Straight men aren’t Cum Sluts!

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Straight men aren’t Cum Sluts!
Summary: A man mistakenly watches a cock themed hypnosis video with rapid consequences.

Eric closed his laptop with a sigh, its power light blinking a few times before it stopped. He rubbed at his eyes as they adjusted to the dim light. He tossed the wadded up tissue full of cum into the nearby bin and stood up. He changed into his bed clothes, switched off the lamp and got into bed.

He lay there unable to sleep. His mind buzzing with a night’s worth of graphic pornography. He thought back to what had happened, still somewhat confused.


That night had been much more of a marathon session than usual. He had started on Reddit as usual, enjoying some of the more adventurous posts on /r/gonewild before moving towards some of the more hardcore options.

Eventually, deep into his masturbation marathon, he got a bit friskier and his inhibitions lowered. He found his way to some tumblr pages. Some weird ones. Kinky ones.

Eric’s dick had twitched when he found the page called “Bi-Caps”. A page full of pictures focused on sucking dick. Eric had never found himself attracted to a man before, but aroused as he was the running theme of bisexual encouragement turned him on. He remembered clicking through the first few pages of images relatively quickly before he found one that caught his eye. It had been intriguing, as it was the first animated image he had seen on the page. There was a small white cross in the center that drew his eye while images of well hung men, tgirls with giant packages, and impressive cumshows flashed across the screen. There were captions on many of the images:

suck dick

swallow cum

crave it

deepthroat it

cock addict

fill your mouth with dick.

It went on and on.

He had kept watching. He wasn’t sure why. As he did, he could have sworn there was the barest hint of words appearing between the images, not just on them. He could not quite work out what they said, but he stared hard to try. His dick had gotten so hard then as he stroked in time with the flashing images. It had drooled precum like a faucet. He had stared at the images without blinking, simply absorbing the messages, his arm stroking mechanically.

He had blinked and, suddenly, he was having a tremendous orgasm; his cumshot easily soaking through the double wad of tissue he was using to prevent a mess. He felt drained, his eyes hurt, and he could taste something slightly salty on his lips. Looking at the clock on his laptop display, he was shocked to see it read 12.57am. He wondered how he had lost track of time so badly.


Laying in bed and thinking back to the hypnosis image had gotten his dick fully hard again. He tried to clear his mind, thinking about the work he had to get done in the office tomorrow. It was difficult, but eventually he was distracted enough to fall asleep.

Eric tossed and turned all night, moaning in his sleep. When he woke up, he didn’t remember much about his dreams. Although, he vaguely remembered a few involving large penises…

Eric rolled out of bed, trudging towards his bathroom as he rubbed the sleep from his eyes. He got all the way to the shower before he noticed his dick was rock hard, with a small wet spot visible on his pajama pants. Thankfully, his housemate Sam was not up yet.

‘Man that would have been awkward,’ he thought.

Taking his shirt off, Eric pulled his pants down past his throbbing cock. He looked down in confusion at the hardest erection he had ever had.

‘I don’t get this hard jerking off let alone waking up in the morning,’ he thought.

He wrapped his hand around it in curiosity and moaned at his own touch. His 5″ dick ached as he slowly began to stroke himself. He didn’t intend to jerk himself off, but five quick strokes later and his seed spilled all over the shower door. He groaned in satisfaction as he pumped out rope after rope of jizz. It must have been 8 or 9 heavy squirts before he was done.

Opening his eyes, he saw rivers of his man-cream slowly running down the shower door. He licked his lips and found himself salivating at the sight. He stretched a finger towards one of the more substantial rivulets before he shook himself out of his trance. He opened the shower door and turned the taps on. Absentmindedly, he licked the top of his right hand. He tasted a salty, warm fluid on his tongue. Looking down, he saw that he had licked some cum off the back of his hand. Some of it must have oozed out of his cockhead at the end of his orgasm, he thought. He expected to be disgusted at the taste, but he found himself swirling it around in his mouth before swallowing it.

‘Not bad,’ an inner voice said.

‘Wait, what?’ He thought in confusion.

Eric stood in front of the open shower, listening to the water splash down the drain. Slowly, his eyes crept back to the cum that was starting to cool on the shower door. He didn’t want to, but slowly his eyes glazed over and he dropped to his knees. He got closer and closer to his own seed, eventually sticking his tongue. The tip of his tongue finally met its salty prize. It sent electricity through his tastebuds. Eric set himself before he took a big lick, taking a large dollop of cum into his mouth. He quickly swallowed, and gave a quick moan of appreciation before he went back for more. In a crazed state, he licked up and swallowed every drop of cum.

‘What the fuck did I just do?’ His thoughts were in turmoil.

He quickly got in the shower, hoping he could wash the shame away along with last night’s sweat.

