A Weekend by the Lake Ch. 01

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To isolation on a rainy day, add alcohol and other mind altering substances add sex!

It had been raining for two days. What had started as a family weekend had turned into a landlocked version of Swiss Family Robinson. Like them, we were fully stocked with the necessities of life. In our case that meant steaks, brats, beer, an assortment of alcohol including 5 gallons of an excellent hard cider we had purchased at the local farmer’s market.

Our “island” was our A frame set on three wooded acres adjacent to a small lake. The only access to our lake cabin was a cowpath that was laughingly referred to as a road. Tom and I had always planned to improve the road. However, the sense of seclusion it provided encouraged our procrastination.

That seclusion was total now. The road was a muddy impassable track. The yard in front of the cabin was a quagmire. Buried to the axles in the middle of that sea of mud was my brother’s minivan. Against my advice, he and his family had attempted to escape our unplanned confinement. His stuck van was the result.

Before Nature intervened, we had planned a family weekend getaway. That we would be me, Jimmy Black, my older brother Tom, his wife of 20 years, Jan and their daughter, Sue. My girlfriend was to have driven up yesterday. However, the roads were flooded.

Now I was getting blind drunk with my brother and sister in law. We were putting a respectable dent in the cider and smoking some doobie. That combination can induce even the most conservative people to test their limits.

Tom was barely coherent; Jan was not in too much better shape but she was holding her own. She was big buxom dishwater blond. At about 5′ 8″, 190, or so, she was not my idea of a sexy woman. She carried most of her weight in her ass, thighs and tits. Picture a plus size earth mother type and you have Jan.

Sue was a carbon copy of her mom, minus 30 pounds. Into today’s parlance, she was curvy. Jan and Tom had taken a liberal; some might say permissive, approach, to raising her. She was allowed to drink and toke, in moderation.

Disturbingly, she sat adjacent to me clad only in one of Tom’s XXL tee shirts and maybe panties. She sat crossed legged in the chair. In my inebriated state, I would steal peaks at her full pink thighs. Then I would mentally slap myself for being an old perv.

In a display of alcohol fuelled playfulness, Tom was trying to get Jan to pull her tee shirt up and show her tits. From the way she giggled, it was only a matter of time until she put those massive mammaries on display. I was egging her on by whistling the bump and grind tune that they play for strippers.

Their 18-year-old daughter had become disgusted with our shenanigans and called it a night. I watched her walk the careful walk of one who has had too much to drink. Her unfettered breasts swayed gently as she covered the short distance to the stairs. Her full ass rolled rhythmically as she gripped the handrail firmly and made her way up to her room.

Tom leaned over, grabbed the bottom of Jan’s tee shirt, and pulled it up. Jan’s big breasts hung heavy on her chest. Her areolas were the size of a small saucer, her nipples like a thumb.

“Look at those hooters, little brother!”

Sue was struggling to pull her shirt down but her coordination was impaired and she was enjoying the attention. I knew her protest were just false modesty.

“Dammit Tom stop!”

My brother hefted a big tit in each hand. He leaned over and licked her nipple. Almost impossibly, it swelled larger.

“See how sensitive these suckers are, bro?”

“Jimmy, make him stop!”

“Hell, I’m enjoying the show!”

“Both of you Black brothers are perverts! My husband is showing off my tits, licking them and his brother is watching and licking his lips! “

I watched with increasing arousal as Tom sucked noisily on her tit. Through partially closed eyes, she made feeble, half-hearted attempts at stopping him. Suddenly she put both hands on his head and forcibly pushed him away.

“Tom, I got to pee!”

“Can we watch?” Tom leered at his wife.

“NO! You sick motherfucker!”

Jan struggled to her feet and grabbed her chair to balance herself. With the false dignity of a drunk, she pulled her shirt down to cover her breasts. As she turned to make the short trip to the bathroom, Tom yanked her sweat shorts down around her hips.

“Look at the ass, lil bro! Don’t it make you just want to kiss it?”

Jan waggled her bare ass at us and continued onto the bathroom without pulling them up. I watched her big ass move seductively from side to side. The casino siteleri sex play had gotten me hard. I turned to see my brother watching me looking at his wife’s bare ass.

