Sex Education

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Sex Education
As I mentioned at the end of this story: Jess would contact me when she had something set up. She also contacted me when she wanted to be fucked.

It turns out the day I fucked and cummed in my mother-in-law and fucked and cummed deep inside of Jess, both my mother-in-law and Jess did have lesbian sex and ate my cum out of each others pussy. At least that is what I got from my mother-in-law the next time I went over to fuck her the next day. She was not happy about it because she did not want to share me with any other women in the building but she loves the fact that she can taste my cum from another woman. After a hot round of fucking my mother-in-law I went home as Jess was not home that day and had hot sex with my wife.

As mentioned before Jess was going to contact me when she wanted to be fucked again by me. So she did, a few days later. When she texted me she asked I not tell my mother-in-law and to find a place to park where my mother-in-law would not see my vehicle. When I arrived I parked down the block from the apartment building and walked to the entrance away from where my mother-in-law parks. I also realized I had to be careful to not be noticed by anyone that easily knows who I am and my mother-in-law. I made it to Jess’s apartment and knocked on the door. When I did it opened so I went in. I shut and locked the door and Jess told me to come back to the bedroom. I went back and found Jess on the bed, naked, on her hands and knees facing away from me, so her pussy was closest to me. She told me she knows and has heard more about how I like my mother-in-law to present her pussy to me and love fucking her from behind so she thought she would present her pussy to me and wanted me to fuck her as hard and as rough as I fuck my mother-in-law from behind. Jess also said no blow job and she doesn’t want to be eaten out, just me naked, with my hard cock pounding in and out of her pussy from behind. I did not waste any time, I got naked and as I did my cock got super hard by looking at Jess’s bare, shaved, pussy presented to me. That is when I really noticed how full her pussy lips are. They are what is described as well used. Being a retired prostitute I imagine she has been fucked a lot in her life and her pussy shows it.

I got behind her, grabbed one of her hips with one hand and guided my cock into her pussy with my other hand with one big thrust. There was no gently easing it in. Jess’s tight pussy with the very loose outer lips gave way a bit hesitantly but as I thrust into her pussy gave way and let me in. She cried out in discomfort. By then I was seated all the way in her but did not stop. I grabbed her other hip with the hand that guided my cock into her and pulled her back onto my cock as I thrust forward into her. She tried to resist but I would not let her. I kept this up a few more times changing it up a little each time. I would not pull her back and just ram into her or I would only pull back onto my cock. She got wetter and wetter each time. As I was doing this I told her she is a hooker who has fucked hundreds of men how can it cause her discomfort where my mother-in-law is not, has only fucked two men and has not once cried out in pain when I fuck her like this. Her cries of pain eventually turned into moans of pleasure. I fucked her hard until I blasted my load deep in her pussy. I pulled out of her and my cum just came running out of her well fucked pussy and down her legs.

I laid down beside her and she rolled onto her back and we talked for a little bit. She told me she hardly ever got fucked in the doggystyle position and there was some pain and discomfort until I came in her pussy. I asked her what was the most common position she was fuked in. She told me missionary and her riding the guy on top, facing him. I asked if she was talented enough to control when he cums. She said she used to be, unless it was a virgin boy who was fucking a woman for his first time. She told me virgin guys do not last very long once they get inside her pussy no matter the position they fuck in. I asked Jess when she controls a guys ability to cum when she rides him does he have to do any moving at all. She said he can if he wants to, but he does not have to and there are times she tells the guy not to move. I told her I want her to fuck me like that, where I do not have to move and I want her to teach my wife how to fuck me like that. I told her if she teaches my wife that I will have my mother-in-law teach you how to take a man from behind without it hurting. She told me it’s a deal. She said she is going to see my mother-in-law after I leave and will set it up with her and asked me to set the other part up with wife.

I got up, dressed and went home. I told my wife and she was all for the idea but was concerned that the body type of a woman determines how well she can perform certain sex positions. I told her from what I understood from Jess it does not. We had hot sex and my wife sucked Jess’s pussy juices off of my cock and then took me from behind.

A couple of days later I got a call from my mother-in-law asking for help with something and that someone from her building is also going to help. I knew it meant a threesome with her and Jess. I went over right away and went into her apartment where I found her on her back, legs wide spread, Jess eating her out. Jess’s pussy was sticking up and out. Jess did not hear me come in. My mother-in-law motioned for me to shove my cock into Jess’s pussy.

