A Sexual Awakening Ch. 05

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I am not a writer, far from it. Except for the names and places, the stories you read are for the most part true. Still they are not biographies. Artistic license has been taken to enhance or in some cases minimize the events described. All sexual situations were between consensual adults within the framework of their story.

This is the fifth of the ten interviews I have worked on over the last three years.

Most of these stories cover several years. I will try to keep the chapters short. I suggest you save one for reference. None of the stories are mine, any personal friend, or relative.

This is part of a story of incest between James and his mother Janice. This chapter is about the vacation Janice and Mandy take. Since James is not mentioned except briefly, I have listed it under the lesbian category.


Sorina brought James II into our lives almost a year to the day after she moved in. James and Sorina married shortly after. It was something I suggested. It was a great wedding. I too received a diamond, and I gave Mandy one. The addition of another child facilitated other changes. Sorina wanted to be a stay at home mother. I now accompanied James to his out of town business. With my billing background I was actually quite helpful. I was more than just someone to carry his brief case and get his coffee. Next to James I was one of the highest paid consultants on his team.

Little Jimmy was growing and took his first steps. His sisters found him an endless source of entertainment and companionship.

James and Sorina are holding down the house with the kids right now.

Mandy and I are at a resort in the Caribbean. We just came in from the beach. We have been here several days enjoying the sun. I gave it to Mandy as a sort of a present for what she did recently. The first day we were on the beach under one of the palm trees that line the coast. This place is fairly exclusive and since it was the off season few people were here.

I spotted her the first day. She acted bold when she watched me walk with Mandy in our bikinis. She was average height, a bit thicker around the hips and waist. Maybe it just looked that way because she was so small up above. Her closely cut jet black hair looked unnatural against her fair and freckled skin. She had on a black muscle shirt that stopped well above her pierced navel. With a blood red sports bra making her tits smaller than they probably were. Her long black shorts with several silver chains dangling from the waist in loops that hung down to her thighs just above the black combat boots. Her belt was clasped with handcuffs. It was hard to miss the multitudes if piercings in her ears, nose, lips and yes, her tongue. The tattoos on her back started at her shoulder and went down into her shorts. Her arms and a legs look like they were her next project.

That night she was at dinner, I assumed she was with her parents and a younger brother. She ordered a beer against her mother’s wishes. I knew she must be at least eighteen as the waiter carded her. She looked at Mandy and then me. I gave her a teasing smile. I kept my eye on her over Mandy’s shoulder. I could see her parents were clueless. She was indignant when she talked to them. The boy, I am guessing maybe fourteen was a model citizen to his parents compared to her. His mother telling him to sit down maybe just a hundred times.

She wasn’t beautiful. Maybe not even pretty. But she was cute. If I saw nothing else she was bored. She saw me watching her. I didn’t move my gaze. She kept raising her eyes up then down several times to see if was really looking at her. Even Mandy noticed I was staring. She nervously shifted in her seat the longer dinner went on. When we were done eating I held Mandy’s hand and paraded her past Miss Goth never breaking contact with her eyes. She looked at Mandy. I could tell she was enthralled by her sexy and skimpy attire. We were not over the top but provocative none the less. When she looked back at me I licked my lips then turned giving her a cold shoulder. She was interested.

The next day Mandy and I went for a short trip shopping and back to the resort. We found our favorite spot on a little bump out along the shore. We could see both ways but were concealed under the trees unless they were almost in front of us. Mandy was especially amorous lately. We had pleased each other earlier in the morning but I could tell she was horny again.

I let her slip my bathing suit bottom to the side and suck on my pussy lips. I have to admit I was a bit distracted when I saw her alone on the beach. She was in almost the exact same clothes she had on yesterday, only the red bra now a bright yellow. Goth seemed to be searching. She headed the other way first but then tuned back to our direction. A few people were littered about but none within a hundred yards from us. Without looking at her I sat up letting her get a glimpse of me.

“Mandy my slut!” I pulled her from my pussy lips. I pointed to our prey. “Whatever you do, don’t stop. Take my lead and you may have a new canlı bahis pet to play with!” I guided her back to my cunt. She licked in earnest now. I had to throttle her back just so I wouldn’t cum yet.

