Snowy’s Black Debut

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Snowy’s Black Debut
Snowy rang the bell at the side door marked “JLS Studios” of a rather imposing house in North Hollywood. Her appointment was for 9:30 a.m. and she was a bit early. The job had been advertised only once–for a “petite” girl for a photo and video shoot, no experience required, a rarity in the LA area. She didn’t want to miss the chance.

A tall, thin black man answered the door.

“Hello, are you Miss Newland?”

“Yes sir, I’m here about the modeling job.”

“Come right in. I’m Jerome Sutter. You’re right on time.”

Snowy followed him into the house, slightly surprised at finding a black man as her prospective employer, but reassured by his mature, professional manner. Jerome appeared to be in his 50s, nearly bald with graying temples. The house was spacious and tastefully decorated.

“Come into my office and let’s talk about it.” His voice was smooth and pleasing.

“Thank you, Mr. Sutter.”

Jerome was pleasantly surprised by the girl’s polite demeanor, as well as by her fresh, unspoiled appearance. This one might be what he had been looking for. After weeks of interviewing the incoherent airheads who seemed to populate Southern California, he had all been given up hope of finding the right subject to meet the requirements of one his most discriminating, and wealthy, client. After having given up for several weeks he decided to place another ad.

“Now, Miss Newland, how old are you?” All teenagers looked alike to him. She could easily be 15 as far as he could tell.

“I’m just 18. I graduated from high school last month. Here’s my driver’s license so you can see.” She felt embarrassed at looking so young.

Jerome glanced at it. “Good. Do you have experience modeling?”

“I’m afraid not. I’ve always been interested in fashion magazines and movies, of course. And I’ve long dreamed of modeling or acting…” She blushed. “I guess like most other girls do, but I’m much too short for modeling and rather shy. But I want the chance to try.” She looked up at him in the full bloom of youthful hopefulness.

Jerome liked her honesty. “That’s all right. I work for special clients who want something out of the ordinary. I have a client now who wants a particular photo series featuring a young blonde on the petite side. You look about right. How tall are you?” He had noticed she was wearing heels, probably about two or three inches.

“I’m just five feet,” she said, dispirited. “I wish I were taller.”

“That’s not a problem. Do you like to wear heels?”

“Oh yes. They make my legs look much longer.” She smiled, relieved that he saw a way around her short stature.

“Would you mind wearing very high heeled shoes? They not only make you taller, as you say, but very attractive, too.” He smiled.

“I would like to. I’ve always wanted to try those high platform shoes, but my parents wouldn’t approve.”

“Good. In this job you’d wear platform shoes with five or six-inch heels. That would make you more than tall enough.”

“I would love to,” she said eagerly.

Jerome thought she would do nicely; her refreshing innocence and sweetness were exactly what he was looking for.

“Now, Miss Newland, I need you to sign this consent form, which is just a formality, and then we’ll take some practice photos. After that I’ll show them to my client and let you know if I can offer you the job. Come and meet my assistant, Danielle, who will help you get ready.”

Snowy signed it quickly and followed him to a large room set up with all kinds of lights and cameras, many of them on tripods. A self-assured woman in her forties greeted her with a professional nod and told her to follow her upstairs. Snowy noticed that she was dressed fashionably, in a short black skirt and spiky heels. This must be what it’s like to be in the modeling business, she thought.

“What’s your name,” asked Danielle.

“My real name if Patricia but everyone calls me Snowy because of my nearly white hair.”

“Yes, I can see that. Your hair is about the lightest blonde I’ve seen,” replied Danielle, who wondered if it was natural. It certainly looked it.

“Now, first I need to apply some make-up and alter your hair a bit. Then I’ll get out the clothes you’re to wear for the test shoot.”

Expertly, she lightly applied a little blush and eye-makeup, careful not to spoil Snowy’s clear golden skin, which contrasted perfectly with her white-blonde hair. Then she braided the hair into two high pony-tails. Satisfied with the result, she brought out a little pink satin dress that resembled a tutu, except more full, along with a small pink thong.

