The Web Cam

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Travis woke early that morning with a vivid dream… More of a remembrance than anything. He had woke in the early hours before light dreaming of what he had seen and feeling the impact of it as he hardened in the semi-sleep. He had rolled over and his stiffening manhood made contact with the bed and it filled his dreams.

He and Brandi had been lovers for several months. They had never seen each other except for the simple photos they had exchanged over the internet. Their courtship was at first the teasing, flirty exchanges of the chat room and through some quirk of fate a phone call that she allowed him to make.

There had been nothing erotic in the phone call other than the testing and teasing of discovering how comfortable she was in talking about certain things. Her laughter and teasing opened the way to a very relaxed sort of relationship. She was married and wanted nothing to jeopardize that, and he was married and neither did he want there to be repercussions, but both of them seemed to hunger for a sort of sexual vibrancy in their lives, and they quickly discovered that they found it with each other.

Their emails took on story forms and the phone calls became more in tune with their growing sexual needs and it was not surprising that soon the phone calls became their form of verbal love making and his joy was to bring her to the edge of her climax and join her with his own as they let go and slid down the mountain in pure release.

Brandi had a strange mixture of her sexual nature. She could be both very naïve and a provocative tease with perfect ease. He was captivated with the mirth in her voice from the first time he talked to her. She loved to tease him and he loved to catch her in a double entendre where it could be twisted into a sexual meaning. She blushed (or so she said) and then softened into a gracious lover.

There relationship had seemed to cool for a period of time. Travis was swamped with business and family issues with his father and he hated to interject that into his relationship with Brandi. On occasion they shared some of the sweetest moments of lovemaking without ever having touched her skin, kissed her lips or entered her being. They talked and listened to their voices going shallow with their breathing; husky and horse as the sexual tension quickly became evident. They found themselves aroused and were willing to admit it. They talked themselves through their “what they might be doing” if they were together, but really more often they talked themselves through what they were doing… and listened to the climaxes at both end of the phone.

The Surprise

Brandi had sent Travis a note telling him she had a surprise for him, but he had to guess it. He wracked his brain but dismissed most of them. She had in the past sent him a few revealing photos of herself, perhaps another would warrant the definition of a surprise. She finally broke down with his lose of discovery and told him she had bought a web cam. He trembled at the potential prospects.

During one of the love making phone calls, in the afterglow of sex, they talked about seeing each other naked and she talked of her intent to show him herself without reservation or abandon. His mind cautiously circled that thought, like a dog circles sheep, trying to keep any of that idea from straying.

She suggested Yahoo Messenger because it is web cam friendly, but he was not happy with yahoo. He was apprehensive that it would spread it’s tentacles through the machine and perhaps make it easy for his wife to discover… or at least ask why that program was running on their computer now. He suggested MSN Messenger with net meeting, but she didn’t have that loaded and because it is a hassle to load on, he didn’t pursue it.

On the Monday evening before, he knew his wife was to be out of the house for about 90 minutes and it seemed like a great time to spend it with Brandi. He left her a note and at the appointed hour he popped up to say “hi”. She was playful, though a bit distant, but offered to let him call her. He kept a calling card with plenty of minutes to be able to call without issues of it showing up on the family phone bill. He called and her voice was like rainfall and sunshine. He loved to just listen to her and wondered why a woman with such a sharp intellect would spend time with him.

Most of the hour they spent first working on an alternative to Yahoo and then getting Yahoo working. Once or twice they thought they had mastered it, only to discover that it still didn’t quite fit yet. But toward the end of their allotted time a certain click brought her screen up and quickly following was his… and they at last were looking at each other.

Travis was struck with her beauty. She was a pleasant woman to look at, but when she smiled or when her mouth opened to squeal canlı bahis in delight her whole face lit up and she was beautiful. They talked on the phone while watching each other and he could only just sit there awed.
He looked at his watch and knew that his wife was to return soon, so some things would have to be hidden, such as the web cam and the desktop cleaned of it’s programs revealing each other.

As he began to lament that at last they could see one other, they now had to close down and wait again. Brandi got a funny look on her face and her hand slipped up to her throat and as they talked, her hand slid downward and pulled open her blouse and Travis saw no bra through the front gap.

It was like a cattle prod had just been placed against his libido. He hardened and his breath grew shallow… surely it couldn’t be… surely she wasn’t going to…

Her hand continued to move about her neck and she pulled the long sleeved striped shirt open a bit more.

The dark shadow of the underside of her breast came into view and his breathing became almost manic. He was wondering when his wife would come back through he door and catch him like this. He feebly tried to tell Brandi he had to go and in response her hand drew her shirt wider with each movement until he clearly saw the under shadow of her breasts and the blushing pink of her nipples… never quite follow exposed.

Travis was helpless by now. He had a full-blown erection and he could never have explained it should his wife should she enter the room just then. He could only move his hand between his legs to bring relief to his needs or shut it down. It took great fortitude to simply shut down the messenger service, knowing that the images would disappear. They talked, and Brandi was so pleased with her seduction, but she was understanding of his time constraint.

