Title: Uni with Sandra, part 7

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Title: Uni with Sandra, part 7
My name is Danni, I’m 27. This is the seventh story based on my diaries and memories from when I was a teenager.

Sandra and I shared a house with another two girls in our first year at university. My earlier stories were about my introduction to girl on girl sex with Sandra and progress to threesome sex. Later stories tell how we progressed to four-way sex sessions and also had a five-way. Our five-way happened when another of our housemates, Fiona, accidentally walked in on one of our four-way sessions and we persuaded her to join in. After that, Fi became part of our group and often joined our sex sessions.

Two days after our unplanned five-way, Fiona came to my room and wanted to talk about it. It was about 8:30 pm and she was wearing her pyjamas. She told me that she’d been having fantasies about threesomes and girl on girl sex. She told me how she’d loved having her pussy licked and how much she’d loved having one cock in her pussy and another in her mouth at the same time. She told me that Alison was out for the evening and that she was feeling really horny. She asked if I would lick her pussy for her. She said that, of course, she’d be happy to do it for me too or anything else I’d like her to do for me.

I was a bit busy but I happily put my work aside. I suggested we go and see Sandra to ask if she’d like to join us, Fi readily agreed. We went to Sandra’s room, the door was slightly ajar. We found Sandra sitting in the armchair, reading. I closed the door and told Sandra that Fiona wanted sex and asked if she would like to make it a threesome.

She smiled, said “Sure”, put her book down and stood up. She came over and put one arm around my waist and gently drew me in and kissed me softly on the lips. She kissed me twice more, tender, loving kisses, her mouth barely open. She held out her free hand to Fi who accepted the invitation and stepped in close. It’s odd to think that both Sandra and I have had our tongues in Fi’s pussy but we haven’t kissed her on the mouth! But thinking about it, Sandra and I licked each other’s pussy before kissing! Fi was a little unsure but didn’t flinch as Sandra moved in, put her hand on Fi’s hip and gave her a gentle kiss. As Sandra went to kiss her again, Fi closed her eyes and parted her lips a little. The second kiss lasted a little longer. Sandra pulled away to assess Fi’s reaction. Fi opened her eyes and licked her lips then wrapped her arms around Sandra’s neck and, with eyes shut and lips parted, kissed Sandra and held the kiss for five seconds or more.

As they separated, Fi’s hands moved to Sandra’s shoulders. “Wow!” said Fiona “I didn’t know kissing a girl would be so sexy.” I touched Fi’s shoulder and she turned to me, slipping her arms around my waist as our lips came together. It certainly is very sexy kissing a girl. We pulled apart for a moment and our eyes met. She licked her lips and kissed me again. We pulled apart again and Fi said “I am SO horny.”

Sandra stepped behind Fi, grabbed the hem of Fi’s top and pulled it up. Fi lifted her arms to allow Sandra to pull her top off over her head. She had no bra on and her breasts bounced nicely as they were freed. Sandra quickly discarded the top and wrapped her arms around Fi and took one breast in each hand.

Sandra pulled Fi close, kissing her neck while caressing, squeezing and stroking her breasts. I knelt down in front of Fiona and kissed her tummy. While Sandra caressed and squeezed Fi’s breasts, I slipped my fingers inside the waistband of her pyjamas and slowly pulled them down. She co-operated by lifting her feet one at a time so I could get them off.

I ran my hands back up the outsides of her legs until I reached her hips. She had her panties on so I began to pull them down too. She did not object and lifted her feet to allow me to get them off. Once they were off, Fi stood with her feet a little further apart. I stroked her thighs and buttocks and kissed her tummy, gradually moving down towards her vulva. Sandra continued playing with her breasts and nipples as I began to lick her pussy lips. She groaned softly and opened her legs a little more.

