Her Awakening Ch. 09

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Victoria stood under the warm water of Penny’s shower cleaning her body and remembering the evening she had just spent. Things had been rather hectic since she left Preston’s work and her afternoon with Carl. She had gone home to get ready to meet Jake, when Preston called to let her know he had to leave for one night to take care of a business matter. She fixed his overnight bag, sent him off to the airport, headed over to Penny’s and waited for Jake to call.

It became very late, and she concluded that Jake would not be coming. She was all wound up and decided that since Preston would not be home, she would stay overnight at Penny’s and watch some more videos and take care of herself.

She spent the rest of the night watching a couple videos and thoroughly satisfied herself with her favorite toy of Penny’s. She was especially turned on by one video labeled “Kenneth” that turned out to be the president of the country club. The video showed Penny, dressed very provocatively as always, negotiating her way to the position she had as Auxiliary Chairman. Ken’s wife Elizabeth had formerly held that position.

The video started with Penny on her knees sucking Ken’s cock, and like with Preston, she kept making him tell her how much better she was than Liz. Victoria watched as Penny seduced Ken and made him agree to give her the chairman’s seat. She couldn’t believe her eyes. Ken had the largest cock she had ever seen. Penny had her hand around it and it was all the way down her throat, and there was still more. She continued to watch as Penny sucked and fucked that monster like a pro. She would tease him and control every move of his. When he was most vulnerable, she would make him promise to replace his wife with Penny.

“Does innocent little Liz suck your cock like this Kenneth?” She would ask.

“Oh no, she would never put my cock in her mouth.” He answered.

“If you make me Auxiliary Chairman, I could do this for you all the time.” She told him. Then she again deep throated all she could take. Ken just tried to ignore her offer and enjoy the incredible blow job. When she had him well aroused, they moved to the bed and Penny stripped. Then she methodically mounted his pole as he lay on his back and played with his perfect tits.

Victoria was completely amazed as she watched his mammoth cock stretch her cunt and disappear inside her hungry pussy. When she had him ready to cum she stopped pumping his cock, looked him in the eye and said, “If you give me what I want, I will let you cum in my mouth.”

Fully controlled by his need to release, Ken agreed to her terms. Penny rose from his shaft and deep throated it again until he let out a tremendous grunt and forcefully shot his wad into Penny’s waiting mouth.

Victoria watched Penny swallow every drop, and as she did, Victoria pumped her drenched pussy with the big purple cock and came as well.

Victoria had fallen asleep on the couch and woken up this morning. She didn’t expect Penny for a few more hours and decided she would shower and then clean up her mess.

She finished her shower and dried off. No one was home, so she dropped the towel next to her night gown on the floor in the bathroom and headed to the living room naked to get the robe she had left there. As she entered the living room she was startled by a figure standing in front of her. She let a scream and futilely tried to cover her nakedness.

“What is this?” Penny sternly said as she held up the used dildo and mini DVDs.

Victoria didn’t know what to say. She stammered and stuttered as she tried to come up with a good excuse. Penny stood and stared at her with a stern look and waited for an answer. Then she seized the opportunity to further her control over Victoria.

“Has my little tramp been a bad girl while I was away?” She scolded her.

Victoria was surprised by Penny’s change in demeanor. Victoria bowed her head and looked through her brow at Penny. Penny looked hot as always, casual, but hot none the less. Victoria couldn’t believe how incredible she looked after traveling all night. Apparently she had taken an earlier flight. Penny was tan from her two weeks spent in the Bahamas. She was wearing high heels with no nylons. Her tan, smooth legs disappeared under her short skirt. Her tight low cut t-shirt was doing little to contain her large flawless tits, and her nipples were visibly poking through both her bra and shirt. The vision of her face was unencumbered by her hair that was pulled up in a single pony tail. Penny’s comment, along with the vision of her, made Victoria become aroused. She lowered her hands from covering her body and waited for Penny to speak.

“You have been snooping around my house haven’t you tramp?” She asked.

Victoria just nodded.

“I see you found my videos, and it looks like you found a new toy.”

Victoria again nodded. Penny placed the dildo under her nose and sniffed it.

“You didn’t clean it off, it smells like you. Did you enjoy how it felt in you dirty little casino oyna cunt?” she asked.

“Uh huh.” Victoria answered.

“Come here!” she ordered.