“Put on that,” said Danielle, “while I get the shoes.”

Snowy did as she was asked, a bit curious about the outfit. Oh well, she thought, this is the modeling business and models are supposed to wear everything and anything. The dress fit surprisingly well, showing a little cleavage. The shoes were also pink, with clear platforms at least an inch thick, an ankle strap, and five-inch spike heels.

Snowy regarded herself in the large wall mirror. She looked like rather cute in a pixie sort of way, except for the shoes, which were rather daring, she thought. She didn’t mind the result at all, except that the outfit made her look too young.

“All ready? Let’s go.” Snowy followed Danielle downstairs, careful not to trip on her heels.

Jerome positioned her on a small couch and checked the lighting.

“Excellent. We’ll take a few dozen shots, and send the best ones to the client for approval.” He began clicking away, posing Snowy in various ways, including on her hands and knees, which exposed her panties.

“Wonderful…that’s great….hold that pose. Now give me a sweet look. Perfect!” Jerome’s soothing voice was music to her ears.

Snowy found that she liked posing; she relaxed as Jerome directed her. She enjoyed being at the center of attention. If she could please them, she had a chance to succeed. Danielle also took a few of the shots, which included Jerome standing or sitting next to Snowy.

“Very good. I think that will do it for today, Snowy. You go with Danielle and change and then I’ll let you know the result this evening. I have your mobile number, I think.”

The entire interview and photo session had taken less than an hour. As she left the house, Snowy was excited by the prospect of becoming a model, which to her seemed just one step away from a career in Hollywood. At least it could be a beginning. She remembered that some stars had been rather petite, and many had started as models.

After she left Jerome spent the day doing another six interviews. All were disappointing. Either the girls were nitwits, without any presence or charm, or were hardened veterans of the business, looking for a few bucks. He sighed. At least he’d found Snowy.

At seven that evening Snowy’s phone rang.

“You’ve got the job, Snowy. Congratulations. The client thinks you’ll be just right. The pay will be $500 for the day, and more than that for extra requests. Come in at nine.”

“Oh, that’s wonderful,” she replied. “I’ll be there.” She wondered what he meant by extra requests. It didn’t matter; at least she had a chance to model!

The morning shoot began with the same outfit as the day before. This time Danielle took most of the shots. Again Snowy found herself enjoying being the object of attention. It seemed natural to follow their instructions and assume whatever pose they asked of her. So when Jerome asked her to sit on his knees, she did so without hesitation, and smiled into the camera. As she posed on his lap, Jerome felt a stirring in his testicles. It had been a very long time since he had the prospect of anything so delightful as this girl.

“Time for a dress change,” announced Jerome. “Next we’ll do a lingerie series, if that’s OK with you. Danielle will show you what to wear.” He smiled

As she followed Danielle up the stairs, Snowy hoped that she would look all right in lingerie. canlı kaçak iddaa She had always thought she looked too boyish in a bathing suit. Her hips were too thin and her legs too short. At least her breasts were rounded, if not overly large.

“I’m not sure I’ve got the right figure for modeling lingerie,” she said.

Danielle looked at her for a moment. “Don’t worry about that. Our clients don’t want the usual models. This one particularly likes the girlish type. You’ll do fine.”

She brought out some rather skimpy items for Snowy to put on. Pink stockings, a lacy pink garter belt, and a half-cup matching push-up bra.

“Keep the same panties you have on, but put them on last,” instructed Danielle. “Keep the shoes, too.”

Snowy carefully put on the items she was to model, thinking she hoped they would look well on her figure. The g-string thong was tiny, but sufficient for Snowy’s petite proportions. She remembered seeing similarly skimpy thongs at the beach.

When they returned to the studio, Jerome looked very pleased.


He proceeded to take a dozen shots from various angles, talking to her as he worked.

“Good…now smile. Great! So, tell me again, do you have a lot of boyfriends?”