After a while, Sandra asked Fi to sit on the end of the bed, then got her to lie back and pull her knees up. Fi complied readily. Sandra quickly knelt on the floor in front of her and started stroking Fi’s inner thighs. After a few seconds Sandra’s fingers reached Fi’s pussy and gently pulled her outer lips open. I could see a drop of pussy juice already at her vaginal opening. Sandra dipped her tongue into Fi’s vagina and Fi gasped loudly. Sandra got to work, licking and sucking on Fi’s pussy. Fi held her legs wide open and from the noises she was making I could tell she was really loving it.

I removed my clothes and climbed up on the bed next to Fiona. I knelt by her side and bent over her to kiss, lick and suck her nipples. After a minute I moved round and knelt behind her head and resumed sucking her nipples. In this position, Fi could suck on my nipples too, which was very nice. After a couple of minutes I knelt upright then moved forward and straddled her face. Fi encouraged me to lower my pussy onto her mouth then proceeded to lick the length of my slit. I held onto Fi’s ankles to free her hands and she started caressing my bottom while I watched Sandra licking her clit.

After a few more minutes, Sandra got up and asked me to take over. I moved my knees a little so I could go down on Fi in a sixty-nine position. The scent of her pussy reached my nose and I inhaled deeply. I gazed at the pinkness inside her that contrasted with her mixed race brown skin. I wanted her and set to work licking along her slit from front to back. Fi’s pussy was wet and tasted great.

Supporting myself on my elbows, I put my hands under her thighs and slipped one finger into her vagina. I followed with another finger a few seconds later. I tried to give her the best pussy licking I could, licking her clit firmly, sucking her inner lips and clit into my mouth, licking around her vagina and pushing my tongue in.

Sandra slowly took her clothes off while watching Fi and me as we fingered, licked and sucked each other. Fi kept encouraging me, saying “Oh yeah, right there, that’s really good.” When Sandra was naked she stood in front of me gently playing with herself. After a couple of minutes she went to her bedside cupboard and when she returned she was squeezing lube onto our favourite figure ‘7’ dildo. She slid the smaller end into her own vagina and pushed it in and out a few times, then lubricated the longer end and approached the bed. I pushed myself up, supporting myself on straight arms while Fi carried on licking my vulva. Fi still had her legs up, knees apart. Sandra moved into position and rubbed the tip of the toy up and down between Fi’s pussy lips. Fi stopped licking me for a moment and looked down to see what Sandra was up to.

When Sandra knew Fi was watching, she moved forward, driving the long dildo into Fi’s wet vagina. Fi groaned loudly, “Oh, that’s good. That feels really good inside me.” Sandra started to move the dildo in and out with long slow strokes, each time it went in, Fi gave a little grunt. While Sandra fucked her, Fi got to work licking my pussy again. Sandra dipped her thumb into Fi’s pussy juice to make it nice and slippery then rubbed Fi’s clit with it. Sandra fucked Fi’s pussy for about five minutes then Fi decided she’d like to change position.

She got me to lie on my back on the bed and she got on top of me, on hands and knees, in a sixty-nine position. She then got Sandra to climb up on the bed and continue fucking her from behind. I had a really canlı bahis close up view of Fi being fucked with the dildo while she went down on me again, running her tongue firmly between my pussy lips making me tingle in the most wonderful way.

We continued like this for another five minutes, I licked her clit from time to time but mostly just watched the dildo as Sandra thrust it into her. She began to moan more and her body started to tremble. Pussy juice dripped from her vagina and I licked it up. She started to shake a little more and then cried. “I’m cumming…” After a few seconds, Sandra pulled out and juice ran from Fi’s pussy into my mouth, well some of it, I did have a lot around my lips and running down my chin and neck.

When her orgasm had subsided a little, Fi climbed off me and knelt beside me. She looked down at the pussy juice all over me. “Wow! I’m sure I don’t normally squirt that much.” I told her “I think I swallowed half of it.”

