’t ask. You commanded me. Unfortunately, my mother expects it to be done before she gets home. Guess which one of you is going to be disappointed.”

“Can’t you just tell her you’ll do it another day?”

“Not if I want to eat home cooking.”

“You’re not being fair. You can do it any time. I want to sunbathe while the weather’s hot. And do you mind not looking at me like that?”

“I casino siteleri don’t think you’re going to catch me mowing the lawn in the rain,” I pointed out, “and looking at you like what?”

Silly question. I’d been looking her over and mentally trying to remove her bikini.

“You’re looking at me and practically licking your lips. What am I? Some cheesecake? How would you like it if I looked at you like that?”

Cat deliberately ran her eyes over me, looking at my groin. A certain appendage gave an appreciative twitch. Cat couldn’t help but notice the movement which was followed by the realisation that I had a full blown erection under my shorts. She blushed.

“You, you’ve got…” Cat suddenly started dithering, which must have been a first for her. Normally she knows exactly what she’s going to say and says it.

“A what?” I asked innocently.

“Never mind,” she snapped, looking pointedly elsewhere.

“Ohhh, an erection. Surely you’ve seen one of those before. I’m quite sure you’ve caused quite a few. It’s just a man’s way of appreciating a lovely young woman.”

From the look on Cat’s face she didn’t know whether she’d been flattered or insulted. She finally went with insult.

“What do you mean I’ve seen one before? I don’t go looking at men’s private parts,” she said primly.

“No? Then how did you know I had an erection?”

She blushed and ignored the impertinent question. She was starting to turn and bolt home so I spoke up quickly.

“If you really haven’t seen one before, would you like to? I don’t mind if you want to sneak a peek?”

“Are you crazy?” she exclaimed. “Why would I want to look at you?”

“Healthy curiosity,” I observed. “You must have wondered what a real one looks like as opposed to pictures.”

“What pictures?” she demanded, getting all indignant again.

“Oh, come now, Cat. Can you honestly look me in the eye and say you’ve never seen a picture of a man on the internet? Or on one of your friends’ phones?”

She blushed and looked away. That’s what I thought.

“So. Are you curious or not?”

She didn’t say anything, but neither did she turn away and head back home. I moved on over to her and took her hand.

I pressed her hand against the front of my shorts so she could feel the bulge. She let her hand rest there a moment and then hurriedly pulled it away. She looked at me and I held her look with my own while I undid the buttons on my shorts and dropped them.

“Now look,” I said, and Cat gave this little start and then lowered her eyes. She didn’t shift them in a hurry I noticed, just kept staring. I took her hand and placed it against my erection. Cat looked down, comparing my erection to the size of her hand, and then she closed her hand around me.

I almost groaned when her hot little hand took a hold. It took some pretty strong self-control not to make a peep and to just go on smiling blandly. Nothing unusual going on here. Everything’s fine.

I was actually amused when Cat let go my cock and then closed her hand in a circle, trying to estimate how big I was. She was flushing slightly and looked ready to run again.

“Your turn now,” I said.


“Your turn. Remember that old game. I’ll show you mine if you show me yours. I’ve shown mine.”

“You don’t seriously think I’ll take off my bikini for you do you?”

Cat sounded quite appalled at the thought. I hastened to reassure her.

“Of course not,” I said soothingly. “You’re a young lady now. But don’t worry. I’ll do it for you.”

Before she could protest I was sliding her bikini pants down. I didn’t jerk them off, although the temptation was there. I just lowered them carefully and smoothly, so that Cat had time to object. She was biting her lip a bit but let then go, blushing furiously.

I brushed my fingers against her mons, giving a little tug at the small tuft canlı casino she had there. She didn’t shave completely, but she certainly cleared most of the area. Then I reached up and undid the bow at the back of her neck.

Cat squeaked and her hands darted up to cover her breasts. They didn’t make it. I caught them and gently eased them down to her sides while her top fell away, revealing two lovely while mounds, delicately tipped with strawberry. My own hands came up to give her the cover she required.

“Why’d you undo my top?” she hissed at me. “You shouldn’t have done that.”

“It’s only reasonable,” I told her. “You’re a woman and have so much more to show. I just want to make sure I don’t miss any of it.”

Cat grabbed my hands and tugged at them, wanting them off her breasts. I let my hands drop, admiring her breasts and noting that her nipples had reacted to my touch and were now standing proud.

I ran my hands down her sides and then around her to close over her bottom. A slight tug and I was holding her against me, her breasts squashing against my chest and my erection pressing firmly against her tummy.

With one hand I held her in place while my other hand deftly unhooked her remaining bra strap. As soon as we moved a little apart it would drop off leaving Cat beautifully naked. Then I kissed her.

She resisted for a moment, her hands on my shoulders, pushing against me, but then she was kissing me back and her hands were now clutching my shoulders and holding me.

While we kissed my hands were running over her flanks, caressing her bottom, coming up to brush the edges of her breasts and then starting the rounds again. At the same time I was gently pushing my groin forward, my erection rubbing against her.

