The Family Business – Chapter 6

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The Family Business – Chapter 6
They wandered downstairs minus Clinton who was still sleeping from the effort of keeping not one but two women happy. The four girls were just finishing off breakfast having themselves been up late both chatting as girls do and enjoying renewing their acquaintance with each other’s bodies. When they had made out in London and their mothers were on night shift, they had slipped into adjacent flats to make love. Now they didn’t have to indulge much subterfuge since their mothers were in a different wing of the large house.

“Hey Mum you look happy.”

“I thought she just looked knackered.”

“Both of you are right. Last night Jess came clean about what this place was about. I had a choice of getting really pissed off or joining in. Since joining would involve me getting my hands on her delicious body something, I have wanted to do for years guess which one I chose.”

“You seduced our mother but she’s straight isn’t she.”

“I don’t think I will ever get her to be a card-carrying dyke but we had fun. Also, for your information Clinton managed to persuade me that men can be fun as well. That was the deal, a threesome where I tried men and Jess tried girls.” Both Jess and Lyn were highly amused at the jaw dropping effect this speech had on their offspring.

Clinton had wandered in in the course of this conversation and bowed deeply. Lyn looked at him got up walked over and gave him a long languid snog to great hilarity and considerable applause.

Come on Clinton take her on the table she thought. Well the table was occupied by breakfast but the girls were gob smacked when he lent her over the dresser and started to eat her out. Lyn instead of objecting pulled her tee short over her head and spread her legs. After he had indulged in foreplay enough to satisfy them both he proceeded to fuck her enthusiastically. Jess not to be outdone went over to the fucking couple who quickly got her tee shirt off so Lyn could sup of her tits. The four girls looked on in awe at this performance by their mothers. Having finished breakfast the girls settled down to watch the show.

Lyn was buried deep in Jess crutch as she was comprehensively fucked by an expert. At this point Gwen walked in saw what was going on and said “Come on girls lets join in.”

Too late, Lyn came and a few seconds later so did Jess. Whilst they were still on cloud nine Clinton filled Jess with a huge eruption of spunk. Once they had recovered somewhat, they all decamped to the lounge.

Clinton had the great pleasure of cuddling up to seven randy women. A more detailed explanation of the previous night discussion was provided in between much cuddling, fondling and in Barbara’s lucky case fucking as she managed to get on his lap and then his cock inside her cunt.

Pam watching on as her sister had a man for the first time. Whilst both girls had slept many times with Fliss and Jo they had not slept with the opposite sex up to now. The real shock was their mother’s reaction.

“Do as good as job on her as you did on me. I think she is even less experienced if a lot more enthusiastic.” Said Lyn grinning evilly. Pete arrived drawn by the rather obvious sounds of noisy lovemaking.

“Pete, Clinton is screwing Barbara for her first time and I suspect Pam wished someone would do the same for her.” Pam practically yelled her agreement so Pete picked her up and put her over his shoulder to carry her to another arm chair. Before she was put down Fliss went over and pulled off her shorts.

“Don’t bother with foreplay I am so turned on and wet and I just want you inside me. Please Pete.” Well few men could resist a willing virgin with no attached consequences. Pam quickly demonstrated that whilst this was her first experience of being entered by a man, she knew what to do.”

“We need some more men in this place I want a good fucking watching this.” Said Jess with a ravenous look on her face.

“Certainly, lover girl.” was Lyn reply for from somewhere she had got a strap on and was just finishing tightening it. Jess looked a bit wild but didn’t resist when her friend pulled her onto her lap with the great rubber dong pressing in to her. Throwing caution to the wind she fed the strap on into her cunt and started to bounce up and down as well. Jess and Fliss disappeared for a couple of minutes before returning with Gwen and Sue who were both naked except for strap-ons. Thus, it was that five couples were bobbing away with such vigour that any observer risked sea sickness.
Later when they were having lunch, they related what had gone on. Chris their script writer and director was irritated they hadn’t got it on film. Angela was just irritated she hadn’t taken part.

“Come on Chris, beat those brain cells into action and come up with a plot to involve that little lot this morning as the final scene. Only I want to take Sue’s part I am far more convincing as a seductress MILF.”