I got undressed, knealt behind Jess, she felt me and asked me to be gentle. I guided my cock into her pussy, which I noticed was very wet. More wet than the last time I fucked her. I pulled back and rammed her a little harder, she did not cry out in pain. I did it again and again. She got wetter and even felt tighter around my cock. She was moaning in pleasure into my mother-in-laws pussy. All of a sudden Jess had a huge orgasm and her pussy squeezed my cock super hard which made me cum and my mother-in-law also came in Jess’s face. After we all came down from our orgasmic high I pulled my cock out of Jess, Jess rolled off my MIL and I laid down between them. My MIL was the first to say something. She asked Jess if it hurt at all, Jess told her no it was incredible. My MIL told her it is all about how you move and arch your back and hips. She then said speaking of hips when I recover enough she wants me in between hers with my cock buried deep inside of her with her on her back and that she has something to show me that Jess taught her but first she is going to help me recover with something else that Jess taught her.

All of a sudden she moved to get between my legs and took my semi hard cock in her mouth and started to do what I can only describe as a deep sucking motion. I got instantly hard. My MIL then started doing a combination of swirling her tongue and taking my cock all the way down her throat, she was alternating between the two. She then licked the shaft all the way to the base and my balls and started sucking on my nuts while stroking my cock with her hand. She licked backup the shaft and took my mushroom head back in her mouth and ran her tongue around it while she stroked the lower part with her hand. I was getting close to cumming so she backed off. She then started the same thing again. She must have edged me for a good 5 or 10 minutes. When she decided I was ready to fuck her she got on her back and spread her legs really wide, wider than I had seen her do so before. I did not hesitate and grabbed her ankles while on my knees and plunged my cock deep inside of her. She told me to let go of her legs and then wrapped them around me and lifted her pelvis onto my thighs which put my cock deeper into her pussy. Her lower back was off of the bed with only her upper back, shoulders, neck and head on the bed. Then she started bucking as I fucked her deep. I knew at this point this is something Jess taught her along with how to suck a cock. This is when Jess straddled my MIL’s head and lowered her pussy to her face and my MIL started eating her out. I could easily see, between my MIL’s huge tits, my cum being sucked out of Jess’s pussy by my MIL. Jess saw canlı kaçak bahis the look on my face and grabbed my shoulders and pulled me to her tits which I greedily sucked. This brought Jess to an orgasm and my MIL started bucking on my cock even harder. My MIL’s pussy then became tighter and tighter which brought me over the edge and I blasted her deep with my cum load. As soon as I was done cumming my MIL removed her legs and pulled off of me and Jess dove her head into my MIL’s pussy and they ate each other out in the 69 position while I laid there and recovered. After they both had mind blowing orgasms Jess rolled off of my MIL and they both recovered for a bit.

When we got out of the bed Jess and I started talking about when and where she will teach my wife how to ride me without me moving until I cum. I asked if she can come to my place in a couple of days and she said sure. My MIL heard this and she did not say anything but was not too happy about it. I told her to calm down. The reason my MIL was getting upset is because she only had me to fuck or she thought she only had me. I asked Jess to help her find another guy to keep her pussy satisfied. Jess said they will talk about it.

I went home and told my wife what happened. She wanted to fuck me but I was too exhausted and offered to 69 with her. She was all for that and said she had a surprise for me. We got in bed and she got on top and lowered her hot pussy to my face and took my cock into her mouth. Right away I could tell her pussy smelled different than normal. It smelled really good. I drove my tongue deep into the folds of her inner pussy lips and into her love tunnel while she swallowed my hard cock. Right when I stuck my tongue in her I could taste and feel something salty and thick. It was cum from another guy. Actually as I found out later it was cum from three other guys she let fuck her while I was fucking her mom and Jess.

I went crazy with lust and grabbed her hips with my hands and pulled her further onto my face and just sucked and sucked the cum leaking out of her pussy. For extra measure I also sucked her clit hard. This caused her to go really deep in my cock and start squirming all over my face. I knew at that point I was going to cum my entire load down her throat, direct deposit as she calls it, rather than on her tongue so she could taste it. As I sucked and ate her pussy clean she massaged my cock down with her throat muscles. I could tell she was building up for a huge orgasm on my face and tongue, I was doing the same for her throat. All of a sudden I jetted my load down her throat in what I could only think were big ropes of cum. She started shuddering and clamped her legs around my head very tight as she plunged her pussy and clit further over my face and head.

