Transforming Genevieve Ch. 12

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Transforming Genevieve Ch. 12
I spent that Sunday evening doing laundry, two loads of towels and my bedding most of which still had the incredible scent of our sex fluids on them. That scent reminding me of the incredible pleasures Bill and I had shared. I wondered if Bill would give a second lover the same incredible oral pleasures, he had given me. If he did Marsha was in for an incredible treat. I would have to try and speak to her this week just to feel her out about a ménage à trios with Bill. I wondered how Bill would react having such a beautiful woman as Marsha sucking and fucking him for the sheer excitement of it.

Marsha’s body is much like Angel Kassidy’s, the Angel of Lust from the movie we’d watched. I’m certain her tits are all-natural though. I hoped she would be as willing a partner in a three-way with my lover as I was with hers.

Sleep came quickly once I snuggled down under my soft comforter, and I slept soundly through the entire night. My body and soul at peace with my mind and heart, I’d clawed my way out of the horrible barrel of sexual frustration I’d allowed myself to slip into. Bill, my discreet lover had shown me the clear path to happiness and true sexual fulfillment.

Monday morning dawned bright sunny and cool and with the dawn, I awoke with a new attitude about my appearance on campus. I would still enjoy wearing the wardrobe I’d purchased to help with my transformation, but I’d no longer have to try and attract the attention of every man who came within a wolfs whistle of me. No, this Monday morning would be the first morning of a new and exciting part of my life. I glowed with the anticipation of seeing my lover Bill around the English Lit department.

My long hair while an incredibly sexy feature when I’m involved in a seduction can be a real pain in the ass on a busy Monday morning when you’re trying to make an 8 AM class. I twisted it up in a bun and in somewhat of a throwback to my pre-transformation days held the bun in place with a pair of #2 lead pencils. Just as I completed my make-up my teapot began to whistle. Naked with the exception of two lead pencils I walked to the kitchen and poured my morning tea. A squirt of honey and a quick stir and I headed back to my bedroom to pick an outfit for today. Surveying my closet, I choose a white silk blouse, a pair of tailored navy-blue slacks and a matching suit coat. I had a new white lacey bra and thong set which I slipped into first. As I slipped my arms into the blouse and buttoned it up the front only a hint of the lacey fabric covering my breasts was visible. If I choose to, I could unbutton one or two buttons at the top to reveal the lace trim across the top of the cups. The slacks fit my ass perfectly, and with no panty line showing they left little doubt of the shaped of my ass. I slipped my feet into a pair of dark three-inch heels and before putting my suit coat on I dabbed a touch of perfume on my neck and between my breasts. The suit coat gave an aura of elegance to my appearance, sensual and sexy, but demure at the same time. Gathering my usual personal items and finishing my tea I grabbed my briefcase and headed for the stairs. I stepped onto the sidewalk at 7:50 AM. A chill in the mid-autumn morning air had the usual effect of hardening my nipples. I decided to drive across campus to avoid the chilly air and the lustful gazes of the male student body. I had a new attitude about me. I would forever look sensual and sexy, but my passion and lustful actions were reserved for my special lover, Bill.

Monday mornings at Regis are usually quite casual, many students returned from their weekends late Sunday night and classes didn’t always start promptly at 8 AM. I grabbed a parking spot near the entrance to the English department, as I got out of my Volvo, I noticed Bill’s car parked a row behind me. My lover was already in the building. Perhaps I’d be able to steal a few moments alone with him this morning. I recalled that I had offered to share the scent of my perfume with him yesterday and hoped he’d remembered my offer.

As I reached the top of the stairs and rounded the corner to begin the short walk to my classroom and office a voice from behind said, “Ms. Walker can I talk with you for a moment.” I turned and was confronted with Steve Kozmerl, the student I’d tricked into jerking off in my office the week before.

“Steve, good morning, what can I do for you?” I asked. I knew that glance from yesterday would jump up to bite me in the ass, I just didn’t think it would be so soon.

Steve said, “I was wondering if I could have a few minutes of your time after class today to go over a question or two I have about writing styles?”

He was smooth, his request translated in my mind to. “Hey, sexy I want to find out when I’m going to get to fuck your brains out.”

I replied, “Sure Mr. Kozmerl I’ll have a few minutes for you after class.” Speaking in my best professor tone of voice.

“Thanks, I’ll see you after class then.” He said with a smirking grin on his lips and a lustful stare in his eyes.

I turned and walked away from him knowing he was watching my ass as I walked, and most likely imagining having his young stud cock buried in the object of his lustful gaze.

Steve waited until a few other students had entered my classroom before he came strolling in with the same grin and stare plastered on his face. He took his usual seat toward the back of the room and acted like he was preparing for my class. But his eyes told me he was planning something completely different. I could almost feel his eyes undressing me and I felt a little uncomfortable with that.

By 8:10 AM most of my eight o’clock students were in the room and I began my lesson for this group of freshmen. Training first-year students can be somewhat trying, the closest they’d come to serious English Lit in high school was a required reading of Shakespeare, which I’m sure some of them used Rouge Notes to muddle through. My lecture that Monday lasted almost the entire period and as usual I gave them my normal Monday writing assignment.

As I dismissed the class, I began feeling somewhat nervous about speaking in private with Steve. He remained seated until all the other students had left the room.

“So, Mr. Kozmerl you wanted to speak with me?” I asked.

He wasted no time getting right to the point.

“Yes, Ms. Walker. I was wondering when you and I could have our next private writing lesson,” he said.

I walked closer to where he was seated, trying to come up with an appropriate response.

“Steve what we did last week was wrong, I shouldn’t have let myself get that out of control,” I said.

“Perhaps so Ms. Walker, but the fact remains that you did and since it wouldn’t be very beneficial for that private lesson to become public knowledge, or who you’re spending your Sunday afternoons with I assume you’ll want to continue giving me private tutoring,” he said.

So, he did see me with Bill the day before, as I feared. And now he would turn up the pressure for me to finish what I’d started and satisfy his desires.

“Are you blackmailing me Mr. Kozmerl?” I asked.

Steve’s reply was, “Why yes I believe I am Ms. Walker. But blackmail is such a nasty word, I prefer to look at it as compensation for my silence.”

I thought for a moment and then asked him, “And how often would you expect to be compensated for your silence Mr. Kozmerl?”

“Ms. Walker, I’m not a greedy person. I would think my silence would be appropriately compensated with a private lesson once a week until the end of the semester,” he said.

He added, “I’d agree to oral compensation too.”

I almost laughed in his face. In his own way, he was telling me he wanted me to suck him off once a week till mid-December. By my calculations that would be nine blow jobs.

