Trekking Trip To Three Pussies –1

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Trekking Trip To Three Pussies –1

It was summertime and after completion of 6th semester’s exams of my engineering, the vacation was going on. I was a bit bored and my friends from college went to their native place for vacation.

While surfing on the internet, I saw an Ad of trekking trip to Manali and my mind thought why not go for it? I was alone and but felt that I will be able to find friends from the trip group.

I somehow managed to convince my parents as they were not letting me go alone. Immediately, I booked the trip for Manali. But, as it was a last minute booking, the 2A and 3A coaches on the train were already booked.

Due to that, I had to book an expensive first class for my trip as there was no going back from here – 16 hours journey in a train to reach Delhi and from there to Manali in Volvo bus.

The day came on which I had to leave. I reached the station and met the trek guide who had my tickets. He told me that my ticket was with the group with whom I was going to share the cabin in the first class coach. He gave me the seat and coach number and my journey started from there.

I walked to the platform of the train carrying the trekking bag on my back. I reached the coach of mine and went in to find the seat. As it was the first time for me in the 1 tier AC coach, I was excited. I saw my seat number outside of the cabin and opened the door.

As I opened the door, my eyes were in awe of the sight it was seeing. My heart was beating faster. There were three beautiful angels from heaven with whom I was going to share my cabin for 16 fucking hours! Unlike other coaches, the first class only had four berths, so it was 3 of them and me alone.

One of them was sleeping on the left berth who had the whitest complexion compared to the other two. She was wearing a spaghetti top and a jeans shorts covering the thighs less than half.

She had a body one would like to fuck forever. Her boobs might be 32-34 and her nipples were shaping to the tops. She was tall and had long and sexy legs. I was hoping to get into her tonight.

I introduced myself saying my name is Pranay and is in the same trekking group. Other two introduced themselves.

One was Mithali who was sitting near the window had a curvy body. She had the curves that one would fuck for sure. Her curves were sexy, so does were her boobs and hips. She might have 36-38 size for boobs and same for her hips. She was wearing a t-shirt and shorts. Sadly, her nipples were not shaping because she might have worn the bra.

The last one was Rachi. She had a fair complexion but that was not the down point. She was just simple and had wore t-shirt and full jeans. Nothing to show or make my dick grow. Then they both introduce Trisha who was sleeping.

After the introduction, I sat into the right berth beside Rachi as in the left berth Trisha was sleeping. They told me to put my bag under the berth Trisha was sleeping as there was some space left.

I went to put my bag under that and due to the noise of that, Trisha woke up and yelled, “Who the fuck is there?” I was amazed and replied, “The fucker is me” with a quirky smile. Still, she didn’t say sorry, but it was okay as we introduced each other.

Then after a few minutes, the train started running. It was 4:30 now and güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri we were going to reach Delhi by 8:30 in the morning. And I had 16 hours alone with these three beauties.

It was around 7, till then we talked, played games and made each other comfortable. In that period, I was bonding much better with Trisha than with Mithali and Rachi. I was sitting on the left berth with Trisha.

Now, she wanted to lay down. So, without asking me, she put her legs on my legs and one of them was on my dick! My dick loved the touch too much that it went to gave a big, hard and erected thumbs up to Trisha’s leg.

I was sure that Trisha would have sensed this bump too. But she didn’t say anything. Instead, after an interval, she was rubbing it a little whenever my dick went down. As a result, it went up again. All of these was going, but Mithali and Rachi had no idea.

This thing went for like 20 minutes, and then Trisha slept. Around at 8, our dinner came as it was first class. I thought of becoming a little bit naughty while waking Trisha up.

I started teasing her on her waist and stomach. And she woke up suddenly that my hand touched her right boob. I immediately took my hand, but my mind in my pants wanted more of it. Then we ate our dinner.

After dinner, Mithali went to the washroom. Then Trisha told me that she also wanted to go. Now, I was alone with Rachi. It was awkward silence for a moment. But eventually, we started talking.

I asked her about her boyfriends but she said that she doesn’t have any. My mind was like whom am I then? She asked the same and I answered I don’t have any girlfriends.

We talked for around 25 minutes but Trisha and Mithali didn’t return. Then I got a call from my parents. I went outside to answer it. Both Trisha and Mithali were standing near the door of the train to enjoy the view.

It was around 10 when we became sleepy. We thought to sleep as everyone was a little tired. Mithali and Rachi were sleeping in the lower berth and I and Trisha were on the upper berth.

I was not getting sleep. I turned around for making myself comfortable. I saw on my opposite berth Trisha was watching something. Then I saw her left hand which was inside her shorts.

I understood that she was masturbating while watching porn. I kicked her by stretching my one leg and seeing me awake, she was shocked and took her hands out of her shorts.

I started chuckling and she blushed on seeing me. I went to her berth and sat near her. I said, “It’s okay. Sorry for disturbing, you can continue.” She replied that now she doesn’t want to. I said I could help. But she replied that she was a lesbian and I was shocked.

I never thought that she would be a lesbian. She was so sexy but out of my reach. But hearing she was a lesbian, my dick went up. She told me that she and Mithali both were lesbians and were in a relationship. But Mithali was a bisexual. And now I understood that what they were doing in the washroom for around 25 minutes.

I asked her about it and she said that she intended to do in the toilet but Mithali said no and they just kissed. Due to that, she was watching porn and masturbating. I asked her, “Have you ever tried with a man?” She said that she was more into women that tipobet giriş she never did. My mind thought this was the perfect opportunity.

