The journey from “wife” to “Hot Wife”

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The journey from “wife” to “Hot Wife”
This is a story about a journey my wife took to become a hot wife.

In truth I thought my wife would never succumb to being a “hot wife”. Being an optimist I felt there was an outside chance, having often role played threesomes in the bedroom. She enjoyed the role play (within reason) so I thought I could induced her through reasonable argument one day?

I always assumed if she did agree to cross the Rubicon we’d take the initial steps together, how wrong I was.

Setting the scene:
My wife Angela is a pretty 57 year old brunette with a lovely smiley face and positive outlook on life. She maintains her petite figure by keeping fit in the gym and watching her diet and alcohol intake. She is a stylish Lady who uses modest amounts of makeup and dresses very elegantly to underscore her looks and figure. For me a key feature of her look is her perky 34c breasts. When she modestly flaunts them they are outstanding on such a small frame. We have two lovely married c***dr*n and grandc***dr*n and overall a settled family alongside a loyal long standing friendship group.

The background:
My wife has worked at a prestigious car dealership in our City for over 25 years as an assistant to the sales team and dealer principle. She has seen many people come and go from the business over the years. This experience means she has a network of contacts and knows the industry and business inside out. My wife is very professional in her working life, but likes a laugh and a joke when appropriate. She is very highly thought of by the manufacturer and dealership colleagues, she is often consulted by junior and senior sales and management personnel for advice and support. On many occasions she has been offered promotion, but she happy in a front of house role, advising customers and supporting sales rather than having the pressure of targets. It’s fair to say she has sold hundreds of cars and retains long standing customers; but the big bucks and rewards go to the sales team.

Being crude, my wife can be a prick teaser and I’m sure her looks and very fuckable body coupled with lovely personality has sold many a car. I’ve also been around the dealership a few times and know the young dumb full of cum salesman would love to get their hand on her naked body. But she up until recently 100% faithful to me.

Sales are divided into six teams the fifth and sixth teams is where my wife is focused to help the team sell the higher value and prestigious cars. The other teams look after lesser value sales and service. As you can imagine the characteristics of the male salesman and a few female representatives is. They think they are gods gift to sales and can be an obnoxious. My wife has seen good and bad come and go over the years. But In general the sales people were good at what they do and the team in five and six at that time were professional and successful.

Hopefully, I’m setting the scene and not boring you. I appreciate you want to know about the sex and sourcy moments.

The team at the time was managed by Tim who’d been with the dealership for two years. Tim was an good looking guy, late twenties, early thirties and still single. He had the knack of not letting the team know too much about himself. What they did know was he’d previously, worked in London had a good sales history, very organised, professional, confident but not cocky or arrogant. Tim was liked by prospects, customers and generally the whole team. He lived locally in a rented flat on his own, his family lived in the South and he seemed close to them. His unwillingness to talk about himself meant a few thought he maybe gay. He had an athletic look, wore a suit well and the younger girls in the dealership fancied him rotten. The team my wife worked closely with was Tim and Elen who was a senior female sales colleague and a similar age to Tim. As time went by Tim opened up and confided in Angela and Elen and they realised he was not gay. In fact they suspected he’d dated and had sex with a number of the women who worked in the dealership past and present.

The wife often talked about Tim at our end of week discussions about our work over a drink in the pub. Tim was ambitious and she suspected he’d be either looking for a new position elsewhere, or would be head hunted. I knew she would miss the camaraderie and team spirit she, Elen and Tim had created when that happened.

These discussions meant I got to know Tim without ever meeting him and in truth I liked the sound of him. Based upon this and taking my life in my hands I used Tim’s name for the first time in one of our bedroom roleplay. Angela, never reacted negatively to me using Tim’s name. She had reacted badly before when I used certain friends and acquaintances names. The scenario I whispered in her ear and painted in her mind was that she’d gone to Tim’s flat one evening to collect paperwork. They talked drank canlı bahis and found themselves naked in bed. Before I inserted my cock into Angela’s pussy, which was masquerading as Tim’s cock I put on a condom to improve the impersonation and disguise the feeling. Angela did not object and I felt her enthusiasm and sexual energy levels went up a notch at the thought of Tim’s cock being inserted. She came at least twice and as I ejaculated inside her and into the condom I said “imagine this is Tim’s hot cum exploding inside you” and as I said the words I felt her pussy spasm.