“No,” she blushed. “I’ve always been rather shy. And I didn’t develop early so I was never much attractive to boys. Anyway, I’m too short compared to the popular girls. One or two boys used to be friendly with me in high school, but it was just playing around, not serious.” She sounded wistful.

“Playing around?”

“Well, you know, just joking and stuff. We didn’t DO anything!” She blushed again.

“Did you go to a lot of parties?”

“A few, mostly beach parties with a lot of people. There was dancing and beer drinking, but I didn’t drink much.”

“I’d like to try some beach type shots here, if you’re game. I know it’s not a real beach and you’re in lingerie, not a bathing suit, but I’ll strip down to a suit, OK?”

“OK.” Snowy was curious to see what would come next.

Jerome quickly took off his clothes, revealing a small tight bathing suit that barely covered his rear. In front the satiny white suit bulged out in a surprisingly large pouch, as if filled with some bulky item.

Snowy tried not to stare. She said nothing, not wanting to offend him. Being careful not to alarm her, Jerome kept up his easy chatter, distracting himself enough to avoid a premature erection. With difficulty, he succeeded.

“OK. Pretend we’re playing on the beach. That’s it. Good.” The video cameras, which Snowy had hardly noticed, continued to roll. She was grateful for the high heels for keeping her from looking ludicrously short next to him. Danielle took another few shots, and then paused while Jerome regarded Snowy.

“Very good, Snowy. You’re doing great. You have a natural talent for posing. I know the client will be pleased. He asked if we could do a series with me in the nude. Just me nude, not you. It’s an artistic effect that he particularly likes. You don’t have to do it if you don’t want to,” he said kindly. Jerome was working hard to bring her along, without spoiling that sweet naïveté so valued by his clientele.

Snowy looked surprised for a moment. She hadn’t anticipated a nude scene. Jerome was so nice and polite that it seemed rude to refuse. Anyway, she was a little curious to see what was inside that white pouch.

“All right, Jerome, I don’t mind if you don’t.”

“Great, honey. We’ll pose as before but without my bathing suit. You sit on the couch there while I take it off.”

Jerome had been in the industry for ten years. After featuring in a few loops later highly prized by collectors, he had come into the business too late to have the stamina now demanded of a male star. The assembly-line productions of the North Hollywood studios were not to his refined taste. Instead, he had found a niche for making exclusive videos for private customers who appreciated his extraordinary, almost freakish, proportions: a size larger in breadth, if not length, than the legendary John Holmes.

Danielle moved one of the tripods, checked it, and then stood to their side with a camera. She began taking shots as Jerome slowly pulled down his bathing suit, inch by inch. Snowy sat facing him a couple of feet away.

Suddenly the pouch released its prisoner. A long black penis resembling an outsize hose dangled in front of her.

“Oh my!” Snowy started, and then giggled involuntarily. The camera clicked furiously.

“Don’t be afraid, honey.” Jerome’s voice was velvety. “I know it’s big, but it won’t hurt you.”

“I’m not afraid. It’s just that, well…I’ve never seen a man nude before. I never thought your…you know…” She pointed to his penis. “I didn’t think that could be so big.”

“Every man is different. Some are large, some small. Just as people come in different sizes.”

“I guess that makes sense.”

“You don’t mind me being tall, do you?”

“Of course not. I like tall people.”

“Then you don’t mind this?”

“No, I don’t mind.”

“Good.” He smiled again, lightly touching his penis so that it rippled and swung. Snowy giggled again, smiling back at him. Danielle moved about, taking rapid shots.

“It actually gets a lot bigger, if you’d like to see it.” Fascinated, Snowy forgot all about the camera.


“Here honey, you hold it and see what happens.”

“It doesn’t happen by itself?”

Jerome made a supreme effort to control an erection.

“No, only if you touch it.”

She looked up at him and thought, why not? It wouldn’t hurt anyone. Taking the thick dark hose in both hands she felt its spongy smoothness. As she ran her dainty fingers over it the shaft began to grow in her hands.