After we were done she rolled off of me. As we lay there she told me about the three guys. She posted an ad on a personal sex web site for a cougar, her, to have sex with young studs, no younger than 18. She was surprised when one guy responded and really shocked when two other guys contacted her. She set it up for each one to have sex with her with enough time in between they would not run into each other. She told me the first guy was a virgin and she turned him into a man and is going to have sex with him again. I told her we ought to set him with her mom or even Jess. She liked that idea. We then talked about Jess coming over to teach her how to fuck me on top without me moving. We agreed the day after the next. I called Jess and set it up.

The next day I woke up to sounds of sex coming from the guest room. I got out of bed and went in to see whom was fucking whom. My wife was not in bed with me so I know the woman was her but I could not tell if the other person was a woman or a man. When I looked in I saw my wife wide spread legs with a young guy with his head in her pussy eating her out. I also saw cum leaking out of her pussy. I figured this must be one of the young guys from the day before they she said she was going to fuck again. It looked like he fucked her, emptied his cum in her and was eating her out. My wife saw me and smiled, I smiled at her and gave her the thumbs up. Then she looked toward the guest bathroom and pointed. I looked and saw a light with a shadow moving around. Then I saw her come out of the bathroom. I was naked and starting to get pretty hard at this point seeing my wife being eaten out by a handsome young guy. But when she came out of the bathroom, I got very hard, very fast. She was beautiful and very innocent looking. Long auburn hair curves in all the right places and gorgeous patch of dark hair just above her pussy with her slit bare and her tits were a perfect C cup size that looked ripe for sucking. We locked eyes and she gasped and then smiled at me. Right away I figured she was with the young guy who was having sex with my wife. I did not know at that point if she had already joined them or was going to. By now my wife and the young gu were about done with him eating her out. I could tell she was getting pretty raw and dry and needed a break. He rolled off of her, turned around and saw the young woman first who was starting to move toward me, then he saw me. She stopped, bent over and whispered something to my wife and the young guy. My wife got this look of shock then a smile on her face, the young guy just looked shocked and a little pissed off. The young woman walked up to me, grabbed and stroked my cock and said let’s go to your bedroom.

At this point the young guy jumped out of the bed he was in with my wife and started to protest. The young woman told him since he decided to have an older, experienced woman be his first she was going to have an older, experienced man be her first. That is when I realized the young woman was a virgin and she wanted me to be her first. The young guy started getting angry and upset about it and apologized, etc. By then my wife was standing there with us. I told everyone to calm down and let’s talk about this. We sat on the bed together. My wife kneels behind the young man so she could gently hold and hug him to keep him calm. The young woman sat between me and the young guy she had an arm around each of us, we had one arm around her and were touching hands. The first thing I did at that point is introduced myself to both of them. They told me their names, he was Brian and hers is Cassi. I asked Cassi to briefly tell her side and asked Brian to not say anything until she was done. She explained the situation where they were supposed to be each other’s first but Brian got impatient. When she found this out and that the older woman, my wife wanted to fuck him again she decided to join with the hope another guy would be her first. Her plan was to ask my wife to set her up with an experienced man but when she saw me she decided I would be her first cock to take her virginity. After she was done I asked Brian to tell his side. I listened while he admitted to getting in a hurry to be with a woman for the first time and he was so horny and thought Cassi was leading him on and teasing him without any intention of putting out. I told both of them it is Cassi’s decision who she has sex with as she is a consenting adult ust as Brian is. If Cassi wants to fuck me and fo rme to be her first there is nothing Brian can do about it. He started to protest and I gave him a choice. He can either choose to continue to fuck my wife and have her show him how to truly please a woman and let me be Cassi’s first and show her how to please a man and when we are done the both of you will know how to please each other and will have a better sex life because of it or he can leave without Cassi and my wife and I will have sex with her until she decides she wants to leave. Brian decided to continue to fuck my wife and let Cassi have me as her first.

