A Weekend with Austin

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Before any of you jump to conclusions, no, we didn’t have hidden feelings for each other before this or anything like that. We used to take baths together and stuff when we were younger but that was innocent. We grew up together and hadn’t seen each other for a couple of years because of parent issues. I’m was also a curious virgin. Who better to practice with than someone who knows you best? (Plus, he’s not blood related)

It was a nice summer day, pretty warm and I was at my aunt’s for the first time in a long time to hang out with my cousin Austin. He was 18 and I was 19. Last time he seen me I was ugly as fuck to be honest. Hair parted down the middle of my forehead, dorky freckles, chubby figure, huge double chin, wore dorky clothes… I laugh when I look back on it.

It was about 4pm and we both decided to go to the lake. Before he got in the water, I noticed him looking at me weird, like looking me up and down; I caught myself doing the same to him.

From what I last remembered he was a scrawny 4’9 little boy but he grew up. He had dirty blonde hair, not too defined but a noticeable six pack starting, brown eyes, big hands (lol I have a thing for hands), and he was now about 6’3. He got hot. I couldn’t believe I was looking at the same person!

I lost some weight since I last seen him but I’m still on the thicker side, I have greenish hazel eyes, 40D bra size, pale skin, 5’4, dirty blonde hair, and have somewhat of a booty.

And just as I snapped out of my awkward trance it got MORE awkward. Somebody got a beach boner and ha ha boy did he get bigger. He realized I was looking at him and tried hiding it then said “let’s go in!!” and so we did.

We swam for a while and the glisten of his perfectly tan skin made me think about him in a way cousins shouldn’t think about each other. We finally got out and dried ourselves off and he drove us back to his house.

We went in his room and sat on the bed with Dark Souls on the TV screen. He got up after drying off and started taking off his swim trunks. I looked at him and he kinda turned away a little bit. Austin just laughed and said “turn your head it’ll only take a second”. I turned away kinda smiling and laughing a little to myself. Then he said I could look. He sat on the bed, picked up his controller, and started playing his game. He said I could get dressed in there too if I wanted so I took off my wet t-shirt and shorts and bra but left my panties on. He kinda looked at me from the corner of his eye and said “wet much?” and snickered. I took off the panties and just laughed to myself. As he gave me a shirt and shorts to wear I kept catching him looking at me. I laid back on the bed and went back to my thoughts. He only had basketball shorts on, I noticed, and I couldn’t casino siteleri quit staring at the small bulge in his shorts. ‘Stop looking’ I thought to myself. I looked away and at the game. God, what happened. He got so hot. How?? STOP THINKING ABOUT HIM!

After a few hours of gaming we realized it was about midnight and my uncle told us we should go to bed. My aunt and uncle went to bed. He decided to sleep on the pull-out couch with me in the living room and I didn’t really have much of a choice lol.

He got his laptop and I got bored with my phone so I just watched his laptop screen as we both lay on our stomachs. He went from Facebook to Tumblr to YouTube and eventually he started looking up porn. Kinda thought it was weird that he was that comfortable with watching porn with me. Well, at first it was fucking around with girls on cams and asking how their lives are and why they do what they do (as a joke). But after a while he really started watching it. After a few minutes of cams, he started shifting around like he was uncomfortable. He then just put his back up against the couch and sat there, looking up porn. I sat next to him.

Out of the silence I heard him whisper “what are you into?” as he smiled.

I thought he was joking so I said “oh ya know the usual, tentacle, beastiality, necro, brony, anime.”

He laughed it off and I could see him getting harder under the covers. “Ha ha no really, what are you in to.”

With a slightly surprised look I said “oh… Well I like lesbian… And bdsm… And barely legal…”

Without asking why he said “oh! I like those too. Are you into dd/lg or anything?”

I said “yeah but I don’t really let many people know that.”

“Are you… Ya know… Still a virgin?”

I nodded and looked at him with a serious face. He looked a little surprised as he slipped his hand under the blankets and pulled his boxers down a little. I could see him rubbing his hard-on under the blanket and I couldn’t take my eyes away. ‘Ugh, the things I would do to him’ I thought to myself. He looked away from his porn and caught me watching. He smiled and uncovered a little bit as if the covers slid down on accident and then covered back up as if he knew he was teasing me. I bit my lip and apparently he noticed.

He whispered again “sorry if this is weird but you kinda got hot since the last time I seen you”. What? Was he reading my mind? He slid his other hand under the blanket softly touching my leg. I flinched a little bit, which I regret, because he started pulling his hand away. I gave him the puppy dog eyes and a slight pouty lip and he put it back. He started moving slowly towards the waistband, dragging his fingers across my soaked pussy. It felt like it was taking forever canlı casino for him to get into my pants so I just slid the shorts off. I grabbed his hand and pulled it towards where I wanted it and he pulled away. “No, I want you to NEED me. I want you to beg for it, baby.” I bit my lip, moved the blanket, and sat on his thighs.