“I see what you mean. It’s getting bigger!”

“Keep doing that, honey and let’s see what happens next.”

His penis continued to stiffen until it stood out from his body in a straight line. It had grown to enormous proportions in her little hands.

“Wow! I don’t believe it.” Snowy had heard about erections, but never imagined anything like this.

“Don’t be alarmed. It’s very large, but many women like that. You see, Snowy, I got started in the movie business because of my size. You know how people like to see something unusual.”

“Oh, I guess they do.” She didn’t know quite what to say.

“You bet. That why I’m still able to produce special material for connoisseur collectors.”

“Is that what we’re doing now?”

“Yes. We’re just about finished. If you want to continue for double the pay, there is something more you could do.”


He smiled indulgently. “Only if you want to, Snowy.”

“I guess so,” she said hesitantly, not wanting to offend him or lose the chance to model again.

“Remember, it’s just a professional thing. Completely private, because my clients pay a lot to keep their collections private. If they became public, they wouldn’t have any value to them.”

“I see,” she said doubtfully. She looked at Danielle, who smiled encouragingly.

“OK. What I’d like to do is to put this,” he said, holding his still erect penis, “into you for the camera. Don’t worry; I’ll be very careful not to hurt you. I know it’s big, but it will fit. Remember, I’ve been in films and done this many times.”

Snowy squirmed, not knowing what to say. She felt confused. She hadn’t anticipated anything like this. She couldn’t imagine it was possible to take such a huge thing into her. At the same time, she had long been curious about sex and at 18 was ready for some experience. She liked modeling and working with Jerome. As he said, it would be professional, not personal, and he must know what he was doing. She had confidence in him and would be paid a lot of money. Didn’t that mean she had a talent? Ingénue though she was, Snowy was ambitious. Anyway, no one would have to know about it.

“What do I have to do?”

“Two things. First take off your panties. Second, massage me until some clear liquid comes out which will canlı casino lubricate it. Leave the rest to me.”

“OK.” She slipped off the thong, exposing a wispy covering of white-blonde hair on a small mound. Jerome gazed at it hungrily while Danielle silently noted the true natural blonde. Snowy grasped him around the shaft with both hands and massaged it as directed. It stiffened into a full erection and released a big drop of clear liquid from the tip.

“Don’t stop, honey.”

She continued to massage him until several more dewy drops emerged from the opening in the bulbous ebony head.

“Good. Smear it over the tip and then lie back on the couch and open your legs.”

With some apprehension, she did as he asked. Only her confidence that Jerome would not harm her allowed her to continue. He knelt before her and pulled the thick swollen black bulb up to the little pink entrance.

“Keep your eyes open and look into the camera, whatever happens.”


Gently, he rubbed the head around the opening until it was well lubricated. Keeping to an angle that allowed the camera full view, he saw that his huge mushroom was as wide as her entire genital opening. Slowly he pushed it to her dainty little labia, trying to penetrate the small opening.

It wouldn’t go in. She was too tight.

“Is this your first time?”


“Relax honey. Tell me if it hurts. I’ll stop if it does.”

“OK. It doesn’t hurt.”

He tried again, pushing harder. Well lubricated with his pre-cum, the pink lips stretched open as he pressed into her and somehow enclosed the bulbous head. He was in, about an inch.

Snowy let out a grunt, taking in the new feeling. She felt gorged and stretched.

“Does it hurt?”

“No. It feels kind of funny, but it doesn’t really hurt.” She gripped him tightly.

“Good. Now I’m going to put it in a little more. Keep looking at the camera.

Danielle had ensured that the cameras were recording every move, every expression, and every word. A total of five videos cameras were positioned to cover different angles, and she held another in her hand. She kept it rolling as Jerome slowly and gently pushed into the virgin girl.

He was now in two inches, enough to stretch her wide open.

“Does it hurt now?”

“No. It feels very full, but it doesn’t really hurt.”