Through the next several days, he couldn’t get the image off his mind. She had taken clothes off to get ready for him and he had been teased by her until he was close to climaxing in his trousers. It was an intoxicating feeling. She had planned it and designed it. He didn’t know whether to feel angered at the premeditated teasing, or flattered that she has chosen him be her lover.

The morning’s dream was the replaying of that evening… the blouse half open just giving glimpses of what could be, while her voice was telling you that was enough for a first date! It wasn’t enough… not nearly enough. He realize that if someone had asked… “What then would be enough?” and he would have stammered and lost the right to vocalize it.

What he wanted was to see her as she had described herself after one of their phone trysts. She talked of sitting on his chest, letting his seed flow out of her onto his own chest. He talked of wanting to see her… completely, openly and she had agreed… she wanted him to explore her and to discover every erotic membrane of her womanhood. He has the beginnings of a hunger that would gnaw on him in the days to come.

He wanted to see her… not just her breasts outlined in shadow, but open and exposed and proud. He wanted to see her nipples, pink and pointed with excitement. He wanted to see…

He was guarded in his own mind. He wanted to see her naked, but that was not the way to say it. It was like a dance and that movement didn’t come until the end of the dance and he dared not speak of it too soon lest he scare her away. He realized he was a teenager seducing a new steady girl into letting you in her undies. You just didn’t do that or talk about that on the first date… nor for a while, even thought it was your plan all along.

The pressure of the bed against his pulsing rod felt good and it was not hard to imagine what it might have felt like pressed against her and he moved slowly to hump the bed hoping that might give him the sweet release he sought.

In the early, predawn hours, he finally got out of bed and went down to write her a letter sharing his feelings…

I’m sitting here writing on my laptop because I woke up this morning
with a dream of you and was too excited to be able to stay in bed. I was so hard but I really didn’t want to just climax… I wanted to savor it and you for a while.

I woke up dreaming of last Monday evening… watching your hand so gracefully move across your neck and down exposing your milky white breast.

You talk about being so naive, but it took me a while for it to dawn on me what was happening and then knowing now that you had taken your bra and undies off and were waiting for me only in the shirt.

I have played the scenario out in my mind… if time hadn’t been constrained. What I dreamed this morning was that I had stood and unzipped my slacks to show you just how excited you were making me. I wanted you to get that funny look on your face that I was having… and the hunger in your loins that I was feeling. I wanted you to roll your chair back and urge my hardness to explode… bahis siteleri and I wanted to see you responding to my climax with your own.

I know that was a dream, and realities are different, but I want you. I want you to feel the heat at your core. I want you to want me. I want you with the teasing you showed me… with the wild abandon of giving yourself to me… to luxuriate in naked bliss in the warm afterglow of being sexually sated.

I have never forgotten the day we talked and you went and laid down on your bed… naked and you climaxed. We just were with each other for the longest time that day afterwards and you wanted to be glorious in the naked sexual afterglow. I have loved that image in my mind… the sounds and what I see when I think of you.

I have no earthly idea when we will be able to be together again quietly with the web cam. I know it probably won’t be until probably at least next weekend… and that kills me. I love discovering that I can say “hi” now, but I have to be so very careful. You handle it better.

Well… until later, know that there is a guy in Oklahoma who is dying to make love to you again. He is walking around with a semi “stiff” for you… and know the power you hold over him. What he wants is to find some way to excite you too… to leave you thinking about him… wanting him… hungering for him too… planning in your mind how to seduce him as he is thinking about how to seduce you.

The family at last began to stir from their beds and with his mind filled with the images of her nakedness and his desire to possess her, He got up and headed to the kitchen to fix them waffles which was his treat when one of the kids came home.

The Shock

Sunday afternoon came to a quiet slow down As the children left, and his wife made plans to visit a friend for an hour or so. Travis wondered if Brandi might be online at home that evening, and as soon as he logged into his Yahoo Messenger he saw she was. Suddenly he was nervous, knowing he was this close to her with all of the images that were still floating through his mind.

She say him online as sent a message, “hi” and they started the small talk of courtship while he reached for his web cam and plugged it in. Once he had inserted the plug and positioned the cam, he clicked on the “Invitation to view my web cam” button. Without hesitation, Brandi clicked it and she said “I see you!” He laughed to himself and sent the message “Come and join me!”

After a moment as she explained that she needed to connect her web cam, he saw her invitation to view her web cam and he felt his hands trembling. He had planned this in his mind all week. A very careful seduction with subtle hints. His plan was to wear a shirt and slacks as we would have most evenings, but earlier this evening he had changed, not thinking that this would happen. He had on a white long sleeved shirt and some light pull on sweats. He could have stopped and changed, but at the moment he just wanted to be close to her.

When he clicked on the invitation to view her, the box popped up and there she was. The two first images that fixed in his mind was her brilliant smile and a bright red blouse she was wearing. The box was alive with color and she was smiling and moving and laughing. He had been a little nervous at how she would feel about being on cam with him again, but she seemed so delighted and her smiles and laughter were infectious.