“I reckon if we do it quick, we could make use of Pam, Barbara and Lynn being not yet tanned. Look if we use Ruth instead of me whilst not as busty as Gwen and Angela, kaçak bahis she is all over bronzed as are my two. If we stick close to the truth about you three then we could have the debauched sun lovers seducing the innocent English family.”

“Innocent these two, even I was surprised to find they were still virgins.” Said Lyn.

“That’s only because they had pussy so much more easily available and preferred us to some oversexed spotty Herbert.” Everyone laughed at Jo’s summation of the local talent in Clapham.

“Look how about having my hair dyed blond like Ang and Gwen so as to fit in with the blond bimbo look. Jo and Fliss do you fancy being blond.”

“Why not we can dye it again if we don’t like it.”

“OK a trip into town is in order then. Chris can you put some flesh on the bare bones of the idea.” Of course, he could and did.

The next day was a day of first for both Jess and Lyn. In Jess’s case her first girl on girl movie and Lyn’s of course her first porno. It wasn’t very complicated. Girl fancies girl, other girls is totally oblivious. Girl gets girl and they fuck like bunnies.

“Not my most inspiring plot but we can add some artistic scenes of Lyn mooning after Jess and imagining all the things she would like to do to her. “said Chris as they filmed the final scene first with Lyn getting to play out all her fantasies on Jess’s unresisting body. Jess was actually shocked to find that Lyn was far from prudish when she got the partner, she he always wanted. First one finger then two, three was fed into her pussy, after a bit of finger fucking the entire hand was carefully slid into her slippery hole.

“Your fisting me you kinky cow oh and I think I like it. Turn around I want to do the same to you.” Jess now side by side with her friend but in a sixty-nine slid her fingers and then her entire hand inside her friend’s fanny. Whilst the same was done to her. The strength of her climax finally destroyed the concept that she was totally straight.

Ruth took her grand-daughter off to get a hair do however when they came back it was apparent, they had more of a makeover than just that. Ruth breasts that up until then had just been raised and filled out a bit were now massive orbs. As for Jo and Fliss they were now 34 D.

“Mother.” screamed Jess, “This is you doing what have you done to my girls.”

“Actually, they did it to themselves and even paid with their own money so I didn’t get the blame. You have got to admit they look perfect for the film.”

“You’re getting it anyway, bloody hussy leading them even further astray. It is a bit permanent to have a boob job just for a film. More important I am not putting up with my daughter having bigger tits than me.”

“In that case we will just have to book you in soon. As for permanent yes but they were going to do it anyway” Ruth was not in the least penitent.

“Can he do four at once because we want ours done. How about we wait to film the final scene until the girls and I are bronzed busty blonds like the rest of you.”

“Well I can sweet talk Lotus clinic to rush through the genetic tests for the vital bits.”

The next day they sailed on the yacht to one of the larger resort islands and did some clothed scenes of the innocent English family gawking at the tropical resort. Then back to the island for the scene where they met Gwen and Angela’s characters. For this they needed some extras so as not to make the beach look to empty. This proved easy as Clinton’s sister and his friend who were crewing yacht charters were in port at the end of a run. Justine and Kendall came back with them on the yacht.

They both knew what Clinton did for a living and had also been in a few of the films sometimes as extras but on occasion fucking. They were a handsome couple and Justine lying on her back topless certainly enhance the shot. Jess who was still feeling offended was near certain she had also had a boob job. Jess was lying next to he mother who was wearing a big hat to disguise herself when she appeared as someone else later. Ruth was wearing a very matronly one piece.

“Not exactly your style mother.” Jess was stilled miffed and was being bitchy to feel better.

“It was before your father got to ill to notice what I was wearing. Now I am glad I didn’t chuck this out. I must have lost more weight than I thought because this is loose round the body but fits my new boobs perfectly.”

“Rub it in why don’t you.”

“Its only until next week and I bet you will outclass the girls easily. I rang and they can only manage two next Tuesday but can fit Barbara and Pam in on Friday.” Since the tests had come back fine that was the plan.

Anyone else not in the cast was on the beach with Jo filming it so even Alf was there somehow scruffy even in swimwear. The mother and her daughters were sunning themselves in modest bikinis when Gwen and Angela managed to strike up a conversation. The next scene was after dark so they stopped for lunch.