“Do you think anyone would believe you if you did let our private lesson become public knowledge Mr. Kozmerl,” I asked.

“Perhaps not Ms. Walker, but imagine the problems it would cause for you and your Sunday companion,” he replied.

He had me over a barrel, had he not seen me with Bill the afternoon before I would have slapped his face and told him to go fuck himself. But I couldn’t chance having my affair with Bill becoming public. I couldn’t put his career in jeopardy trying to save face with this blackmailing bastard.

“If I agree to this Mr. Kozmerl, how will I know you’ll keep your word?” I asked.

“You won’t Ms. Walker, I guess you’ll just have to trust me,” He answered with that same smirk on his lips.

I knew what I had to do, and I leaned down close to him and whispered, “Steve, there are nine weeks until the end of the semester. I’ll suck your cock nine times between now and Christmas for you to keep quiet.”

He replied, “Ten times Ms. Walker, I want you to make up for that tease session last week.”

“Agreed,” I said, “Ten blow jobs and nothing more Steve.”

He tried to negotiate for more saying, “You have to let me cum in your mouth.”

I angrily replied, “Don’t press your fucking luck buster.”

“Okay, Okay,” he said, “but you have to get me off every time.”

“Agreed!” I said, adding, “I’ll see you after class Thursday afternoon.”

“Now get the fuck out of my classroom you little bastard!” I exclaimed.

As he walked toward the door I said, “One more thing Mr. Kozmerl.”

He turned to face me.

“You better study hard, and get every assignment in on time because my marking pencil will be very sharp when it comes to your grade in my class,” I said.

The fool could have blackmailed me for an A in my class, but because the little head did most of his thinking, he’d now have to work extra hard just to get a passing grade.

He left me angry, and somewhat depressed. Not twenty-four hours earlier I’d pledged my discreet lover that my mouth and throat was his and his alone. And now I’d have to secretly break that pledge and suck another man’s cock weekly until Christmas.

Oh well Genevieve, I thought, you knew your past transgressions would come back to haunt you.

I walked into my office and sat down at my desk. Looking down at my desk pad calendar where I had my scheduled classes noted I put a small checkmark behind my freshman Thursday afternoon class as a reminder that I’d have to not schedule anything else for a while after that class.

My next class wasn’t till eleven so I started marking the weekly assignments my freshmen class had just turned in. About forty minutes later I heard a light knock on my office door.

“Come in,” I said, not looking up from my desk.

“Morning lover,” A male’s voice said.

I looked up and Bill was standing in my doorway, turning my chair I stood up and walked toward him.

“Come in and close the door Bill,” I said.

He took a step in and closed the door, turning the deadbolt before taking the steps to bring us close together.

His arms captured me, hugging my body close to his.

“I missed you, Gen,” He said.

I looked into his eyes and whispered, “I’ve missed you too babe.”

Bill brought his mouth close to mine, our lips a minuscule distance apart. Our eyes wide open staring into one another. His lips moved closer to my quivering mouth. A spark of passion jumped between us as we made contact. A soft tender kiss lips barely parted, only the tips of our tongues touching.

“Hmmmmm…” I moaned during the first moments of a beautiful kiss.

His arms tightened around me and his kiss grew in its intensity. I parted my lips offering his probing tongue more of my moist oral cavity. His hands slid up my back and into my hair guiding my head from side to side as we kissed.

“You smell incredible Gen,” He said as he kissed along my jawline toward my sensitive ear and neck.

I’m wearing the same perfume I wore yesterday,” I remarked as his kisses approached my soft delicate neck.
“I’ve come to let you transfer some of your sweet aroma to me, I want to enjoy you all day long,” Bill said.

Leaning back, I unbuttoned my blazer and the top two buttons of my silk blouse. His eyes moved to my exposed flesh as I spread my blouse open at the top and tilted my head offering him the full length of my neck to his incredible lips.

My nipples hardened instantly as his lips softly kissed along the length of my neck. He turned his cheek to transfer the scent of my perfume from there to himself.

Leaning back my incredible lover inhaled deeply drawing the smell into his nostrils. “I’m set for the day Gen,” he said.

Sliding my hands down his white dress shirt to his crotch I found his hardening cock. “God Bill, I want you!” I exclaimed.

He smiled as I stepped back and started unbuttoning the third button exposing the sexy white lace across the top of my bra.

I wanted his cock inside me. I wanted to feel his pulsing length deep inside my wet pussy. I was reaching for the fourth button when a knock at my door froze my fingers.

“Fuck,” Bill whispered.

“Who is it?” I said in a loud voice moving my hands to close my blouse again.

“Ms. Walker, it’s Melissa Harding. Can I speak with you?” Our intruder said.

“Yes, just a minute,” I replied.

I motioned for Bill to stand behind the door as I turned the deadbolt and opened the door. Rather than let Miss Harding in I stepped out into the classroom and closed the door behind me, buttoning my blazer closed as I did.

Miss Harding had a question about scheduling and when assignments were due, and I quickly answered her questions and dispatched her.

Opening the door, I found Bill standing by my desk. “It’s good I locked the door,” he said.

“Yes, it is Bill,” I said knowing the moment was ruined.

“Well I really only came by to say good morning and rub your perfume on me,” Bill said.

I smiled knowing my desire to have his cock buried deep inside me again would have to wait.

“I did promise you that,” I said.

“I have a class in half an hour, it would have had to be a quickie anyway,” he remarked smiling widely at me.

“No quickies for us love,” I said. “Unless one of us is on our knees,” I added with a wide smile and a quick wink of my eye.

“How was your evening?” Bill asked.

I said, “I did laundry, we went through a whole closet full of towels.”

Bill smiled and asked, “But did you sleep well?”

“Not near as soundly as I did Saturday night, but I did sleep through the night,” I replied.

“Will you be home tonight Gen?” Bill asked.

“Sure, do you want to stop by?” I suggested.

“I don’t think tonight is gonna work Gen, but I thought maybe I could call you later,” Bill said.

“That sounds like fun call me when it’s safe and we’ll chat,” I said.

“Okay, it might be as late as ten,” he replied.

“That’s fine, I’ll be waiting for your call,” I said.

“Okay Gen, well I should be getting to my class,” Bill said.

I gave him a quick kiss good-bye and he headed to his own classroom. I spent the rest of the morning marking papers. Steve’s paper was horrible, he has absolutely no sense of how to put his thoughts on paper. I gave him a “D” since he at least turned something in on time.

My afternoon class went by uneventfully, and I gathered up my papers and headed for my flat at about 4:30 PM.

