Chain Letter Ch. 3

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Disclaimer: This story is copyrighted 1999 by Mark Anthony. It may not be reproduced or posted anywhere else in any way, shape or form without express permission. This is a work of erotic fiction, involving explicit sexual acts between consenting female adults. If it ain’t your cup of tea, read something else. If you are under 18 years of age, ditto. Send any and all comments to [email protected] Specify which story archive where you found the story if possible, as some of my stories are posted on several sites. Any and all feedback is welcome.

Summary: Andrea and Fey, lovers since they have received a strange chain-letter through e-mail, discover that two mutual friends (Vivian and Rachel) are also engaged in a secret relationship. Both women agree to seduce the unknowing couple separately…


Andrea sneaked into the kitchen, dropping her suitcase and smiling at Fey, sitting at the large dinner table.

“Afternoon, dear. Mmmmm…” Her kiss was deep and enthusiastic, her tongue dancing inside Fey’s eager mouth. She reached over from behind, snaking around Fey, who shifted in her seat to accommodate her. Andrea caught a glimpse of several balance sheets, interest reports and investment accounts covering the smooth, varnished surface of the table. “What are you doing? Keeping up with the paperwork?”

Fey smiled warmly, still flushed by the kiss. Every time Andrea came in from work, she could look forward to a delightful interlude. “Yeah, we have a charity auction in two weeks. I’m working on projections.”

“The work of the rich and beautiful fundraiser is never done, mmmh?” Andrea teased, pulling up a chair and sitting down right next to Fey. She took off the jacket that hung over her white blouse, dropping it on the backrest, and kicked off her shoes.

“Well, I *do* have to catch up. I was… a tad busy this afternoon.”

Andrea grinned, interested in the implication behind the slight pause. “Vivian?” she ventured.

Fey winked at her, with a wicked expression on her face.

“And just exactly what kind of activity caused that delay?” Andrea inquired eagerly.

Fey stood up slowly, clasping Andrea’s hand in her own and pulling her up from the chair she had just sat in. “How about we get you out of these clothes and I can tell you” she said softly.


Office Hours were brisk and hectic at Wilsons and Wilsons. Fey arrived around one-thirty, not bothering to schedule an appointment. The secretary gave her the usual routine speech until Fey coerced her into calling Vivian, at which point the lawyer ran out of her private office to welcome Fey with open arms.

They sat in comfortable leather sofa-chairs, next to the large desk cluttered with files, papers and legal documents, and chatted for a while. Vivian complained about her heavy case load, but expressed a dire and genuine need to go out on a girl’s night one of these days, for old times’ sake. Fey filled her in on the small changes in her own life, somehow managing not to mention Andrea, as well as the rather drastic changes in her sexual preferences. She also dropped subtle hints to the effect that this was much more than a social call. Eventually, the usual banter between girlfriends gave way to the affair at hand. Vivian crossed her legs, right over left knee, and Fey did not fail to notice her long legs.

“What can I do for you?” she asked, sensing that Fey had come for a specific reason.

“It’s a bit embarrassing, really” Fey told her. “I’m here for your advice. Both as a lawyer and as a friend.”

“Certainly,” Vivian assured her, her hands coming together on her knee. “What can I do?” Fey recounted the details of the fictitious incident with perfect skill and timing. The slight tremor in her voice was reminiscent of latent nervousness, as was her subtle avoidance of Vivian’s soft, hazel eyes. It immediately triggered an alarm in Vivian’s head, since Fey was really *not* the kind of person to break down under any kind of pressure… a child born into a wealth, raised sensibly by loving parents who encouraged her talents and interests, a woman who studied and worked hard, became heir to a sizable family fortune-and had the skill to do it well… Fey was *never* upset about her work.

Vivian focused attentively on Fey’s words, trying to gleam some kind of understanding. A fellow chairperson, in charge of a mutual charity fund Fey supposedly administered in concert with a corporate partnership in the private sector, had made advances to her. This person also happened to be the key to the company’s ultimate approval of a very large and generous charity donation.

“Advances?” Vivian inquired worriedly. “What this man do?”

Fey breathed in deeply, managed an acutely embarrassed look. “Uh, actually… it was a… ‘she’”

She glimpsed Vivian’s reaction, a concerned frown followed by a gentle nod.

“What did this… person do?”

Fey did her best to look flustered. “She began massaging my shoulders following a late night meeting to go over casino oyna some figures. We were both tired, I was pretty racked, maybe even a bit tense. Maybe she noticed I was a little stressed out, and wanted to help me get rid of it. It all seemed rather innocent at first.”