At some stage, while my hands were on Cat’s bottom, I lifted her slightly and, twisting around, I had her lying on the freshly mowed grass with me lying next to her. The kissing continued, but my hands were now able to take greater advantage of Cat’s lack of attire, touching places that were now unguarded.

I lightly rubbed her mons, her breasts, and her mons again. From there it was a natural progression to move further afield, stroking her pussy, fingers dancing across her lips and teasing her, building the heat.

I don’t think Cat fully realised that her own hands were running over me, with one of them finally settling upon my erection and stroking it. My need was rising fast, and I had to grit my teeth and hold on to prevent myself just jumping her.

I finally dragged my mouth from her lips to her breasts, sucking on her nipples, mouthing her breasts, feeling them swell under my administration, knowing that a sweet ache was building up in Cat to match my need.

I lifted my head and pulled back a little, settling between Cat’s thighs. Cat propped herself up slightly onto her elbows, looking down the length of her naked body to where I was kneeling, my erection rearing up and hovering close to her.

She watched, not saying a word as I eased her lips apart and directed my cock to press gently between them. I held there for a moment until Cat lifted her eyes slightly to meet mine. There was no rejection there, just a need and a curiosity. I pushed forward slightly, starting to penetrate her, easing in until my erection was firm against her hymen.

That was as far as I was going without confirmation, desperate though I was. Again I looked at Cat, waiting until she was looking at me again. My inquiry must have shown on her face because she nodded.

“Do it,” she half whispered, nodding her head.

I pressed harder and I could see Cat tensing, holding her breath. A little harder and suddenly something gave. I sank in past Cat’s hymen, pushing firmly into her passage, hearing her give a little squeak of protest and bite her lip at the flash of pain.

The pain couldn’t have lasted long because when I pressed harder, descending kaçak casino deeper into her, Cat gave this odd little gasp and then she was pressing up against me, eagerly helping me to sink fully in.

I took her, firmly, not rushing to have her but also not unduly prolonging my entry. She was tight, but soft and stretching to take me. Hot and wet, she let me in with no problem, her body adjusting and welcoming me.

I stayed still for a moment, letting Cat adjust. She was staring at me, eyes wide, but not, I think, actually seeing me. She was really staring into nothing while she considered the fact that there was a man inside her, taking her, and she was no longer a virgin. Then she was focusing on me, so I gently pushed against her and relaxed.

Cat was startled by the movement, looking slightly shocked. The shocked look changed to intrigued when I did it again. A few more easy going moves and Cat was starting to press back against me, a dreamy look on her face.

I left it like that for a while, a gentle loving that was slowly easing her into passion. Cat’s face was getting flushed and she was breathing harder, wanting more but not knowing what was missing. I showed her.

First I switched from the slow rocking movement to a point where I was noticeably withdrawing and returning, sliding in and teasing her, her body eagerly moving with me. Now that I was doing some decent strokes I slowly increased my speed, while Cat stayed with me, humping her hips firmly up to meet me.

Her excitement was rising rapidly, now. Cat was gasping and making eager little mewling sounds, wanting more, voicing an unconscious plea for me to pleasure her. My hands left her breasts for a moment, freeing them of the sweet torment I was inflicting on her.

I reached down and tugged lightly at her thighs, urging her to lift her legs. As soon as she started to do so her instincts took over and she wrapped them around me. Cat was really bucking under me, heaving up hard against my thrusting drive while at the same time her legs clamped tight around me, pulling me in even faster.

I was now riding her hard, hot and fast, and Cat was squeaking with excitement, taking everything I could give her and wanting more, more, more.

I gave her more, driving in hard, lifting her slowly but surely towards her first ever climax. Then I was lifting her not so slowly. Cat was gasping, eyes closed, just feeling, knowing something was happening and eager to find out what. I was hitting harder than ever now, my own climax but moments away, straining to push Cat over the edge before I collapsed.

In a situation like this it’s not a case of who wins the race. It’s enough if both of us finish. I did, pumping hard into Cat’s receptive pussy and I’m damned sure she did. She shrieked so loudly I wouldn’t have been surprised to have neighbours sticking their heads over the fence to see what was wrong. Or right in this case. I covered Cat’s mouth with mine, stifling her cries, while she shivered and shook beneath me, wracked by orgasmic spasms.

We lay on the grass, completely relaxed. At least, I was relaxed. Cat looked as though she’d died, but the look on her face indicated that it was worth it. I lay there, holding her, letting her come to terms with what had happened at her own pace. She suddenly shook herself and sat up.

“You bastard,” she said. “You seduced me.”

I sat up and grinned at her.

“Indeed. Great, wasn’t it? Now I have to finish this lawn. Do you think you can sit quietly while I do that? Half an hour and I’ll be done. If you sit quietly and let me work I’ll come and seduce you again when I’ve finished.”

With that I gave her a hard kiss and hopped up to finish the mowing. Cat just sat there, watching me, not bothering to get dressed, apparently willing to wait to see if I really would seduce her a second time.

I worked fast, acutely conscious of Cat watching me. I hadn’t bothered to put my shorts on, finishing the mowing naked. I still hadn’t finished when my cock decided it was time. I could feel my erection growing and from the smirk on Cat’s face she’d noticed it as well. Why the hell was this yard so large?

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