Step Sibling Encounters: Homework

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Step Sibling Encounters: Homework

Delia Rogers and Ted McDonald like any concerned parents with senior college aged siblings tried to keep homework on their blended family agenda. You know the talk: balance the social life with some genuine academic rigour. Well this was worth a try as Delia and Ted felt failures in trying to get J’Arnie and Hamish to cooperate with a rostered contribution to stuff like washing up, clean the loo or raking up a few autumn leaves.

So it was back to the basic: the not too much to ask: just keep up the frickin grade point average. Well it seemed too much to ask of both J’Arnie and Hamish… as a pair of letters arrived from their college a couple of weeks after the supposed study weekend: stating both step siblings had overdue assignments and if they were not submitted by the end of the current week it would make passing the internal component of their assessment very difficult and mean they would require outstanding exam results to bridge the % gap.

Now this surprised the usually unflappable Mrs Rogers; as recently the seemingly mature pair had organised a study sleepover weekend with Hamish’s mate Jonesy and his adopted sister Lucy.

Delia and Ted who had attended a junket conference were both left thinking: well what the fuck had they got up to…partying and games.

Hamish had actually thought it was a study weekend… hopefully broken by some one on one and sinking a few hoops with Jonesy. Fuck knows what J’Arnie and Lucy would do with some down time: paint their nails, shave their legs…shave their…no J’Arnie wasn’t bi or was she? Hamish liked the idea of shaving his step sister’s coochie though…he would have to arrange for that experience soon.

More immediately as his dad and step mum drove away for the weekend: Hamish started to sticky note chapters in textbooks and library science journals to ensure that two major pesky biology and physics assignments were put behind him over the this weekend. He had even penned an outline of a study roster for their group: covering force, energy, mass, asexual reproduction… etc…

The only physical matter, forcefulness and energy release J’Arnie had in mind for the step parent free weekend, centred on the centre of her private universe…her coochie. And as for biology; well only human anatomy; her own, guys and other chicks… held any interest.

‘Fuck asexual reproduction….well probably not…” she realised.

Cameron ‘Jonesy’ Jones had no idea how the weekend would unfold beyond a careful plagiarising of Hamish’s two finished assignments and a few slam dunks outside the garage as he arrived at his mates place with his ‘sister’.

Lucy Jones was excited. Not about the study. Hell she was a normal senior college lass.

Fuck study when there was a serious ‘fucking’ opportunity. It was J’Arnie. Her brunette friend had worked her over a few times in heated petting sessions at her place: their tongues exploring each other’s mouths and their fingers getting under the lacey bits on their chests and between their shaved legs. Lucy was hopeful for some undressed and some hot shared, dirty intimate time while the guys did their guy stuff, shooting endless mindless hoops.

“Well let’s get these frickin assignments rolled out of the way…work first then play” said Hamish, steadfast and stanch in the immediate moment for staying on task.

He hadn’t counted on J’Arnie’s resolute deviant sidetracking: “Oh party pooper…throw a few hoops with Jonesy …Lucy and I need some gossip time”

Lucy Jones was crafty careful not to appear over eager but she was in her mind already anticipating her first taste of J’Arnie’s cunny or for the record any girl’s pussy.

Hamish and Jonesy blithely ignorant of the lesbian lust about to unfold on the lounge while they were out by the garage; wasting energy on one on one when seriously they could have been fucking each other’s canlı kaçak iddaa ‘sister’ or even their own…right there on the sofa.

J’Arnie didn’t waste any time pressing her body into Lucy’s and sticking her tongue in her friend’s mouth. The risqué, racy, lewdness opportunism and keeping it going till the guys came back inside was her plan… if it unfolded…beyond that it was pragmatic sensory self pleasure as her only agenda item.

Lucy was over ready and pulled her brunette bestie down on to the white leather, which went pf-ft under their collapsing but frenzied energetic bods. There was the hasty, hurried and lustfully abrupt removal of jeans, t-shirts and bras. Two young women had their hands directly on what they were seeking, soft inviting chest flesh and cute pink nipples.

Urgency had a name and it was titties. Two young college misses were sucking and fondling with speedy intent for pleasure.

J’Arnie was temporarily fixated on Lucy’s nipples because that was basically the adopted lasses only fem-chest accessories.

Put politely and deflatedly from her own actual view and mental viewpoint… Lucy was flat chested. The padded under wire bra was her secret cheating buddy.

J’Arnie had had her nipple fun and zeroed in on her flat chested friend’s pinkish panties… but Lucy hesitated and folded up her legs, her hands locked over her knees:
“Whoa bestie… the guys are just out through there”, indicating the french doors.

