The 200k photoshoot

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The 200k photoshoot
We all have this one girl in our circle.
Damaged bleached hair with 2cm dark outgrowth.
Big ass sticking out of her sponsored spandex gympants.
In love with the camera, making 100’s of selfies each day.
Narcissistic tendencies. Yes, you guessed it right…
It’s Anna, the selfmade insta-model.
On the hunt for 200K followers she decided to hire a photographer for the next food shoot.
While she couldn’t get a free photographer, she found a cheap one among the real estate classifieds.
Can’t describe the photographer because the add just mentioned:
Robin Hagen
Semi-professional photographer
50% discount on first shoot
[email protected]
This one better be worth the money because Anna already bought the gold 200K balloons.
The appointment was made through email and set for today.

The 200K photoshoot

Anna had everything set up in her kitchen. All the food perfectly displayed.
Her sponsored weight loss tea and energy drink had a prominent place on the kitchen counter.
The lights were in place. The camera right in front on a tripod. It has to be perfect, just like her.

The doorbell rings and Anna opens the door.
A woman in her mid 30’s reached out her right hand.
“Hi, I’m Robin.” she said. “and I am your n”
Before she could finish her sentence Anna interrupted her.
-“You’re an hour early! Well, don’t just stand there. Come in so we can get started.”
Robin gave her a strange look.
-“Follow me to the kitchen. I’ll get you a drink and we can talk.”
“Eh.. okay. Show me the way and I’ll follow.” Robin replied.
-“Oh…and my name is Anna.“
Anna turned around and walks to the kitchen.
Robin got a good glance of Anna’s young body.
“You work out a lot don’t you Anna?”
-“Six days a week, 4 hours per day.” Anna replied. “In my profession I have to look this good.”
“Well… your hard work certainly pays of. You have an amazing body.”
-“Yes, I know.”
As they entered the kitchen, Anna offered Robin to sit on one of the barstools.
Robin takes a seat and let her eyes go over the scene of food and equipment.
Meanwhile Anna was making tea for both of them. kaçak bahis
“You have some big cooking plans today haven’t you?”
-“It’s not about the food. I have to look good to reach 200.000 followers on my Instagram account. And you are going to help me do that by taking pictures.”
“Okay…I like to help you out. Tell me what you have in mind.”
While drinking their tea Anna explained what she wanted and what she expected Robin to do.
Robin smiled because she already had some good ideas in mind.
When they both finished their tea, the shoot could begin.
Anna put on an apron and took her position behind the kitchen counter.
Robin positioned herself behind the camera and took a picture of Anna.

“You have to relax a little Anna. Be more spontaneous.”
-“How do you want me to pose?”
“No, don’t pose… just flirt with the camera. Flirt with me.”
Anna did her best to look natural. She talked into the camera while preparing a smoothy.
She smiled and she was actually having fun.
“Flirt with me….. Yes… oh that is a nice picture. Keep on doing that….. just smile.”
Robin kept on encouraging her while taking pictures.

Then, Robin stepped away from the camera and walked towards Anna.
Anna looked at her with a big smile on her face. She had this strange feeling in her stomach.
Something she had never felt before. And somehow, she couldn’t keep her eyes off of Robin.
“You know Anna, an avocado will always be an avocado. If you want more followers, you have to show more of you.
-“But I have a lot of selfies on my Insta.”
“That is not what I mean by showing more of yourself.”
Robin was standing very close to Anna. Their body’s almost touched.
Anna became a little bit nervous. Just now, she noticed that Robin was wearing a skintight sexy short dress.
Robin had a perfect hourglass figure. Long legs. And she wore lacquer red heels.
Anna’s eyes went all over Robin’s body. From top to bottom and back.
When she was looking at her perfect breasts, she saw that Robin wasn’t wearing a bra.

