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You and I were in a very classy, over priced Italian restaurant. The dinner, in spite of being delectable, was difficult to get through. It was hard for me to keep my hands to myself – off of you – and still maintain some semblance of composure. I had been in a state of high pitched arousal long before we had even left for dinner. And you- in your suit tailored to fit perfectly- looked too irresistible. I knew, the moment I saw you that evening, what my dessert would be.

After dinner, you ordered a glass of dessert wine for each of us. You were teasing me, drawing out the evening a bit longer to make me squirm. You moved yourself closer to me, took my hand, kissed it and drew it down with yours beneath the table. The smirk on your face, and what I discovered beneath the table, told me you were just as ready to leave as I was, but that you could hold out longer than me. I loved knowing I had made you so hard. You felt like steel in my hand as I began to stroke you thru your pants. It wasn’t mine but your composure that was beginning to fade now. I loved watching you try to pretend as though nothing were going on beneath the table. At the same time -even though you were losing ground- you knew exactly what effect stroking your cock was having on me.

I decided to try to make you break, make you give up before me…I unzipped your pants, placed my hand firmly on your rod and started stroking you harder. When I felt my fingers become moist with illegal bahis your precum I brought my hand out from under the table and licked each finger, slowly, one at a time, while keeping your eyes locked with mine. But that was my undoing… tasting you -wanting you – was more than I could bear. You knew then that you had me and I knew that if I didn’t get you to myself quickly, we could soon become a source of entertainment for the entire restaurant.

I kissed your cheek, stood from the table, headed toward the door and to our car – leaving you there to recover while settling the bill with our waiter. I gave you no choice but to follow me…and finally I had you. This game we were playing was so delicious, my love.

You found me with my back leaning against our car… waiting, not so patiently, for you. The evening was dark and quiet. You and I were alone, no one else around to be seen. You came to me, wrapped your arms around me tightly and began placing sweet kisses along my neck. I placed my arms around your back and drew you even closer to me. I was pleased to learn you were still hard. Amused too, because I knew it must have been difficult trying to hide that fact when you left the restaurant.

I whispered in your ear to tell you my panties were soaking wet and how badly I needed to taste more of you. You moved one of your hands slowly down my side, caressed my breast on your way down and stopped at the bottom hem of my mid thigh length illegal bahis siteleri black dress. You crept your fingers up under my dress and then to the inside of my panties. You whispered back to me that you couldn’t believe how wet I was and how you would love to run your tongue between my thighs and lap up my sweet nectar. I placed my hands on the tops of your shoulders, held your gaze, and without words asked you to take what you wanted while I gently pressed you down to your knees.

You slid my panties down my thighs to my ankles then tucked them inside the pocket of your suit jacket. The grin on your face was one of victory. You were about to eat your dessert before I was given mine.

You raised my dress up enough to give you access but still low enough to lend some modicum of privacy, just in case. The idea of being discovered this way was intoxicating for us both. The only cover lent to us was the darkness of night and the other vehicles parked in the lot.

The intense heat of your tongue on my clit was an erotic contrast to the cool night air… and my sharp intake of breath made an echo in the quiet surrounding us as you began the sweetest torture I’ve ever had the pleasure to know. Keeping myself quiet was the real torture…your tongue dipping into my pussy and licking my lips and clit was eliciting moans I didn’t have control over. You were making me feel like I was the frosting on a cake you couldn’t get enough of…

You canlı bahis siteleri placed your fingers inside me and slowly began moving them in and out while your mouth and tongue sucked and licked me in the most wickedly entrancing way. You only stopped a few brief moments to run your tongue down my thigh to the back of my knee and back up again giving me time to regain my breath. This was your attempt at slowing me down when you thought I was too near the edge. I loved that you wanted to make this ecstasy last as long as possible for me.

When you began again I knew you were ready to let me have my sweet release…you grabbed my ass, pulled my pussy to your waiting mouth and gave my clit an amorous tongue thrashing. I was in heaven and had lost all thought to where we were. You were making me feel so incredibly wonderful. I didn’t care anymore how public of a place we were in and my moaning became louder…I was so close to coming and your tongue continued it’s lashing at my clit bringing me to the brink of my abyss.

At that same time, when I was about to scream your name in ecstasy a group of people began to emerge from the restaurant to find their cars…

You stood, tenderly covered my mouth with yours, placed one of your hands on my pussy and with your fingers began stroking my clit and dipping deep inside me- giving me an exquisite, breath taking, orgasm. And to the rest of the world, it looked only as though we were embraced in a passionate kiss.

You took great pleasure in knowing you had won this part of our game…

My turn came on the drive home- when, with my head in your lap, you had to pull the car over to prevent driving off the road.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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