“Relax honey…they will be half an hour at least or more…you know guys once they start a game” said J’Arnie, reaching and flicking the elastic on the thigh of Lucy’s watermelon hued knickers.

“You bitch…but shouldn’t we go upstairs…I want you ….. this is risky”

“Listen bitch…I want you here and now…and besides a good root, after I prep your pussy and arse up, will really get you going”

Lucy was taken aback, she had only had a couple of demure fucks with the same guy under the sheets and in the dark, she was small bosom conscious …as she queried; “What screw your step brother?”

“No sweetie …he’s mine” and J’Arnie looked Lucy directly in her eyes, “You need Cameron honey…learn to make the most of available needy cock under your own roof…on call, accessible 24/7 honey…besides you are not strictly related”

“No way…I’ve never seen his cock and I don’t want him seeing my hopeless breasts”

J’Arnie had had enough chit chat for the minute and just forced her friend’s legs apart. Well that’s not truthful. If Lucy’s pathetic effort was resistance, J’Arnie’s fingers and tongue were going to get easy access into every crevice, just like that…and they did.

Lucy was actually guiding her brunette bestie’s head down between her legs. Nature allocates flesh deposits and it seemed all the missing chest puffiness had been apportioned between Ms Lucy Jones legs…this was the bulging camel toe

J’Arnie was rapt; she had felt the cute puffed-up bulging cleft…but now had the complete eye full and would soon have the chock-full, mouthful.

“Jeez you have a pretty pussy…it’s so nice…” said J’Arnie and she didn’t add to it as her face burrowed between her friend’s thighs, licking her sweet cracks in turn…first her cunny , then her pretty fetching arsehole.

Lucy’s pushed the brunette’s black petite knickers to the side over her arse cheek and got two fingers working the edges and around her favourite hole not counting those on her own body. Then she shot one digit into her friend’s arsehole.

“Oh fuck you bitch…yeah…push it in…I like that…mmm…mmm”

Fuck they were moaning together in self engrossed girly happiness. The right bits were being worked up fast… prodded, jabbed, and then really spread…wide and indecent…which always feels best…got to love the stretch…and they both knew it….one arse gaped, one pussy gawped.

Hamish and Jonesy had been working canlı casino the one on one out by the garage; upping the physical aggression stakes…till the inevitable big boy’s body collision and the blonde point guard went down and bounced straight back up with a grazed elbow.

“Oh shit…let’s call it quits…get a drink…and I’ll need some plaster for this…and get the girls started” said Hamish….

“Fuck” said Cameron at the french doors….

Hamish however was stunned silence…he liked the boyish flat chested look on Lucy. He couldn’t see her pussy; J’Arnie’s head was buried there. Though he could see his stepsister’s cunny being stretched by three of Lucy’s probing fingers. And her other hand had two fingers deep in the brunette’s ever widening arsehole.

Jonesy was gobsmacked … there was way too much randy girly flesh in his field of vision and the intensity and their enjoyment of their lewdness: well…it was his fucking sister…then he thought…well adopted …thank god… being eaten out and finger fucking his mates step sister.

Hamish had wondered if J’Arnie was bi…here was the proof…he was enjoying the evidence.

And like detectives observing a scene carefully…the two young men… took everything in and then weighed into the scene…well watching lezzies is okay… but fucking the bitches if they reside in your home…well its indescribable…
Hamish told Jonesy to dog J’Arnie from behind. He would fill Lucy up.

Well the brunette step sister got the first fucking surprise but not the last of the weekend… as the active filling fingers in her slit were replaced by a fat erect pecker, sliding in and out of her super moist coochie.

The adopted sister got the next lounge surprise as a sweet girly tongue was replaced by Hamish’s long stiff rod between her raised legs.

The blonde stepbrother was impressed by Lucy’s puffy eager camel toe and was working his dick pleasurably in deep thrusts… but what had him excited beyond usual was her near boyish chest. Two barely formed breasts and their awesome nipples dominating.

Lucy was wriggling around wildly. She was watching herself being fucked for the first time and it was a turn on, watching cock, pound in and out of her pussy.

J’Arnie was moaning and staring in the same instance. She was groaning with pleasure at Jonesy’s meat drilling into her from behind and staring at the stark stunning, sight of Hamish and Lucy really enjoying fucking each other senseless.

The deviant in the brunette had enough will power to turn remarkable teen group sex into outrageous, naughty, forever memorable ‘family’ sex.

Denying her pussy immediate pleasure the brunette was slurping her own juices into her gob from Cameron’s hard, hard shaft. J’Arnie wanted it as stiff as she could get it …as it was being shaped up for Lucy. No ifs or buts…unless she wanted her butt filled too…that was the flat chested bestie’s choice…but she was getting her ‘brother’.