Vivian nodded, concentrating on Fey’s every word. “Go on.”

“I had a funny feeling. Her hands were caressing me at times. She lingered a bit much. I didn’t think much of it at first. Her perfume smelled nice… when I finally stood up… began stepping closer.”

Her pause went on for several heartbeats.

“She… walked into my arms. It was all very strange. I didn’t really fight it. I was… surprised. It only became uncomfortable when her cheek stroked mine. Her hands moved around my hips and brought me closer to her body. I felt her against me…”

Fey still observed Vivian from the corner of her eye, noting her friend’s impassible stare. Her thoughts briefly returned to that strange e-mail that had been sent by Andrea. Despite what she and her lover suspected, she knew she still had to tweak her story slightly, eliminating the notion of a coercive act and win the lawyer’s sympathy… and seduce her.

“I felt her lips against me. It was like a dream… like I was outside myself. I couldn’t quite believe what she was doing… I never thought I’d find myself in a situation like this…”

Vivian reached out from the adjacent sofa with her right hand, covering Fey’s in a gentle and supportive way as she began shaking like a leaf. “It’s OK… don’t worry, I’m listening… Did you get a chance to struggle? Did anyone see the both of you?”

“No…” Fey whispered, eyes glued to the carpeted floor, “I … I didn’t really *want* to fight it.”

Vivian shifted slightly on the sofa, her leg brushing momentarily and involuntarily against Fey’s. “Was she pressuring you in other ways?” she asked softly. “Did she tell you this was the only way her company would hand over the money to the charity?”

Fey shook her head. “I wasn’t thinking about that. I wasn’t thinking… about anything. Her breath was sweet… I don’t think I could have broken away… even if I had wanted to.”

Vivian frowned, and for an infinitesimal moment, seemed unsure of herself, unable to understand. Her hand, still covering Fey’s, squeezed gently. “Don’t take this the wrong way Fey… I just want to be absolutely sure… do you think it may have something to do with the fact that this person pressured you, and may have… confused you a little?”

She was hesitating, struggling with her words, unsure what to imply, unsure of what her words meant or insinuated. Fey remained silent for a time, and finally brought her other hand to cover Vivian’s. “I don’t think it was wrong for me to kiss her back… It didn’t feel wrong…” she murmured. Vivian’s visage betrayed conflicting emotions, but the trembling of her hand was all the indication Fey needed. She could feel Vivian’s pulse race as she cradled her right hand, and her fingers enlaced those of the beautiful, professional woman who was attempting to comfort her.

“I’m not saying it’s wrong…” Vivian finally said, “but… what I mean is…” her voice trailed off, her concentration broken by Fey’s gentle caress. Despite the delicate tan of her skin, she seemed to be blushing.

A moment later, she sighed, brushing long strands of black hair behind her ear with her left hand. Then, her words came out softly, diplomatically. “If she did something that was against your will, then what she did was wrong. Was it… unwanted? Is that why… you came…?”

Fey’s dark green eyes were filled with guilt, submissively kept downward. Her voice was becoming softer and softer with each response, as if she were sinking deeper and deeper into a dream “I’m not sure…”

“You’re not sure she forced herself on you,” Vivian whispered, “…or you’re not sure you didn’t want her…” Fey’s eyes suddenly rose to meet Vivian’s, and spoke tender words that send a current running through her spine. “Have you ever wondered how it would be?”

Vivian lost herself in Fey’s mesmerizing gaze. For a moment, she was caught between long, eternal seconds, caught in the soft beauty of the woman whose caressing fingers were sending shivers that warmed her entire body. Then, sharply, she looked away, pulling her hands to her, shattering the spell. She quickly stood up and reached for a tissue box behind her desk, as if to hand it to Fey. Her heart and mind fought for control as her body shook with growing passion, trying to reassert control.

She felt a warm hand on her shoulder, felt herself being turned slowly around. Felt arms sliding around her delicate hips. Her own arms remained at her sides, unwilling to fight the sudden embrace. Fey’s breath was hot on her lips. Her mouth opened, her body trembling momentarily as she immersed herself in the slow, languorous kiss. Seconds trickled by as Fey continued, her fingers rising in Vivian’s back, caressing the curve of her spine through canlı casino the rich fabric of her executive garb, pulling her closer. Vivian relinquished all control, this new spell melting away any and all resistance. Halfway through the kiss, she opened her mouth, accepting Fey’s eager, probing tongue. Finally, she pulled back, catching her breath, her body warm, her heartbeat thundering in her ears, a wetness seeping between her legs.