“Good.” He withdrew an inch to spread around the lubricant and then pushed in three, four, and then five inches. Her virgin canal felt velvety smooth and gripped him like a tight glove. Fortunately the lubricant flowed from him, and perhaps her, allowing him to penetrate her. He saw that her entire public area was stretched apart by his oversize organ.

“Does it hurt now?”

“No, it feels about the same.” She was surprised that it didn’t hurt. As she relaxed it didn’t feel bad at all.

He knew that there were fewer nerve endings at the back of her vagina, so he pushed in deeper until three-quarters of his black shaft was inside her.

“Still OK?”


He shoved his distended cock into her all the way up to his balls.

‘Oh,” she gasped. I can feel that!”

“Does it hurt?”

“No, it just feels like I’m completely filled up. Something is pushing way up inside me.”

“OK, I’m going to move back and forth. Keep looking at the camera.”

He began to fuck her with long, slow strokes, savoring the smooth, slippery tautness with which she received him. She started breathing heavily.

The movement inside her tingled with pleasure. She found herself pushing back to meet his thrusts.

“That feels good.” The pleasure spread through her vulva, radiating in waves through her body.

Pro that he was, Jerome kept up the action, quickening his pace as she responded. He knew he couldn’t look at what was happening between her thighs; the sight of what the cameras where recording would push him over the edge. He kept his eyes on Snowy’s glowing face and watched her excitement rise. Periodically, he withdrew altogether, pausing for effect, before re-inserting his black mushroom into the little pink orifice. He knew what his customer wanted to see.

“Oh, that feels so good!”

He speeded up, varying fast quick strokes with long deep ones. She let out a moan, then a scream as she climaxed for the first time. He didn’t stop, waiting to see if she could go on.

She did. Less than a minute later she climaxed again, gripping him tightly as she heaved with pleasure under his thrusts. He looked down and concentrated on the sight of his enormous penis ravishing this young blonde. He felt his orgasm near.

“Now, honey, look at the camera and smile, whatever happens. Don’t stop looking at the camera for anything, OK?”


Jerome pulled out of her and grabbed his throbbing snake with his right hand. He pointed it at her face, furiously stroking its shaft. She looked at him in wonder. The first spurt of white semen hit her on the cheek, followed by seven more on her nose, lips, chin and neck. Amazingly, after the first startled look, she kept her eyes on the camera and tried to smile as the sticky cum covered her.

“That’s the money shot,” he said.

“The money shot?”

“It’s a term in the business for male ejaculation. I hope you weren’t too surprised.”

“I was. But you told me just what to do.”

“You were wonderful. He bent down and kissed her on the head.”

“Was I?””

“Yes. Just great. This will be a collector’s item, I can tell you. All thanks to you, Snowy. You are a born model.”

Still in something of a sexual daze, Snowy glowed with pleasure. She had done well!

“I didn’t know it would feel like that.”

“It doesn’t always the first time. It was your first time you had an orgasm?”

“Yes. I’ve never done anything like that before.”

He believed her.

“Well, now you are all done for the morning. You can stop here, or if you want, we can try another series in the afternoon. You would be able to do some acting. If you are interested I’ll tell you about it.”

A thrill swept through her as she thought about the chance to be an actress. She knew it would mean having sex again, one way or the other. But it hadn’t been so bad; in fact, it had felt wonderful. The chance to try acting was irresistible.

“What would I have to do?” She wasn’t sure she was able to act. It might be too difficult, and she didn’t want to fail.

“Well, you would have to assume a completely different character and play a role. Not like this where you were pretty well yourself. I would also play a different role, and we would see how it goes.”

“What is the role?”

“I’ll be a pimp interviewing a girl for a job working for me. The interview will include a tryout.”

“You mean I would be a prostitute?” Strangely, the idea of being someone completely different from herself made the idea of acting easier.

“Yes. But it’s only a role you act out. You’re not really like that, of course.”

“Would I have to learn lines?”