Lucy saw J’Arnie swallowing her brother’s cock. Fuck Cameron had a cute pecker.

Ms Jones felt the need to copycat her bestie and had Hamish’s pork sword in her sweet mouth. Her first head job and she was doing swell.

Hamish was appreciating it and never would have guessed she was an oral novice.

J’Arnie was adroit and sneaky as she guided the change. It was cock for cock. Ease Lucy over the edge into ‘sibling’ sex.

Cameron didn’t give a fuck who was sucking his sausage. It needed a mouth. It needed a pussy. It currently had his adopted sister’s cute lips.

Suddenly Lucy was spread on the couch and the pussy invitation for Cameron Jones was Ms Jones, and Jonesy didn’t falter.

Hamish was in his step sister, she was riding him, grinding down and easing up high, then spiking down again; she wanted to keep an eye on Lucy too.

The girls were really moaning with delight. Pure cock in pussy delight. Then kaçak casino they were frickin groaning with heavenly pleasure, as first Hamish, then Jonesy following his mates lead…went the back cavern …on the sibling they were with.

Master Jones who hadn’t given his flat chested ‘sister’ a sexual thought or sexual glance or perv in his life, beyond , ‘god she is flat chested’ , was fixated on her tight arsehole and she was gawking down between her own legs, watching her ‘brother’s’ pecker dig into her crack flesh and pucker mould it out. She was gasping with new found delight in her body.

J’Arnie was enjoying a regulation anal drilling. Hamish was in the groove and prodding deep. Her excitement and orgasm came mostly today from watching Lucy right next to her … her bestie was getting creamed in her arse.

Cameron and his ‘sister’ were stupefied by the carnal creaminess that came oozing out of Lucy’s raw open starfish…that was till they heard Hamish groan and jolt into J’Arnie’s arse a few times and saw too the brunette’s buggered, blasted crack, seeping a big wad of creamy cum around her ring. Fuck did her butt hole look satisfied.

Well four young college students were all very pleased with themselves. Contentment at A+.

As for those frickin assignments they had no chance of any rating except miserable F’s for not being submitted.

J’Arnie’s agenda not Hamish’s dominated the whole of the remaining weekend. Lucy was her willing accomplice. The two guys never stood a chance. Guys never stand a chance when pussy and girly arse go snooping for cock…and these two were addicts.

The weekend was over as far as any work went…too much young cock and too much tantalising, raunchy, exposed pussy and arse ring, were constantly on call for uninhibited exploration…..

Delia Rogers was still holding two college letters with the same information….assignments not submitted…and was thinking… ‘How did you get a teenager with something important…?’

Well the four college mavericks could have answered that one easily….

Still: Delia Rogers was left cogitating: ‘It’s a waste of your bloody effort to ask teens to frickin study….yet what the fuck had the four teens been up to if not studying for those forty–eighty hours?’

However she was a caring mum…and thought…’Oh well another, this time mid week sleepover, as J’Arnie had requested yesterday and they may improve’….

Yes the four free spirits… all improved a lot…J’Arnie was so pleased; that Lucy achieved the big double AA .

Oh the double A, yeah, two big boy cocks gouging out her arse; beaten to this seemingly off limits, beyond the pale sexual activity, by a brazen flat chested girl.

Yes J had prepped Lucy’s arse , yes she had prepped her pussy too, but for her intended first DP.

Lucy was way ahead, fast on track to be the country’s newest slattern slut adult video star, she just guided Hamish’s cock into her tight arse and as her brother Jonesy went to fill her juicy pussy, she wiggled and jiggled her body, used her fingers with amazing dexterity, and double slotted two cocks in her now over stretched arsehole. It stretched the pleasure gradient in her mind too.

Double cock, a massive pleasure jolt.

She felt she would split open but it was worth it. Indescribable pulses of pure plateau pleasure. In the instance her awareness of her arse was super heightened. She could feel both dicks snug and jostling in her expanded cramped crack.

“Orrgh Jesus, orrgh fuck, orrgh, orrgh” she repeated. Tears welling in her eyes. Pleasure and terror joined.

J’Arnie was mesmerised; her arse was getting this too, it just looked frickin so wrongly right. An impossible combination creating excruciating pleasure, on the cusp of the bodily preposterous.

The guys, well they weren’t thinking, they were just cock drilling together in the most crowded of space. They literally creamed her arse together.

J”Arnie then drove her bestie delirious, as she slurried with her tongue tip and then vacuum slurped a surfeit of jizz from Lucy’s over sensitive , involuntary flexing ; debauched, debased, defiled arse-hole.

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