Cassi and I went to the master bedroom. We were already naked so when she got to the bed, she turned around, sat down and immediately bent over at the waist and started my cock. Right away I was impressed at how good she was not to mention how experienced she was at sucking cock. She took my big cock all the way down her throat without gagging. She felt me getting close to cumming and pulled back and bahis siteleri canlı as I started to cum she clamped down with her lips and took it all on her tongue as she swallowed. When she was done giving me a blow job she saw the look of surprise on my face and told me she knew how to suck cock, and she was not totally inexperienced at sex. She said she sucked Brian’s cock all the time and that is how she knew he fucked another woman as his first time doing so. The day she was going to give her virginity to him is the same day he fucked my wife. She was going to surprise him by sucking his cock and then let Brian take her virginity. But she realized when she was sucking his cock it tasted like a womans pussy. I asked how she knew what a womans pussy tastes like. She stated she is bi and has had sex with women.

As we sat there and talked she was stroking my cock back to being hard. I asked her if she was ready, she said yes. I asked her what position would she like to be fucked in for her first time. She said she had not given it much thought and did not think it made a difference. I was very direct with her at this point and told her there will likely be pain, pressure and discomfort. I told her her options are we can fuck missionary position and she will know when I put my cock in her either by me telling her, by looking at my cock as it penetrates into her or by the look on my face. Or we can do it doggie style where the only way she will know is I tell her or she feels it when it happens. I also told her I will not just ram my cock into her virgin pussy but will enter her with smooth, consistent pressure until I am all the way in, but I will not go part way in and then pull out. I told her once I am in we will continue until I am done cumming in her. I told her to think about it when I use the bathroom and tell me when I come out.

I went in to the master bathroom and when I ce out about 5 min. later Cassi was on her back, legs spread rubbing her pussy with the palm of her hand. I could see how wet she was. I also knew I wanted to taste her sweet virgin nectar before I fucked her. I got between her legs and she spread wider for me. I surprised her when I put my head between her pussy first. I could smell her sweet innocence as I put my mouth on her pussy. I started licking her outer lips and spread pussy open with my tongue. I then put my tongue on her inner pussy lips and pushed. I could feel what she had for a hyman and was surprised she still had one from the sex she had with women. I pushed my tongue in even more and she started to cry out in discomfort. I stopped and kicked around her right opening and started rubbing her clit with my hand. She moaned in pleasure, grabbed my head and started humping my face. I kept my tongue where it was, just inside of her virgin love tunnel and let her hump her pussy on and off until she had a huge orgasm. Much to my surprise she started squirting. It tasted wonderful. The sex juice of a virgin pussy and I got to taste it before a cock got to cum inside of her and change the way her pussy tastes. After she was done cumming she told me to fuck her with my cock an dnot stop until I cum deep inside of her. I wasted no time and positioned myself between her wide spread legs and guided my cock into her virgin hole. I felt her hyman give way and her tight pussy stretched and let me in. She moaned and groaned but I kept going until I was all the way in her. She grabbed my shoulders and arms and squeezed and tried to pull her pelvis away from my cock because it did hurt a bit for her. I just kept pushing into her until I bottomed out. I then pulled back just to the ridge of my cock head and pushed back in. I kept doing this a few times until she started humping up onto my cock. We got a great fucking rythym going and she started to squirt again, a lot. She then started moaning and screaming in pleasure. She gripped my arms even harder as she squirted and her tight pussy clamped down even tighter on my cock. I could not hold back any more and I pulled back one last time and rammed her hard and very deep as I let loose a huge torrent of cum deep inside of her. As I finished pumping her full of cum I heard a noise and looked over and there was my wife and Brian with her bent over and Brian fucking her from behind and cumming deep in my wife. After Brian pulled cock out of my wife and I rolled off of Cassi my wife had Cassi go with her to the guest room, leaving Brian with me. I told Brian he could sit down on the bed if he wanted to.

