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How a Stranger fucked my wife.

I left my wife tied to the window. Hands secured above her head. Eyes covered with her shawl securely tied. I slowly opened the door and let him in.

I had great fantasy of seeing my wife being fucked by someone else. I had tried to talk her into it but she was adamant. The more I read sex stories, the more determined I became. I began posting my stories online too to make up for my fantasies.

Then I got a mail from Babu.

He appreciated my stories. I send him a mail with one line –

“Are you interested in fucking my wife?”

From there we developed a new unheard relation. At first he thought I was joking, then when he agreed I was reluctant – could I trust a stranger? But the lust was above all and I decided to trust him. We soon fixed a meeting place and got to know each other putting the fears to rest. We developed an outline and I introduced him to my wife as friend who will be here for few days. Earlier I had coaxed her to try out the Basic Instinct model and here she was smiling and tied to the window with her eyes blindfolded.

I let Babu in. His eyes were full of lust. My wife was 28, slim and beautiful. She had medium sized boobs and a good ass. She wore a night-dress. Babu came near her with my perfume on him. With shaking hands he pressed her boobs as she giggled. I took my video cam and began to record. He slowly began to grope her. His hands slowly moved over her body to her Venus and squeezed. He opened the buttons of her night-dress. She wore a red panties and a black bra beneath. He pulled up her bra and her melons jumped out as if waiting to be freed. He squeezed her boobs and kissed her nipples as it began to grow. He slowly nibbled it and she hmmmmed expressing her delight. Babu undressed like a man possessed. He pulled up a chair and climbed on it and pressed his dick on her lips. She hesitated as if unfamiliar smell, then as the push continued she gave in and he pushed in. canlı bahis she began to suck it teasingly and then rotating it in her mouth and then trying to engulf it. Babu had never got such a sucking and I knew how surprised he would be. She had that magic in her mouth which was better than her pussy. For a second he stood still then grabbed her hair as he began to stream in his cum to her mouth. He held her head for 2 minutes as the last drop of cum was drained from his dick.

He looked at me surprised. We had planned of hours of recording and had planned not to cum till our memory cards were full. I showed him the sign to come down and pointed to the bathroom. He went in and washed and came fast in between. I gave him the cam and stripped and applied my perfume. I then took on the task.

I clutch her boobs and squash it hard. She was surprised that I came again. My hand moved all over her body, determined to put up a show for Babu. He was recording it all. I came behind her, kneeled down and slowly pulled down her panties to her thigh revealing her hidden bush. It was trimmed and kept neatly. I kissed her pussy and teased it with my tongue. She moaned with pleasure. I let my hand run over her tender thighs giving her the extra sense of bliss. Grabbing her ass I pushed her pussy to my mouth as I sucked he clitoris. I began to suck like a little baby sucking and pulling the nipples. She was getting mad in ecstasy. I teased my tongue to her hole and pushed in rotating. After some time I got up and loosened the ropes just enough to turn her around and at the same time was careful her hands did not reach he blindfold. I noticed the excitement rise in Babu’s eyes and dick as her ass came to view. He came over to me and gave me the cam. I took it and withdrew to enjoy the show.

He squeezed her ass and kneeled down. Opening her ass cheeks he let his tongue loose as she began to wriggle. He tongued her asshole. She tried to move perabet away but he held her and continued teasing her asshole. She started shouting – leave me – but he held her and his tongue continued to throb in her asshole. Finally retiring to the fate she stood patiently as he continued teasing her. She was feeling awkward and forgetting her angry she laughed – “What are you doing?” Babu was busy trying to insert his tongue to her asshole while she was trying her best to reject it. Not leaving a bit of action I shot all in my cam for future enjoyment. He split open her ass wider and applied gel which I had passed. She shuddered as the cold cream was applied. Anticipating something she began to wriggle. Babu was smart. He put the gel in her ass and began to tease her pussy. He pinched her nipples and sucked her pussy. She felt the pleasure rising again. He continued to tease her, then without warning he pushed his dick into her pussy.

For a moment seeing her face I feared she was u*********s. The sudden drive into her pussy gave a sudden jolt of seventh heaven in new heights. She was like a d**g addict in his hand. Never before was she teased so much and the sudden drive was something never experienced. He rammed on as she began to moan insensible words as if in a fit. I was very much surprised to see my wife in such a stage- this was an area unseen and untouched. It was like he was fucking a virgin. I recorded her facial expression – the sudden lust which appeared in her face increased my lust. I knew later on when I watch the video; her facial expression was enough for me to cum

Babu held her boobs and rammed in to her pussy as she began to scream louder unknowingly. He suddenly stopped fucking and pulled out his dick and turned her around. In a quick movement he split open her ass and pushed his dick in. it went in as if going into a cake. She let out a scream as he sustained his ramming into her ass. O you bastard perabet giriş she screamed but he was thrusting it deeper and deeper. With one hand he entertained her pussy and the other her nipples – her anger and pain was all giving away to this forbidden pleasure. He continued fucking her ass for a long time and teasing her pussy. She started crying –

“O my God – I am Cumming – Fuck me harder – yeaa – hmmmm push deeper hmmmm nooooooooo.”

Then suddenly she shuddered as she began to cum. He pulled her closer and squashed her boobs and held her still as he began to cum in her ass. He gave one more push and both of them held each other in crushing grip as he freed his lust into her ass, the same time she was Cumming. For few seconds they held like that but it seemed for an eternity. He pulled his dick out of her ass and climbed on the chair and inserted into her mouth. This time there was no objection but greedily accepted as she licked all his cum from his dick.

He stepped down and I handed over my cam to him. I jumped up the stool and pushed my dick into her mouth and began to fuck hard. I didn’t have to wait for long. As soon as her lips encircled my dick it was throbbing to release the small army. With a push I held her head and speeded up my action squeezing her boob’s in-between. Surprising her again I ejaculated in her mouth. I pushed my dick deep into her throat and forced all my sperm down her throat as my fantasy fulfilled. She choked a little but managed it and sucked my dick as I began shooting my never ending sperm to her mouth while it was being recorded.

Babu withdrew as I got down and closed the door slowly. I untied her and removed her blindfold. She looked at me in a new way.

“You came many times. How is it possible…..”

Before she could complete it I said “That’s the power of ropes and blindfold. Was it good?”

“Good!! It was EXCELLENT.” She exclaimed “We must do this again once in a while.”

I smiled at her thinking- O yes we were going to do it. I wondered what she would say if I told her Babu had a part in her – and in today’s Ecstasy.

One day I hope we will get a chance to fuck her together – without the blindfold or maybe

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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