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Hi to all ISS readers, I am Rakesh writing my experience. I joined in my engineering and my parents live my home town. So I decided to stay with my college friends. I passed one year with them but I am not happy with the atmosphere of my living place. I not need to explain how a bachelor’s room will be. No cleaning and huge bundles of unwashed clothes smelling allover the apartment. It was real horrible to stay in that atmosphere. I said the same thing to my parents and they asked me to take a separate apartment and live. I too was happy with their advice. So I searched for the apartment and found an apartment “RK constructions”. It was single bedroom flat. I called my parents to see the apartment. They liked it and so I shifted my entire luggage to the apartment and started to attend my classes for the second year. My mom stayed with me for one week and arranged all the things necessary for me. It was where I met a family who live opposite to my apartment. My mother introduced to them before leaving me. My mom asked the aunty to take care of me and left me and went to home town. My neighbors consist of two members, mother and son. Her name is Cheritha and her son’s name is Rahul. Rahul father will look after their farms and property in their village. He uses to come once in a month or two months and stay for one week and go back. As Rahul and I are of same age we became friends. So I started to visit his apartment and he use to visit my apartment. In this process I became close to their family.

By now you can imagine about what I am going to say. I became close to Mrs.Cheritha. She was very sweet person. To say about her she looks like an angel. I think every one in their family is good looking. She is fair in color and hair up to her butts and its color is black. She has a figure of 36dd-30-36. I hope you can imagine her. As days passed I became one of their family members so that I can visit their apartment if wanted when Rahul was not there. She uses to visit my apartment to help me in my cooking. To say about her back ground she was a graduate and due to her husband’s wish she settled as a apartment wife. She uses to say about herself when ever she comes to my apartment. I completed my Engineering 2nd year and could not imagine how my 2nd year passed and I entered into 3rd year. As days passed I was attracted towards her. I use to think of her at nights. I don’t want to take a bold step because if it misfires it will become a problem for me. So I use to satisfy myself by moving close to her and talking with her. One Sunday when I was sleeping I heard some one knowing at my door. I woke up to see who was it? It was cheritha. As soon as I opened the door she said sorry for disturbing. I said its ok and asked for her visit. She asked me can you take me to temple. I asked Rahul; he said that he was not interested in coming. As soon as she said these words I felt happy and asked her to wait for 15 minutes so that I can get ready and come. She came in and sat in the sofa and I went to get ready. I came back in 15 minutes went to the parking to take the bike. I started and she sat at the back by holding me by keeping hand on my shoulder. I was really happy as I was riding her. We reached the temple and went inside.

She performed some puja for Rahul. Then we sat in the temple for some time and started reaching home. On the way home I over looked at the speed breaker, so she came forward and her breasts hit my back and for the first time I felt the pleasure of touching her breasts to my body. I said sorry after that and she said its ok. We reached home and she asked to have the breakfast at their apartment and I agreed. I was in the hall and she was in the kitchen preparing break fast for three of us. While she was preparing I was staring at her as kitchen is clearly visible from the hall. I was staring at her butts and side View of her butts. After 20 minutes she called me to have the breakfast. I said I will eat along with Rahul. She said he will wake up at 11am on holidays. Forget about him I am there to give you the company and we both had breakfast. After that when I was leaving for my apartment she said thanks for the drive. I said you are always welcome and I feel happy in serving a beautiful woman. By hearing my words she just smiled and I went to my apartment. casino siteleri I went and slept on the bed and imagined the journey with her and went to sleep. At 2pm I woke up and went to get the lunch from outside. While I bought the parcel she saw me and said you would have eaten with us. I said its ok and she said from next week on your holidays you are eating in my house.

I said ok with out any arguments. After me having lunch Rahul came to my apartment and we both went to play cricket. We came back at 6pm and while I was going to my apartment Rahul asked me to have the dinner with them and I agreed so that I can spend some time with his mom. I went to their apartment at 7 and spend there till 9pm and came back. I was really wanting for her. But I can force her. I was really frustrated. November 4th is my birth day. Early morning I got the call from my parents and after that I got ready and went to Rahul’s apartment to seek the blessing of her mom. I went in and she was not in a happy mood, so I don’t want to disturb her. So for a casual greeting I asked for Rahul. She said he has went to native place as she has to sign a sale deed as they are selling some property and said he will return after 2 days. I said ok and went to my college. At 4pm I came back and she was standing outside waiting for someone. I said her for whom she is waiting. She said for you. I asked what for. Your mom called me in the afternoon and said today is your birthday and she asked me to take you to temple. And she asked why I didn’t say that it was my birthday.