Goth walked closer but still along the water’s edge. I thought she might turn back but at the last moment I leaned forward so she could see me again. This time our eyes met briefly. She tried to disguise her search but I knew she was looking for us. She turned and looked over the horizon then I gave out a clear moan. Intrigued she started walking our way again. I encouraged her with another moan. She was almost in front of us. Soon she would clearly see Mandy was licking my pussy as she looked on. Laying in the shade Mandy between my legs we were not more than forty feet from her.

I wanted to moan but decided to let her think we were hiding from her. She cleared the last of the foliage hiding us. Again she faked her search but I gave her something to think about.

“Slut. Here is the girl dressed as boy you told me about!” It felt so wicked saying it.

I knew it was a matter of time before she looked. Goth took a couple of steps then looked over in our direction. Even over the gentle surf I heard her gasp. Our eyes lock for a good few seconds. My hand drifted to the back of Mandy’s head and I gently pulled her tighter to my cunt. I closed my eyes and thrust my hips up I groaned in pleasure.

Goth stood glued to where she was. I opened my eyes and looked on at her watching Mandy.

“Slut we have company!” I pulled her head up so she could see our new voyeur. My cunt lips glistened full puffy and hanging open. My juices and Mandy’s saliva dripped from my pedals. Goth stared at my pussy. I could see her nipples started to tent her black shirt.

“Mandy go bring her closer!” I requested.

I lay back on the chair the base in the sand the back supporting my torso. My heavy tits straining my bikini top. Mandy reached her. Goth was in a daze.

Mandy touched her arm she twitched then looked at Mandy.

“It’s ok. She doesn’t bite.” I said clearly. “Nibble a bit but no biting!” I teased.

She allowed Mandy to bring her closer. They were at the edge of the blanket. Mandy in her sexy bikini Goth in her ridiculous outfit.

“Slut you need to properly introduce us!” I said. Goth was taken aback by my boldness.

“I am Mandy and this is Mistress Janice.” Mandy explained.

“I am Trudy!” She answered too quickly. She was either so nervous or so excited she couldn’t stand still. I guessed it was the latter.

“Slut is that any way to treat a new friend. Give her a kiss!” I suggested. Trudy’s eyes grew wide she obviously knew where Mandy’s lips had just been.

She didn’t budge as Mandy started with a soft and sensual kiss. We all knew she tasted me. I knew that is what she wanted.

“Goth. We will call you Goth. Come here my child.” She sat on her knees beside me facing my left side.

“I am not a child I am twenty!” She replied softly.

“Indeed you are!! My apologies.” I let my hand drift across her cheek. “Slut my pussy waits!” I reminded Mandy.

She moved closer I looked at Goth.

“Please help me with these. I raised my ass and Goth instinctively slid my bottoms off my tan legs. My pussy gaped open when I spread my legs. Mandy resumed her position and soon my pussy was being bathed with her tongue.

“Tell me Goth, have you ever licked pussy?” She was watching Mandy slather my cunt my lips coating her cheeks. Goth slowly nodded her head. Still she smiled uncomfortably. My guess was she had just experimented with girls her age.

I reached down and pulled Mandy’s face from my pussy and slipped two fingers in. I fed them to Mandy. She eagerly licked my fingers clean. I repeated it then one by one I licked my fingers clean. Goth gasped by my boldness. I dipped my fingers in my pussy and offered them to her. She hesitated then looked at me. I could see the burning desire inside.

“Only if you want my pet!” That did it. She took my fingers and slowly licked them clean. She closed her eyes and savored my pussy. I pulled them from her lips. She moaned slightly. I took them and licked her saliva from my fingers.

“I want to taste your pussy Goth!” She looked at me turning red. I took her hand and licked two fingers. She was putty in my hands.

“Now your pussy!” I looked down at her shorts. She took a moment then released her belt. Goth unzipped the shorts the matching yellow panties covered her pussy.

“Hurry Goth! Mandy is going to make me cum!” Part of it was so she wouldn’t chicken out. The other was Mandy was working her magic. “Do it Goth?”

“Yes Mistress Janice!” She thrust her fingers inside her panties and then offered them to me. I took her fingers and sucked on them. My tongue making love to her fingers. She tasted just like I had hoped. Fresh and thick.

“Again, Goth. Deeper this time!” Without hesitation she coated her fingers and again I made love to them. “Again. This time you taste them!”

Goth groaned as she fingered bahis siteleri herself and then with passion in her face she licked them clean.

“Cum with me Goth! Masturbate for me. Cum when I cum!” Goth fingered herself, as I moaned she moaned, as I thrusted she thrusted.

“Hurry Goth I am close!” I hissed.