Ruth got to chat to Justine and Kendall and discovered that it wasn’t surprising that they were cool with Clinton’s profession as both member of the casino firmalari couple would happily sleep with their clients not for money but enjoying very generous tips. Kendall had been Clinton’s boyhood friend and they had grown up together with Kenton who was brought up in an orphanage being treated as a member of the family. Now that Justine and Clinton’s parents had moved to Europe they tended to stay on the island in between charters.

“Do you two fancy following in Clintons footsteps.” Asked Jess thinking of how good the pair of them looked.
“Well it’s never come up but the pay is better and those yachts may look glamorous but they are not if you are on them permanently. Why have you a film in mind.”

“No, but we need another male actor and any girl who looks as good as you do Justine has always got a job.”
“Lusting after women now darling.” said Lyn who had been listening on the conversation knowing full well that Jess claimed to be straight. This was a viewpoint somewhat questioned by the facts as Jess could get turned on by a lezzie scene provided it was the right people taking part.

A bit more talking around it and they were agreed particularly as it turned out that both of them could handle a video camera. That the mill building had been refurbished to provide additional accommodation solved the last practical problem.

The afternoon was spent on dull business matters. Jess sat down with Angela in her other role as accountant and book-keeper and went through the finances. All was pretty healthy but it was clear that their marketing let them down as did their whizzy web site that was a pain to use. They were doing OK but could do so much better. Just as Jess’s brain was about to explode a knock came on the door. It was Pam who was nervous of disturbing them.
“Come on in I for one would love a distraction Pam. What can I do you for?”

“I was looking at your web site with Fliss and Jo. Not just the films but the site itself. I don’t want to upset you but the site totally sucks. I liked the films though “

“I know dear, we are going to have to do something about it if we can find someone who is any good at it.”

“I know all the technical stuff I got the job centre to cough up for a course and Mum is really artistic with that kind of thing.” Jess thought we like to keep it in house and if it doesn’t work, we don’t have to send it live. They had high quality internet thanks to their large satellite dish and servers on Lotus Island data centre which was state of the art. As for Lyn being talented that was certainly true, she had given the three of them lovely water colour sketches for Christmas last year.

“Right have a go and we will see what you come up with. I suppose we had better get you a computer in your room. Do you have any idea what sort of one you would need for this sort of stuff?

“Well what I would like is a …” she reeled off a description that mean nothing to jess but clearly did to Gwen who was looking up whether they could get one locally.

“They are really costly though I could manage with something older and cheaper. I think they are around two grand.”
“Not here they aren’t we are less than a hundred miles form the States and in a tax haven. Yuh, we can get one of those for you.”

“You can. Aunt Jess I could kiss you.”

“Nobody’s stopping you.” said Angela with a twinkle in he eyes. Pam saw it and decided to give it a go sitting on Jess’s lap and kissing her on the mouth. Having got used to intimate contact with women hell she had a hand up her pussy, Jess just responded. Angela came around to the two women and joined in. In seconds they were on the rug kissing each other. Jess whipped Pam’s sun dress off, nothing underneath she noted. Her own dress was removed by Angela then Jess and Pam looked each other before disrobing Angela.

They formed a triangle and dived into each other’s pussy. Jess had made sure that she had Pam’s which meant that she was being attended too by Angela. The carpet munching trio had a fine time.
“That beats looking at the books.”

“Barbara is going to be so pissed that I got you to eat me out.”

“I suppose that means I will have to do the same for her then. Do you know how you contact the dyke register for a card, Angela?”

When Lyn found out what had happened, she had the broadest grin you can imagine on her face before taking Jo and Fliss by the hand and leading them off to her bedroom. As predicted Barbara was not impressed so Jess in her turn took the two sisters to her bedroom. As they removed Barbara’s shorts and top, (the other two hadn’t bothered getting dressed after the office orgy.) they heard from next door Jo’s voice screaming Fuck, fuck oh fuck I’m cumming before lapsing into incoherent screams.

Again, they formed a triangle with Jess eating Barbara this time which meant that Pam got to attend to her. A tiny coherent part of her brain analysed the difference in technique between Pan and Angela. Not for long though too much stimulation meant that she quickly dissolved into a pool of unbridled lust. Clearly those nights playing güvenilir casino whilst the Mums were away had been put to good use.