“It fucks as good as it looks,” Tom slurred, “she likes for me to smack it hard when we fuck!”

“TMI, Too Much Info, I don’t want to hear another story about you fucking your wife. That is unless you are going to let me get some of that fat ass!”

Tom smiled drunkenly as he wagged his finger at me.

“I don’t share any of my pussy”

“Any of your pussy” I repeated,” What, you got a girlfriend now?”

Tom stood. He balanced himself on the chair.

“Fuck it!” Tom slurred. “I’m going to bed.”

Like a billiard ball, he caromed from the chair to couch to the banister. He climbed the stairs, dropping to a knee a few times to recover his balance. I watched as he opened the door to his bedroom and stumbled in.

I was mulling his remark when Jan exited the bathroom.

“Where is Tom?”

“He had his fill and stumbled to bed!”

“I better go check on him.”

Again, I had the chance to watch her ass is she climbed the stairs. I noticed that she too had that overly careful drunk walk.

The fact that my brother hinted at having sex outside of marriage was interesting. Our parents were bible thumping holy rollers. Sex was evil and only for procreation. The devil used the female body to lure god-fearing men to Hell … or so we were told.

The upstairs bedroom door opening and closing drew my attention. Jan had changed into a blue silk robe. It stopped just above her knees and buttoned up the front from knee to neck. She had the top two and bottom three buttons undone. The light at the top of the stairs backlit her; it revealed the outline of her mature body.

As she descended the stairs, I caught glimpses of her mingled grey bush. She missed a step, stumbled, and checked her fall by grabbing the bannister. She over balanced and almost fell over the rail. She awkwardly fell back into a sitting position on the steps. The net effect was her legs spread in front of her giving me a full view of her fur-clad pussy. Her thatch was thick but trimmed with pinkish lips poking through.

“Are you going to help me or ogle my pussy?”

“Ogle your pussy!” I laughed.

Jan managed to right herself, though she was weaving dangerously on the step. Then, unexpectedly she unbuttoned the coat and dramatically held it open.

“Get a good look, pervert!”

At 43, Jan was not a bad looking woman. She had a slight pooch. Her hips were full and firm. Her tits hung pendulously like large ripe melons on a vine. She was more than Rubenesque but still a very desirable woman. Surprisingly to me, her nipples were hard and erect.

She had a thin sheen of sweat from the heat and high humidity. She finished her trip to the table with her coat open.

“You better close that motherfucker before I grab one of those big jugs!”

“Fuck you, Jimmy! It’s humid, I’m hot, and I want to go home!”

With that, she leaned across the table to refill her glass. I took the opportunity to reach over and pinch her nipple.

“You bastard!” she cried. “I’m not a sex toy for you and your fucking brother!”

To this day, I do not know whether it was how high I was or how quick she was, but suddenly she was between my chair, the table, and me trying to pull up my tee shirt.

“Gawddammit stop!”

I struggled, trying to hold my shirt with one hand and push her away with the other. What I succeeded in doing was getting a handful of one big tit!

“There you go again, fucker, feeling me up! I’m going to show you how that feels!”

She suddenly switched her attack from my shirt to my sweat shorts. Before I could react, she had pulled the front of my shorts down. My cock popped out, semi hard. I moved my hands from my shirt to my shorts. Despite me, this drunken tussle was arousing.

Our tussle caused the chair to rock back. Frantically I tried to lean forward to stop it from tipping over. I grabbed Jan around the waist, trying to right the chair. What I succeeded in doing was pulling her down on top of me.

My head hit the floor hard enough for me to see stars. For a few moments, I was disoriented. My head cleared, now buried between Jan’s big sweaty breasts. She lay on top of me winded, breathing heavily. I could feel her bush rubbing against my lower belly. My dick was lying against her thigh. I also realized that I was incredibly aroused.

“Goddammit let me up!” Jan groaned.

“Let you up! Let you up!” I screamed, “You need to get canlı casino your big ass off of me!”

