Graduation Celebration Ch. 04

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Time for some reflecting again. There I was, sitting in Shawna’s kitchen, dumbfounded by a show of such utter depravity that I was wondering if maybe I was asleep and dreaming. Dreaming of a slut who liked getting assfucked while strawberries were mashed inside her and who then eats the result of mashed strawberry and cum. But I wasn’t dreaming. Shawna was real, as real as that cum-covered cock which was already hard again. A cock that had been deep inside Shawna’s beautiful ass just moments ago and spurted a large load but was already hard again. Fuck, I was never happier to be a virile young man.

“Hey big guy!”, Shawna suddenly said, bending forwards, so her pretty face was just a bit from mine, “I think you are ready to go again. And I too think you really are into kinky sex, aren’t you?”

What should I say. My sex-life until then had been rather mediocre, and I was hungrily lapping up everything Shawna threw at me, in a way even literally.

“Well, yeah…I love everything that has to do with sex…well, if it’s you who’s delivering, that is!” I said and grinned.

Shawna got down from the table, and without much ado, sat on my cock. It slid into her pussy without a problem.

“So”, Shawna started while slowly riding up and down on my prick, “what else do you wanna use me for? Or wold you rather want me to use you?”

I shuddered quite a bit, while this goddess rode my cock and asked me questions which normally would have made me cum on the spot without any actual administering of my cock.

“Hmm, I don’t know…why don’t you show me what else you wanna do!” I said.

“Alright,” Shawna panted and with a swift motion jumped off my dick. I was a bit disappointed, but on the other hand quite excited, looking forward to what was going to happen.

Shawna walked away from me, her beautiful round ass swaying in front of me. Hell, after all, I was an ass-man. I loved ass, and I loved ass-fucking. Well, I always fantasized about ass-fucking, but that day I had found out that I really loved it. It was dirty, it felt great, and it was just something I always wanted to do. And would want to do for the rest of my life.

We walked up the stairs, and entered Shawna’s and her husband’s bedroom. It was as spacious as the rest of the house, and like everything else, very stylish. A large bed, which had a black iron-frame, and on front of the room was just mirrored closets.

Shawna turned around.

“Get on the bed, big boy. It’s time for me to show you something.”

I did as she said, and got on the bed, curiously looking at her. Shawna went to one of the closets, opened it and when I saw what was in there I was once again surprised. In there were all kinds of toys, from small vibrators to the largest dildos I had ever seen. There was even a strap-on, and although I knew Shawna was kinky, the thought of her using it someone made me so horny, I almost came then and there.

“Whoaa…what the fuck?” I said.

“Well, that’s a good way to put it. In fact, they are solely for the purpose of fucking, you got that right, John!” Shawna said and grinned.

“You see, I really love sex. Actually, I don’t just love it, I’m addicted. So when my husband’s not here, what is a lonely little girl like me to do? Play with her dolls? Rather not! I’d rather be the doll to be played with. A little sex-doll, open for everything. And what you see here canlı bahis helps me in being just that.” Shawna said.

My mouth just stayed open, and I was wondering if maybe I had underestimated Shawna’s sex-drive. Maybe she was even more than I could handle.

“And, what does your husband think about that?” I asked, instantly noticing how stupid my question was.

Shawna just laughed, coming over to the bed and kissed me.

“My husband absolutely loves it. What husband wouldn’t love his woman to be an absolute slut, a dirty little sex-doll with no limits? I bet you would love to have me as your little whore, right?” Shawna grabbed my dick and furiously started to jack it off.

“You know, fuck me whenever you want, put your dick in any of my holes, stretch my slutty holes, make me cum as often as you want. Do anything that comes to your mind. I am such a slut, and risking to disappoint you a bit, I’m going to tell you a little secret. I love to cheat on my husband. I love to have all kinds of dicks inside of me, and he knows that. He’s alright with me being such a whore. Well, whore would be the wrong term, because I don’t charge for what I do. I do it for fun. A while ago I’ve chosen to be what I am now. My life consists almost solely of sex. Although I like to be the dominant part once in a while, I mostly like to be used. Like a little doll one can play with, only that I’m not for little girls, but for adults.”

