The Palmer’s and friends have needs

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The Palmer’s and friends have needs
Part 1

Mr and Mrs Palmer have been neighbours of mine for at least three years. She dressed conservatively was pleasant and must be in her mid seventies and her husband, Stan, late seventies, I would guess.
They were both still active and they were always friendly and often I used to do odd jobs around their bungalow. The only thing strange about them was that about once a month an old guy used to visit, stay overnight and then leave.
However, I had not seen him for the past three months. Now, not in my wildest imagination did I think this old couple were sexual in any way. But they definitely were as I found out, when Stan knocked on my door one Saturday.

He asked if he could come in and talk to me in confidence – man to man, were the words he used. Looking nervous, he accepted the invitation of a cup of coffee and slowly came around to the point of his visit.
‘Ken, you probably noticed that we entertained a gentleman friend of ours quite regularly. Unfortunately, he passed away and Mrs Palmer and I deeply miss him as he used to help us, ‘express our urges’ so to speak.

He was obviously embarrassed about those urges and I noticed that every time he tried to tell me, he kept one hand in his pocket and was stroking his cock which after 5 minutes was looking quite impressive for an old guy.
As I am a slightly bi old geezer, I started doing the same to put him at ease. That obviously did the trick as he then went on to tell me that he and Mrs Palmer used to enjoy partaking in all sorts of sensuous activity in slow enjoyable leisurely threesome with him. Seeing my cock now getting hard he added that and as they knew I was single; would I be willing to take the old guy’s place. What a shock. This pair were still at it and wanted to continue. Who was I to stand in their way?

Getting more into things so to speak, he told me the güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri things they enjoyed which seemed to me to include every sexual kink you could think of. I told him that I would be delighted to play with them but when I said that I do not suck dicks or kiss men, he came over to me and put his hand on my hard rod, and said, ‘but a mutual wank would be nice to start with, wouldn’t it?’
Taking off our trousers and sitting on the sofa, I was very impressed with semi hard cock which must have been at least six inches. Although not fully hard, he was pushing out a lot pre cum, which I wrapped up and down and he did the same to my seven incher.

‘Judith, will be very excited Ken, maybe we could make a start with double fucking her, what do you say? Thinking of that and with him wanking me silly, I shot my load and he was not long after me.
Ken told me to come around for tea the following Saturday, ‘to meet his Judith and talk about mutual likes and what turns them on’.

As I said all the times, I have seen Judith, she was always dressed quite conservatively or modest even, long dresses, cardigans, you know the typical old lady look. When she answered the door, she did not look like that – not at all, more what I would call a granny slut. See through blouse and just the smallest bra possible holding up nice sized tits proudly showing massive brown and very prominent nipples. A shortish skirt, a couple of inches above the knee and from my experienced eye, fine seamed stockings with feet in kitten heeled shoes. Plus, she was wearing nice make up and smelt very sexy. I was horny already.

‘Oh Ken, it’s so nice of you to agree be our new playmate’, she gushed before giving a long lingering kiss. ‘Stan told me about how he really liked meeting you and have a nice wank’. Come on through, as it such a nice day, we’re having güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri tea on the patio.

On the patio Stan, told me to sit opposite Judith and next to him, as she so enjoyed showing off. The food was nice and but we seemed to drink a lot of tea and the tension was palpable. Judith broke the ice. ‘Ken, Stan gave you an idea of what we got up to here with our friend and we want to continue enjoying sex as long as possible. But, it’s no good us enforcing our kinks and fetishes on you. Let me start first, Stan is bisexual and can only get a big hard on during a threesome which proved to be a good thing as I found that I like playing and fucking with two cocks. He too does not kiss men, but he does suck their cocks as do I – would you be happy if we were to both suck you at the same time?

‘Absolutely not, Judith?’
‘Excellent, another of our pleasures is water sports – you know, pissing. We’re not into it in a big way but I do love pissing in front of men and being fingered when pissing and Stan loves pissing over my fanny’.
Ah, the tea now made sense.
I won’t bore you with other stuff, that can wait for later. Now it’s your turn. What makes you horny, Ron?’ Before you answer, let me get comfortable. She pulled up her skirt to show off her suspenders and opened her thighs showing a lovely bush. Ron, took the hint taking off his trousers, laying back and playing with his flaccid dick tightly encased in ladies’ knickers.
So, I thought in for a penny in for a pound – if they were that kinky, I told them things like watching old ladies flashing their hairy cunts, fucking plump old women who wear crotchless girdles, cunnilingus, role playing sex games, and if I am honest, watching old grannies pissing and mutually wanking with old men.
As I was telling them my fetishes, Judith was obviously turned on as she started güvenilir bahis şirketleri fingering herself and the top of Ron’s knob was standing to attention outside the knickers.

It was very sexy with these two very kinky oldies, and when I asked to use the toilet, Judith said, ‘why don’t we all stay here and piss together? But first you guys will have to get soft first, I want you save your lovely spunk for me later’.
Ron got down to a half hard and said to Judith, ‘would you like some help, honey?’
‘Ron, you know me so well, come here and finger fuck me and Stan, stand there and when you’re ready and I am cumming you can piss all over me’.

Lifting her skirt right up, and forcing her thighs as far apart as possible, Ron said, ‘your slutty cow, you’re wet as fuck, feel her Stan, she’ll take both our fingers now’ And he was fucking right. Her hairy cunt was big and sloppy and we both got two fingers in. It didn’t take very long as Judith started moaning and asking us to go faster. Lifting her arse out of seat, she gushed a massive piss stream and said’ soak me boys, soak me now. Which we did, from her head to toe and she loved it. Who would have thought it – granny the piss lover.

After we cleaned up the mess and showered, we moved to their large bed and both our cocks were ready. Judith asked me to lie down and slowly eased her fanny onto my rock-hard dick very deeply. Bending forward she kissed me deeply and then raising her up and Ron, now with a massive stonker leaking pre cum had no trouble pushing it into Judith’s hairy shitter. Judith said ‘that’s its Ron, don’t stop until your balls hit my bum.’

The fucking and groaning were coming from all directions. Ron was thrusting up her shitter and I was pounding her lovely hairy cunt and squeezing and sucking those lovely titty nipples.
Judith was in utter ecstasy; out two-way fucking was making her cum and squirt piss every few minutes.

Then it came. Ron jetted his steaming hot load into her arse and not long after mine went in right up her fanny. We just laid there in a pile in sweet exhaustion – satisfied for the time being. The stream of spunk trickling out of Judith’s cunt and asshole was fabulous.

Part 2 to follow

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