Victoria obeyed. Penny raised the fake cock and placed it at Victoria’s lips.

“Clean it!” she snapped, as she pressed it into Victoria’s mouth.

Victoria parted her lips and accepted it into her mouth. She licked it and sucked it like a real cock. She could taste her juices and it turned her on more.

“You are a nasty little tramp aren’t you Vicky? You have been bad while I was gone haven’t you?” Penny teased.

Victoria just moaned affirmatively. She was really getting hot now.

“I think you need to be punished.” Penny told her. Then she removed the rubber cock from Victoria’s mouth.

“On your knees!” Penny commanded.

Victoria complied. Penny raised her skirt up to reveal her smooth hairless pussy. There were no tan lines. Penny had obviously been tanning in the nude. Victoria wasted no time diving into Penny’s moist sex. She parted the lips with her tongue and lapped up its taste. She lowered her mouth and slipped her tongue into Penny’s hole. The taste was magnificent. Victoria had missed that. She eagerly licked and sucked her clit in and nibbled on it until Penny was moving her hips against her face. Penny grabbed Victoria’s still wet hair and mashed her face hard into her stimulated pussy. She met each lick with a movement of her hips. Soon she felt the crash of her orgasm and screamed as it rushed through her.

Victoria just continued to eat as Penny’s fluids washed her face. When it was over Penny pulled Victoria up gently by her hair and ordered her to the “playroom”.

“If you like this cock so much, I am going to let you really enjoy it.” She told her, and they both headed down the hall.

When they arrived in the playroom, Penny commanded Victoria to lay face down on the bed. When she had obeyed, Penny grabbed one hand and cuffed it to the bed post. Then she did the same with her other limbs, as Victoria meagerly pleaded with her not to do that. Victoria lay there waiting to see what was next. Penny was out of her sight and Victoria could hear rustling, but couldn’t figure out what was going on. Then she heard Penny’s heels clicking on the floor as she approached her and she came into view. Victoria was stunned by what she saw. There stood Penny completely naked except for her heels. From her pelvis sticking straight out was Victoria’s favorite toy. Penny had inserted it into a leather strap on device and was holding it like a man would who was going to masturbate.

“Since you like my toy so much, I am going to use it to fuck you like the tram you are.” Penny told her. “If you are good, maybe I will fuck you in the ass too. Jake told me you really like it in the ass.”

Victoria was a bit frightened, but at the same time, totally turned on. She had only been with a woman in the oral sense, now Penny was going to fuck her like a man would. Penny moved to the head of the bed, she placed the cock on Victoria’s lips and said, “Get it nice and wet for your pussy.”

As Victoria wetted the dildo, Penny used her hands to explore the wetness of Victoria’s pussy. She slid a finger into her sloppy cunt and fucked her while Victoria blew her fake dick. Then she climbed on the bed and slid between Victoria’s legs.

“Lift up your ass so I can get to your pussy.” She barked.

Victoria raised her large round ass to ease the access, using all the slack up in the restraints that bound her to the bed. Penny placed the big round head at Victoria’s drooling pussy and slowly forced it deep inside her. Victoria moaned with pleasure as she once again felt the massive cock spread her as it had many times in the last few days. Penny withdrew it, and again drove it back inside her. Penny began to slowly and methodically repeat this exercise time after time. Victoria delighted in each violation. She moaned and gasped with every movement.

Penny sunk the violator once again and while it was deep inside Victoria she lowered her body and began to rub her tits on Victoria’s back. First she pressed them against her, mashing them into her back. Then she lifted up so just her nipples were touching, and she drug them up and down her back. This drove Victoria crazy. Likewise, it gave much pleasure to Penny’s sensitive nipples. Victoria was on fire. She needed to cum, but Penny was torturing her by not fuck her fast enough to bring her an orgasm. Penny continued this menacing torment for what seemed like forever. Finally Victoria couldn’t take it any longer.

“Fuck me hard!” She screamed at Penny. “I need to cum”

“Oh, my little tramp needs release? Penny asked.

“Yes!” Victoria snapped.

“You have been a naughty little tram while I was gone. I am sure you have cum many times during my absence. I don’t think you really need it that bad.” Penny replied.

“Yes I dooooooooooooo!” Victoria pleaded.

“Convince me.” Penny told her.

“Please Penny, I need to cum canlı casino so bad, please fuck me harder so I can.” She whined.