“No. Once you get in the role, it’s all ad lib. I’ll fill you in on the scenes. I’ll speak in the pimp role and you respond in character’s role. We’ll cut the tape later to put together the parts we want. When I’m in character I’ll use street language and you would have to respond in kind. Do you think you could do that?”

She really wanted to give acting a try. What difference did it make what kind of role she played? The language would not be hers, only from the girl in the part. She didn’t care what kind of character she played. Snowy was determined to find out if she could really act and she had confidence that Jerome would help her succeed.

“OK, I’ll try it.”

“Great. Go upstairs with Danielle to clean up and get ready for the part. I’ll order some lunch and then we’ll start shooting at 2:30.” At 53, Jerome needed time to recover from his recent labor. He knew that with a little rest, and suitably sexually explicit scene, he could rise to the occasion.

Upstairs, Snowy was suddenly full of questions as Danielle helped her prep for her acting debut. tipobet giriş Danielle patiently answered her queries.

“Has Jerome made a lot of films? Is he an actor?”

“Ten years ago he starred in several films that later became collectors’ items. Because of his unusual size he achieved a kind of cult status among connoisseurs.”

“Why didn’t he continue acting?

“Well, he was getting older and couldn’t perform in the way the regular studios wanted. So he decided to go into business himself, and has been making his own videos ever since.”

“How did you get started with him?”

“I was a porn actress once too. When I got older I had to find something else. There aren’t many jobs for older women. So now I work with Jerome as a camerawoman and assistant.” A take-out lunch arrived and they took a break to eat it.

“Did you like making pornographic films?” Snowy was getting more comfortable describing the business she was involved with.

“Yes. It was good money when there was work, which wasn’t steady.”

“Oh. What did you do when you couldn’t work?”

“Like many women in the business I worked for an escort service on the side.”

“You mean you were a prostitute?”

“Yes. I still am. I supplement my income here by working nights.”

“Oh! Do you like the work?” Snowy was curious.

“Actually, I do. It’s very good money and I work for a service which knows me well and makes sure I only see very reliable and generous clients.”

“How much money do you make?”

“It depends on how many dates I get. In a good week I make $5000.”

“Wow!” This was all new to Snowy.

Somehow Danielle’s revelation that she had been in prostitution made it easier for Snowy to contemplate the role she was to play.

“Here, come and get dressed. Let’s see how you look.”

She helped Snowy put on a tight black tank top over another satin half-cup bra, lifting her breasts to a pert cleavage. Next came black fishnet stockings and a black satin garter belt, followed by a bright red Lycra mini-skirt. Lastly, she put on a pair of flashy red leather pumps, with six-inch heels and ankle straps. No panties.

Danielle applied quite a bit of make-up, including bright red lipstick. She did Snowy’s hair up in a twist.

Snowy was surprised by what she saw in the mirror. She expected to look like a whore, which she did, but hadn’t anticipated that she would look older, at least 20, and quite sophisticated. This was new to Snowy, and she liked it. She would do her best to get into this part.

At 2:30 they returned to the studio to find Jerome outfitted in a billowy black silk shirt, tight satin pants, and a huge feathery hat.

“You look perfect. Are you ready?”

“I guess so. I’ll try my best.”

“First we’ll do some setup shots of you coming into my office and sitting down. You want to look as sexy as possible. Your name will be Gina and mine will be Marlin. Don’t hold back, flaunt it. You want the job badly and will say anything to get it. OK?”


“Good. Action!”

Snowy waltzed into the room swaying her hips.

“Hey, baby, come right in and have a seat. What’s your name?”


“I’m Marlin and I need a white girl for my stable. You like to fuck?”


“You like to fuck black boys?”

“I sure do.”

“I know a lot of brothers who like a good time with a white ho like you.”

“That’s cool.”

“Let’s see how you do. Feel like a fuck?”


“Come over here, slut, and see what I’ve got for you.”

He led her to the couch and dropped his pants. His enormous cock hung down between his legs, almost to his knees.

“You wanna fuck that?”


“Come on and suck it for me a while, slut. Get it good and hard.”

