sissy caught

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sissy caught
My new next door neighbor is a ebony goddess

i cant stop looking at her perfect body as she walks out

her perky titties in her summer dress bouncing up and down , so sexy and firm body

I was surprised when she told me she was turning 40 this weekend

its seems a nice way to know her better, i invited her for dinner, i went out to buy wine and food

she rang my door after work time, she look freshy out of shower in a beautifull white sexy dress

we talk and i cook dinner for her, she was very nice telling me she liked a man who cook well
smilling at me with her sexy tities moving left right under her dress, free and firm no bra needed

I liked her very much, she was 15 years older but looked like 30, a very young spirit too

we finished eating and she went to her place to pick some alchool

I had drank only 2 , when her surprised mixed kicked in

i mumbled some incomprehensible word my face and body feeling numb

”is something wrong baby?”

her hand on my face

”you alright my cute boi?”

i tried to answer but only drool saliva mouth canlı bahis numb enable to speak

”let me help you”

one of her finger on my lipse getting my saliva back in my mouth

my head tilt back on her big titites looking at her sliding her finger on my lipse and in my mouth

”your a very cute boy, you brought me a very pair of lipse as birthday present”

lifting her dress, the cute matching white panty crotchless and open , her hand taking a fat 8 inch dark cock out

”i cant wait to try my gift”

taking her dress off , her big tities out , making me kiss them all wet my mouth open and numb, sucking on her tities like a babby

”your so cute , i want to feel you on my big girl cock, this is the best present you are so nice”

helping me down sliding on the floor numb and head in her hands helping her cock on my face

”ohhh your so beautifull., i love young white boy, you love my cock?”

mumbling looking up d**gged and mouth drooling

on her big fat black cock

”ohhhhhhh yes thats sweet mouth , ohhh i love my gift baby i love your mouth bahis siteleri like this”

”ohh yes look at you , your making it all wet and sloppy”

rubbing her wet cock all over my face

putting it back in

”omg your the best neighbor offering me your cute pink mouth like that”

”i wanted a cute cock sucker like you , to pump all of my cum daily , im so horny all the time”

”omg your mouth so small, its so nice and tight”

”you are so good at this”

helping me lay down on the couch her on top of me , taking my head in her hands deep pounding until i was drop head on the couch her big ball pounding on my face , fucking down moaning and twerking in my face fucking my mouth up

”you like how i twerk for you”

”feeling good under me , mouth open for me to fuck?”

”i love fucking white boi head ”

”cant wait to visit you at night and watch u suck my cock”

”i bet you will beg me to fuck you”

”ohhh yes look at me like that, dont be afraid little boy, my cock is made to get in tight boy ass”

”yes lets see that cute pink hole”

”wow bahis şirketleri i found myself a little sissy boi”

”all smooth . why are you smooth like a girl?”

”did u shave for me?”

her finger teasing my hole , all spread

”your not comfortable, lets fo to me bed”

”im gonna stretch your cute ass”

i was still too numb to walk, she help me up and walk me fingering my ass

”go on, you going to get ass up on my bed”

she help me on it still fingering me

”you ever tried a vibrator ? i bet you have one under you bed”

”dreaming about cock , bouncing on your bed on yr toy”

”well if ur not i bet you will after tonight”

i coudnt move, ass up getting lubed and fingered , head on the side , her cock sliding in my mouth

”you are so small, you will fall in love with me”

the sexy mature shemale getting behind, looking at her prize

rubbing her big head on the lil pink hole

she pop in easy, numb and just holes she could abuse

in and out in and out mouting me
on top pounding me down on her bed kissing my neck

”good boy, i love your tight ass”

she used more lube to plunge in me until i was gaping , open up by her bbc , trained to be a good boy

drooling and making noise of a puppy

until she burst it all in me. all of her cum hitting deep in my now ass pussy

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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