“Tell me what a nasty little tramp you have been since I left and I will let you cum.” Penny ordered as she again began to slowly slide the strap-on in and out of Victoria.

“I have been very bad. I have been a nasty dirty tramp while you were gone. Fuck me like the naughty slut I am.” Victoria begged.

“Tell me what naughty things you have done.” Penny demanded.

“I watched your videos and fucked myself with your dildo. I made myself cum many times.” She told her.

“How many times? How many movies.” Penny asked, picking up her pace. The recollection of events was making Penny hot too.

“I don’t know, more than one a day.” Victoria answered breathlessly as she detected Penny’s quickening pace. She started to rock against each thrust.

“Who was in those videos?” Penny asked.

“I saw Preston and Ken and many more from the club.” Victoria panted.

“You saw me make your husband my bitch?” Penny grunted as she buried the rubber phallus deep inside her. Her strokes were harder and deeper now. She was now on her hands and knees over Victoria, pounding her pussy. Victoria’s ass cheeks were rippling with each thrust from Penny.

“Yes! Yes! Yes I did!” Screamed Victoria as she felt her orgasm hit. Penny was getting close too. The large ball sack of the fake cock was pounding her clit each time she bottomed out on Victoria’s pussy. She was now furiously fucking Victoria as Victoria cried out through her orgasm. Penny kept hammering her pussy. Victoria screamed and cried with each forceful thrust. Penny continued this until she felt her own climax hit a few minutes later. Her body stiffened and she rode the wave as it coursed through her. As it subsided, Penny laid down on Victoria’s back and soaked in her further domination of another member of the club. The number was getting high and she loved the power it provided.

When they had both recovered, Victoria spoke, “Is that all?”

Stunned a bit, Penny answered, “You want more?”

“Yes, I want you to fuck me in the ass like you promised. I was good like you told me, right?” She asked.

“You are insatiable.” Penny told her. “I am tired from my trip, some other time you nasty little tramp. Now get dressed and go home I need some rest.” Penny got up, released her and left the room.

Victoria collected her things and drove home in nothing but an overcoat. Her pussy was still wet and as she drove home she found herself sliding her hand under her coat and fiddling her sloppy cunt all the way there.

Later that day, Victoria was awaiting her husband’s arrival, when she began to recall all the things he had said about her while Penny was fucking him in the video. She had been so caught up in watching those other videos, that she had not really let the sight of him fucking Penny sink in. He was convinced that Victoria didn’t like sex, and that she would never do all those nasty things that Penny did for him. She wanted to show him he was sooooooo wrong about her. She had a plan and needed some help executing it.

She picked up the phone and dialed Penny. When Penny answered, she relayed her intentions and asked for her help. Penny happily agreed to help and they set up the rendezvous for the night after next.

Two nights later the plan was put into action. Penny convinced Preston that he needed to come to her house again. When he arrived he found Penny again dressed provocatively and ready for action. She wore a scarlet colored satin half cup bra that showed off her incredible tits, her dark areolas and large nipples were displayed as if on a silver platter. Her matching thong was pulled up over the scarlet garter belt that was holding up the black fishnet stocking that disappeared into her matching thigh high boots with 5 inch spiked heels.

Penny guided him to the play room and ordered him to strip. Once naked she began to dance for him. She played with her tits and rubbed her slick pussy over and under her panties until Preston’s cock was standing at attention. Then she dropped to her knees and took it in her hand and began to slowly stroke it. Preston just stood and enjoyed her masterful hand job. Penny then took it in her mouth and sucked in the head. As she continued with her blow job, she would occasionally stop and talk to him.

“Vicky doesn’t do this does she?” Penny asked.

“No.” He answered, a bit puzzled. Penny had not talked about Victoria during sex in quite some time. Why was she asking that again? Then his other head took over and he just forgot about it. Penny expertly sucked and stoked his cock to within seconds of his orgasm, every once in awhile stopping to make him tell her she was doing things Victoria would never do.

“Would you like to cum in my mouth?” She asked.

“Oh yes.” He answered.

“Sweet little Victoria would never let you do that would she?”

“No way!” he answered.

Then she had him kaçak casino good and hot she ordered him to the bed and applied the restraints.

Then she climbed on top and straddled his face.