Sandra walked around the bed and climbed back on between my legs. With one hand, she slid the wet dildo up and down between my lips a few times then pushed it into my vagina, all the way in. I pulled my knees up and Sandra put one hand each side of my waist as she drove the toy into me. She kept up quite a fast pace for a couple of minutes then I could tell from her face that her orgasm was getting close. Her mouth was open and she made the usual soft grunting sounds. Then she closed her eyes as she climaxed. Her orgasm seemed to last for half a minute then finally, she pulled the dildo out of me and collapsed onto the bed.

As she rested, I got up and went to the armchair. I sat on the edge of the seat and leant back, feet on the floor, knees apart. My pussy was wet and I started masturbating. Fi got up and came over to me and put a pillow on the floor in front of me, then knelt on it and watched closely as I rubbed my clit with my two middle fingers.

After a couple of minutes she put two of her fingers in her mouth to get them wet, then slid them into my vagina, just an inch at first but soon had them going all the way in. I carried on rubbing my clit for another minute while she fingered me. Then she knelt upright and pushed her fingers into her own pussy. When she pulled her fingers out again they were covered in pussy juice. “I am so wet.” she said, then rubbed her pussy juice into my pussy, coating my clit and inner lips! She pushed her fingers into me then leaned in to stick her face in my slit. I pulled my legs up and apart and put my hands gently on her head. Her lips and tongue went to work on my clitoris while she continued to push two fingers into me.

After a couple of minutes I decided to try a different position. I asked her to return to the bed and lie on her back then I straddled her, kneeling upright, sitting on her chest, with my feet by her waist. I looked down at her face, which was wet with pussy juice, and lowered my vulva to her mouth. When she could reach me easily I started to rock gently forward and back, rubbing my wet pussy against her lips, tongue and chin. I began to press my pussy a little more firmly against her mouth and occasionally rub my clit against her nose. I tried not to let my pleasure become the only thing I thought about, I was careful to make sure she could breathe OK!

Fiona started to caress my buttocks then her hands moved to my hips and around to my tummy and up to my breasts. She continued to lick my pussy and suck on my clit while squeezing my tits and rubbing my nipples between thumb and fingers. She caressed my back, breasts, tummy and thighs, all the time pressing her tongue against my vulva while I rocked back and forth. I leaned forward to support myself on my arms which focussed Fi’s tongue onto my clit. I suddenly felt my orgasm building up. Barely able to breathe, I whispered “I’m cumming, I’m cumming…”

I continued my fore and aft movement as a powerful orgasm flooded my senses. I finally stopped and held still for a while then climbed off her and sat beside her. As I looked down at her wet face she gave me a huge smile. “Thank you.” I said, “that was wonderful.” “Yes it was.” she replied.

The following evening I went down to the kitchen to find Fiona and Sandra talking over coffee. They invited me to join them so I got a drink and sat beside Sandra. Fi said they’d been talking about our session the previous evening. Sandra said the conversation had made her horny and suggested mischievously that Fi should give her a good pussy licking. Fi said “Sure.”

We knew Alison wouldn’t be back till late again. Sandra pushed her chair back a little and turned it towards Fiona. Sandra now had her back to me, so I stood and moved round by Fi to get a better view. Sandra had pulled up her skirt, opened her legs and was caressing her mound through pale blue panties. Fi watched for a few seconds then slid down onto her knees between Sandra’s feet and sat back on her heels. Sandra pulled her pants to one side and pulled her pussy lips apart.

Fiona moved forward onto hands and knees and started licking Sandra’s clit. I watched the expressions of pure pleasure on Sandra’s face as well as Fi’s tongue and lips working hard to give Sandra the best oral sex that she could. I took my jeans off and knelt down beside Fiona with my knees parted and started touching myself.

I wanted to join in so I started caressing Fi’s bum. She didn’t complain so I lifted her skirt up around her waist and continued stroking and fondling her buttocks. Fi just carried on licking and sucking Sandra’s pussy as I slipped my hand inside her panties through the leg hole and ran the tips of my fingers between her buttocks. Fi moved her knees a little farther apart so I was able to slide my fingers down to her pussy. I eased my fingers between her outer lips and rubbed up and down on her slippery inner lips and clit.

