In The Park, In The Dark

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I was feeling rather horny the other night and decided to check out this little park that I visit from time to time hoping to find a little man to man action. There is one very attractive and smallish built man that I see there on occasion, and he was there lurking in the shadows when I arrived. He is a small, but finely built man with a very beautiful body and above average cock, and we have had several hot and erotic encounters together in the past.

Even though we have had hot sex in the past at both his place and at mine as well, he seems to enjoy the risk of sex in a public place. He will hover in the shadows and hide behind the tall tree trunks and is sometimes elusive to advances, even though we have had very hot and passionate sex in the recent past. The last time we had sex at my place, he filmed me with my own camcorder sucking his hot dick to an explosive orgasm.

I am a little more nervous about sex in a public place, but the chance to get naked with this hot little number seems at times to be worth the risk. I could catch occasional glimpses of him as he played a little game of hide and seek among the barely lit trees. I found this a little annoying at first until I found his tee shirt lying on the ground near one of the tree trunks and got an immediate erection thinking of him running among the trees partially naked. A few trees later, I found his silky running shorts hanging on another tree; along with a pair of sheer women’s panties that he had recently been wearing. I could smell his sweet manly scent on the silky panties as I drew them slowly past my nose.

I suddenly heard the breaking of small twigs as he darted to the next tree, and I could now see exactly where he was. I stood silently watching him and wondered if he knew I was there spying on him. As my eyes adjusted to the dim light, I could see his silhouette standing a few feet from the tree. I could make out enough of his outline to tell that he was indeed naked, and had a huge hard on which he was slowly stroking back and forth.

My dick shot up like a steel flagpole as he stroked the hard silhouette casino oyna of a cock for me to see. I slowly approached him and started removing my shirt and running shorts and let them fall to the ground. I then reached out to caress his smooth and silky butt cheeks. I could feel his warmth as my trembling hands stroked and cupped the hot little ass now standing naked before me. I then reached between his trim and strong legs to find his tight little balls all drawn up, as his cock ring helped form a nice sexy little package that I now held in my hot caressing hand.

He moaned as I tugged on his tight little man pearls with gentle pressure. I knew he liked this from our previous hot sex encounters. I reached aground with my other hand and found his hard and hot cock to be ready and waiting for some hot oral worshipping that I was more than willing to provide for him. I then gently grasped him on both hips and placed my own raging cock along his pretty butt crevice and slid it up and down along its silky length. He moaned some more and pushed his nice butt harder against my hot man pole. This got me raging with hot passion as he now slid his ass crack along my hot dick with even greater urgency and intensity. He must have been hoping to get fucked, because I could feel the lube in him as i slid my cock along his golden valley.

I could feel the rising pre-cum lubricating his burning hot valley as I continued to slide my stiff dick along it while enjoying the increasing lubrication my now dripping hot cock was providing. I paused briefly and applied very light pressure at the entrance to his man tunnel and felt the hot purple head pop just inside his burning love cavern. I held it there briefly just to savor his man heat as it transferred into my own cock making it now burn with even greater desire. He moaned deeply as the heat transferred between our passion filled bodies.

I reached around him to find his beautifully stiff cock dripping streams of pre-cum down from the swollen crimson cock head. I gathered the hot juice and applied it to his raging boner and proceeded to stroke canlı casino his hot dick while keeping my own cock just inside his tight butt hole. He arched his back towards me to try and get some more of my dick inside him, but I wanted to tease him some more so I tried to keep it right where it was for now. I then pulled my cock from inside him with a slightly wet popping sound and dropped down on my knees. I wanted to taste his love tunnel in the most intense way. i could taste and smell the cherry flavor of the scented lube he had used.

I slowly licked the entire length of his cherry scented man crack as he moaned even louder now. I could feel my tongue as it passed across the hot little opening time and time again. On the next pass, I could not resist plunging my hot mouth snake into his open love cavern. My tongue fucked in and out of his now dripping wet man puss with intense ecstasy for both him and I. I tongue fucked him for the longest time as he became wetter and wetter. I then took some of the hot dripping juice in my hand and wrapped its wetness around his burning hot dick and proceeded to stroke his beautiful member while I tongue fucked his hot ass hole.

I reached up and coaxed him to turn and face me. Even in the dim light I could see his perfect, raging boner looking at me just inches away from my dripping wet mouth. My tongue found his swollen purple dick head and I swirled it around the hot head and I also began to moan with pleasure as I paid oral homage to his extremely delicious man tool. I then grasped his tight shaven balls and sucked the entire 7 inches of his perfectly beautiful dick as deep as it would go. I then inserted a finger into his still hot and waiting love canal as deep moans escaped from his lips

What pleasure he must have felt as I deep throated his hot dick while pulling gently on his hot little man pearls and finger fucking his hot man puss at the same time. The combination must have been more than he could take for the tight little balls contracted in my hand a few times and I was then rewarded with a large load of hot and silky man nectar. kaçak casino

The hot cream was very delicious as it filled me again and again in extremely hot spurts. I drank his nectar with extreme pleasure and delight as the flow now slowed somewhat and his hot sexy cock and balls gave all they had to give to my hot sucking mouth. I did save the last few spurts of hot love cream in my mouth in order to lube my hot cock for my own pleasure.

I applied the hot mixture of saliva and cum onto my burning hot tool. I turned him around one more time and placed my well lubed cock against his still hot love hole and with his hot cum as lubricant; it slipped inside his open tunnel with ease. I put every last millimeter of my cock as deep into him as it would go and he still pushed against me for even more. I pumped his hot and dripping ass with extreme passion for the longest time. We fucked like animals, as his hot little butt would rise to meet every intense plunge of my stiff dick deep inside of his hot hole. I again reached around to grasp his hot little nut sack as my dick buried itself into him as deep as possible on every stroke in and out of his hot man puss.

I now knew the time of extreme ecstasy was near as I felt my own hot balls tighten with urgency. They released their hot payload with extreme pleasure as the hot pearly cream flowed deeply into his clenching hot puss. He still raised that pretty little ass to meet each stroke and I screamed with pleasure until the orgasm slowly waned. He moaned that he could feel the heat as the hot man cream filled his love canal. It was the most intense orgasm I had ever felt and it seemed my though balls were going to follow the hot cream deeply into his depths.

Looking back as I write this story, I guess we were lucky that we did not get arrested, as the sex was so intense that neither of us thought about how loud we were screaming and moaning. We were so into the hot sex that we did not even care who or what may have seen us so intensely fucking and sucking in a public park. I seem to have gained a new, but cautious respect for public sex, as that was the most intense orgasm I had ever felt. If doing it in public is what made it so intense, then I would fuck and suck a hot man in public anytime and anywhere to have another orgasm of that intensity.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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