Shawna suddenly broke off and attacked my dick with her mouth. Without much trouble she deep-throated it and it took me about ten seconds to come inside her mouth. I noticed Shawna was having trouble breathing, but she still kept her mouth on my dick, until everything I had was deep inside her throat. In fact, I think I shot my stuff straight into her stomach. When I was all spent, Shawna came up again, panting slightly, licking her lips.

“Oh John, I just love the taste of cum. I love everything that has to do with cocks. And here’s another secret. I also love everything that has to do with pussy. Shocked?”

I shook my head. Fuck, why not dig girls too? Since she was such a sex-doll, I hadn’t suspected her to be a prude when it came to same-sex relations.

“Didn’t think so. And here’s my last secret. Know Cindy, the girl from down the road?”

Of course I knew her! 18 years old, an absolute stunner, long, black hair, a body to die for and a really cute face. Unfortunately, she went to a private catholic school, and I knew that meant no sex for her before marriage. Or so I thought.

“Well, ever heard of the rumour that girls who went to catholic school are the kinkiest. I don’t know for the rest of those girls, but for Cindy, it’s absolutely true. She just loves pussy and ass!” Shawna said and smiled.

That was just great. I was going to find out that Shawna had actually fucked just about everyone here. Not that I would mind, but why the hell hadn’t I noticed earlier. I could have had the teen years of a lifetime. Shit, that’s a bad phrase, but I guess you know what I mean.

“Well, maybe we can call Cindy later, and see if she wants to join us, but for now, I want you to start using me as your whore. I’m sure you’ve never had the pleasure to do that, but it’s not difficult at all. Just do whatever you want to do with me, and don’t be shy. Be as rough as you like, I’ll show you if it’s too much for me. But rest assured, that bahis siteleri will probably not be the case! I’m used to a lot, I can take just about anything up my pussy and ass, and I really like being nothing more than a dirty rag-doll. So get it on, big boy!” Shawna said.

Ok…so what was I to do. I had never actually considered being rough with a girl, and I didn’t know what I should do now. There was this beautiful woman, who had just told me to treat her like a dirty whore. How do you treat a dirty whore? Call her names, slap her? Before I could actually make up my mind, Shawna had already gotten up and gathered a few of those toys. She dropped them onto the bed, and kneeled in front of me.

“John, make me your whore, your dirty slut. Fill my holes with those toys, I want them to stretch my slutty little holes. Go ahead, big boy!” Shawna said.

My dick was a fucking miracle. Although being used that often that day, it was already hard again. Well, I was going to use her now. I picked up a medium sized dildo, about the size of my cock, and slowly circled Shawna’s wet cunt with it. Slowly I started pushing it in, and in it went withou any problems. Shawna already started moaning, and I pushed it in to the hilt. It was interesting how far it went, without any kind of obstruction. Shawna probably was used to much more.

“Like that, slut?” I asked, and Shawna just moaned and nodded. Then I got an idea. I picked up another one, about the same size, and slowly pushed it into her pussy next to the first one. Initially, I though it wouldn’t fit, but the more I pushed the more her pussy gave way. It was unbelievable how her pussy was able to fit two dildos inside her.

“Oww….fuck, that’s good, John, that’s so good…don’t stop now!” Shawna panted, looking back at me with pleading eyes.

“Shut your mouth, slut, and let me do the work!” I said. There was sudden surprise in Shawna’s eyes, but also some kind of shudder went through her body. Well, I was also a bit surprised about my boldness, but what the heck, she wanted to be a slut, so I was giving her the treatment she deserved.

“Now show me your ass, slut…come on, I wanna see you push it back towards me!” I commanded.

Shawna complied instantly, pushing up her ass, so I was looking at her cunt filled with those two dildos and her asshole, still smeared with strawberries and my cum.