Eric washed himself, but illegal bahis siteleri the strong taste of semen in his mouth reminded him of what he had just done.

‘What is wrong with me?’



Eric sat in his cubicle, head in his hands, sweat practically dripping from his forehead. He looked at the clock for the thousandth time only to groan in frustration. ‘Not even 4 o’clock,’ he thought. It felt like he had been there forever. His pants were tight with another inconvenient erection.

“Eric, have you finished those proofreads yet?” a voice said from behind him. Eric spun around in his chair, towards the voice behind him, and found the crotch of some tight grey trousers at eye level. After a moment’s pause, his eyes panned up and he saw his boss’ face.

“Uhhh, not yet sir”, he replied. “They will be on your desk by Monday morning. I promise.” Eric’s eyes flicked back down to his crotch. He licked his lips as he looked at what appeared to be quite an impressive bulge.

‘Looks like a nice fat dick,’ he thought.

“Ok, I guess that’s fine,” his boss said. When Eric’s attention remained elsewhere, he continued “Eric? Eric, what the hell’s wrong with you?”

Eric blinked and shook his head when he realized his boss was still talking to him. “Sorry, boss. I’m not feeling well. I’m all spaced out,” he said.

‘And you have a nice dick,’ he thought.

“Hmm. OK. Just don’t mess up those proofreads,” his boss said as he walked away.

The clock finally hit 5pm and the rest of the office emptied out quickly. Everyone wanting to get a start on the weekend. Once he was the last one there, he awkwardly made his way to the men’s room; his cockbulging obscenely. He made his way to the last cubicle, slamming the door closed as he fumbled with his belt. Freeing his cock was greatly satisfying. Almost as satisfying as grabbing it with his fist and jerking furiously, spraying his man-juice into his cupped hand just seconds later.

He moaned as he looked down at the pool of cum in his hand, his mouth watering.

‘What the hell is wrong with me?’ He thought to himself.

He sighed in frustration before bringing his hand to his mouth and slurping down a mouthful of cum. He licked up the droplets that trickled down off his palm. The salty flavor filled his mouth and nose. A familiar taste after today’s weirdness. As he swallowed, his cock twitched again in arousal.

Eric tucked his cock back into his pants and buckled his belt. He wiped some cum off his face with the back of his hand before rushing back to his desk. He grabbed his things, and headed home.


Eric had googled his symptoms. Unfortunately, searching for things like “excessively hard erection” and “cum addiction” was not particularly helpful. His dick was red and sore from the attention it had already received today, but it didn’t stop him from tugging it again as he found himself looking at the pictures of hung men receiving enthusiastic blowjobs, that Google had helpfully provided him.

It took another two orgasms (and the related cumguzzling) before he was spent enough to fall asleep.

Large cocks filled his dreams again that night. It was probably an even split between well muscled men and buxom shemales. Regardless of the owner of the dick, it was always Eric on his knees. Whispers in his ear: suck it, eat cum, faggot. Sometimes he found himself with the dick deep in his throat. Sometimes he was on his knees, mouth open and waiting for a load of cum on his face. The taste of cum lingered in his mouth throughout all of the dreams.

A large dick sprayed jism over his face and in his hair. He scooped the warm fluid into his mouth and was moaning with depraved pleasure when he woke up from his dream. A wet sticky sensation in his underwear let him know how much he had enjoyed his vivid dreams.


Eric parked his car in the gym’s underground car park. The past 24hrs had been so stressful, he needed to unwind.

‘Hopefully some vigorous exercise will help me get my head straight,’ he thought.

He swiped in through the security doors and headed for the change rooms. The change room was all white tiles and metal lockers. It had a muggy feel from the nearby shower. He was grateful it was empty so he wouldn’t need to interact with anyone. He went to the nearest locker, opened it, and stashed his belongings before going back to the gym floor.

He had just finished a set at the squat rack when he heard someone else walking around the gym. He looked over and saw a well built black man filling his drink bottle at the bubbler. He was probably 6’4″ and heavily muscled. The man finished filling up his drink bottle and walked towards a nearby bench, nodding politely as he passed Eric.

Eric went back to squatting, but couldn’t help sneaking peeks at the man. The man started benching an impressive amount as Eric looked on. However, his attention was quickly drawn elsewhere. A large bulge in the man’s gym shorts was a magnet for his gaze. He was so distracted he stood there with weights on his shoulders without moving, just staring.

“You enjoying yourself?” a deep voice asked him. It was the black man. Eric blinked, realising he had been staring and perhaps even drooling.

“Oh. Um. Sorry, I was thinking about something. Lost in my own world,” Eric replied with an unconvincing smile.

He finish his set, toweled off his sweat and he turned around. He found the black man standing there looking at him.