We did this a few times and I even expanded the conversation and role-play by suggesting Tim at his age would love to fuck a mature Lady and especially her. I suggested Tim would visualise in his mind how she looked each day. What she wore and how he imagined she looked naked. I suggested these vivid imaged would be used whilst he masturbated in the shower or on the bed even at work in the toilet. And if she was naked at the side of him how he’d squeeze her tits, suck her nipples and lick her clit. These words and images coupled with me enacting the exact things I was suggested Tim would do meant she had numerous climaxes on the end of my cock.

Back to reality, Angela was not one for going out much on her own; we were a very close couple. However, she did meet a friend once a month after work, and another every two weeks on a Thursday evening.

The plot thickens and the journey begins.
I never questioned Angela on what she spends or her whereabouts and or who she meets I trust her implicitly.
My honest belief at that time was she did not want, or indeed have the confidence to have sex outside our marriage. But, if she ever did I was happy to let this happen. Ideally, I’d like to be involved as I’d told her many times in 35 years of marriage. I have suggested on many occasions we go to a swingers club out of town, but she declines. I assume she thought the motive was for me to have sex with other women. In fact the opposite was/is true, my whole being is about me giving Angela whatever she needs and wants. For me the swingers club was kind of selfish. Not to have sex myself with other women, but to see her having sex with other men if she wanted to.

I realise now in 37 years of marriage Angela had no desire to have sex with other men with or without me. So no matter how many time I asked she was not sexually motivated or confident enough to do this. Then and now I’m a hundred percent sure our marriage and relationship is rock solid. I know Angela would never damage our marriage or leave me. The feeling is mutual, but if she ever wanted a dalliance a one night stand or a regular male friendship with benefits I’d be okay with that knowing deep down she would always come home to me.

Given everything I have just said I was stunned when Angela told me about her one off experience with Tim?

She explained that the role-play and closeness at work had woken something inside her. She needed to enact the role play to see if she was truly still desirable at fifty seven. So from somewhere she found the inner confidence and courage to meet Tim outside of work.

On impulse and giving into her sexual desires driving home one Thursday she phoned Tim and asked if she could drop by his apartment to go over some finance papers which needed his attention. She told me she came home as usual and dressed in a pair of stocking and suspenders and open cup bra and a tight little black dress. In truth I don’t recollect the night in question or how Angela was dressed. Every other Thursday she’s home around 6:30 and out soon after, we don’t eat together that night so she’s in and out in a flash. She told me she drove to Tim’s flat her mind was in a “fog” of emotions her sexual desire sky high but frightened and guilt ridden at what she might do?

Tim buzzed Angela into the building and she took the lift to his apartment where he was waiting at the door. Tim welcomed her in and because it was the first time she had been to the flat Tim showed her around. Angela said they went in every room but when she entered his bedroom her legs were all a quiver. She felt that moment in the bedroom nearly stopped her doing what she did. However, being nosy and keen to see how Tim lived she regained her composure. Plus the views from the upper floor on a summer evening over the City were lovely. She said Tim offered her a glass of wine, as ever a perfect host, which she accepted taking a big gulp of red wine initially as dutch courage. Tim asked to see the papers which needed his attention bringing matters to a head. Angela said the next ten minutes were a total fog and blur.

Somehow finding her inner confidence she stood up and asked Tim directly “do you find me attractive”.

Tim looked shocked and be mused at the question being posed? Angela said Tim calmly and confidently said “yes he did find perabet her attractive” He went on to say more charming and complimentary words. Angela said she did not take in what Tim said because she was waiting for her next turn to speak again.

Angela thanked Tim for his compliments and said “may I be frank”.