She put her hands flat on the floor and tried to rise up. What actually happened is she slid down. Now we were face to face. The sour odor of sweat and stale cider filled my nostrils. In addition, my cock was now slapping her pussy. I could not tell whether the dampness I felt was perspiration or signs of her arousal.

Jan’s eyes were the size of saucers. She groaned. The wetness around my dick increased.

I managed to get my knee between her knees. I got a firm grip on her arms and rolled over, flipping her on her back. I was on top but with my legs partially immobilized by my shorts, which had somehow slid around my knees. In a recess of my pickled brain was a concern about how we must look.

“Get off me, cocksucker!” she screamed.

We were both huffing and puffing like old steam engines. I pinned her hands above her head. We were bare belly to bare belly with sweat pouring off us in rivulets like the rain on the cabin windows. She was writhing under me trying to break loose. I could feel her silky thicket rubbing against my rigid tool. A wetness that was more than sweat covered my crotch.

“Ok, ok but you have to stop, ok?”

She nodded her head.

I released her arms. I was exhausted. My heart pounded loudly in my chest. I brought my arms under me and levered my upper body up. Jan’s hands shot between us and tried to grab my cock.

“I’ll stop after I show you how it feels to have you and your fucking brother pawing me!”

I tried to grab her hands. I fell down and forward. Moreover, my dick slid right into her pussy!

We both grunted. Jan’s eyes were big as saucers. I am sure mine matched hers. We both lay still. Then Jan tried to twist from under me. The effect was to drive my cock deeper in her.

Our breaths were coming in quick gasps as a mixture of exhaustion, adrenalin and the beginnings of lust shot through our bodies.

“Wait” I said, “lie still, and let me get up!”

I knew I had to free my knees by pulling my shorts up. I balanced on one hand and tried to grab my shorts. My cock pulled almost completely out of her pussy. I need to get one knee under me to get off Jan.

My arm began to tremble, gave out, from the effort and I slid back down into her pussy.

Her love hole was smooth, wet, and tight. I could feel it pulsing around my cock. I remembered Tom telling me she did Kegel exercises to keep her vagina tight. Now it felt like her pussy was giving me a hand job.

Jan moaned and thrust her hips up. I slid out and thrust back in hard.

“Bastard!” Jan slurred.

She thrust her hips up hard, driving me deep.

“Bitch!” I moaned.

We began a steady rhymn. I raised up on my arms for leverage and long fucked her, pulling my dick out until just the head was trapped between her labia then sliding slowly back in. Jan raised her legs in the air and wrapped them around my back.

We were animals in rut, totally disregarding my brother and her daughter upstairs. We fucked, not made love, but fucked. We were the beast with two backs. What we were doing had nothing to do with procreation, nothing to do with love. It was about need. The close hot air of the cabin resounded with the wet slap of sweaty flesh against sweaty flesh complimented by our lustful moaning.

“Go Deeper, motherfucker, deeper and harder! Knock the bottom out of my pussy!”

I managed to get the nipple of one her big tits in my mouth. I sucked on it hard, nibbling it lightly with my teeth.

“You good pussy, slut, move this big ass!

“I ain’t no fucking slut!”

Our sweat was the lubricant that let our bodies slide across each other’s. The loud squishy sound of her wet pussy provided the other lubricant. Jan pressed her hands lightly against my chest.

“Let me see,” she moaned, “let me see your dick sliding in and out of my pussy!”

I rose and balanced on my arms. We both looked between us. Covering my cock was the white cream of her pussy. Our cream covered her grey streaked blond thatch.

“Look how your pussy lips spread around my dick!”

I slowed. When I slid in her labia closed tightly around me. When I pulled back, it was as if they were pouty lips sliding out with my cock.

I felt Jan’s pussy contract as her orgasm overtook her. She rose on her shoulders, thrusting her hips hard against my pile driving man meat.

“Aaawwwww fuck! You sum bitch you made me come!” she moaned, her words slurred by the reefer we had smoked and alcohol we had drunk. My sweat fell on her. kaçak casino Our grunts, groans and the wet slap of flesh filled the air.