Bill’s car was already gone. I couldn’t wait to talk to illegal bahis siteleri him later that night wondering if he’d be interested in some phone sex.

Arriving at my flat I went through my usual evening alone routine. I finished marking my papers from earlier and reviewed my lesson plans for tomorrow’s classes. Around eight-thirty I changed into a comfortable nightgown and settled in with a good novel to wait for Bill to call.

About 11:15 I awoke with the startling realization that my phone had been ringing. I’d fallen asleep while reading and didn’t hear the phone. My machine had answered it and by the time I got to the phone, the caller had just finished leaving a message.

Pushing play, I listened to the message. “Hi, Gen, it’s me, sorry I didn’t call earlier Tess was up late and wouldn’t leave me alone. I’ll try and stop by your office tomorrow or if you get a chance you could come by mine. My first class ends at 9:45 hope we can talk then. Sorry about calling so late.”

I felt a little lonely knowing I’d at least missed my chance to tell Bill to sleep well. I’d have to get used to our plans being controlled by his wife’s actions. I’d have to make sure and let him know that he should never worry that I’d be upset if he couldn’t do something because of her.

Going back to bed I dozed off rather quickly and slept soundly through the night.

My Tuesday schedule didn’t coincide very well with my lover’s. He had an early morning class, and my first class wasn’t until eleven. By the time I got to the department his car wasn’t in the lot. I assumed he had already left after his first class. I thought of calling him on his cell but hesitated not knowing if his wife ever saw the bill. We had a lot to learn about staying in touch between those times he and I could be together alone.

Late Tuesday afternoon I walked by his office. The door was ajar so I knocked softly on the door. His voice responded from the inside, “Come in.”

I was going to tease him a little, but as soon as I walked inside that plan changed. Tess was sitting in the chair directly in front of his desk. Bill looked at me and said rather coolly, “Hi Ms. Walker. Come in please.”

I smiled and stepped inside leaving the door open.

“I think you’ve met my wife before. Tess, you remember Genevieve Walker, don’t you? I introduced you to her at the department holiday party,” Bill quickly said.

“Yes, I recall, how are you, Genevieve?” Tess asked.

“I’m doing well thank you,” I said thinking I made the right choice that morning wearing something a little toned down. Tess didn’t have to see me in my new more attractive wardrobe. The less she thought about me the better I liked it.

Bill said, “What can I do for you, Genevieve?”

He inadvertently had left it to me to quickly figure out a reason for my visit. I stammered for a moment and then said, “I wanted to talk to you about a student request I got for a transfer from my class to yours.” Thinking of a business reason for my visit to his private office.

Bill instantly picked up on my idea and said, “Oh yes, I got a copy of that I forget her name.”

“Kellerman,” I said grabbing the first student name that came to mind. “She has a conflict with her work schedule and my class schedule I thought she talked to you about transferring.”

Bill replied, “I got an email on it, but haven’t gotten a reply to mine asking her to let me know when she could meet with me.”

“Oh okay, I’ll say something to her she’s supposed to be in my Thursday afternoon class,” I replied.

“Good, I’ll look for something from her Friday then,” Bill said.

I smiled at him and Tess and said, “It’s nice seeing you again Tess.”

She stood up and offered me her handshake as she said, “Nice seeing you also Genevieve.”

When she stood up, I looked her over quickly. She wore a skirt that went almost to her ankles, flat shoes and a rather baggy sweater. Her outfit did little to hide her rather pear-shaped figure. The sweater offered no clue as to the size or shape of her tits. Her hair had a tint of gray and was cut in a style that appeared to be more for convenience of care than to look sexy. In fact, if I had to pick her most sexy feature, I’d have a hard time doing so.

I shook her hand and said, “Sorry for the interruption.”

“No problem Genevieve,” she replied.

As I turned to leave, I said, “Thanks, Bill.”

I let out a huge sigh of relief after closing his office door. Being in her company made me feel very uncomfortable. She was friendly enough but it just felt so strange being in the room with her and her husband. I couldn’t wait to get out of there.

I didn’t hear from Bill Tuesday night either I was a little disappointed by that fact too. I had hoped he would call me after she had gone off to bed. And Wednesday didn’t hold much hope of he and I being able to see each other since it is my busiest day of the week.
I went to bed Tuesday night feeling lonely and somewhat depressed not to mention very horny. As I lay in bed waiting for sleep to come, I recalled the incredible excitement I’d felt when Bill and I made love over the weekend. The wonderful feeling of having him embedded inside me, how his cock filled my pussy and instantly started making my whole body tingle.

My fingers slid between my thighs I slowly began massaging my clit needing some kind of sexual release before I slept. As I masturbated, I visualized Bills strong body hovering above me, my thighs spread wide open to his incredible thrusts. His hairy chest pressing into my heaving breasts, and his soft lips and probing tongue pleasing my mouth. My fingers moved faster and faster over my hard clit quickly bringing on an orgasm of sexual release.

As quickly as I’d made myself cum, my orgasm subsided. Hardly the kind of intense orgasm my discreet lover had bestowed on me the weekend before, but sexual release nonetheless.

I closed my eyes and tried to fall asleep. But sleep didn’t come easily that night. I wasn’t sure why but my mind kept going back to my uncomfortable meeting with Bill and his wife earlier that day. I began visualizing them having sex, a rather strange fantasy of my lover fucking his wife. What made this fantasy even more uncomfortable was the fact that she came out of her sexual shell and gave him oral sex, licking his cock and sucking on the bulging head. I imagined her stroking his hard cock and pleading with him to fuck her hard from behind. In my mind, I watched as she knelt on the edge of their bed with her wide ass spread open for him to fuck her doggie. I could almost see his cock penetrating her pussy slamming into her in a frenzy of lust. She lowering her shoulders to the bed and pushing her ass back into him with each thrust inside. Incredibly when he came, she begged him to shoot his seed on her ass, and when he did, she smeared it about and brought her cum coated fingers to her mouth to taste his cum. His wide-eyed unbelieving stare as his wife finally after so many years of straight missionary fucking wanted something different, wanted something the least little bit kinky.

As I rolled over on my side and closed my eyes trying to bring on sleep the fear that this fantasy could come true frightened me. The fear that I’d have to compete with this woman for Bill’s affections when she’d have the upper hand of being with him more scared me. I would have to find a way to gain an advantage over her and find it quickly.

I awoke Wednesday with the same idea in mind. I needed to gain an advantage over Tess for my lover’s attention. Excitement would be my trump card, in my mind if I kept Bill constantly excited about being with me, I’d have my advantage over Tess.

