Halloween Suprise

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We had all met at university for the big Halloween party, however after an hour it became obvious it wasn’t going to be as big a party as we hoped. There were enough people there but it just wasn’t a good atmosphere. We all kept drinking the special Halloween shots and soon we were quite drunk. On our table we had Dracula (me), 2 witches (Claire & Laura), a scream style serial killer (Tom), a zombie (Greg) and a ghost (Phil).

We soon got very bored and decided to head back to my place, had TV, and vast quantities of Alcohol. We got back to my place and all flopped onto the chairs and sofa. As we sat there laughing about how lame the party had been the girls stuck one of the music channels on, something R Laura is 5ft4, long brown hair, smallish breasts but a nice slim figure, Claire is slightly more curvy and a fantastic pair on her chest. It makes your mouth water to look at them and both of them were dressed as sexy witches, slit skirts and low cut tops.

Soon, as always happened when we got drunk the conversations turned to sex. The ladies kept asking why we didn’t look at each other when in the toilets.

At a loss for explaining it we asked them back, they told us they would but they were in different cubical. We were all laughing so hard by this point, and then Laura suggested that we all show ours now, so of course we double dared them back.

Laura and Claire looked at each other, grinned and quickly dropped their skirts and panties to the floor. The four of us lads just sat there in absolute shock.

The girls stood, naked pussies on display hands on hips waiting for us. Now I’m not shy but I was still admiring the sight. Laura was shaved completely; Claire had a small perfectly shaped triangle just above the lips. Phil was the first to drop his pants and it was obvious that the girls were having the same effect canlı bahis on hip, his semi-hard cock was already 6 inches long and steadily growing, Tom’s was the same, Greg was slightly shorter but a lot fatter and I was glad to see that mine appeared to be the largest, nothing like flattering the ego. My cock was 7inches and rapidly hardening.

I looked up to see Laura staring at my cock and slowly licking her lips. With a small laugh Greg said “okay so what now?”

Laura and Claire knew exactly what they were doing. Whether it was due to the alcohol or not or something else, all I knew was that Laura had dropped to her knees and swallowed all my shaft into her mouth and then her throat, I groaned loudly as I felt her suck on my hard shaft, her tongue sliding over the sensitive underside of my shaft.

I opened my eyes again now and moaned softly, her ass was wiggling in the air as she worked on my shaft. I saw her hand snake out to Greg’s cock next to me, her fingers wrapping round and slowly beginning to jack his cock. I looked over and saw Claire with her lips around Tom’s shaft bobbing her head up and down, working his shaft with her hand as well whilst her other hand was slowly playing with Phil.

I moan softly as you leave my cock, a moment of jealousy as you slowly begin sucking on Greg’s fat cock, taking it easily into your mouth. I feel your hand wrap around my shaft and slowly begin jacking me. Its good to share … I watch as Claire does the same with Tom and Phil, swapping back and forth.

I slowly stand and Laura looks at me, confusion in her eyes, she kneels up a second between Greg’s legs. I grasp the bottom of her low cut top and draw it over her head. Her breasts are actually larger than they first appeared and soon she is naked. She goes back to sucking on Greg as I slide myself between her legs. She lowers bahis siteleri herself down a little further and I slowly run my tongue over her wet pussy lips. I notice immediately that she is very wet.

I use my fingers to part her soft folds my tongue probing deep inside her, searching for and finding her clit, flicking my tongue over the sensitive little nub. I fasten my lips around it and suck; her entire body shakes as she cums suddenly.

I slide out from under her, licking her juices off my lips. So sweet, my cock is now rock hard, possibly the hardest it has ever been. 8inches at least. I move behind her and press it against her wet opening; I can feel the heat from inside on my cock head as I wait. “Go ahead, I’m on the pill”

I hear Claire mutter a similar statement as she keeps working both Tom and Phil’s cocks by mouth and hand.

I slowly press forward and my hard cock slides deep inside you. I groan, your pussy feels so good and tight around my shaft. I slowly draw it out only to slam it back in. I can hear you groaning around Greg’s cock and look of bliss on his face as the vibrations get him closer and closer to cumming. I thrust away at your pussy as you slowly begin to grind your hips back against me, your juices running down your legs. Every time my cock slips out your juices slide over your soft lips getting them wetter and wetter.

I hear a grunt from my left and look to see Phil fucking Claire. His hands are on her hips as he drives himself in and out of her again and again. His hard cock pounding away at her leaving her gasping. I watch as she finally gets Tom to the point of no return and he blows his load into her mouth. The slurping noises she is making as she sucks his cum down are so hot… I groan and simultaneously Greg and I begin blasting our cum into two of Laura’s holes. My cum filling her hot bahis şirketleri pussy as she drinks Greg’s load.

We all fall back onto the floor and the two girls move into a sixty-nine position, eating our cum out of each other pussies. We look in shock; they look like they have done this before. Claire and Laura licking and sucking juices from each other’s tight holes. Within a few minutes they are a wriggling sweaty mass on the floor, both crying out as they cum again and again.

This time Greg and Tom take their positions at their holes. Greg and Tom were lying on their backs as Laura and Claire mounted them. Their cocks standing at attention as the girls slowly slid them deep inside.

With a grin I went into the kitchen quickly and grabbed the Vaseline, whilst I normally used it when I had a blocked nose I knew how else it would work. Standing behind Claire I bent her over so her voluptuous breasts were squashed into Tom’s chest. I slowly smeared a large blob on her asshole, then rubbed some onto my shaft, throwing the pot to Phil I slowly began pressing my cock into her ass.

She cried out as I first managed to get past her sphincter “go slow, please I’ve never had it back there”

I smile “I will enjoy this then” She groans as I sink more of my 8 inches inside her ass. I watch as Phil sinks fairly easily into Laura’s ass.

She grins, “I have had it back there so do it harder” Phil smirks and rams his cock into her making her gasp as he fills her hard and fast.

Now the girl’s cries are echoing around the room. Their screams of pleasure bouncing off the walls as we fuck them hard, our bodies rocking back and forth as the girls are filled front and back with cocks fucking their sweaty bodies. My cock is pounding in and out of Claire’s tight ass as the 4 men fuck the two lasses, our cocks pounding her. The two girls screaming as they cum again and again, their juices flowing so easily over our cocks. Within seconds we fill them all with our cum again.

We all flop onto the floor, exhausted for the moment. We will continue later.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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