“Do you find me a fifty seven year old woman attractive enough to have sex with right now in you flat”.

Tim stood up and walked towards her and cupped her head in his hands and kissed her. Calmly and confidently he unzipped her dress and it fell to the floor so she stepped out of it. Her fifty seven year old body was for the first time in 37 years being observed by a another and much younger man’s eyes and gently caressed by his hands.

Angela said she stood almost frozen to the spot in her high heels, stockings & suspenders. The half cup bra revealed her large pinkish brown areolas, firm long nipples and heaving almost palpitating bosom. Tim said later it was a voluptuous spectacle which he’ll never ever forget. Angela told me later that Tim must be a breast man as he never stopped squeezing and licking her nipples & breasts all evening. She even gave him an extended tit wank that night which made Tim cum in floods all over her nipples.

Initially, Tim’s focus was on Angela’s breast and as a result she realised involuntary her pussy lips began to gape open under the sexual excitement with her throbbing clitoris begging to erect itself. This meant she was embarrassed because her pussy was almost in flood a situation which meant fluids trickling down her inner thigh. I’m familiar with this heightened arousal, but usually I have to give Angela’s clit a tonguing to get the juices to flow like this. The usual outcome of my tongue on Angela’s clit is it squirts, not a geyser, more an u*********s trickle. I used to think it could be pee but it has a sweet taste and is odder-less so it’s some kind of vaginal fluid.

Angela said Tim dropped to his knees and began to lick her hairless and waxed pussy. Tim held her bottom cheers firmly, a finger in her bum hole. Instinctively she said she began to thrust her hips backwards and forwards jerking her thighs – wriggling and squirming frantically on Tim’s face. She then felt her clit pulse and ejaculate, Angela said she shrieked and whimpered as Tim lapped at her pussy like a dog in a water bowl. She said Tim later in the bedroom gave expert cunnilingus her only regret was there was no vibrator to show Tim how much her pussy could take.

Tim stood up and they kissed and Angela felt it was her turn to get on her knees. She unbuckled Tim’s trousers and belt both falling to the floor. She said his underpants were bulging as she pulled Tim’s boxers down to reveal his now throbbing penis. She said her memory of that moment will be a lasting one. It was the first penis in 35 plus years she had seen in the flesh. She went on to say time stood still albeit just a moment as she took stock of the situation.

There she was in a man’s apartment in her underwear with another man’s, not her husbands penis, in her face. How did she find the courage to get here? I said apart from the penis the Rubicon was staring her in the face at the same time. This was the moment of no return could she continue or would she bail out. Angela said her mind was made up the moment she walked in the flat there was no going back.

She took Tim’s cock in her hand and slowly put it in her mouth and began to softly suck and soothe his throbbing cock. Angela remarked that his cock was smaller than mine not as thick or as long. In a strange way I found that reassuring, but Angela has a small pussy and its rare, not because I’m huge that she can take all of me, or a dildo we use. Over the years I have learnt to make Angela cum by only putting my cock a quarter of the way into her pussy to make her cum multiple times, so Tim’s cock would do just as well.

As she sucked her head bobbing up and down on Tim’s cock Angela told me he said he’d never forget this moment either. Tim later said after sex and during pillow talk that he’d often masturbated thinking of Angela giving him a blow job at work. I said to Angela my role-play and suspicions were not wrong.

Angela explained that Tim had lot’s of pre-cum almost an ejaculation during the initial blow job. But from what I gather his powers of recovery after cumming were impressive and he was a major cummer. Angela said every time he came there a was lots thick creamy cum. In contrast to me who had a vasectomy years ago, I yield very little and its potato water constituency. Angela said the creamy cum was a turn on which I know from seeing her reaction in porno clips of facials. I had to ask “did he faceilaise you”?

Being honest she said yes he did he came all over my face and I let Tim cum my mouth, which I swallowed. The whole truth is I also let Tim cum deep inside her perabet giriş pussy, without a condom. She said Tim cumming inside her was big moment and she had mixed feelings at the time. At the point of ejaculation feeling another man’s hot sticky sperm shooting inside her was erotic and significant, but there was after a moment of guilt.