“Hey, white boy. I got something I think you’ll like,” the man said canlı bahis siteleri while cupping his crotch. Eric’s eyes followed the gestured and became glued to the large oblong shape clearly outlined by the thin material. He could tell the man was packing a massive cock. And no underwear. Eric flushed and stuttered, “I-I-I don’t know what you mean, sir.”

“I think you’ll like the taste of my chocolate popsicle, slut.”

“I don’t need to put up with this. I’m leaving.”

Unfortunately, the growing bulge in his own pants, showed how close to home those remarks were. The man was clearly aware of Eric’s attention as he wiggled his cock back and forth for Eric’s entertainment.

Eric swallowed the saliva that was building up in his mouth and walked away quickly, trying to hide his awkward erection. The sound of deep chuckling followed him as he went.


Eric was soaping himself up in the showers as he tried to forget the conversation he had just had. However, his raging erection made this somewhat hard to put out of his mind. He thought about rubbing one out to relieve the issue, but he didn’t want to get caught. He would just try to think unsexy thoughts.

Eric put his head under the shower head, rinsing the shampoo out of his hair. As he washed his hair, the rushing water was all he could hear. It disguised the sound of approaching footsteps. He jerked in surprise when he heard the sound of a second shower next to him.

He turned his head to see the black man from before looking at him, hand testing the temperature of the shower. The man was completely naked and facing towards him, a big black flaccid cock hung between his legs. Eric’s eyes were drawn to the thick column of flesh. He couldn’t help it. It was huge. It must be 7″ flaccid. He licked his lips, the water of the shower pounding unnoticed on the side of his face.

The man gave a brief chuckle before reaching down to grab his dick and shake it. It flopped back and forth in its flaccid state.

“I knew you wanted to taste my chocolate, white boy”, the man said as the meat in his hand slowly began to fill with blood, “get over here and suck my cock.”

The black dick was quickly hardening to a concerningly large size. Eric looked down at his 5″ and longingly back to the increasingly monstrous cock in front of him. Eric found himself walking across the shower room, lured by the delicious looking cock on offer.

“On your knees”, the man said. “Now.”

“Yes, sir”, he replied after a moment, swaying slightly as if in a daze before dropping to the wet floor. The shower stream splashed off the man’s ebony torso to spray on his face. He ignored the water as he stared at the black b**st bobbing just a few inches in front of him. It was harder still now.

“Now open your mouth and say ‘ahhh’.”

Eric swallowed his nerves and opened his mouth as wide as he could, “ahhh”. His face tilted upwards, his mouth wide open and his tongue sticking out as far as it could.

“That’s right, you little bitch. I can’t wait to try out your hot little faggot mouth.”

Eric moaned at the crass language, but stayed where he was. He couldn’t help himself. There was nothing he wanted more right now than a big cock in his mouth.

The man grabbed the shaft of his penis and fed it into Eric’s mouth, moaning at the warmth. Eric moaned at the feeling of his mouth being filled, lips stretched to their limit around its thick black girth. He gloried in his first taste of cock, its heady flavor making his mouth water. His tongue flicked along the bottom of the shaft and he tried to take the head deeper into his mouth.

He barely made it halfway before it bottomed out with a small gag. He paused a moment to recollect himself and was about to try again when he felt two big hands grab him by the side of his head. He had time enough to eke out a sound of protest before the man began to fuck his face, black cock thrusting violently in and out of his mouth.

Eric gagged instantly as the fat cock head rammed against the entrance of his throat. His eyes teared up and his stomach did backflips as he did his best to keep control of his breakfast. The man didn’t let up in the slightest, sawing his dick in and out of Eric’s mouth at breakneck speed, his lips dragging up and down its ebony length. Eric was gagging almost uncontrollably and tears were streaming down his face, but if the strength of his erection was anything to go by he was loving every second of it.

The hands on his head pulled Eric forward with intent, forcing his face closer and closer to the nest of pubes hiding the base of the anaconda that was currently invading his throat. Eric felt his throat open up and the thick head make its way down inside. One more jerk of the hips and it was finally balls deep in Eric’s throat, the pubes tickling at his lips as he tried not to vomit.

“That’s it, bitch. Open up that throat for me.”

The dick in Eric’s throat clearly had no intention of vacating the space any time soon as the large hands remained clasped around his skull. He quickly ran out of air. He tapped on the man’s thighs to let him know he needed to breath, but it had no effect. A few more seconds went by and the panic began to rise. White spots began to appear in his vision and the thudding of his heartbeat thundered in his ears. Darkness was growing at the corner of his vision when the hands finally loosened their grasp.

Eric pulled back and alternated between gasping for air and dry retching. It took a good solid minute before he had recovered enough to even look up at the man. bahis firmaları

The black man looked down at him with amusement, one of his big hands stroking up and down his stiff prick before saying, “considering how big of a cock whore you are, I was expecting you to be better at this.” A smirk was plastered on his face.