I wore my gray pin-striped suit without a blouse and seamed stockings to work that day, a black lace bra and only a garter belt leaving easy access to my pussy. Even though I was going to teach English Lit, my ultimate goal for the day was to seduce my lover, to give him a mid-week fuck that would have him fantasizing about me instead of his wife.

My first class was at nine, but I left a little after eight so I’d have time to stop by his office. As I pulled into the lot, I saw Bill’s car already there and was able to park beside his sedan. I stopped by my office and dropped off my briefcase before making my way to his classroom. The lights in the classroom were off, but his office lights were on I knocked on the door.

“Come in,” he said.

I opened the door and stepped inside feeling a little relief that he was alone.

“Wow, Gen, you look incredible,” he said.

“Morning baby,” I replied smiling at his compliment.

“Good morning to you too,” he answered.

I made my way across his office and stood in front of his desk. His eyes concentrating on me as I moved seductively across the room.

“What brings you here so early?” he asked.

I smiled as seductively a smile as I could before I replied, “Well, I wanted to stop by to remind you of something.”

Bill’s expression changed a bit, I assumed because he had a feeling, he’d forgotten something.

“What was that?” he whispered tentatively.

I slowly unbuttoned my pinstriped suit coat exposing the creamy flesh above the black lace bra beneath. As I unbuttoned the last one, I held the jacket open and said, “I wanted to remind you that these are your tits,” sliding my long fingers up over the lace and pressing them together. “This is your hot cleavage to fuck anytime you want Bill.”

Bill smiled widely at me as I reminded him, I was his mistress.

I slowly sat down in the same chair his wife had occupied the day before then crossed my legs seductively keeping my knees together.

“These are your sexy legs Bill, yours to open wide and move between, yours to touch, caress, lick and kiss anytime you want,” I said.

His smile somehow widened. “You’re turning me on, Gen.”

Finally, I slowly uncrossed my legs and flashed my naked cleanly shaven pussy at him much like Sharon Stone flashed Michael Douglass in the movie Basic Instinct.
“This is your pussy, moist, warm, tight, and ready for your big beautiful cock anytime you want it,” I said.

I watched Bills eyes exploring my naked flesh, his smile turned into a wicked grin.

“Ms. Walker, are you trying to seduce me?” he asked.

I giggled and said, “Why no Mr. Franklin, I was just reminding you that you can have me anytime you want.”

I slowly stood and closed the buttons of my jacket.

I turned around facing away from my discreet lover, looking back over my shoulder as I bent slightly at the waist and slowly slid my hands to lift my skirt.

“One more thing,” I said as my milky white ass was exposed to him.

“This ass, this sweet, tight ass. It’s yours to fuck anytime you want,” I added slipping a finger between my thighs and running it around my sphincter.

“Oh my god!” Bill exclaimed.

I straightened up and smoothed my skirt along my long shapely legs.

Walking seductively toward the door I said, “I have two hours free from eleven to one today, just in case you want to have any of me.”

My hand reached for the doorknob as Bill said, “I’m there, I want all of you!”

A second later I was in the hall, smiling ear to ear with the knowledge that my discreet lover would be at my office door promptly at eleven.

It was eight-thirty when I walked into my office. The next two and a half hours went by incredibly slow, almost as if time had been reduced to slow motion. The anticipation of what I hoped would happen between eleven and one built with each utterly slow minute. My 9 AM class dragged on forever, I constantly looked at the clock like a junior high school student waiting for the final dismissal bell to ring before summer vacation. The only difference being that my vacation would be two hours of ecstasy with my new lover. I hoped time would move just as slowly after he closed and locked my office door.

Mercifully the clock finally reached 10:45. My morning class had been dismissed without any of the students staying after to discuss their assignment for the day. I walked into my office and sat down at my desk to await his arrival. To assure that Bill and I wouldn’t be interrupted I wrote a note that said, “I’m not in my office right now, I’ll be returning at 1:30 PM.” At five of eleven, there was a light knock on my door. I stood and carrying the note with me quickly walked to the door. I opened the door and stepped back allowing Bill to walk past me.

“Hi babe, I’m early,” he said, as I pressed the yellow post-it-note on the outside of my door and closed it behind us. Turning the deadbolt and flicking the overhead light off I turned to Bill and said, “I hope you’re as hot as I am.”

He grinned and as he began unbuttoning his shirt said, “I’ve been watching the clock constantly since you stopped by earlier.”

“Did you enjoy my little show?” I asked.

“Oh yea, I enjoyed it immensely!” Bill replied as his shirt slid off his shoulders exposing his hairy chest.

I started unbuttoning my jacket again but this time even slower than before. His eyes were glued to me taking in every square inch of creamy white flesh as I stripped for him.

Bill undid his slacks and slid them down his legs. Stepping out of them he turned the chair in front of my desk toward me and sat down to watch his mistress do a sexy striptease.

I took a step or two to my right so I was standing between him and the sofa across my office from the desk. I left my suit coat hanging open exposing the sexy black lace bra that held my tits. Leaning forward slightly I moved my arms in to press my tits together again showing him the succulent cleavage between.

“Do you want to fuck me here?” I asked running a fingertip along the uppermost part of cleavage.

“Hmmmmm,” Bill replied.

I left my jacket on and slowly started to move my hips seductively for my man. His eyes stared intensely at me as I moved closer and closer to him.

“You are so sexy,” he whispered.

I let my jacket slip off my shoulders catching it with one hand and tossing it behind me on the sofa. My hips gyrated sensually as I turned my back to him, my long hair hanging down to the waistband of my skirt.

Reaching behind me my delicate fingertips undid the clasp of my skirt and slowly lowered the zipper. I slid my fingers to the waistband and began sliding my skirt down over my sexy ass. I knew Bill’s eyes were glued to the straight seams of my stockings and the milky white flesh I was exposing to him as I stripped the skirt off my hips.

It fell in a heap around my heels. He gasped at the vision of sensuality before him.

“So sexy!” Bill whispered.

My long fingers slid to my ass as I bent slightly at the waist.

“Do you want to fuck me here?” I asked.

“Oh god Gen, I want to fuck you everywhere,” he exclaimed.

I stepped out of the heap of pinstriped fabric surrounding my heels, turned and moved toward my seated lover.

His erection pressed against the white cotton of his jockey shorts.

As I approached him, I lifted one sexy leg and placed the instep of my high heel on the armrest of his chair.

Slipping my hands to my pussy I spread the lips open for his view.

“Do you want to fuck this hot little pussy?” I asked.

“Fuck youwin güvenilir mi yes,” he instantly replied.

I smiled and moved a finger to my lips, circling my moist full mouth with that fingertip I asked my discreet lover, “Do you want to fuck my wet mouth?”