Fey’s breath was sweet and intoxicating. “Please” she begged, “I… need you… want you…” Vivian’s body responded to the plea, her assertiveness reborn in an explosion of sudden, intense, undeniable lust. She lowered her mouth down upon Fey’s, brushing her lips teasingly against hers.

“Let me” she said simply. They turned together, like a waltzing couple, Vivian in the lead. She pushed Fey back against her desk, graciously guiding her up on it’s cold, wooden edge. Her hand caressed its way down Fey’s chest and hips, her fingertips brushing against the white cotton shirt, sliding under the long folds of her light peach skirt, searching out the thin fabric of her panties. Fey breathed in sharply at the sensation of the woman’s fingers on her pubis, only to relax moments later, an half-embarrassed, half-wanton smile on her lips. Vivian began to tease her, stroking her lightly, feeling her pussy heat and wetness through the cotton material.

“What did you want that woman to do?” Vivian breathed lustfully. Fey’s legs parted instantly, accommodating Vivian’s delicious ministrations.

“Oh…!” she cooed softly, before catching her breath. She gazed at Vivian’s wicked smile, at the mischief in her eyes… totally lost in the delicious song of her fingers on her cunt. “I… wanted…”

“You wanted her to lick your pussy, my dear” Vivian stated matter-of-factly, 1with the assurance of a woman in complete charge of the situation.

Fey moaned in approval, the burning inside her pussy becoming unbearable. Her knees parted even farther, while Vivian continued to masturbate her.

“Do you know how it feels?” whispered Vivian, in lustful rhetoric, “To have a woman making you come? … to have a woman’s tongue teasing, stroking… licking your pussy?”

Fey’s stifled a squeal as Vivian’s hand shamelessly slipped inside her panties, her fingers probing deep into her moist slit. She was lost in her part, becoming the enraptured, consumed neonate, driven to the edge by the lovely, experienced woman who was meticulously finger-fucking her in her own office, only a few feet away from her secretary and the rest of the service staff. All sense of control was slipping away, replaced by libidinous desire and impassioned wantonness.

“My… my… my” commented Vivian, her tone seemingly as indifferent as if she were reading court transcripts, “you’re completely wet down there…” Her eyes had lost none of their mischief, and delighted in seeing Fey reacting with such abandon to her attentions. “Surely you’ve been thinking nasty thoughts… I bet you’ve been thinking about her all the way to my office…” Vivian’s tone of voice was lewd, echoing Fey’s obvious enjoyment of her gentle touch. She pulled her hand out from Fey’s cunt, and brought her fingers to her mouth, savoring her juices, shamelessly and gingerly sucking on each digit as she stared directly in the woman’s eyes, obviously enjoying the taste. Fey shook and trembled, her legs parted immodestly, her skirt pulled back, her soaked panties laid bare.

Vivian slowly got on her knees, while Fey’s legs shifted, knees coming together accommodatingly while the lawyer pulled the panties off effortlessly, down the thighs, past the knees, the ankles and the pair of white high-heeled shoes. She threw them aside while Fey spread herself once again, her hands leaning back for support on the desk as she offered herself. Vivian’s knees rested on the soft carpet, eyes level with the beautiful sight of her friend’s hot, flushed, wet pussy.

“Mmmmm… you are going to taste soooo good.”

Fey closed her eyes and bit down on her lower lip, feeling Vivian’s warm tongue licking her dripping cunt. Her whole body shook uncontrollably, the spasms of pleasure making it difficult for her to breathe. She began to shift up and down on the edge of the desk, following the rhythm of Vivian’s licks.

“Oh… OHHH… Ohhhh Viv!” she spat out, in short, breathless cries. Vivian smiled wickedly, her tongue delving deeper inside, parting Fey’s sweet little slit. She lapped up her sweet juices, which now coated her mouth and dripped down her chin. She nibbled at Fey’s clit, smiling as it produced half-stifled squeals.

Fey’s head and back arched as her fingers rigidly gripped the desk, knuckles becoming white under the effort. Her entire body was burning, begging for release, breaking under the strain of Vivian’s merciless, passionate assault. She was locked in heavenly torment, in a maelstrom of pleasure, seducing her friend with the sweet essence flowing freely from her cunt. Her awareness dimmed, centering kaçak casino on her hot slit, the feel of her labia being parted by her lover’s enchanting tongue… She squealed, calling out her name as she came, not caring if she was heard, only aware of her pussy opening up like a flower, drenching Vivian’s face with a torrent of her juices as she climaxed.