“I’m not a…c-cock whore. gasp. I’ve never done this before. gasp. I’m not gay. gasp. Why are you doing this to me?” Eric replied in between deep breaths.

“Hahaha. I did this to you? All I did was show you my dick and you dropped to your knees faster than a $2 hooker. Which, considering you’re doing this just for your love of cock, makes sense, I guess. Plus I can see how much you’re enjoying yourself.” The man’s words were accompanied by a gesture to Eric’s rigid erection. Eric looked down in shame and saw precum practically pouring from his erection.

“Anyway, break’s over. Back to sucking, faggot. But, I’ll be nice and let you set the pace,” the man said, taking his hand off his dick, “let you savour the taste of your ‘first dick’.” Eric could almost taste the sarcasm. It seemed to taste a lot like dick.

He took a half step forward, twisting his hips to bring the head of his cock in heavy contact with Eric’s drool covered lips. Eric sat stone still, eyes glued to the glorious phallus in front of him as his mind raced.

After a moment’s hesitation, Eric’s tongue flicked out to lightly swipe at the beautiful plum sized cock head framed by its foreskin housing. He found himself enjoying the salty taste. He reached up and gripped the shaft, stroking slowly as he tongue bathed the cock head. As he was able to take his time, Eric revelled in the experience. He started at the head before trying to lick every inch of the lovely fleshy rod in his hands. After he had lovingly bathed it from top to bottom, he returned to the tip to get more of the salty goodness. He licked enthusiastically at the slit as his hand began to jerk faster and faster. He lapped up the leaking precum greedily.

“Put it in your mouth”, the man said quietly.

It wasn’t obvious if Eric heard the command, but his mouth opened and slowly engulfed the object of his desire. He kept up the jerking motion of his hand and the swirling of his tongue. He moaned as his mouth filled with a jet of salty precum, swirling it around his mouth before swallowing with pleasure. He began sliding his mouth further and further down the shaft, making embarrassingly loud gurgling sounds as he slurped on his new obsession. The man was making encouraging noises, but they were falling on deaf ears.

After several minutes of administering to the big black cock, Eric was in lust induced frenzy. His head was slamming back and forth on the dick in his mouth, its head butting against his throat with each thrust. He was beginning to get used to the sensation of having an alien object deep in his throat, his gagging was less frequent and less intense as he continued to make love to the black dick.

Eric was contemplating a further attempt at deepthroating, this time with a bit more control, when he noticed the man’s member was rock hard, throbbing deep in his mouth. Eric’s mind cleared a bit, and he realized the man’s hands were grasping the sides of his head again. The man groaned loudly. The cock in his mouth pulsed strongly and a moment later Eric found a torrent of cum gushing into his mouth, splashing the back of his throat and coating his mouth in viscous fluid. He moaned in pleasure as he felt it spurt in his mouth. The man’s hands clamped down as he thrust wildly into Eric’s mouth. His mouth rapidly filled with the thick salty man cream. He swallowed as fast as he could, the salty slimy fluid oozing down his throat, but the man dumped such a massive load in his mouth that it began seeping out of the corner of his mouth. After what felt like a dozen big spurts, the man’s balls were finally emptied.

He felt a rush of pleasure and a drop deep in his abdomen before he felt his own penis spasm with pleasure as ejaculated his own hot cum all over the shower floor tiles.

The man slowly drew his cock out of Eric’s mouth, breathing heavily. Eric swallowed the last of the delicious cum in his mouth and used his finger to scoop the cum off his chin and into his mouth.

“Wow. You’ve got it bad, don’t you. Cumming just from being a cumslut.”

“What’s wrong with me? I’m straight…I like girls…” Eric whined petulantly, his mind finally waking up again. He looked up at the man, and the semi hard black dick he had just serviced, and shuddered at the thought of what he had just done.

The man stepped under a nearby shower to rinse off before responding.

“Straight men aren’t cumsluts, buddy. They don’t suck cock. You’re are gay as they come. But if you ever want more chocolate milk, I’m happy to help you out.” the man said, grabbing his cock provocatively. The man grabbed his towel and left without saying anything else.

Eric sat there pitifully, his mouth full of the taste of cum and his knees hurting.

Eventually, he got to his feet and stepped under the shower, hoping it would wash away his memories. Unfortunately, the opposite happened with his mind replaying the scene over and over again.

After 5 min of standing there lost in his thoughts, he heard the sound of another shower. He looked around and saw a lean black man soaping himself up. Eric’s eyes dropped down to see an huge black circumcised penis. His gut dropped as he felt the need rising. The need to suck cock again . He turned the shower off and practically ran to him.

“What is wrong with me,” he thought as he dropped to his knee’s looking up at his new black friend. Smile he said Go ahead touch it and suck it white boy you know you can’t resist a Big Black Cock.

Unfortunately, things were only just getting started.

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