I paused briefly to pull her panties down. She moved her knees and feet to make it easy for me to get them off completely. I slipped two fingers back into her pussy. I rubbed them up and down for a while and rubbed her clit in little circles. That made her gasp and wriggle. “That’s really nice.” she whispered, barely pausing from licking Sandra. I continued gently rubbing round and round on her clit, the juice trickled from her vagina, constantly replenishing the lubrication needed for maximum enjoyment. I then pushed two fingers slowly into her wet vagina.

After a couple of minutes of fingering, Sandra paused to get her pants off. Fi said “I’d really like a cock in me but I’ll settle for that orange dildo. I sucked her juices off my fingers and ran upstairs to get it. When I returned Sandra was still really loving the licking she was getting. I paused to quickly remove my pants then dropped to my knees behind Fiona.

A drop of pussy juice was hanging on its juicy thread a couple of centimetres below Fi’s clitoris. I caught the droplet on the tip of the short end of the dildo and returned it to her vaginal opening. I moved the tip around just inside her. She moaned and whispered “Yes please.” I slowly pushed the dildo all the way in. I held it inside her for a few seconds then pulled it almost all the way out and pushed it in again.

Fiona had stopped licking Sandra for a few seconds and now resumed. I slid the dildo out and in again a few times then pulled it all the way out. It was covered in Fi’s pussy juice, I turned it around and slid it very smoothly into my own pussy. A surge of pleasure went through me, just the thought of using Fi’s pussy juice as a lubricant was a huge turn-on. I slipped one finger into Fi’s vagina to collect some of her pussy juice and rubbed bahis siteleri the juice over the longer end of the dildo. When I’d coated the toy in her own juice I guided the tip just inside her waiting vagina. I held her hips and eased forward, driving the long toy into her, making her moan loudly. As I did so the shorter end inside me was creating a wonderful sensation. I started rocking back and forth, driving the dildo all the way into her on each forward stroke.

Once again, she found it difficult to keep her tongue in contact with Sandra’s pussy so Sandra suggested a change of position. She got Fi to lie on her back on the rug and pull her knees up. I folded up my jeans for her to use as a pillow under her head. I got back into position and put my hands between her raised thighs and onto the floor either side of her waist. Sandra removed her top and skirt then knelt on the floor and straddled Fi’s head while facing me. She spread her knees to lower her vulva onto Fi’s mouth. I had to move my knees a little to line up, then, when I had the tip of the dildo in place at her vaginal entrance, I eased forward to drive the toy into her.

Fiona groaned as I pushed it in but managed to keep her mouth on Sandra’s clit. Sandra played with Fi’s breasts. I watched the expressions of ecstasy on Sandra’s face and I watched Fiona kissing, licking and sucking Sandra’s pussy. I watched Fi’s vagina expand and a little pussy juice ooze out each time I pushed the dildo into her. At the same time, Fiona rubbed her own clit with the fingers of her right hand, nicely lubricated with her own pussy juice. With the dildo inside me and pressing against my clit each time I thrust forward, I too was in heaven.

I kept going for about five minutes, then I felt my orgasm starting to build up. The dual effect of the dildo both up inside me and pressing externally on my clitoris made me cum quite noisily. As my orgasm began to subside I found it difficult to continue and I pulled out. Sandra dropped forward onto her hands then down to her elbows. Her change of position made it a little easier for Fiona to continue licking and sucking her pussy. Sandra looked at me and said “Fuck me.” then lowered her mouth onto Fi’s pussy.