Bill just smiled and said, “I want you to fuck this hard cock with your mouth,” as he spoke, he lifted his hips and peeled his jockey shorts down his legs, exposing his totally erect cock.

Seeing his incredible cock, I dropped to my knees between his legs and slid my hands up his legs to cradle his balls in one hand while I slowly started stroking his erection with the other.

His cock pulsed in my soft hand. He kept his eyes glued to mine as I leaned forward and licked from the base of his cock up over the head, pressing my tongue against the slit where I was rewarded with a tiny droplet of pre-cum.

“Hmmmmmmm… I love the first taste of your cock,” I whispered just before I took his throbbing cock head between my lips.

Bill groaned softly as I engulfed just the head in my hot mouth. “Suck it!” He exclaimed.

I sucked softly on the head and circled the corona with my wet tongue, then opened my mouth just wide enough so my lips made contact with his corona and the sensitive frenulum, slowly moving my open mouth back and forth teasing his cock head with just the occasional soft touch of moist lips on his corona.

He moved his hands to my head, I let his cock slip from my wet mouth and looked up into his lustful stare.

“My throat?” I questioned him.

Bill said nothing, his hands spoke for him as he pulled my mouth toward his cock head. I let him press it against my closed lips before pursing them and letting him slip between.

I moaned as the wide flaring corona slipped beyond my moist lips. His hands pressed firmer against my skull. I relaxed my muscles and let him guide my mouth on a slow sensual descent over his throbbing member.

We moaned in unison as the tip made contact with the back of my throat. I filled my lungs with air and relaxed my throat muscles.

Bill said, “Yes baby swallow me, swallow all of me!”

His hands pushed me down, the wide corona slipping easily through the narrow opening to my hot fleshy throat. Deeper and deeper he forced himself into my oral pleasures. His twitching cock spread my tissue I groaned passionately as the final few inches of his cock shaft disappeared between my lips and my nose nestled into his curly pubic hair.

This was the feeling I wanted, the sensation I’ve craved since Sunday. The incredible intimate sensation of having my lover’s cock buried inside my throat, the absolutely awesome feeling of his twitching hard-on deep down my throat. Bill flexed his muscles causing his cock to twitch even stronger and I moaned each time he did so.

My body came alive. Nerve endings that lay dormant since Sunday now tingled with inexplicable intensity. His beautiful cock brought my whole being to life, and I reveled in the ecstatic pleasure of those sensations. His hands held me firmly impaled on his succulent cock. My lungs began to burn, lacking the life-giving oxygen they needed.

I lifted my head a tiny bit but my lover pressed me down fully with his strong hands, flexing his cock again. He had to know I needed to breathe, I’d been impaled on his throbbing erection for over 30 seconds, he had to let me up for life-sustaining oxygen soon I thought. But his hands held me firmly his pulsing cock embedded in my throat.

The burning in my lungs intensified, what seemed like an eternity passed as his twitching cock filled my throat. His grasp on my head lessened somewhat and I again tried to lift my head, only to have him press me fully down over his cock once again. I clawed at the soft flesh on his inner thighs, trying to send him a signal that I was nearing u*********sness. The burning in my lungs spread throughout my body as my muscles screamed to be fed the oxygen they needed so desperately. A sense of fear engulfed my being, I would suffocate with my lover’s cock buried in my throat. My last breath would be one that included the scent of his cock and loins. I’d die with his throbbing cock impaled in my throat. Just as my mind started going blank, just as my mind gave into the realization that I was suffocating on his cock I felt him slipping from my throat. His hands pulled my head up and the head of his cock mercifully slipped from between my lips.

My head flew back and life-giving oxygen rushed into my empty lungs. I gasped and sucked air into my lungs. My closed eyes welled up with tears as I finally, after what must have been nearly 90 seconds, was able to fill my lungs and feed my muscles with the oxygen his throbbing cock had denied me.

No sooner had my lungs filled with air and my heart pumped oxygen-rich blood through my arteries the intense tingling of sexual ecstasy returned to my body. Bills brutal assault on my throat had the effect of intensifying my sexual pleasure.

I gasped over and over again filling my lungs. He held my head back as I sucked gulp after gulp of oxygen in. As soon as he was sure I’d recovered enough from his brutal invasion he leaned forward and drove his tongue between my lips. Kissing me nearly as deeply as his cock had impaled me a moment earlier.

I responded by sucking hard on his tongue, pulling the tiny connective tissue on the bottom of his tongue out over his lower teeth. I released his tongue and sucked in another huge breath and instantly grasped his tongue again with my lips sucking it hard over his teeth.

He pulled his mouth from mine and pushed me back on my haunches. Looking sternly into my moist eyes my incredible lover demanded, “On your feet slut.”

His words excited me instantly, I realized he’d chosen this moment to take me brutally, to use my body as I’d promised in any way he desired.

I rose instantly as Bill demanded. Standing in between his thighs I looked down at his cock. The arteries stood out hard against the glistening flesh along the shaft. The blood red head pulsed from the flare of his corona to the very tip. His hand moved to grasp the shaft near the base.

Bill looked up at me and commanded his concubine, “Turn around bitch, and sit on my cock!”

I obeyed my incredible lover instantly. My soaking wet pussy begging to be impaled as deeply as my throat had been a moment before.

As I lowered my pussy toward his huge cock I squealed, take me, Bill, fuck my hot, wet cunt deep and hard!”

His hand guided the head to the swollen lips and searing heat of my pussy. As it touched the tingling flesh I moaned, “Oh god YES! Billllllllllll…..” I screamed as his invader spread me open.

His hands grasped my hips and he forced me down on his throbbing cock. The head slammed into my cervix with more force than I had ever felt before. Spearing me on his hot throbbing cock meat. Just as he’d done with my throat, his strong hands held me in place. He flexed his muscles causing the head to rub against my cervix and the corona to slam into my g-spot.

I rocked my pelvis forward massaging my swollen clit against his balls. I continued gasping for air, but these gasps were not to suck in life-giving oxygen, these gasps were a result of the incredible sensation, the absolutely spectacular ecstasy of riding his beautiful cock.

Bill no longer had to hold my hips firmly in place, unlike his oral assault, my pussy needed no oxygen to survive his brutal attack. I was more than happy to ride his cock as he flexed his muscles massaging me deeply with the bulging head of his rock-hard cock.

His hands were free and he slid them up to grope my heaving lace covered tits, his fingers skillfully pinching the erect nubs of my nipples through the fabric. I leaned back slightly giving him easier access to my tits and moaned deeply as his hands moved roughly over the tingling flesh.