He reached for the keyboard to send a message of teasing response, but with whatever he touched, he sent the computer into a reboot and he watched helplessly as the computer cycled through it’s screens breaking the connection and starting all over again from scratch. He swallowed hard and wondered if there were a great conspiracy at work to keep him from being with her.

As his computer whirred, he made a decision to press the opportunity if he could reestablish the connection. He unbuttoned his shirt and slipped it off… leaving his tee shirt on. He hoped that Brandi might notice if he could talk to her again, but he was becoming so aroused that he wanted to communicate his feelings in some way. The computer did it’s thing and with a few clicks, the connection was re-established and there she was again.

He couldn’t help but notice how radiant she was. She was so animated and with that smile that captured him. She teased and flirted and he pressed the issue as he rubbed the neck of his tee shirt, just as she had done with her shirt the last time they had talked. He could tell by her eyes that she was noticing and laughing. As his hand slipped down into the top of his tee shirt, her hands flew up to her face in teasing embarrassment and she scolded him that he was making her blush! His hands were trembling as he told her he intended to make her blush!

The screen locked again and he went into a panic. He couldn’t figure out why this was happening and began trying to make the cam pictures unlock. He clicked bahis şirketleri on the icon and decided that his only choice was to shut the messenger software down and restart it. This time the computer didn’t reboot, but as he maneuvered back into the messenger screen, he made the decision to carry his feelings forward and he removed his tee shirt.

As they reconnected, she noticed he was now bare chested. He had a hairy chest and was not sure how she would react. He was partially expecting a severe chiding and perhaps her shutting down his camera. He waited until she made a comment that he had removed his shirt. He took a breath and wrote, “Come join me?”

Her hands went back to her face and he could almost see the red blush spread, but she didn’t shut down the conversation. He could see that she was looking at him intently and it made him feel empowered. He rubbed his hand over his chest slowly and invited her to begin with her buttons.

As she sat looking at him with her hands on her cheeks, he knew she was making a decision. You could see it in her eyes and eyebrows. When she moved, she lowered the web cam until it was adjusted to her bust and he felt a heat from his loins consume him. She was responding to him, giving herself to him. He knew she was nervous, he could see her hands fumble with the buttons. He knew she was also excited, he could see her nipples showing through the red blouse with them hard and pimpled.

His hand below the angle of his camera found his erection and he watched mesmerized as she unbuttoned her blouse and she paused. He knew she was not wearing a bra because her nipples were too plainly outlined through her shirt. His hand began to move across his chest and she picked up the movement. “Are you inviting me to follow your hand?” she asked. “Yes” typed with one hand was his only response.

He moved across his own breast and intentionally grazed his own nipple and slowly her hand followed his lead. At first she slipped her hand under her blouse and he watched the movement of the fabric as she tweaked her own nipple in response to his lead. And then, she took the initiative moving so that each pass of her hand revealed more of her breasts.

The swell of her breasts became apparent and the shadow of the fullness that curved deliciously out of sight. He was delighted that her breasts were as firm and perky as they were… Not needing a bra for anything more than modesty.

Her hand grazed her own nipples and then drew the fabric back so that he saw one complete breast and then the other. Her nipples were caramel apple color with the reddish brown that softly filled the fullness of her pouting breasts. The buds of her nipples were visibly hardening as she moved her hands and began pinching then as he had established the ritual with his own.

Watching her hand stimulate her nipples caused Travis’ erection to fill his hand and had she been able to hear, Brandi would have heard a groan coming from his throat. He had already pulled his pants down below his heavy balls and he knew his eyes were fixed and glazed. He wanted to tell her… to show her… how she was affecting him. He wanted her to see him and be affected by him and he was watching her.

His heart thumping in his chest, Travis made a decision which he knew was dangerous and risky. He slowly stood so that his manhood was positioned at camera height and watched the screen to see what Brandi’s response might be.

All movement stopped on her part. Her hands dropped and slowly she drew her shirt back across her breasts and he sat down quickly knowing that she didn’t know what to do. He quickly typed an apology which he couldn’t remember later and a quick explanation of why he had been so impulsive. He finally typed, “Are you OK? Have I ruined this?” and his heart went into his throat.

Her one word response was “shocked” and he knew she was, but waiting to see how she would handle the situation. It was like being with a girl the first time you touched her breasts or slid your hand between the juncture of her legs… or pulled her hand to the hardness at the juncture of your own legs. He knew that the next seconds would affect much of their relationship.

After a moment her words appeared, “Can I see more?”

His feelings were so mixed with relief and jubilation. She had accepted him and his boldness. She had seen what he feared she would find objectionable and invited him to her inner being.

He stood and stroked his hardness with his hands still trembling. He watched as her hands began to explore again and drew the cloth of her shirt back to show him her breasts and they began a sexual dance of seduction. He wanted her to feel the heat and the urgency of his manhood as she watched. She obviously wanted him to watch her hands feverishly tease and torture her breasts seeking relief and release.

He had not planned on carrying his actions to climax, in fact, he was so nervous at the beginning that he doubted that he could. But watching her hands and seeing her other hand begin to rub her upper belly below her breasts and wondering if her hand which was out of sight would find her center of pleasure pushed him forward.

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