I said I came in the morning to take your blessings but you are not in a good mood so I went to college. She said sorry and asked me to get ready to temple. I said ok and we went to temple. After some puja we came back from temple. I asked her to come in to my apartment and bent down to take the blessing. After I got up she wished me and kissed on my birthday. I was very happy for being touched with her lips on my forehead. I said to her that I want to celebrate my birthday every day. She asked why? I said so that I can get a kiss from you every day. She smiled and patted on my cheeks. While she was going I caught hold of her hand and asked her can you come with me for a dinner. She said I will prepare all your favorites dishes at home. I said I want to go out with you on my birthday. If you interested only we can go. She said ok because I don’t want you to feel bad on birthday. I said thanks and I said we will go at 7.30pm. At 7.30pm I went to her apartment and knocked the door.

She opened the door and she was ready to go. She was dressed beautifully with a mixture of colors sari and she looks really cute in that sari. I said that she was really beautiful and she said for your age every woman looks beautiful. I said I don’t know about others but you are the one of the beautiful ladies I have met. She said ok and we went to a restaurant. She ordered all our dinner and I was staring at her. She asked me why I was staring at her. I said you are really beautiful and asked her why she was in a disturbed mood in the morning. She said nothing like that. In the morning I felt little lazy and no other reason. I said if you have any reason you can share with me if you treat me as you friend. She said you are my best friend and if I have a problem I will say it to you. I said thanks and we had our dinner. After that we went home and while I was going into my apartment she called me and asked can you spend some more time with me. I feel bored alone. I said sure and we went into their Apartment. She sat in the hall side by side for sometime and watched TV. At 10.30pm I got up and sat I am feeling sleepy, I will go and sleep. She said thanks for spending the time and while I was going I asked her can I ask you one thing. She said sure.

I went near her and hugged her hard and she didn’t object nor she encouraged and said I Love you and left the place. I went and slept thinking of crushing 36dd between my hug. As soon as I thought of it blood ran from head to toe. Next morning I was unable to face her. She has not opened her door. So I waited till afternoon and went and knocked the door. She opened the door and went in. I followed her and said sorry for what has happened yesterday. I don’t know what I was doing yesterday and canlı casino touched her feet with apologize. She asked me to get up and I did. I asked her do you love me. She said I am unable to express my feeling towards you. I can’t say whether I like you or not. I am not getting angry on you for what you did yesterday. There was silence for 2 minutes and she said leave that matter. She asked me to sit down and asked me whether I had lunch or not. I said no. I was unable to have anything with out seeing you. She said wait for 30 minutes I will prepare dinner for you. I said ok and she was preparing and I was watching her from hall and she knew that I was watching her. After 5 minutes she asked me to come to the kitchen and asked me to talk with her as she was feeling boring. I talked about all the things which are necessary and unnecessary. After having lunch I said that I will go to play cricket come back after 2 hours.

While I was going she called me and said can I come and see the play. I said ok and we went to the ground. She sat under a tree and was watching our play.I was out for 4 runs and felt bad as she was there. But I am happy at the end as I took 2 important wickets. But my team has lost the match. After the match I went near her and sat there and talked about the match for 10 minutes. By that time every one went off. We have to walk about 5 minutes to reach the bike parking. We are walking side by side and on the way I caught hold of her. As soon as I caught her hand she looked at me once and smiled in herself. She didn’t even try to move her hand away from me. I felt really happy as she has some feeling towards me. After we went home and I went to take bath. After bath I went to her apartment and now I feel confidence in entering her apartment. She was preparing dinner for both of us. I went to the kitchen and started talking with her. I was at the back of her and she was looking sexy from behind. I was unable to control. She was washing the rice and gathered all my courage to hug her from behind. While she was washing rice I went near her and hugged her from behind and said I love you very much and kissed her on the neck.

She didn’t say anything and I continued kissing her on the neck and shoulders and roamed my hands allover her hands. She left the rice vessel and caught hold of my hands. I moved her loose end of the sari from its place and she turned towards me. Seeing her with out the loose end of the sari made me mad. I hugged her tightly and started to kiss allover her face. Then when down and kissed on her neck, on her breasts over the blouse, on her sexy navel and removed the sari completely and throwed it on the dinning table. Then removed her blouse and petticoat and she was infront of me on her bra and panty. Then she removed my shot and t-shirt in few seconds. I lifted her and took to the bedroom and dropped her on the bed. Then I went over her and started licking her whole body from head to toe. I licked even her arm pits. The smell of those arm pits is exciting. I licked them for 5 minutes. Then I removed her bra and panty and she removed my underwear and we both are nude for the first time infront of each other. From then on I followed what She said as it was my first time. She took the pennies and guided it towards her pussy and asked to insert it slowly and I did. At the same time I was licking and sucking her breasts.