“Yes baby, handle them like that,” I begged.

He squeezed hard on the heaving orbs and pinched even harder at my taut nipples still somewhat protected by the fabric of my lacey bra.

Bill moved his hands behind me, but rather then unclasping the bra he simple grasped the fabric in his strong hands and shredded yet another piece of my collection of sexy lingerie.

I reached up and pulled the torn bra from my tits discarding it across the room like the piece of trash my lover had turned it into.

His hands returned to my now naked tits. Groping them, pinching the flesh, pulling the erect nipples.

I squealed in absolute pleasure as he assaulted the twin orbs of pleasure. My hips ground against his cock, he continued flexing his muscles for an eternity.

Then without warning his hands slid to my ass, with one mighty shove he pushed me forward and off his huge cock. I lost my balance being thrown from his lap so quickly and almost fell to the floor. As I straightened up Bill was already standing. He pointed to the chair and said, “On your knees slut!”

I followed his command instantly spreading my knees until they pressed against the arms of the chair allowing Bill access to my throbbing pussy from behind. His hands came to rest on my hips. My gapping fuck hole open and throbbing to be impaled once again by his incredible cock, his hands clamped onto my hips and he speared me with it. In an incredible instant, I’d gone from craving his cock to fill me again to a quivering dripping wet searing hot cock sheave. There was no feeling of him sliding into me, no spreading of my fuck flesh as he moved inside. I went from being empty of all things pleasurable to being stuffed with his throbbing pulsing incredible cock meat.

His brutal assault now controlled by the tempo of his hips as he fucked me harder, faster and deeper than I’d ever been fucked before. My loins were consumed by his brutality, there was no slow tingling, no swirling waves of ecstasy, no incredible building toward my orgasm.

This climax captured me, rose up in a searing instant a brilliant blinding flash of orgasmic intensity.

“OH GOD BABY!” I screamed.

“I’M CUMINGGGGGGG!” I squealed.

Bill already knew I was cumming, his beautiful cock had already been drowned in a torrent of fluids, sloshing from inside my twitching pussy and splashing out around his invading cock, dripping from his scrotum to the carpet below.

He kept up the incredible tempo of his hips driving his cock into me with blinding speed.

His hands slid up my back to gather hands full of my long hair, like reigns he pulled back on my hair pulling my head back and stretching the muscles along the front of my neck. I squealed as he drove his cock into my cervix just as it exploded in an eruption of hot thick sticky sperm. His climax like mine came on quicker than he could have imagined. His cock pumped my aching pussy full of rich warm cum, flooding me with its mass. His deep guttural groan resounded through my ears.

I could do little but hold on for dear life as he slammed into me draining his balls of every drop of cum, they held, emptying themselves completely into my twitching pussy.

We remained coupled together like two wild a****ls until our mutual orgasm began to subside. Bill leaned down his sweat-drenched forehead dripping onto my back and ass mixing on my own sweat coated flesh.

I rested my head on the back of the chair, unable to move a muscle, unable to speak, able only to bask in the incredible glory of our sex.

Bill finally slipped from inside me, his cock flopping down against his thigh. Our combined fuck juices oozed from my cunt and dripped to the floor below. He stumbled weakly backward and collapsed on the sofa.

I turned and sat down on the chair, and captured some of the fuck juices oozing from me on my fingers. Raising them above my open mouth I let my incredible lover watch as the fluids dripped into my wanting mouth, coating my tongue with the taste of our lovemaking.

He smiled weakly at me exhausted by the intense fuck we’d just shared.

“Absolutely fucking incredible Gen,” he whispered.

“Incredible doesn’t even come close,” I replied. “Thank you so much, I really need a good hard fuck, I was so horny,” I added.

I joined him on the sofa, picking up my shredded lace bra as I crossed the room, letting it dangle from my finger as I held it out to Bill.

“If you keep this up, I’ll have no lingerie left,” I said grinning at him.

“Sorry about that, I guess that’s a result of many years of being told to be careful with nightgowns.” He remarked.

Sitting next to and turning slightly toward him I asked, “So Tess wears sexy lingerie for you?”

“If you call flannel kimonos sexy, I suppose the answer would be yes Gen,” Bill replied.

I giggled at the thought of Tess in a flannel kimono.

“I really am sorry Gen I loved that lacy bra too,” Bill said.

“Babe I can have an exact replacement tonight if I need to. It excites me when you lose control enough to tear away at my lingerie that way. Let’s me know how much you want to touch my naked flesh,” I replied.

Bill looked at his watch and said, “Geez babe, its 12:35 already. Time really goes fast when we’re together.”

“I know what you mean, time goes so slow when I’m waiting for you and then switches to warp speed when I’m in your arms,” I said.

“Guess I should get dressed,” he said.

I kissed him lightly on the lips and said, “Thank you, that’s just what the doctor ordered for today.”

“Yes, I needed to be with you too and by the way, I’m certain our lovemaking will never get mundane or boring either. I got even more excited about making love with you today then I did last weekend,” Bill said.

“That makes me very happy I know you’ll never bore me babe,” I said.

“Hey will you be on your computer tonight?” I asked.

“If I am, it’ll be late, I have to go to a banquet with Tess tonight.” He said.

“I really want to get a messenger service set up so we can chat late nights,” I said.

“I have yahoo messenger I’m “novelist47” on there,” Bill said.

“I had AOL at one time, but I don’t think that works on my old PC any longer,” I said.

“Maybe I’ll try downloading yahoo tonight and see if I can find you,” I added.

Bill smiled and offered, “Good, then we can have cybersex too.”

“Ooooooooh! I’d love that,” I replied.

Bill was nearly dressed as I slipped my jacket over my naked tits.

“Hmmmmm… the satin lining feels so sexy against my naked tits. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to enjoy this sensation all afternoon,” I said teasing Bill again about ripping my bra off.

“No Problem-o Baby,” Bill replied.

He gave me a hug and kiss and caressed my tits through the jacket just before he left. I straighten out my skirt and stockings and hoped that my hard nipples wouldn’t show through the jacket that afternoon.

My afternoon class went by rather quickly and by 3 PM I was all but finished for the day.

I decided to leave my office early that day. Since Bill would be busy attending the dinner with Tess, I knew I’d have the entire evening alone. Besides the sex, that afternoon with my discreet lover had left me wet and sticky and I needed a shower. As I flipped through my mail an odd envelope caught my attention. It was hand-printed with my name youwin giriş and address but there was no return address on the envelope. I tore the envelope open and unfolded the single sheet of paper inside. Five crisp one-hundred-dollar bills were hidden in the fold.