I took the dildo out of my pussy then got round behind Sandra and, for a few seconds, just watched Fiona licking her. Both ends of the dildo were still wet, I held the short end and guided the longer end into Sandra’s vagina. As Fi licked firmly between Sandra’s pussy lips, I fucked her with the toy. Sandra resumed licking and sucking Fi’s vulva. After just a couple of minutes, Fi gasped that she was cumming. Sandra tried to keep licking as Fi’s body shuddered with the waves of pure pleasure surging through her. Sandra finally came up for air and started gasping and moaning as her body shook with her own orgasm.

Sandra climbed off her and sat on the floor breathing hard, the orange dildo still inside her, her face wet with Fi’s pussy juice. Fiona lay there, breathing hard, legs splayed. There was a string of pussy juice hanging from her vagina down into a small pool on the floor.

I think we might do that again sometime soon.

Fiona was keen to have another five-way session so, four weeks after the first, she arranged to return early on a Sunday. On the day, Fi was back about midday and the boys arrived around one. We all went to the lounge as there wasn’t really enough space in any of our bedrooms. We spread sheets on the carpet and sofas trying to protect them from stains a bit! The two boys sat on the smaller sofa and we girls sat on the three-seater.

After initial chat Peter asked “Who’s going to get us started then?” Sandra said it should be one of us girls and went to a small cupboard where there were some games stored, amongst other things. She came back with one of the dice from a game and decided that a 1 or 2 would be herself, 3 or 4 would be me and 5 or 6 would be Fiona. She threw a 3.

I slid down off the sofa and knelt upright on the floor. I was wearing a knee-length skirt and a loose top. I unbuttoned the top and took it off, revealing a lack of bra. I started playing with my breasts, caressing them and squeezing my nipples. The others just watched and I started to get aroused, feeling a beautiful tingly sensation between my legs. I ran my right hand down my tummy and put my fingers between my legs, pressing on my vulva through my skirt and pants. After a minute I paused to undo my skirt and let it drop around my knees. I carried on playing with my breasts and nipples and rubbing my pussy through my pants.

Fiona was wearing a short dress over leggings and I saw her put one hand down between her legs. Under the dress, her fingers were moving up and down. I pulled my panties aside and slipped the fingers of my right hand between my outer labia, I was getting quite wet down there. I slid my fingers up and down, getting them wet and rubbing around my clit. Sandra got off the sofa and knelt at my right side. She touched my chin lightly to turn my head towards her then kissed me lightly on the lips. We kissed for a while then she pulled away and licked her fingers, coating them liberally with saliva. As she kissed me again, I felt her wet fingers on mine and sliding between my pussy lips. I continued to hold my pants away from my pussy and just let Sandra play with me.

Fiona was still touching herself. Pete went to kneel on the floor in front of her and gently pushed her knees apart. She carried on rubbing herself for another half a minute then stood up to take her leggings off. Her panties had come down a little too so Pete grabbed the waistband and pulled them down the rest of the way . Sandra pulled my pants down too, but only as far as my knees. Her left hand was stroking my bum then her fingers slipped between my legs from behind and quickly found my vagina. I tried to open my legs a little more but my pants wouldn’t allow me to move much. Sandra pushed my skirt and pants past my knees, one at a time, then pulled them off over my feet. She immediately went back to fingering me from behind while rubbing my vulva with the fingers of her right hand. I let her carry on while I played with my tits.

Fiona was once again sitting on the edge of the seat, legs open, gently rubbing her bare wet pussy. Pete was enjoying the grandstand view. We carried on for a while, Fi gently masturbating and Sandra playing with me, touching me, kissing me, rubbing my vulva and delving between my outer lips running her fingers from my vagina to my clitoris.

Sandra stopped playing with me and pulled her top off, then she removed her bra. She manoeuvred herself round in front of me lying on her back on the floor with the top of her head touching my knees. I opened my legs wider as she wriggled backwards to get her head between them. I leaned forwards and supported myself on straight arms, moving my knees a little to get my vulva onto her mouth.