I moved like the piston of an engine, thrusting hard up and down. Jan was the engine the piston was pumping in. Her mouth was open in an almost constant animal growl. Her eyes were half closed. Her face was a twisted mask of lust. I wondered if she fucked my brother with such wanton abandon.

Jan’s pussy began spasming again. This time the loosening and tightening of her pussy put me over the edge. I released deep her, thrusting in hard to meet her pistoning hips

I rolled on my back exhausted. My heart was beating like a trip hammer; my chest was on fire. Jan was not in any better shape. Her arms were thrown out to either side, her legs splayed open.

“Fuck,” she said, Fuck, what have we done?”

“We fucked, Jan!” I wheezed.

She rolled to her belly. The wood floor had a sweaty outline of her body. Jan rose to her knees. She fell forward on all fours. We were head to toe. I looked and saw my come dripping from her pussy and on to the wood floor. She looked at me and then followed my eyes.

“Lawd, I’m full of your fucking jism. “

“Mmm looks good to me!” I laughed

She shivered as I ran a finger in her dripping pussy. She watched with a mixture of horror and lust as I licked the finger clean. Again, that finger penetrated her pussy. I offered it to her. Her nose wrinkled as though she had smelled something. She leaned forward and tentatively licked it. Then her mouth engulfed my finger as she licked and sucked it clean.

“By the way, if your brother hadn’t told you, I am pretty good at that!”

“Sucking fingers?” I asked playfully.

That earned me a swat on the chest.

“No, silly, sucking cock!”

She looked around frantically. I raised my eyebrow questioningly.

“I need a fucking towel,” she said. “Oh my god it’s just running out of me like a river!”

I stripped off my shirt and without thinking began wiping her pussy with it. At first, Jan accepted my clean up with no comment. From her position on all fours, Jan’s hips began to sway in a circular motion. I heard guttural moans. I realized that I was rubbing her clit.

I scooted closer. I managed to get my head under her belly pooch. I kissed her clit and sucked it into my mouth. The musty smell and salty taste of our combined juices had my cock rising again.

“Jesus Christ, Jimmy, haven’t we done enough! I don’t fuck around on Tom, I just don’t and ……aw fuck that feels good!”

I sucked one of her meaty labia into my mouth. Jan bucked hard. My come was running out of her pussy and on to my face. I switched my attention to her clit. I sucked it like a small dick. Jan was crooning a low whine, her big ass waggling in the air.

“Aw fuck, Jimmy, fuck that feels so good!”

“Mmm you like getting your pussy licked?” I mumbled.

“Fuck yeah! Tommy, don’t…!”

I slipped a finger in her ass. I thought she was going to hit the ceiling! At first, she pulled away but I followed her with my hand. Then she pushed back. I began slowly finger fucking her ass while sucking her clit like a baby calf at feeding time.

“Oh my god, Jimmy, I ain’t never….I mean…shit that feels so good!”

Finally, Jan leaned down and took my dick in her mouth. She was amazingly good but then I remembered my older brother was old school; he loved blowjobs but did not like eating pussy. I eased my finger out and replaced it with my tongue. Jan exploded all over my face. I thought her scream would wake the dead, let alone my brother and her daughter. I came just as she pulled her head back.

She yelped as my come stream flooded her face. Before she could pull back, another jet hit her on her chest.

We rolled on our backs. I thought I was going to have a heart attack. Gradually we both came down. I looked at Jan’s come covered face. She used both hands to wipe her face. With a devilish grin, she began licking her hands.

“Your brother doesn’t let me do this! She laughed between licks, “But enough play time!”

She rose steadily to her feet. She nearly fell over when she reached down for her robe. A serious look came over her face.

“Look, Jimmy, this has to be our secret!”

“I brought a finger to my lips.

“Mums the word!”

As she moved away from me, I rose to my knees and smacked her hard on her ass.

She jumped, grabbed her ass with both hands, and turned toward me her mouth open wide with an outraged grin on her face.

I wagged a cautioning finger at her.

“That’s how this started! Are you ready for round two?”

She laughed, threw both hands in air in a mock surrender, and retreated up the stairs to her bedroom. I struggled to my feet and moved cautiously up the stairs. I was asleep before I hit my bed.

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