Why We Choose Monogamy

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Why We Choose Monogamy
Why We Choose Monogamy

1. Keeps life simple.
If you want drama, have an affair. It would be much better to break up before the affair. Saves so much pain and sorrow.
Yes, breaking up is hard to do, but when an affair happens, life can get seriously crazy. We have seen k**s used to get at the other spouse, bank accounts drained, cars destroyed, etc. Most of this could have been avoided if there had been no affair.

2. Safety.
Yup, having sex with only your partner pretty much eliminates the possibility of getting a sexually transmitted disease (STD). You would be surprised how many people don’t practice safe sex.

3. Health.
Stress is brutal on your physical and mental health. Keeping secrets is crazy-making for both you and your partner. The offending party takes a hit on their self-esteem and the offended often sense something is wrong, illegal bahis siteleri but is met with denials when they question their partner, which makes the offended party doubt reality (a.k.a.: crazy-making). When you have enough stress your body takes a hit. Not so much fun.

4. Staying monogamous is an incentive to keep your sexual life alive.
It may not be a guarantee, as you could just let the sexual aspect of your relationship fade away, but if your libido is intact, there will be an urgency to find a solution.

We have had to deal with huge amounts of stress because of injuries, finances, career change, moving, and personal change. These experiences affected our sexual relationship and we had to communicate to stay involved. We mean really talk it out and listen to your partner. Although not always fun or easy the reward is on the other tipobet güvenilir mi side once you get through the difficult time. It is worth it!

The good news is that we are closer emotionally and sexually today than we have ever been. This is due in part because we have focused on our relationship without the distraction of an affair.

5. We don’t like hypocrisy.

Neither one of us like sharing, each other that is. Call us old-fashioned but we just don’t like the idea of each other kissing and being naked with another person. You ask how do we know? We tried a little bit of sharing/openness in our youth and it caused emotional pain for both of us. We have known a few couples were one had secret affairs but wanted their spouse to stay faithful. It only seems fair to us that if you want a faithful spouse, you should do the same.

6. Keeping perabet something sacred.

In today’s world much of what we do is on public display. Social media, cams in the store, on the streets, etc.
My sexual relationship with my wife is something special that only we share. It is not just the act of sex but of love. True love, the kind that is sacrificial and willing to hang in there when things get tough because you know the other person is worth it.
Much like fingerprints, there is no other relationship like ours. Not now, not ever.
Kinda cool when you think about it.

7. Respect.

We respect each other enough to keep to our promises, made today or 30 years ago.
I do myself and my partner a disservice when I break my oath.
Yes we are human and make mistakes. Sometimes they are not mistakes but deliberate actions to get us out of situations that we believe we cannot leave. We tell ourselves lies to justify our actions.

We have known couples who don’t communicate how they are feeling about life, the relationship, and about themselves. It either ends in divorce or living under one roof but each having separate lives.

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