As Sandra started to lick my slit, Martin came to kneel close by. He kissed me on the lips and played with my breasts then turned his attention to Sandra, unfastening her skirt. He looked at me for approval and I said “Yes, take it off.” Sandra lifted her bum off the floor to let Martin remove it. I said “Take her pants off.” He obeyed without question. Once they were off, Sandra pulled her knees up and spread her legs with her feet flat on the floor. “I’d love to watch you licking her pussy.” I continued. Martin smiled and lay on his tummy on the floor between her feet to get his tongue into her.

Martin paused to grab a cushion and put it under Sandra’s bum to make it easier for him to lick her. He concentrated his bahis şirketleri tongue on her clit but varied the action, sometimes opening his mouth wide to take in as much of her vulva as he could, sometimes licking the length of her slit and putting his tongue in her vagina. He soon slipped one finger into her vagina as he continued to lick and suck her pussy. I lowered myself down onto my elbows to get a closer look. Martin slipped a second finger into her and pushed them in and out several times, then he took his fingers out and held them up to my lips. I opened my mouth and let him put them in and I slowly sucked and licked Sandra’s pussy juice from his fingers.

Fiona now had her legs in the air, knees bent and held apart while Pete licked her pussy. She was telling Pete how good he was making her feel. He slipped one finger into her but kept up the licking and sucking. From time to time, he took his finger out, sucked the pussy juice from it then put it back in and resumed pussy licking.

After a while, Sandra wanted to go on top so Martin had to stop licking her. I lay on my back and Sandra got on top in the sixty-nine position, lowered her pussy onto my mouth and resumed licking me. I put my hands between her thighs, holding her pussy lips open as I got to work with my tongue and lips to give her as much pleasure as I could. She stopped licking me for a couple of seconds to say “Danni, that feels wonderful.”

I heard Pete say “Hey, Martin, come and taste this sweet pussy.” Martin went to accept the invitation. Fiona took her dress and bra off and resumed the same legs-in-the-air position on the sofa. While Martin set to work licking her from vagina to clitoris, Pete sat up next to her to fondle and suck on her tits.

After about ten minutes, Sandra climbed off me and softly said “Let’s go and join the others.” At that time, Fi was laid on her back along the sofa, her head on the arm, holding her pussy lips open while Pete pushed his tongue into her vagina. Martin was kneeling on the floor sucking on Fi’s nipples. Sandra got up onto the sofa, straddled Fi’s head and lowered her wet puffy vulva onto Fi’s mouth. Fiona immediately started licking and sucking Sandra’s clit.

I knelt beside Martin and caressed the bulge in his trousers. He got upright on his knees and kissed me. When we pulled apart I said “Get your cock out.” He unfastened his trousers and soon had them and his pants down around his knees. We continued kissing as I held his cock in my hand and gently played with it, feeling it harden. “Stand up.” I said. He struggled a little as his trousers impeded his movement, but he pulled them off and stood in front of me. I took his cock in my hand again just enjoying how it felt, then I looked up into his eyes and kissed his knob and licked the underside.

I continued to kiss and lick Martin’s cock and also rubbed his cock over my face, Martin has told me he likes that. I felt Pete’s hand on my bum and turned to see what he was up to. His face was wet with Fi’s pussy juice and he had two fingers in her vagina. He sat back then took his fingers out of Fi’s pussy and held them to my lips. I opened my mouth and sucked his fingers, licking Fi’s pussy juice from them. Sandra and Fi arranged themselves into a regular sixty-nine position with Fi lying along the seats. Sandra stayed on top and proceeded to lick and suck on Fi’s pussy. I turned back to Martin and pulled his cock into my mouth.

Sandra had taken over the licking of Fi’s pussy, so while I sucked Martin, Pete stood up and removed his trousers and pants. I then felt his hand on my shoulder. I turned towards him and he lifted his cock level with my mouth. Keeping Martin’s cock in my right hand, I took Pete’s in my left and pulled it into my mouth. I sucked his cock for maybe five or ten seconds then switched to Martin’s then back to Pete’s, keeping my hands around both of them. Peter took his shirt off and Martin did the same.