“I presume you like what you see?”
Anna’s face turned red. She had been staring kaçak iddaa a bit too long to deny the question.
Robin just smiled at her and took her hand.
Anna was trapped between her and the kitchen counter. She couldn’t go anywhere.
Robin pushed herself against Anna. She laid her hands on Anna’s hips.
Then she gave Anna a kiss on the lips. She pulled her head back, waiting for Anna to react.
Anna put one hand behind Robin’s head and the other on her back.
She started to kiss Robin. Both women went totally wild. It looked as if they were eating each other.
When Anna needed to get her breath, Robin took a step back.

“I want to see more of you.” said Robin. “I want to see your naked body.”
-“ first.”
“No problem.” Robin replied as she slowly took of her mini dress.
There she stood in front of Anna. Showing of her beautiful body.
Anna just stared…speechless. Now Robin pulled down her red thong to her knees.
She wiggled her body so her thong would fall on the floor.
When she stepped out of it she said “now it’s your turn.”
Anna didn’t think. She took of the apron. She went on one knee to take of her sneakers.
When she looked up, she was staring straight into Robin’s freshly shaved pussy.
Without hesitation she grabbed Robin’s butt, pulled her towards her face, and started to lick her pussy.
Robin let out a sigh of pleasure. Anna was going all in on her pussy. Licking it and sucking on her clit.
The moaning and heavy breathing of Robin made her so horny. Her tongue slid over her wet slippery pussy.
Robin grabbed the back of her head and pushed it harder against her pussy.
When Robin completely froze, Anna knew she made her cum and stopped licking her.

“Wow, that was amazing Anna. You sure know what you were doing,”
-“Well……actually I have never” Anna stumbled over her words.
“Now it’s my turn to interrupt you.” Robin said with a cheeky smile. “And let’s get you out of your clothes.”
Robin pulled off Anna’s top over her head and pulled the gympants down to her knees.
With one arm, she wiped off all of the fruit from the kitchen counter.
Then güvenilir bahis she took off Anna’s bra and started to kiss her breasts. She went down, kissing her tummy.
When she pulled down Anna’s panties, she said “Sit on the kitchen counter.”
Anna put her hands on the edge of the kitchen counter and lifted herself up.
Now, Robin took off her panties and gympants.
“What a beautiful body you have Anna. I’m going to have so much fun with you.”
She gently directed Anna to lay down on the kitchen counter.
They kissed each other a few times while Robin’s hands where all over Anna’s body.
Then Robin kissed her way down to Anna’s perfect pink pussy.
She put her head under Anna’s left leg and started licking her pussy.
Anna moaned softly. She moved her lower body on the rhythm of Robin’s licking tongue.
She closed her eyes and started caressing her own breasts.
Robin really enjoyed licking her.
-“Oh my god.” gasped Anna. “I think I’m gonna cum.”
Now Robin started to lick even faster. Anna’s breathing became heavier as she got closer to her orgasm.
All of a sudden Anna squirted all over Robin’s face. Anna looked startled at Robin’s wet dripping face.

-“Oh no…I’m so sorry.” Anna sighed “I’m so embarrassed.”
She grabbed a towel and started to dry Robin’s face.
-“I don’t know what came over me. Get dressed. You need to go. Now.”
Anna used the towel to clean the kitchen counter while Robin put on her dress.
-“Again, I’m very sorry, but you have to go. Maybe we’ll see each other another time.”
“Oh I’m sure we will. Definitely.” Robin replied while walking to the front door.
When Anna heard the front door closing, she noticed Robin’s red thong on the floor.
She picked it up an ran to the door. When she opened the door, she looked into an empty hallway.
-“That’s strange.” she wondered out loud.
Because she was still naked, she went back to her kitchen to get dressed.
Just as she picked up the apron, the doorbell rings.
She quickly puts the apron over her head to cover her naked body.
Anna ran to the door again, with the thong still in her hand.
While opening the front door she said –“ You forgot your red..”
Then she froze.

-“Sorry sir, I thought you were someone else.” she stumbled while hiding the thong behind her back.
“Oh hi,…eh..I’m Robin…the photographer. Can I come in?”

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