April Showers

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All hot and wanting, you have been waiting for me. I have been out of town for a while. Oh how you have missed my hands teasing and playing with the tender flesh of your body. You sit on the couch…watching one of you my movies. Wearing an over-sized t-shirt, socks, and a tiny pink thong. You shaved smooth, the way you know I like it, yesterday while you bathed. You watch the couple on t.v. a hard body young stud is putting a petite little blonde to the test. As you watch, you legs part slightly. As your mouth begins to water. You think of the way my body presses into yours when we are joined as one. Your hand begins to dip slowly lower. Your fingers finding the right spots to touch. Your hands caress and squeeze your breast together. Fingers finding your already hardening nipples beneath your t-shirt. The fabric of the shirt adding to the texture upon your skin.

You eyes still watching the young couple, you pinch your nipple as you see the young man take her nipple into his mouth as his continues to feel her completely with his steely manhood. Your hands slide further down your body, to begin to lightly stroke yourself through the fabric of the lacy lil thong. Its silky texture playing havoc with your smoov skin. You sigh, thinking of how I love to rub you this way, while I kissed you deeply. I slight moans escapes your lips as you dip a finger inside your panties as I so often done.

Your legs spread wide now, you have a finger caressing your casino oyna clitty while your other hand is still caress your breast and nipples in turn. Never missing a beat your body is on autopilot, your ache and need control you as your hips begin to rock in time with your moving fingers. Now having two of them so deep within your core. The wetness of your play coating your fingers to glide faster and faster inside you. You slide your fingers out and upward to wet your stiff lil clit. You cry out as the shockingly good feeling. You grind your hips upward as your fingers again find your hole. Now flowing freely with your juices.

You pump your hands faster and faster, feeling your releasing coming closer and closer. So hot are you that you scream your climax and lay back on the couch in blissful release. Sweet sweat beading your brow, you close your legs and squeeze them tightly together. Trying to feel more of the pulsing rhythm that burns deeply within you. You feel the burning need to be fulfilled. Wanting me home and knowing that it will be days more til the weekend and I return.

You stand weakly and make your way over to the tv, hitting the button to turn it off, not even bothering to turn off the vcr. Up the stairs you go, to our bed room. U undress in the room as you make your way to out private bathroom. You start the shower and pull the curtain as you pull the glass door closed behind you. You begin to wash away the sweat, and the sweet canlı casino essence of playing without me. Missing me more and more as you touch yourself a little more intimately. You cover your body in warm, rich lather and step under the spray to wash your hair. You close your eyes as you step under the spray of steamy water. Feeling the water caress every inch of your aroused body. Your hands again go to your mound. You need another release. You part your legs a little and begin to touch and tease your still sensitive clit. When your fingers find your insides your head leans forward and you moan.

You begin to cry, longing for my touch. And then your feel an arm wrap around you. A and glides over yours. Fingers replacing your own. You jump in a start. You are scared as you try to turn your head and see who has begun touching you so. But, he does not allow you to turn your head

One hand and wrap your hair around it, to kiss you lightly upon the back of your neck. A tongue swirls lightly. Then a kiss on that lil bit of bone that juts out. Caressing it with the tip of a knowing tongue. Then kiss’s it with a hot mouth. Fingers tickle your kitty and your mind races at such a knowing touch. How u want this intruder to be me. A hand caresses your raging body and your body wants to be filled so badly. You bend forward. Wanting to have the hardness that is pressed against your butt deep inside your hot and want kitty. And as you think the thought, you kaçak casino feel a hardness begin to slide inside you. U shake your head at the wonderous filling shaft of flesh that fills your body unlike anything you have ever felt. You think that you don’t want this to happen. How could your body be betraying our love, our love-making. But on your body goes. As two bodies join as one and move in time together.

Harder the intruder begins to pound, forcing your hands to go to the tiled wall in front of you. You push against the wall so that you can push your hips back harder against the meat, your hungry kitty is consuming without your permission. Higher and higher you climb. Your knees shake as the feeling comes from deep within your body. You cry out as you feel the hot wet load, fired into you hungry core. You feel the intruder sliding from your body. Weak and not wanting to see who it was, you stand there, sobbing lightly. Two hands touch your shoulders, and pull u from the wall. You are turn swiftly and a hand takes your chin in hand. Your head is raised. You look down, and see the hardness of the intruder still tight and ready for you. You shake your head, not want to do more when you are facing such a betrayal by your body. A kiss upon your forehead, tells you he wants you again. Your head is lifted once more. Your eyes slowly open…..

Through the steam you look as though you dream. You see my face and think you have gone mad. I smile at you and take you into my arms. I hold you close and whisper your name. You hear my voice and I reach around you and turn off the water. “I’m home my sweet one, and I see you have missed me as much as I have missed you.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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