I held the bills in one hand and read the letter they came with.

It read:
“My dear Genevieve; I am writing to you from my office at home late Monday night. Tess has gone off to bed hours ago and I’m wishing I had you to hold in my arms. Yesterday we shared the most incredible sex of my life. Your warmth and passion are unmatched baby. Had I been given the chance to script the hours we spent together I wouldn’t have changed a single word or action. Making love with you couldn’t be more perfect. The way you respond to my touch amazes me. No woman has ever responded the way you do. And to be totally honest, no woman has ever caused the kind of response that you elicited from me. Your unbridled passion, the unbelievable sensuality you possess, the incredible uninhibited approach you take to sex truly amazes me. I truly believe you and I could be discreet lovers’ forever.

I apologize for ruining your chemise yesterday I was caught up in the passion of the moment. I had wished that we could shop for a replacement together, but lingerie shopping in the area isn’t something we’ll be able to do discreetly. Someday perhaps we could go shopping in a distant city together that’s a someday I’ll fantasize about. I’ve enclosed some cash for you to use to replace your chemise, and perhaps add some items to your wardrobe. I trust you will shop with my taste in mind baby.

Until I’m able to take you in my arms again and feel the warmth and passion of your soul I remain yours…..Love Bill :-}

I felt so good inside, my discreet lover, my sexy Bill had taken the time to sit down and write me a love letter. I’d never received one before and my heart filled with joy as I read it a second time. He is truly a wonderful man, not only an incredible lover.

With the awesome warmth his letter had provided me still glowing strong in my heart I decided to quickly shower and head to the mall to shop for a replacement chemise a new black lace bra, and whatever other sexy things I could buy that I knew he would love.

Of course, my lingerie shop of choice is Elegant Touch where I hoped I would be able to talk with Marsha about a ménage à trios with Bill and me.

I rounded the corner and walked into Elegant Touch. I didn’t spot Marsha anywhere on the sales floor. As I walked past the check out counter a young girl asked, “Can I help you, Miss?”

“Actually, I was looking for Marsha, is she working tonight?” I asked.

“Yes, but she’s out for dinner right now.” The girl replied.

Perfect I thought, if this sales clerk would tell me where Marsha was, I could talk privately with her about my plans and then come back here to shop for some new lingerie.

“I don’t suppose you know where Marsha went do you?” I asked her, expecting that she wouldn’t tell me even if she did know.

“She mentioned she felt like a salad I believe. She most likely went to Pasta Bella for a Caesar salad.” The young girl said.

“Is she working till closing tonight?” I inquired.

“Yes, she is.” The clerk said.

I turned and left heading for Pasta Bella, which was at the other end of the mall. I kept an eye open for Marsha just in case she’d already finished and was walking back. As I entered the restaurant, I spotted Marsha sitting at the far end of the bar. She wasn’t eating in fact it appeared she was nearly finished with a glass of wine.

As I approached her, I said, “Hi Marsha your sales clerk said I might find you here.”

She was already smiling at me when she replied, “Genevieve how are you?”

“I’m doing great Marsha, in fact, I stopped by to do a little shopping in your lingerie department tonight,” I said.

“Have a seat Gen, let’s have a drink and we can talk. I’m not due back to the store for another 45 minutes,” Marsha said.

I ordered a white wine spritzer and slid onto the stool beside Marsha.

“So how have you been?” I asked.

“Well baby, let’s see since we were together my husband was diagnosed with cancer, and Peter dumped me to try and patch things up with his wife. So, I haven’t been all that good Gen,” Marsha said.

My drink arrived as Marsha asked, “How about you sweetie anything new and exciting in your life?”

“Well Marsha since we got together, I’ve done some pretty kinky things, but this past weekend I believe it or not committed to having an affair with a married man,” I said.

You’re k**ding Gen, how strange is that I get dumped and you hook up with a married guy,” she said.

“But what about your husband Marsha, is his cancer treatable?” I asked.

“We did catch it early so the doctors are telling us he should be okay,” She replied.

I put my hand on her arm and said, “Marsha I’m so glad to hear that.”

Marsha finished her wine and ordered another.

“So, Gen, tell me about your lover,” she asked.

I began, “Let’s see, he’s a few years older than me and works in the English department at Regis. He’s been married for 24 years and endured 24 years of boring sex. He’s very handsome and extremely sexy. He loves lingerie, oral anal and straight sex he’s not bi-sexual. He told me he could never leave his wife, but that she travels out of town on business a lot.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, Gen don’t they all, tell me about his cock!” She said.

I giggled and just said, “Absolutely incredible.”

“Incredible! Wow, he must be something,” Marsha said.

“Well let me put it this way, we fit perfectly,” I remarked.

“How long did you know him before you and he got together?” Marsha asked.

“Actually, over three years, but he never showed any interest until I changed, and started shopping in stores like yours,” I said.

Marsha laughed and said, “So didn’t I tell ya that there’s more than one way into a man’s heart. It’s not always through his stomach.”

I wanted to find a way to bring up the possibility of a ménage à trios to her so I started talking about some of Bill’s other fantasies.

“Sex with him is very exciting the first night we fucked, we got into a master-slave role-play that was so hot. And over the weekend his wife was out of town so he stayed at my place, well we made love in every possible way. Marsha, he actually had me begging him to stop eating my pussy,” I said.

“So, he gives great head Gen,” Marsha said.

“Believe me great is putting it mildly,” I exclaimed.

Marsha grinned devilishly and said, “Maybe I’ll steal him from you Gen.”

I smiled and suggested, “Maybe I’ll share him with you.”

“Are you talking about a ménage à trios’ Gen?” She asked.

“It’s one of his biggest fantasies and I’m sure he’d love your sexy body,” I replied.

“Really Gen? Well you can count me in!” Marsha exclaimed.

“Great hun, but it might be on pretty short notice,” I warned. “His wife goes out of town a lot, but he doesn’t always know until the day before.”

“That’s no problem since my husband got sick, he has pretty much given me permission to have sex when and with whoever I want, not like I didn’t do that before he got sick.” Marsha giggled.

“Wow I can hardly wait to tell Bill that one of his biggest fantasies is going to come true,” I said.

Marsha suggested, “Let’s surprise him don’t tell him about me just yet. You call me the next time he can get away for an overnight stay and I’ll get to your place before him and we can spring our little ménage a trios on him. It’ll be more exciting for him I’m sure and then we can fuck and suck him all night long.”

“That’s a great idea,” I said.

“As a matter of fact, Gen, we just got a new line of sexy costumes in at Elegant Touch. There’s a very hot little French maid outfit you and I could wear for him. It’s so sexy, Marsha said.