The best thing I like in her body is the breasts and especially her nipples. I sucked them like a mango fruit. I moved my pennies in rhythm and it was a great experience for me to enter into womanhood. After some strokes I cum in her and lay on top of her. I was between her legs. After 5 minutes we started to talk in that position only. She asked me what you thought of me for the first time you saw me. I said you are beautiful and kissed her on lips.Then I asked the same question to her. She said I didn’t feel anything for the first time I saw you. I smiled at her words and she kissed me and we continued licking each others tongue. After some time we went to sleep. Next day at 8am some one was knocking the door hard and we are sleeping. She woke me up and asked me to wear the dress as some one has come and I did. She asked me to be under the bed and she went to open the door after dressing. I was Rahul who came kaçak casino from his home town. I was really shocked to hear Rahul voice at that moment. I stayed under the bed for 30 minutes. I went to my apartment when Rahul went to take bath and has taken a deep breath as soon as I entered into my apartment. I went to sleep again thinking of the things happened these 2 days. At 12pm I woke up and decided to attend the classes as I was absent yesterday.

So I got ready and went to college. As Rahul main door was open I just greeted him casually and went to college. At 4.30pm I came from college and was waiting for the opportunity to go to cheritha’s apartment. At 5pm she came to my apartment and asked me to take her to temple. I asked about Rahul. She said he went to meet her friends. When I was about to kiss her she stopped me and said first take me to temple. So we went to temple. On the way she sat close to me and caught hold of me by placing her hand around my back. I could feel her breasts on my back. We went to temple and prayed to GOD and sat in the temple for sometime and came to bike parking. At the bike parking she said I want you tonight. I need your lips on my lips, your pennies in my pussy, and your bites for my body.

While she was saying these I was very happy as she too loves me and wants me. Then I said I want you to dress beautifully, tie the sari below your navel and should show the side view of your breasts when you are with me. I asked her to come to my apartment when Rahul sleeps and I will be waiting for you. She said ok sweetheart and asked me to call her by name. I said ok and I hate to call you aunty. So I never called you aunty except 2 to 3 times. I will call you cherry or cheritha. She said your wish. We went home and while we are going to the floor by lift. She was standing infront of me and I was at her back. I placed one of my hands on her butts and started to press it. And she couldn’t move as they are 2 more persons along with us. We reached our floor and we got off the lift. As soon as we got off the lift she said what are you doing? If some ones sees what will happen? I said your butts are so soft and I like to bite them. She laughed and left to the apartment as Rahul is waiting for her. I was waiting for her by keeping the main door wide open for her. She came at 12.30pm and closed the door. She dressed beautifully in the way I said and by seeing her; my pennies made a tent in my shot. I was sitting in the sofa and she came towards me and ran fingers through my hair and hit my face on her breasts and I hugged her by holding hands around her butts. After 2 minutes I rose from sofa and lifted her in my arms and took her to bedroom.

As soon as I dropped her on the floor she kissed me on the lips and continuing kissing tasting each other saliva. While she was kissing she was rubbing my pennies over the shot. After some time she slide the hand in to the shot and started rubbing it inside. I caught hold of her hand and said I can’t control this pleasure. Then she removed the Hand from there and removed my t-shirt and started to lick my body. She licked my nipples and bites them. After that she removed the shot and pushed me on the bed and took the pennies in her mouth and sucked it like ice cream and gave me a blow job. When I was about to cum she stopped giving the blow job. Then she stood up from the bed and started to remove her clothes. She wanted me to enjoy while she was removing the clothes. It was just an eye feast when she was removing. In 5 minutes she was nude. Then she sat on me by inserting my pennies in to her pussy and started to move up and down. I was watching her breasts move up and down and pressed them at intervals. After 10 minutes I made her lay on the bed and inserted the pennies in her pussy and made huge strokes and cum in her.

After 10 minutes we laid side by side. Then she said it was my first best sex experience. Then she came over me and said I love to be with you and kissed me. After that she went down kissing me from head to toe. She kissed me on my pennies and kissed even my balls and got off from the bed and started to dress. I asked where she was going. She said I should be in my apartment before Rahul woke up. I understood her problem and helped her in dressing. While she was going she kissed me again on lips and left the place. This is all how is started with my beautiful neighbor cheritha. I hope you liked my experience. I will say more about us in the next part. If you have any comments you can send to me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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