He sat down sideways on the bed so we could face each other and talk, I was laying on my side and was uncovered. We could smell the sex in the air. I could smell my wife’s pussy juices on both his face and cock and he could smell Cassie’s on my cock. I told him I liked touching his hand and a.when we had our arms around Cassi, he told me he liked it to. He was starting to stroke his cock and I was getting hard. He told me he also likes sex with me and asked if I did. I told him I love sex.wirh men and asked what has he done and what does he want to do. He said he is not sure if he is a top or a bottom. He told me he likes to be sucked but really loves to suck another guy. He loves the feel of a coxk in in his mouth. He loves to fuck men bare back because he loves the way a guys ass feels on his cock. He said he has never been fucked but would like to be but Everytime he has tried it it hurt to much to let the guy penetrate him. I asked if he likes body contact and kissing men. He said he has never tried it but is open to it. By this time we both fully hard again and I moved over, pulled the covers back and pulled him into the bed with me into my arms. He nestled into my chest and I spooned him from behind. I started kissing his neck and reached around with one hand and rubbed his chest and wrapped my legs around his and nestled my cock in between his ass crack and started humping him. He was very smooth with the only hair on his head, he was completely shaved, even his cock and balls. He moaned with pleasure as my cock tried to penetrate him. I added a large amount of saliva from me to his rosebud and lined my hard cock head with his virgin hole. I sucked and kissed his neck which really relaxed him as I pushed my cock between his ass cheeks. He pushed back against me but it was not quite enough to fully penetrate him. I had him lay on his stomach and mounted him from behind by straddling his hips. I grabbed a jar of vaseline and lubed his love hole and shoved my finger inside him. He moaned very loud with pleasure and started humping his hips backward, I added a second finger and he moved even more and humped against my hand harder. I pulled my fingers out and lined my cock head up with his beautiful rosebud. I told him to breathe deeply and started penetrating him. I got my cock head in him and he pushed back hard against me and took the rest of my cock deep into his ass. He moained and groaned in pleasure and told me to fuck him, hard. I gladly obliged and started pounding him. He was so tight and good I did not last long. After a few minutes I unloaded my load deep into his tight ass. As soon as I was done and got off and lay beside he quickly got up on his knees, had me roll onto my stomach and told me he wants to fuck me very hard. I gladly let him do so. He straddled my hips, put his smooth hard cock against me and pushed in with one move. He stared fucking me hard and fast. I wanted to enhance his experience and make him cum a lot. I started fucking back against his large cock. He did not last much longer and unloaded his nuts deep in side of me. He got off of me and I rolled over and he fell into my arms. I held him as we kissed with each others cum leaking out of us. We fell asleep and took a nap with each other.

I woke up first to the feeling of my cock being sucked by Cassi. I looked over and Brian was being sucked by my wife. As we got hard my wife and Cassi got on their hands and knees and wanted Brian and I to fuck them from behind. I knew my wife could handle Brian but I was not sure about Cassi handeling the way I was going to fuck her from behind, very hard, because she was very inexperienced. My wife leaned over and whispered to me she thinks Cassi can handle canlı bahis it and to give it to her like I do her and her mom because she wants Cassi to be broken in good so she can handle fucking Brian and other men. I got behind Cassi and Brian got behind my wife. Brian shoved his cock in my wife first and started fucking her nice and easy. My wife told him to pound her hard. I then shoved my cock deep in Cassi and started pounding her very hard. She started arching her back and moving her hips the way my wife and MIL does. It was obvious my wife showed her how before they came in the master bedroom. Cassi was very tight and has a smaller hips and pussy compared to my wife and MIL. It actually felt like I was deflowering her for a second time. Cassi started squirting and got really tight which caused me to unload my cum deep inside of her. I looked over and Brian was cumming deep inside my wife. When we were done we all lay down on the bed. After we recovered we got up, dressed and I fired up the grill and made dinner for everyone. Brian and Cassi went home and my wife and I went to bed. We had to get some rest for Jess to come over the next day.

We woke up, got ready for the day and relaxed until Jess came over later. I called Jess to confirm she was going to come over Jess told me she would like both my wife naked and I naked and when I answer the door she wants me with a hard cock. She told me to be creative to maintain a hardon at the door when she arrives. I told my wife about it and she said she has an idea on how to keep me hard when I open the door.