“Actually hun, I was going to do a little shopping at your store tonight. Bill gave me 5 crisp “C” notes to shop with,” I said.

“You are k**ding,” She said. “Hell, I was fucking Peter for over a year and he never gave me a dime,” Marsha added.

“Speaking of Peter, I wanted to tell you that his little golden shower thing was something I didn’t know about I was as surprised as you were when he started that,” she admitted.

“No problem hun, I survived it,” I said.

Marsha finished her drink and suggested we head back to her shop to look at the French maid outfits she got in. I was more than happy to do that, wanting to get our plan for Bill in the works before Marsha had second thoughts.

As we walked down the mall Marsha would occasionally touch me, her soft fingers barely touching my shoulder or my arm. I enjoyed her touch and wondered if she might be open to coming by my place after she got off for a few drinks. After all, I enjoyed our bi-sexual encounter as much as all the other encounters I’d had and it wouldn’t be like I was giving my self to some man.

I was happy to find that the owners of Elegant Touch had more than tripled the size of their lingerie department since I last shopped there. No doubt Marsha’s influence and her ability to match a woman up with the perfect seduction outfit for their man.

While Marsha was dealing with several questions her clerk had when we got back, I took a look at some of their new offerings. They’d added some very sexy things to the lingerie department and I picked several I wanted to try on.

One item I fell in love with was a teal colored lace teddy with a halter-top and snapped crotch. The body of the teddy was cut very high on the hips and it had a deep plunging neckline in front, which would expose every inch of cleavage. I envisioned wearing this with my almost perfect color matching pajama pants to lounge around in, but when I slipped off the pants the high cut on the hips would make my legs look much longer.

I re-stocked my stocking collection and bought two black lace bras and a white one for good measure and variety. As I picked out the stockings Marsha joined me. She handed me a pair of black fishnet stockings and said, “You’ll need these to go with your French maid outfit Gen.”

“Okay Marsha, show me this maid outfit,” I said.

Marsha pulled one off the rack. She smiled and said, “The idea with this outfit Gen is to buy it a little small. That way it’s tight enough to let you ooze out some at the bust line and it fits nice and snug down to the waist where the flared skirt and white lace petty-coat accentuate your hips. The fishnet stockings look incredible with either a black lace garter belt or with just the thigh garter with the white lace bow. The whole package is very seductive indeed.”

“I can’t wait to try it on Marsha,” I said.

Marsha handed the garment to me and we headed for the dressing room. I quickly stripped out of my clothes standing before her naked except for my stockings and heels.

“You do have one incredible body Gen!” Marsha remarked.

“Thanks, I think the same about you,” I said.

I stepped into the maid costume and wiggled it up over my hips.

“Turn around and I’ll zip you up Gen,” Marsha offered.

Marsha pulled the zipper tab up and the satiny fabric tightened up around my torso first and then around my tits.

“It sure is tight enough,” I said. I was standing facing the dressing room mirror the maid outfit certainly was very sexy. The satin shoulder straps were set wide apart almost at the tip of my shoulder. They connected to the bust line nearly in the armpit. Across the bust line, there were three rows of white lace, which accentuated my tits. Because it fit so snuggly my tits were pushed together and up giving me a very full bust and deep cleavage. It had stays running down toward the waistline, which served to hold my torso tightly. The bottom lacy strip across my tits ended at a white crisscross pattern of material that extended down and under a tiny white silk apron. The black satin skirt was so short the top of my stockings was completely visible, the white layered lacy fringe at the bottom of the skirt set off the black tops of my stockings perfectly.

Marsha reached around my neck and smoothed out a black satin choker snapping it behind my neck and she finished off the outfit with separate white satin sleeves that were held to my upper arm with a thin strip of elastic and trimmed at the bottom with a tiny black ribbon and bow that circled the sleeve.

“Wow, Marsha this is so cute!” I said. She leaned close to me and whispered, “It’s cute enough but doesn’t it scream fuck my tits.”

I had to admit my tits were oozing from the bust line, deep sensuous cleavage that begged to have a hard cock sliding through.

“It comes with the tiniest black lace thong I’ve ever seen, and one black lace thigh garter with a cute little white satin bow,” Marsha remarked.

“And it’s only $79.99,” She added.

“Bill has a slight fetish for tearing lingerie off my body Marsha. At eighty bucks I’ll have to keep him from tearing this little number off me,” I said giggling.

“So, you like it, Gen?” Marsha asked.

“Like it, I love it,” I said adding, “And I’ll take it too.”

“I was hoping you’d say that Gen. We are going to look so hot in matching outfits when your man gets his surprise ménage a trios’,” Marsha said.

“I bet your tits look incredible in this,” I said.

“Oh yeah, they look really great, and when I walk my titties jiggle very seductively,” Marsha said.

“He’s going to be so surprised I can’t wait to see the look on his face when he sees you in this outfit,” I remarked.

“We’ll have to get matching French manicures and I think really red lipstick would be perfect,” Marsha suggested. “That way the only difference between us will be your long black hair, and my shorter blonde hair.”

“Bill is going to be so turned on by this,” I said.

Marsha added, “My stylist wants to experiment with a Marilyn Monroe hairstyle for me. I think that would just about do it for his surprise.”

“Hmmm… I wonder how my hair would look in tight curls,” I asked.

“Well, you’ll have time to experiment with that Gen I’m sure he’d love it. All men love when a woman changes up their look just a little for them,” Marsha said.

As I started removing the maid outfit, I asked Marsha, “You know Bill loves role-play I was thinking of buying something bridal looking so we could do a groom and blushing bride play sometime soon.”

“Oh my god, wait right here Gen,” She said.

Marsha hurried off while I slipped out of my new maid outfit. I was hanging it carefully on the hanger when she returned with a pearly white silk gown. Holding it up by the spaghetti thin shoulder straps she said, “This is so sensual to wear and touch you have to try this on.”

I slipped it over my head and the gown glided down over my body. It fit perfectly as I turned to look at it from every possible angle in the small dressing room mirror. The gown, full-length was embellished with pure white lace appliqués and a touch of glimmering sequins. From the back, the thin shoulder straps crossed in the middle and just below my ass the back was finished with a sheer lace cascading three-tier train. I looked absolutely incredible in it.

“Finish this off with a pair of open-back feather-trimmed sandals and your lover will melt in your hands,” Marsha said.

“I’ll take it, Marsha!” I said knowing Bill would love it more than I.

“Wonderful Gen your man is in for some real treats in the coming weeks I’m sure,” Marsha said.

I couldn’t agree more….

To Be Continued….

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