Though she had never sucked a penis before, Snowy understood what he wanted. She knelt before him and took his cock in both hands. She began to lick the tip and shaft with her pink tongue, stroking the shaft at the same time.

“That’s good, baby. Suck it real nice so I can fuck you real hard. You like it big?”

“Uh huh.” She went on sucking his prick.

“All you white sluts like big black cock.”

Snowy felt herself getting excited by his talk. She needed again to feel the wonderful feeling she had discovered that morning. She worked away at his penis, pleased at the way it had stiffened while she sucked and licked it. She became aware of a wetness between her legs.

“Now baby, open up and show me your pussy.”

She pulled up her skirt, lay back and spread her legs. This time he just shoved it into her. She was so wet it went in smoothly, filling her with pleasure. He pulled it out all the way and shoved it in again, penetrating her to his balls.

“Do you like it, whore?”

“Oh, yes!” He fucked her hard and fast, varying the rhythm and the length of his thrusts.

“Do you like black cock up your cunt?”

The way he spoke while thrusting his wonderful organ into her womb sent her into ecstasy. She was climaxing as she answered him.

“Oh…yes…fuck me, please! Fuck my cunt harder!”

He gave her what she wanted. Within a minute she came again, followed by a third and fourth orgasm as he rammed his engorged black truncheon in and out of her stretched pussy. They changed positions and he took her again, lifting her leg for a good view of the action and bringing her off repeatedly until she was lost in a trance.

“Do you want more, slut?”

“Oh, yes!”

“Then turn over and show me your ass.” She did so and he shoved his cock into her doggy style. A few moments later she was almost delirious as he plunged away.

“Now, slut, finger yourself while I prepare your ass.”

Too disoriented to do anything but obey him, Snowy fingered herself, savoring the pleasure it brought to her swollen clit. Suddenly she felt a slippery finger penetrate her asshole. It hurt a little, but was greatly offset by the pleasure she felt in her clit. He moved his finger around and the pain disappeared.

As she relaxed, she began to enjoy the new sensation. She was about to cum again when something bigger pushed at her ass. Before she realized what was happening it had entered her anal orifice. At the same moment she was climbing to another climax. As she neared the peak she realized Jerome was fucking her bottom. She felt a rush of adrenaline. She was so excited she thought she was going to explode.

“Like it up your ass, too, slut?”

Jerome’s words sent her over the top. Snowy screamed as a tremendous powerful sexual orgasm swept through her genitals and body.

“Oh God, yes! I love it!” At the sight of his entire penis rammed up her virgin white ass, Jerome couldn’t hold back any longer.

As her climax subsided, Jerome pulled out his throbbing tool and pumped his semen over her open ass, enjoying a delicious cum. As always, there had to be the money shot.


Danielle, who had gotten it all on tape, knew that this one would be a winner.

Snowy was so dazed she hardly remembered changing her clothes and leaving the house. When she got home she found an envelope in her purse with $2000 in it. The sight of the money brought the events of the day back with a sudden clarity. She realized it had been the most exciting, glorious day of her life.

Just after noon two weeks later Jerome was pouring over some prints when the bell rang. He went to the door and was surprised to see Snowy, looking as cute as ever in a short skirt and heels.

“Hello, Snowy. What can I do for you?” Jerome genuinely liked the girl and wished he had more work for her, but the “Initiation of Virgin” he had captured with her couldn’t be done twice.

“Hello Jerome. I came to thank you. I just got a job with Ebony Brothers Productions. They gave me a tryout this morning and said I would be perfect for the series they’re doing. I owe it all to you.”

She smiled sweetly at him. He knew that Ebony Brothers produced video series featuring white girls and all-black gangbangs. It was steady work, if you could take it. He also knew that a tryout meant that she had just been fucked by several black men.

“I’m truly glad for your success.”

“Well, I’d like to repay you.” She gave him a knowing look. “How would you like me to be your little white slut for the rest of the day?”

“Come right in, honey!”

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