I suggested to her that I ruined her masturbation so now I will make for it. She was confused. I said, “Let’s watch some lesbian porn together and see if I can make it up to you. We can masturbate individually without touching each other”. She said, okay.

She played a lesbian porn video and gave me one piece of her earphone to me. We were sitting close to each other with our body touching.

As the video started, my dick was too hard that it wanted to pop out of my track pants. Along with that, Trisha was also turned on and spread her legs wide. As the video played further, the two women were naked, kissing and sucking each other.

I was rubbing my dick over my track pants and Trisha her pussy from over shorts. As in the video, one woman started fingering the other. Trisha moaned a little and unbuttoned her shorts. She reached her pussy with her hands and started fingering.

Watching the video and the live show, my dick also wanted to come out of my pants. I asked Trisha if I can pull my dick out if she didn’t have any problem. She replied, “Do whatever you like”. And, I pulled out my 6.3 inches from my pants and started rubbing it to and fro.

Seeing my dick, Trisha began to fingering faster and was biting her lips so that she didn’t make loud moaning sounds as Mithali and Rachi were sleeping.

She was holding the phone with one hand and fingering with the other. I saw this as an opportunity and asked if she wanted me to press her boobs. She said yes by shaking her head and without opening her mouth.

I started squeezing her right boob with my one hand and rubbing my dick with the other. After some time, our concentration was on masturbation instead of the video.

So, I took the phone from her hand and kept it beside us, removing our earphones. Then I took the freed hand of Trisha and made her rub my dick with it. Until then, I started pressing both her boobs with my hands.

Then Trisha was kneeling towards my dick as if she wanted to suck it but was hesitating. So, I said, “You can do whatever you want”. And she took my whole 6.3 into her mouth by opening it wide. Her hot lips and saliva were making my dick feel like it was heaven.

Soon, I was about to cum and I warned her. I asked her if she wanted it on her face. Instead, she wanted to taste it.

In a few strokes, I came into her mouth. And she loved the taste so much that not a single drop was on the berth, all was in her mouth. She was a lesbian, but still, she was turned on by a man. That meant she was also a bisexual.

Then I laid her down and said that it was my turn. I went up on her. I wanted to kiss on her lips but she resisted. So, I started from her neck. I then took her top up. She was not wearing a bra. Her boobs were naked in front of my eyes. I started sucking it.

I bit her nipple and she moaned aloud but kept her hand on her face. I inserted my one hand into her shorts and started rubbing her pussy through her pantie. Then I started kissing her stomach and belly button. The sensation was uncontrollable for her that her body was shaking.

I pulled her shorts down and kissed her navel. Then I pulled tipobet güvenilir mi her pantie down. I saw her naked and perfectly shaved pussy. I started kissing her navel, then thighs and then lips of her vagina.

This made her moan but she bit her lips to control it. I licked her pussy lips like a dog licking its bone. Then I inserted my tongue inside her pussy which was already wet. I started licking it entirely. I wanted to lick it forever, the taste of her pussy was making my dick fly.

Then I went up and pulled my pants down. I started rubbing my dick on her pussy. She was whispering, “Fucking insert it, fucker. Fuck me”. Then she asked if I have a condom. I said, “No, but I will pull it out before I cum. She agreed.

I started rubbing my dick on her pussy faster than before. I could see on her face how eagerly she wanted that dick in her pussy. Then I inserted the tip of my penis into her vagina first.

With a little bit of force, I pushed it in her pussy. She wanted to yell but I kept my hand on her mouth which she bit. Her pussy was wet, so my dick did get inside her but not quickly as her pussy was tighter to handle the width of my penis.

I started pushing it in and pulling it out slowly as it was tight for her. Gradually, I increased the speed and so did her moaning intensified.

After getting comfortable, I started fucking her at a high pace. I kept her legs on my shoulder to create the missionary position angle. I increased the speed and fucked her faster. Eventually, she came before me and there was a relief on her face.

Soon, I was about to cum and I told her that I was removing my penis. Hearing that, she bent and took out my penis from her pussy and took it in her mouth. She gave a second blowjob until I came again in her mouth.

After finishing, I laid on her. Then we wore our clothes back. We both went to the bathroom to clean up and came back. We drank water and then sat on the berth with legs on another. We both smiled and then blushed. She said, “Thank you.” I replied with a wink, “Such an awesome guilty pleasure.” And we both giggled.

I said, “So you are a bisexual from now.”

She replied, “I think so.”

I complimented her saying that she has the sexiest and hottest body I have ever seen. She replied, “You haven’t seen Rachi’s body yet. I am nothing in front of her”.

“Really? That Rachi’s body?”, I asked. And she said yes. And I was in shock because Rachi looked simple from what I could see. But she did hide her body inside that t-shirt and jeans.

I asked Trisha, “Have you ever thought of having sex with Rachi?”

She said, “I thought about her a million times. Sometimes I have dreams about her. But she is straight so won’t do with me.”

I replied, “What if I help you to get Rachi? Will you give me something I want?”

She replied, “If you do that, then I can let you fuck me forever. Rachi is the dream. But how will you do that?”

I replied, “Leave that to me. And what I want is something else.”

She asked, “What it is it? If I can give, then it will be surely yours.”

My mind knew that what I want was three pussies together and now hearing about Rachi, my dick was going crazy.

I replied, “I haven’t thought yet but will tell after giving you Rachi.”

She replied, “Okay, we will see. We have a trip of 6 days and that much time you will have.”

I replied, “Yes, you will see.”

We went to sleep then as it was around 2 am. The journey will continue in the next part.

I hope everyone liked it. I know the start was slow but much needed. I will appreciate your feedback.

Thank you!

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