“Eat my pussy. Make it nice and wet for your cock.” Then she lowered her hot box to his tongue. Preston dove in, licking and sucking and plunging his tongue deep into Penny’s waiting cunt. She ground her pussy hard into his face and he lapped it up with vigor.

“You love the taste of my pussy don’t you?”

A muffled “Uh huh.” came from him.

“You don’t eat innocent little Vicky’s pussy do you?” She lifted off his face to hear his answer.

“No, she doesn’t even like sex. She just lays there like a dead fish.” He answered.

Penny lowered herself again and rocked back and forth on his face until she could feel her climax building. She moaned and squealed as it washed over her. When she was over her orgasm she lowered her body to fuck Preston. She grabbed his cock and inserted it into her now soaked pussy. She deliberately slid it deep inside. Preston let out a moan as he felt her pussy surround his throbbing cock.

“Feel good?” She asked.

“Oh my yes.” He answered.

Penny began to fuck him and tease him with her tits.

“Suck my tits.” She told him, lowering them to his mouth.

He opened his mouth and sucked in each mound, alternating between them. Penny was beginning to fuck him faster.

“Your perfect little wife never fucked you this good, did she?” Penny prodded.

“No.” He answered.

“Tell me how boring your proper little bitch of a wife is in bed. Tell me how much better I fuck you than she does.” She demanded.

“You are the best. You fuck me so good. She is no good in bed.” He told her.

Penny stopped. She looked him in the eye and said, “You want to cum in my mouth?”

“Yes, please.” He begged.

“Victoria won’t let you cum in her mouth huh?” She asked.

“Uh uh.” He answered.

Penny lowered her mouth to his cock and immediately began to suck it and stroke it for all she was worth. Not long after that, Preston was moaning and groaning as he deposited his load into Penny’s mouth.

As Preston was shooting his seed into Penny’s mouth and enjoying his orgasm, he was startled by the sound of clapping. He opened his eyes to see Victoria entering the room and giving him an ovation.

“Bravo! Bravo! Great show!” she sarcastically said to him. She too was very sexily dressed. She wore a royal blue satin bra with matching panties and garter belt. Her legs were covered in black sheer seamed stockings and she wore high spiked heels.

Preston could have shit a brick. His cock went limp instantly.

As she walked up to him, Preston did lose himself a bit as he admired her curves and watched as her tits and ass jiggled a bit as she approached him.

He didn’t know what to do. There was no way out of this. He was caught red handed. He decided mercy was the only way to go.

“Victoria, I am sorry, I don’t…”

“Shut up!” She stopped him. “Don’t say a word! There is nothing you could say to make this better.”

She was right. He had no words to get out of this. He just stared at her in silence waiting for her to do what she would.

“Do you know what I am most mad about?” She asked.

Preston started to say something.

“Shut up! That was a rhetorical question.” She snapped at him. “What I’m most upset about, is that you have no idea what I like or don’t like. You never gave me a chance. How do you know if I like sucking cock? How do you know if I like swallowing cum? You never asked me to do it. For your information, I love them both.” She waited a moment for that comment to sink in. “You know what else I love? I love the taste of pussy too, just like you.”

Preston was stunned. How did she know she liked those things? They had never done any of them. Then it hit him. She had an affair? The thought made him mad. Then the other statement hit him. Pussy? She likes the taste of pussy? She has eaten pussy? Being a man, this excited him a bit. Then he was snapped back to reality when he heard Victoria’s voice.

“Preston, this is Jake. He is the one who showed me that I like all those things.”

Jake just looked at Preston. Victoria dropped to her knees and unzipped his pants. She reached in and pulled out his limp cock and began to bring it to life with her mouth. Preston watched as Jake’s cock grew and grew until it was full size. His proper little wife was sucking this young man’s huge cock like a common street whore, right in front of him. She really seemed to enjoy it. She sucked and stroked and moaned as she did it. Then he heard Jake speak.

“That’s my good little cock sucker. Show your hubby how you deep throat my big fat cock.”

Preston was furious. Who was this little punk? How could he talk to my wife that way? He tried to get up, but forgot about his restraints.

“Fuck you! Don’t talk to my wife like that.” He yelled at him.

“Are you kidding? She loves it.” Jake told him. “Watch.”

“That’s it Mrs. Mueller, Suck my cock you nasty old slut. Get it nice and hard so I can show your husband what a dirty little whore he is married to.”

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