Snowy afternoon with the BBC

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Snowy afternoon with the BBC
Just like a lot of good stories begin, I was a student at a large university……white male average height and build..

It was a snowy and cold Sunday in February. I needed to work on some computer files at campus in the main classroom building. So I headed to campus around noon.

Nothing eventful on the walk there or arrival, but it did start snowing lightly after a while. A small group of other students were working on projects on the third floor. I found a spot and settled in. After about an hour, I decided to take a break and went out to the hallway. There were probably 10 classrooms to the right and another 10 to the left. In between, a bank of elevators and the bathrooms.

Usually crowded, the hallway was empty except for a black guy about 25, 5’10” and 170 standing by the elevators. He appeared to just be killing time. Obviously an odd place to kill time. I knew that sometimes guys gave head in the men’s room, as several stall doors had been removed years ago. Instead of going in there, I went to a classroom across the hall, casino şirketleri went in and shut the door. I moved over to the window and waited.. and hoped…

In a couple of minutes, I was glad to see him come in. I stood by the window and said something about the weather.. and he replied.. Not having much experience with a guy, I was kinda at a loss as to what to say or do. But in a moment I said, “Want a blowjob?” It was hard to even say… but thank god he responded Yes!

I moved to the back of the classroom about 30 feet away from the door. Didn’t want any interruptions for sure! I sat down at a desk. He stood in front of me and unbuttoned then unzipped his pants. Out flopped his semi-hard cock. Nice I thought and went to work sucking. Up and down, back and forth. All was very quiet, except my slurping on his growing cock.

He got fully hard in about a minute, a nice 7 inches. Sometimes his hands were on my shoulders, sometimes the top of my head. He was thrusting a little and moaning with pleasure. This was not my first cock – a few trips casino firmalari to the glory hole in town. So i knew he was going to shoot his load soon.

And then it happened………………the distinct sound of a loud click and the classroom door opening!

OH FUCK! Luckily the door opened inward and toward the rear of the class where I was seated with the black dick implanted in my mouth. What to do?

Yes, there was virtually nothing to do.. so I just laid my head on the desk. The black man with his hard dick just turned to the back of the class and sort of tucked his cock away. Who was there? The police? who???

A male voice, in just a few seconds after entering, said “Oh, sorry” and then just as quickly closed the door back. I never looked up, never saw his face. But GOD I was glad he was gone.

I fully expected the black guy to just leave, having had a near miss to being totally busted. But instead he stood there for about 15 -30 seconds… and then unzipped his pants again and got back in front of my mouth. Despite the total shock I had just güvenilir casino gone through, I welcomed his much softer dick back into my mouth. would he be able to get hard again despite the nerves?

Although sorry to see his hard on no longer hard, it did get hard again in no time. Another couple of minutes of steady work by my tongue and lips had him rock hard. This time there would be no interruptions! I hoped at least.

Harder still, he grunted he was going to cum. I guess some guys don’t want cum, but I sure did. So I kept working and he blasted a juicy load into the back of my throat. He pumped it out for a few seconds, throbbing, pulsing. He pulled out of my mouth as I slurped the last bits of cum off the end. Within another minute he zipped up, said Thanks and walked out of the door.

I wondered if the near miss guy would still be in the hallway, but I was ever so glad it was empty again. God damn I was so horny now! So I walked to the end of the hallway to the far staircase that led from the 7th floor to the ground.

I looked up and down, found no one. So I took out my hard cock, jerked it about 10 times and with a little cum still lingering in my mouth, shot a huge load 3 steps up. Wow!

I looked for him a few other times, but never saw the guy again. But I loved the scene, his cock and hot cum.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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