They quickly finished off the lezzie pick that they had started that morning for as Alf pointed out it would be a massive continuity error if one of the actresses suddenly sprouted huge tits. They also had to finish off the first half of the film with Lyn and the girls provisionally entitled like mother like daughter.

The innocent family got invited to a far from innocent party involving the rest of the characters. The innocents lost their clothes but were otherwise uns**thed whilst all around them were fucking away. Then another scene where the mother was beginning to be corrupted this was with Ruth dressed in leather corset and PVC boots and gloves. The mother enjoyed her first Lesbian experience and allowed herself to be dressed similarly.

After the scene Pam and Barbara teased their Mum. “Hey kinky gear you look really hot in that Mum.”

“I am glad you like it because your going to be dressed the same for the last scene. To go with the transformation Lyn sunbathed madly to get a deep all over tan. Sue shaved her and then waxed her pussy but advised her to get electrolysis since waxing hurt. Lyn browned quite quickly A dye job made her blond like the ‘naughty’ people whilst leaving her tits normal. A scene followed where the girls were naked and shaved on set. All watched by their equally naked screen mother.

The next scene had to wait until after the visit to have the two mothers breasts enlarged, they came back with 38 DD beauties and Jess had joined the blond brigade. Just for fun Ruth, Jess and the two girls posed together. All four blond, bronzed and busty. Lyn just sat and watched whilst bouncing her big new tits.

Time for the next scene and now the mother was totally gone over to the dark side having an orgy with the rest of the degenerates wearing her PVC and leather. The two girls watched naked and huddling together but now showing signs of the way they were going being themselves blond and brown with never the hint of a bikini line.

Come Friday the big day for Pam and Barbara’s procedure arrived. Back they came the same size as their friends and lovers to film the final scene when all were totally corrupted. The formerly innocent family with their big new breasts performed for the camera cowgirl style on Pete and Clinton’s cock. In the middle their mother both screen and real bounced on a strap on worn by Ruth. Gwen and Angle finished the ensemble by having Fliss and Jo bouncing on their strap-ons. All dressed in the same under bust leather corset and sky-high PVC boots and gloves.

Somehow after this final erotic scene everyone knew what was going to happen so even the women who were not being filmed had decided to dress the same and Sue the only remaining brunette had joined the blond bimbo’s club.

When Chris called it a wrap and Alf had pushed off, they all looked at each other and went for it. The whole lot of them were really turned on by this kinky but erotic final scene. Inevitably an orgy ensued and they were at for half the night, trying every imaginable combination and position. By mutual agreement nothing was attempted the next day.
As they were lazing around Gwen came over looking confused.

“I am right that you and Lyn are just good friends aren’t I.”

“Well providing just good friends involved being seduced and fucked then yes.”

“I thought so because that is weird. The genetics lab were having a much closer look at your test results. No nasties but all of you share more genes than is normal in particular you and Lyn do. Not what you would expect in siblings but close enough that you would be some level of cousins. What is really interesting is that you both carry the same rare gene. It only has a known genetic effect in men. When a man has it hemizygously, that both parents providing the same gene. Then it causes Renards Syndrome. It’s not serious but when they are tired their face muscles go floppy and they often look a bit lop-sided.”

“Impossible I would of thought. Jess come over here and listen to this.” Gwen repeated what she had been told.
“That’s weird the close genetics we could put down to chance but this Renards gene. Is it really rare Gwen?”
“I looked it up about one in a quarter of a million people.”

“Sheesh, lets talk to Mum.” Ruth when consulted was sceptical at first until the effects of Renards were described.
“I think that you must get it from your grandfather as by the sound of it he had Renards. His face would go all funny if he was tired. Goodness know where Lyn got it from but he was on the technical side of the music industry in London. Could he have had an illegitimate c***d. Its possible. It would be nice to thing that your mother could have been my half-sister. I would have loved to have had a sister.”

“It would be difficult to tell I will ask my doctor friend to see if she can find anything to support the theory that Ruth and your mother could be half siblings.

Lyn and Jess lay in bed with Clinton who was mashed between his busty tarts. Jess had with some relief looked at the law to find that both in England and the Bahamas a relationship between cousins was not i****tuous because somehow without discussion they had become a threesome

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