“Well, let’s see if I still get something inside your ass, with those big ones inside your dirty cunt!” I said, and pushed a finger into Shawna’s asshole. Shawna wriggled her butt at me, obviously liking what I did. So I added another finger, feeling the slippery warmth of her tight asshole. It was tight, but I had the feeling she could take a lot more.

“Like that, slut?” I asked, but didn’t even wait for an answer. Boldly, I squeezed another finger inside her asshole. It was incredible. She could take two dildos inside her little cunt and three fingers in her ass at the same time. I loved it!

The sight of her asshole stretched around my fingers was heaven. I pushed those fingers as deep as they went inside her ass, causing her to yelp.

“That’s how you like it, right?” I said and grabbed Shawna’s hair. I yanked her head back, and saw how horny it made her to be treated like a dirty slut.

“Oh fuck, I fucking love it….please, do as you please with me…I’m all yours…use my slutty holes solely bahis şirketleri for your pleasure!” Shawna moaned.

Well, I was a bit surprised she could still form such perfectly nice sentences, but I decided to now give it to her exactly like that. I squeezed another finger next to those three I already had inside her, and pushed as hard as I could. Shawna was pushed a bit forward, but my fingers were now firmly lodged inside her ass. I heard Shawna pant, obviously that was a bit of a limit I was working on. I started pumping as hard as I could into her ass, making her yelp everytime my four fingers pushed into her ass. After a few minutes of pumping, I retrieved my fingers, bent forwards and pushed them all into Shawna’s mouth. But I didn’t only want her to taste her ass, I also pushed them so far, she started to gag. I pulled them out, and I saw tears coming out of her eyes. But she obviously was right on.

“Yeah, John, make me gag, I want you to be as rough as you can!” she panted between sharp intakes of breath. So I pushed my fingers in again, until she started gagging again. But this time I didn’t pull out as soon as she gagged, but waited a few seconds. When I pulled out, she needed a few seconds to regain herself.

“Oh god, John, gag me with your dick!” she demanded. Well, that was what I had had in mind anyways. But before I started to do that, I grabbed a rather large dildo, about the size of a horse cock. I moved in front of her face, but ordered her to keep her ass up. Then I pushed my dick into her mouth, instantly deep-throating her, with her nose pressed into my pubes. I bent forwards a bit , positioned the dildo at her asshole and pushed. First it met a little resistance, but suddenly it popped in, about a third of it.

I let Shawna gag on my dick for about a minute, in the meantime pushing even more of that dildo inside her ass. When I pulled my dick out, the dildo was about two thirds inside her ass.

“Damn, John, that feels so good!” Shawna panted, tears running down her face. I looked at her and suddenly pushed the dildo in as hard as I could. I felt a bit of resistance, and pushed some more, and when it gave way, the dildo was lodged all the way inside her. Obviously, that must have hurt. Shawna screamed and buried her face in the bed.

Fuck, that was definitely too much. I started pulling the dildo out, but suddenly heard Shawna scream:

“No, don’t that’s soooo good. Let it stay in there, and fuck me with it!”

She really was a dirty slut. So I let it in there and pushed it even harder inside, all the time hearing Shawna yelp into the pillow.

I then grabbed Shawna’s hair again, and yanke her head up. It was a mess, her tears had ruined her make-up and it ws all over her face. But she looked like she was a wild animal ready to bite. I didn’t hesitate and pushed my dick into her mouth again.

I fucked Shawna’s mouth so hard, I saw saliva running down the corners of her mouth, felt and heard her gagging, but didn’t stop until I felt I was about to come. I pushed the dildo as hard as I could inside her used ass, thus pushing my dick extra-deep inside her mouth. I came so hard, I was surprised my cum didn’t spurt out of her ass. Well, it couldn’t have, with that dildo inside her anyways.

When I was spent, I pulled out of Shawna’s mouth. She was panting like crazy, and I thought maybe I had really been too rough. What she said then proofed me wrong:

“Fuck John, you’re starting to learn quick…but there’s a lot more you need to learn regarding the abuse of a dirty little slut like me!”

And I was really looking forward to those lessons.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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