“Yes!” She purred.

“Cum with me Goth! Cum now!” My cries were drowned out by hers. I bucked against Mandy. My pussy oozed my excitement.

Goth fell forward her head resting on my chest. Her breathing was labored. I pulled her hand from her pussy it was coated with her essence. I licked it clean. I pulled Mandy from my pussy.

“Goth thank Slut for a job well done!” Goth turned her head lifting it from my tit. She kissed Mandy and then licked her cheeks and chin. Mandy kissed her back taking Goth’s hand and placing it on her tit. “She is offering to have you help her.”

“What do you mean?” Goth asked.

“She deserves to cum. You did!” I pulled Goth in for a kiss.

“We enjoy the game. I have a Master. He dominates me. But we always reward the players! Sometimes it takes longer but then so does the game.” I winked then kissed her. “You’re welcome to help. Her tits are super sensitive right now!”

I turned Mandy over and had her lean back against me. I looked at Goth.

“Help her with her suit Goth!” She slowly removed Mandy’s top. Her puffy nipples came into view. “Slut your tits are needy today. So puffy! Do you want me to tease them?” I hissed.

“Can our new pet?” She looked at Goth. Taking her hand and placing it on her tit. “Pinch it just a bit!”

Goth started rubbing and pinching her nipple but I knew Mandy wanted something firmer.

“Take her bottoms off so I can finger her!” I commanded. Goth looked both ways on the beach then slipped Mandy’s bottoms off. “Suck her nipples Goth, she loves that!”

“I fingered Mandy while Goth sucked her nipples. Mandy reached up and squeezed Goth’s tit. She turned and smiled at me.

“Take your top off Goth!” Mandy suggested. Goth looked at me and removed her black top. The thin yellow sports bra hiding only slightly what lied below. “Now the other one!”

“No!” I commanded. Not here not now!” I gave Goth a serious look. “Later if she wants.”

“Now Slut come for us. You have played long enough!” I dipped my fingers in Mandy’s pussy and fed them to her. This always makes her hot. I fed them to Goth and then myself. When she was thoroughly excited I focused on her clit sending her over the top. With a good solid orgasm. Even Goth was impressed how she shuddered in my arms.

“You better go. Mandy needs her rest.” I suggested. Goth was putting her black top on and buckling her shorts.

“You said later if I want. Why did you say that?” She asked.

“Sometimes we get caught up in the emotion of things. We act on impulse then regret it later.” I explained as I took her hand. “We can all be seduced. I am sending you off before we seduce you. Before you get hurt.”

“And if I want to be seduced?” She asked boldly.

“Then you knew it going in. Today you bared nothing. Some light kissing. I little grope. Nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about.” I kissed the back of her hand. “You had a little fun. A thrill let’s call it. Everyone goes home happy.”

“I want later!” Goth moved closer. She squeezed my hand.

“Our bungalow is number fifteen. After nine let’s say?” I kissed her cheek “And Goth please don’t change your clothes.

“But my panties are soaked!” She informed us.

“Exactly my pet. Exactly!” I smiled.

Mandy and I went into the ocean then headed to our bungalow. I made her take a nap before dinner. While she was sleeping I slipped down to the local shopping district. I found everything I was looking for, negotiating for it all. Mandy was glad to see me. I showed her what I purchased.

“Do you think she will come back tonight?” Mandy asked as she sat beside me.

“I think she is a confused young lady. I think she has feelings she is afraid to act on.” I stroked Mandy’s beautiful hair as it flowed over her shoulders. “If she does we must be gentle!” I added. “It should be all about her especially at first.”

“Like Sorina with me when we first met?” Mandy asked. She moved to set facing me on my lap. She kissed me as we both remembered that first day.

“Yes exactly my love!” I returned her kiss before I went on to explain. “She has issues with her body. Hiding it below all those hideous clothes. We need to give her confidence to be the beautiful young woman she is.”

“Can I seduce her first?” Mandy wiggled on my lap.

“I think she would like that. I know I would love to watch!” I teased.

“Thank you Mistress!” Mandy pulled my top down and suckled my fat nipple.

I let her pleasure me for a few minutes but then suggested we go eat and get ready for our guest if she arrived. Mandy was mixing up a small batch of Margaritas. Mandy shouldn’t be drinking and I didn’t want our guest to get drunk. But I felt like a little refreshment bahis şirketleri might calm her nerves if she showed up.