I leaned over and my lips almost touching his ear. “Okay, Daddy” I said in an innocent voice. I bit his ear, moved down, drug my teeth across his neck. That gave him shivers and I liked it. I moved my ass a little more towards his dick and ran a finger down his stomach, giving him the chills again.

He pulled my hair back and whispered in my ear “you’re asking for it, little girl.”

I smiled deviously and said “no, Daddy, I’m begging for it.”

He pulled my hair again and bit my neck. “Don’t get smart with me or you’ll regret it, sweetheart”. He let go and I started grinding against his hard cock. I grinned and he said “I mean it!” He let out a small growl-like moan. He pushed me on my back off his lap and got on his knees between my legs. He ran his fingers up my inner thighs toward my crotch and up to the waistband of his shorts that were on me. He ripped them downwards and threw them on the floor. He ran his hands up my stomach to my boobs and pinched my sensitive nipples. His body was now on top of mine but his shorts were still on. I had to work harder. I reached my hands down toward his shorts but he reached out of the shirt and slapped my hand away. “Not yet, little girl. You were disobedient. I have to punish you for that.” I felt his hard cock on my thigh so I grinded upward. He looked me in the eyes and kissed me, biting my lip, grinding against me. “Stand up” he commanded. He pushed me off of him and he stood beside the pull-out bed. “Get up!” he commanded again quietly as not to wake up his parents. I just laid there and flipped over on my belly. He moved the shirt up exposing my ass and slapped it. I looked at him and bit my lip, trying to be disobedient. He slapped my ass again but harder this time. I got up on my knees and he slid his shorts to the floor. He pushed me down onto my back and said “bad girls get punished”. He looked to be about 7 or 8 inches so he was anything BUT small. What came next, I was not prepared for. He spread my legs and got on his knees between them. He got the sheet from the side of the bed and tied my hands together over my head with it. He held my legs. The sheet being under us made me unable to move. He spread my legs a little more and fixed himself to where he had full access to every hole I had.

He slid the head of his cock into my soaked pussy and moaned “damn you’re wet babygirl”. He put his body on top of mine and slid himself almost all the way in. He kaçak casino broke through my hymen… As he slid out, I felt so empty. He slid back inside me but much harder this time. After a couple of practice pumps he started to get the hang of it. He started ramming me so fast and so hard that my mind couldn’t focus on anything but the amazing dick I was getting. He growled in my ear “you like that, baby? You like that?” He rammed me harder and I moaned, almost screamed, in response. He put his hand over my mouth so my screams were muffled. “Yeah, babygirl, you like that big cock filling up your tight pussy” he growled as if possessed by a wild animal. He stopped for a second and got up on his knees and got up with me still laying there.

He walked out of the room and came back with some duct tape and bungee cords. He untied the sheet. He pulled me up by my hair and tied my hands behind my back with a bungee cord. He put duct tape over my mouth and slapped my face lightly. “You’re more beautiful when you’re vulnerable” he smiled at me. He pushed me back down on my back and got in between my legs. He tied each leg to the base of the pull-out bed. I really couldn’t move. He picked up my ass and set it on his lap. He dragged a finger up my stomach and gave me chills. He grabbed my boobs and made me grind my teeth. “So beautiful”.

He picked up my ass again and slid his cock deep inside me. I gasped. He didn’t give me any time to get used to it this time, he fucked me as hard as he could. “I’m gonna-” and before he could say anything, he busted his load so deep inside of me, it left me breathless. At the same time, I came, which made both of our orgasms more intense. My body jolting with every thrust. Eventually it all came to a halt and we just laid there under the blankets.

He untied me and I ripped the tape off my mouth.

I was almost asleep when Austin shook me lightly and said “Ay dude we gotta put our clothes on”. So we did and I just cuddled up to him. He accepted the cuddling and we both smiled. “By the way, I was a virgin too.” I looked at him and gave a surprised look. He kinda half smiled and said “yeah ha ha”. He then said “nobody’s gonna know about this, right?”

I looked at him with a confused look and said “know about what?”

We both laughed and he said “exactly” and winked at me. I fell asleep in his arms and he had no problem with it.

The next day I woke up and it seemed like my entire body wanted to fall apart. Austin and my aunt were in the kitchen making breakfast. I walked out there and asked what they were up to. “Just making breakfast for you guys” my aunt said as she flipped a pancake. He didn’t even look at me. Not even a glimpse.

I sat at the table and my aunt told Austin to sit down with me. He sat next to me as my aunt said “who’s ready for breakfast?”

She turned around and Austin put his hand on my upper thigh, looked me in the eyes, grinned and said “I’m ready”. I knew then that I had another night to look forward to.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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