Personally, I was not worried about pregnancy with Angela having been through the menopause, I was however surprised about her honesty. However, in hindsight I’m glad she told me the whole truth about each event and how she felt.

So far everything that had happened was in the living room and Tim was still half dressed so he suggested they went to the bedroom. Angela said Tim took of his clothes and had a good athletic body and confidently lay naked on the bed with a solid cock. Angela said this was the only moment she felt embarrassed as she stood admiring his young firm torso.

She wondered what he was thinking? She was sure many a young fit buff women half her age had been fucked in this bedroom. However, here she was a 57 year old women in stockings & suspenders lumps bumps, saggy bits and tits, was she mutton dressed as lamb. As if Tim knew what she was thinking she said he was inspiring complimentary.

She told Tim that this was my first sexual encounter outside her marriage in 37 plus years. Tim said he thought this was the case from her initial nerves and shyness which kind of gave this away. He explained all his thirty something peer group of males would love to have a Mrs Robinson experience with an older women.

He said he felt proud and privileged that Angela chose him to be the first to have extra marital sex with her. He also said “the sex was fantastic so meaningful, erotic and passionate”. He said he felt “more motivated to please her than any woman he ever slept with, it meant a lot to gain her approval and satisfaction seeing her climax”. “The sex was different with her than an younger women”. “You know what you want your confident to talk dirty and swear great verbal feedback, which helped me know where and how to touch you and give you the most satisfaction”.

He also said “he was surprised given my conservative looks and age how skilful I was with a penis”. He said my “oral skill were the best he’d ever encountered”. He explained he’d never had a women play and get so much pleasure with his balls let alone his penis. He said “what I did with my tongue on his penis and anus kept him hard and plentiful”.

Angela said his word before and after did motivate her to give a good performance.

She said Tim’s cock whilst being smaller easily fitted inside her, but unlike mine did not stretch her pussy in the same way. Her motivation to perform and please meant her inhibitions went away not knowing what Tim likes and dislike were. She told me she I arguably did more sex act for Tim that she did with me. “Like what I asked” she said pausing “I let Tim take me up the ass twice”.

“Are you making this up I asked you swearing, vocal, anal sex”?

She said “I felt I needed to tell you everything we did no half truths”. “How did the anal sex come about” I asked.

Angela said after Tim had fucked her a few times doggy as he withdrew his cock having cum he started to lick my bum hole. She said the feeling was unbelievable he spat and lick my butt then got lube from a draw. I was on another planet as he lubed me up fingered my ass hole and slowly put his (smaller) cock up my bum. There was pain, pleasurable pain, which turned into all pleasure as she slowly fuck my ass.

Tim said that was his first anal sex with a woman as he withdrew his cock. I asked him to put it back slowly which he did and after some slow and faster thrusting, I had my first ever anal climax as Tim shoot his load up my ass hole.

I was amazed at hearing what Angela revealed to me. Over 37 years I’d schooled her from being very naive to confident and proficient in the bedroom using toys and porn. But what she did with Tim sounded more accomplished and very competent, kinda wondered why she did not go the extra mile with me?

Clearly, Tim’s young body, physical presents, personality, novelty and freshness had motivated Angela to go through with the extra marital sex. And thinking about it logically it’s exactly what I wanted her to experience, but with me involved and watching.

Angela did explain she maybe could not have done this act the first time with me there, which I understand. She said she would have felt very self conscious and worried about how I was feeling and thinking.

Angela had two session with Tim and made the decision herself to stop seeing him. She said Tim at work maintained the professionalism and never told soul, but as predicted he was head hunted and now works for another dealer in the South East.

Based on the new uninhibited wife we since been dogging and Angela suck a nice looking guy off whilst I watch. We are now planning our first threesome / swingers night out, hopefully very soon.

Sorry, if this is long winded I’m not an author or story teller I wrote this as best I could and hope it’s enjoyed by those who read it.

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