We had the same clothes on that we wore to dinner. They were some of our sexiest bras and panties we brought. I was walking around the room checking every detail. I double checked the bathroom and the bedroom one last time. I made Mandy lock up all the toys. It was a tough decision but one I felt was best for her first encounter if she showed up.

“Mistress you are pacing. It doesn’t become you!” Mandy giggled. Her bubbly personality was infectious.

“I am not pacing!” I snapped back as I covered the area I just came from for the third time. She laughed at me pointing out my path. “Ok, so I’m pacing!”

I was laughing with her. Through the window I saw a shadow on the path in front. It took my breath away. The feelings I had when James brought Mandy home surged through my body. Chills went up my back I motioned to Mandy our guest had arrived. I sat down on the large sectional couch waiting for her to knock on the door. Wait was what I did. It seemed like it was hours. Had she just walked by? Was she coming to tell us she changed her mind? It was everything I could do to stay sitting. Mandy gave me a questioned look from behind the counter. All I could do is shrug my shoulders.

Still no knock. I looked at the clock. It was just past nine. At five past I slumped back. At ten past Mandy came and sat beside me offering me her lips. She saw how disappointed I was. I knew she had been let down too. We kissed to comfort each other drawing it out for several moments. Suddenly there was a knock on the door. I gripped Mandy’s hand and let her knock again. I locked into another kiss. This knock was louder and more desperate. Mandy opened the door and let our guest in. She looked just like she did when we met on the beach except her face was flush.

“You’re late. Explain yourself!” I demanded. Mandy led her to me as I sat on the shortest leg of the L shaped sectional.

“I was early, but I got scared…so I waited.” Goth was looking at the floor.

“So what changed your mind?” I questioned her.

“I saw Slut Mandy kiss you Mistress Janice!” She looked up briefly to see if I believed her.

“And you want her to kiss you?” I asked softly.

“Yes Mistress.” Goth replied.

“I will allow it but only if you agree to the following conditions.” I offered. “You may leave at any time. There will be no S&M here ever. No bondage tonight. No toys tonight.” She looked up from the floor to make sure she heard me correctly.

“Not tonight.” I repeated. “You will obey whatever MY Slut tells you. She will obey me. Do you understand?”

“Yes Mistress.” She answered clearly.

“One last condition. You will not stay the night. Not tonight.” I said firmly. “I don’t need your parents coming to look for you and calling the police or something. You will leave here no later than midnight.”

“Yes Mistress.” She said with enthusiasm.

“Mandy you may greet our guest properly!” I said. I went and closed the blinds as they locked lips. I saw Mandy’s hand drift up to Goth’s chest gripping her tit below the black and yellow layers. I stopped and kissed them both before going to the kitchenette and getting the Margaritas Mandy made earlier.

I salted the rims of three glasses and poured the mixture in and brought them to the coffee table. Mandy was still locked in another kiss. I sipped my drink crossing my legs at the ankles my knees spread apart so she could see my crotchless panties.

I handed them each a drink. They took them taking a few sips then setting them down. Mandy held Goth in front of her stroking her face. Goth reached up but Mandy quickly corrected her.

“You are my pet for now. You do as I instruct. You may not talk or touch unless given permission!” Mandy instructed.

Goth nodded. She stood nervously silent. Mandy slipped the thin straps of her tee shirt and bra off one shoulder. Mandy started kissing her prey along her shoulder and up her neck. Next she nibbled her ear. I could hear the multiple earrings clanking together.

Goth sighed. Her hands nervously opening and closing not knowing what to do with them. Mandy walked behind her. Pulling out the scissors she had hidden she started cutting the black tee shirt along her rib cage. Goth looked up at me her eyes wide and frightened.

“Do you want to stop?” I challenged her. Mandy pressed behind her reaching up and gripping her tits through the yellow sports bra. Goth leaned back into Mandy shaking her head as she closed her eyes.

I bent down and untied the disgusting black combat boots she was wearing. Mandy held her as I pulled her feet free of them and the black socks she was wearing. Mandy was working the back of her neck. I ran my hand up the tattoo she had on her leg. It was a long stem red rose.

Mandy handed me the scissors. I started cutting her shorts. Distracted from Mandy’s attentiveness it was only when I reached her belt did she react. Goth released the belt and stepped out of the heavy shorts that were totally ruined. Standing in only her matching yellow panties whose gusset was wet. Goth started moaning. I could see several strawberry blond hairs sprouting from her panties.

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