After a few more minutes, Sandra began to get vocal, making the usual grunting noises, getting louder and louder as she got close to orgasm. She stifled a scream as she climaxed. Her body trembled and the noises subsided. Finally she climbed off of Fiona and collapsed onto the floor. Fi told us she wanted a cock in her pussy. Pete was eager to oblige and turned to Fi and slipped his cock, wet with my saliva, into her vulva, rubbing it up and down a couple of times. Fi held her pussy lips open a little and Pete slid his full length into her vagina. Fi groaned each time Pete’s cock went in.

Ten seconds later, I asked the two boys to change places. Pete pulled his cock out of Fi’s pussy and put it in my mouth while Martin took Pete’s place slipping his cock into Fi’s vagina. I can only get about half an erect cock in my mouth so I held onto Pete’s knob and licked Fi’s pussy juice from around the base before pulling his cock back into my mouth. I then asked them to change places again. Pete resumed fucking Fi while I licked and sucked Martin’s Fi-flavoured cock.

I stood up and led Martin by the cock, to the small sofa. I sat on the edge and laid back. I pulled my knees up, spread my legs and asked Martin to fuck me. He supported himself on the back of the seat and as he lowered himself I guided his knob into my wet, waiting vagina. It felt so good, I groaned with delight. As he fucked me I rubbed my slippery clitoris, quickly and firmly with the tips of my fingers.

Sandra soon recovered and knelt down beside Pete and watched very closely as Fi was being fucked. From time to time, Pete pulled his cock out of Fi’s pussy and Sandra grabbed it and sucked it for a few seconds, then she licked Fi’s pussy for a while before Pete slid his cock back in. Fiona continued to grunt loudly each time Pete pushed his cock into her.

Martin’s cock in my pussy combined with my frantic clit rubbing soon had me close to a climax. I told Martin I was cumming and my body began to tremble as my orgasm took control of me. As my climax subsided, I watched Martin’s cock going in and out of me then he pushed it all the way in and held it there for a few seconds as he shot his cum into me. He pulled back and pushed it all the way in again and held it in once more. He repeated the action a third time, then just stayed there with his cock in me for a while. Finally he pulled out and stood up. I slid down onto my knees in front of him to suck his no-longer-hard cock and taste the cum and pussy juice mixture. I could feel cum running down the inside of my thigh.

Pete pulled out of Fi’s pussy and quickly climbed up on the sofa and straddled her head. Fi opened her mouth for his cock. While he fucked Fi’s mouth, Sandra pushed her face into Fi’s pussy and licked her slit from vagina to clitoris. Pete was careful not to push his cock into Fi’s mouth too far and, anyway, Fi held his hips to ensure he couldn’t. He warned Fi that he was about to cum, she made no attempt to push him away, just kept on sucking him.

I crawled over close to Sandra who was licking Fi’s clitoris very enthusiastically as Pete shot his cum into Fi’s mouth. When Pete finally pulled out, a little of his cum ran down Fi’s chin. She’d swallowed the rest. I quickly stood and took Pete’s place, straddling Fi’s face, holding my dripping vulva over her mouth. A little more of Martin’s cum dribbled from my vagina and hung from my pussy lips, Fi licked it off.

Fi whispered “I’m gonna cum.” I climbed off and she propped herself up on her elbows to watch Sandra licking her. “That is So, So good. Keep going, I’m nearly there.” A few seconds later Fi slowly whispered “Oh fuck.” Her body shook and her head fell back. Pussy juice trickled from Fi’s pussy and Sandra lowered her head a little to lap it up. Sandra carried on licking pussy as Fi’s body shuddered with her orgasm. Fi finally relaxed and gasped “OK, you can stop now.”

Wow, I am so, so happy to be part of this group.

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