She shook, long and hard, legs wrapped around Vivian’s soft neck, her pussy riding her friend’s face… she felt her soft, dark curls caressing the inside of her tights as the orgasm continued to rage through her… and slowly leaned back on the desk, still quivering in the glowing aftermath of the incredible climax that had almost shaken her apart. She took a moment to catch her breath, sweat pooling between her breasts, her shirt clinging to her skin as she shifted her balance forward.

“Oh… Vivian… I can’t believe… that was amazing…” Though she struggled to reassert the part of the lesbian neonate, she most certainly did not hide her appreciation of Vivian’s loving skills. The lawyer stood up, lightly brushing the fingers of her left hand against her glistening lips, rubbing female juices into her skin, while she caressed Fey’s labia with the right, still very much in control of the situation.

“Is… that what you wanted from that woman?” she asked Fey softly.

“Not… all of it…” Fey answered, smiling blissfully. She slid off the desk like a siren returning to the sea, her long auburn hair flowing over her shoulders as she leaned over and licked her juices off Vivian’s waiting tongue. They kissed once again, their tongues thrusting deeply in each other’s mouths, the eagerness of their first moments together giving way to a deeper, more consuming intimacy.

Fey’s hands quickly rose to fondle Vivian’s heavy bosom, restrained inside the tight and formal business shirt and jacket. She wore a navy blue striped suit that accommodated her feminine curves while giving her a commanding presence, and Fey’s nimble fingers briefly stopped caressing the heavy orbs through the dense material to delicately and quickly unfasten the buttons that held the treasure she sought. Instantly, effortlessly, the jacket fell to the floor behind, and Fey contemplated the low cut white blouse Vivian wore underneath. Her arousal grew as she noticed the firm outline of Vivian’s protruding nipples, which she caressed immediately. Her friend was not wearing a bra underneath, and moaned approvingly under Fey’s tender touch.

The buttoned folds of the blouse were soon parted, revealing Vivian’s beautiful, shapely breasts. Fey was mesmerized by the spectacle, her lover smiling a secret smile, her hand still massaging Fey’s drenched pussy, indulging her to continue caressing her tits. The woman sighed as she felt Fey’s warm fingers slide against her skin, wrapping around her breasts and kneading the heavy, firm flesh. Her pink nipples hardened almost painfully, the unearthly sensation of Fey’s graceful caress sending her mind reeling.

Fey’s head leaned down. She paused for a moment, as if to hesitate. “Yes… Fey… please… don’t be afraid…” urged Vivian, just as Fey had hoped. Her lips pursed into an ‘o’, and she slid them over the areola of Vivian’s left breast. She ran her tongue roughly against the nipple, before sucking on it gently. Vivian’s left hand continue to caress the folds of Fey’s pussy, but the right rose and lost itself in the rich mane of her lover’s soft hair, pressing down urgently on the back of Fey’s head, guiding her mouth to her bosom like a mother would a suckling child’s.

“Yes… don’t be afraid… don’t be afraid…” she soothed in a dreamlike voice. Fey increased her sucking, biting down on the large nipple before lazily teasing it with the very tip of her tongue. Then, using her pink tongue, she began tracing lazy circles down the slope of the breast and up the other, tasting the salty sweat off Vivian’s moist skin. Slowly but surely, she was assuming control of the situation, Vivian loosing herself in an ocean of yearnings. She continued to lick and suck, her face buried in the heat of Vivian’s flesh. She reached down with her hand, snaking underneath the lawyer’s tight, business skirt, feeling for the softness of panties. As the tip of her fingers encountered warmth and wetness, Fey smiled at the delightful surprised-Vivian was not wearing any. She deftly brushed past her pussy lips, and slowly, into the dampness of her vagina.

Vivian breathed in sharply, and Fey felt her chest rise up and down as she continued to slide her fingers in and out of her pussy.. She felt the lawyer’s sweet and abundant juices running down her knuckles and palm, and felt the yearning to sample of Vivian’s elixir. She continued to finger fuck her friend until the latter couldn’t stand anymore, trembling and moaning, desperate for release.

“Fey… please… oh… don’t!”

She let out a frustrated moan as Fey stopped. When their eyes met, Fey nodded to the nearby couch.

“Your turn…”

Vivian’s skirt dropped to the floor after a quick motion, and the white blouse, damp with her sweat, quickly followed. Fey slid over to the couch, reclining in the soft leather, her head gently resting on one of the armrests.

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