When Jess arrived and I opened the door for her to come in she came in and saw my wife bent over holding onto a small table with me fucking her from behind. She smiled and told us that is pretty creative because she said she wanted us naked and me with a hardon but she did not specify how we do it. Jess took her clothes off right away and started feeling and sucking my wifes tits. Then she got between my wife’s legs and started eating her out while I fucked her from behind. Jess told me not to cum so I pulled out before I did as I was getting close. We went into the master bedroom and got in bed. My wife was on her back, legs spread wide, Jess had her head between my wife’s legs and was eating her out and I started fucking Jess from behind. I rammed Jess hard and fast like I love to do to women and Jess took it all with no pain, but Jess told me not to cum, she is going to ride me and she is there to teach my wife how to do so. I pulled out of Jess’s pussy and laid down beside my wife. Jess right away sat on my cock from on top and told my wife to watch and learn. Jess started riding me and I did not move. Jess had my wife put her hands around my cock at the base so my wife could feel how Jess moved and her pussy and pelvis and manipulated my cock with it. My wife did so. Jess then asked mmy wife if she has any sex toys such as dildos. My wife did and got one out. Jess told my wife to sit on the dildo and watch the position of her legs and feet as she rode me and told my wife to do the same thing with her dildo. My wife did so next to Jess and I. My wife started to moan with pleasure because she had no idea she could have total control over how the cock feels in her pussy. I kept trying to cum in Jess but Jess would not let me. Jess told my wife she wants to them to orgasm at the same time and when Jess lets me cum. My wife loved that idea. Jess finally started moving so I could cum. I could feel her orgasm building as well. My wife was working on the same for herself with the dildo. Jess said he is about to cum, and I was and so was she. My wife was almost cumming too. All of a sudden I started shooting my load deep into Jess, she let out a loud yell of pleasure and so did my wife. After we were done Jess and my wife laid down on each side of me in my arms. Both had their hand on my cock and stroking me.

All of a sudden we heard the door to the house open and someone come in. The only other person my wife and I knew it could be was her mom, she was the only other person who has a key to the house. I looked at my wife and asked what is she doing here. That is when Jess said she heard us planning when Jess was going to be at our house the other day. My wife and Jess decided to go greet her. As they did her mom was already coming into the master bedroom and taking her clothes off. She saw all three of us naked and Jess had my cum running down her legs. My MIL told them she is really horny and wants my cock in her and could not stand to bear the thought of the two of them having my cock without her there too. She started toward me but my wife stopped her and said you can fuck him after he cums in me. My MIL told her she wants to give me a blow job to get me ready for her pussy. She then dove her head onto my cock and started sucking the way Jess showed her. My wife could not believe it. Her mom was giving me an awesome BJ. She knew I told her but did not think she would ever get to see it. My MIL started to edge me. When she was done she told my wife I am ready to fuck her. My wife got on top of me and sank her pussy down onto my cock and started riding. Right away I knew I was not going to have to move at all. My MIL and Jess got into bed next to us and started eating each other out in the 69 position. My wife rode me and rode me using her pelvis and pussy to control her orgasms and when I was to cum. All of a sudden she started to shudder and I felt her pussy tighten its grip on my cock. This cause me to go over the edge and I blasted her pussy with a huge load. At the same time my MIL and Jess had their orgasms.

Right when we got done and my wife got off of me her mom took her place with her mouth and started giving me a blow job again. She said she wanted to taste her daughters juices on my cock. My wife and Jess started making out as well. Her mom said she wanted to buck on me and got on her back and spread her legs wide. I got between her legs and plunged my hard cock deep into her pussy. She locked her legs around me, lifted her pelvis off of the bed and started bucking. Even though I had just cummed in my wife I knew I was not going to last long. I think it was because my MIL just watched me fuck her daughter, my wife, then gave me a blow job and now my wife is watching her mom fuck me. Sure enough I emptied my balls for the last time that day into a womans pussy.

When we were done I got out of bed and put a robe on and walked with Jess to get her clothes she left in the living room. While Jess was getting dressed she told me to make it a point to meet, if I had not already, and get to know Rose and her son Gary. I had met Rose and Gary before. Rose lived in the apartment right next to my MIL. I told her I would get to know them better and had an idea as to why. Jess also told me she is working on setting my MIL up wih another man who lives in the same apartment building so I can have more freedom to fuck other women and she is not so jealous. Just then my wife and her mom came out to the living room, my MIL was dressed, my wife was still naked. My MIL and Jess left. As soon as the door closed my wife told me her mom seemed interested in having sex with her because they felt each others pussy up and tasted each other pussy juices mixed with my cum when they were getting dressed. My wife said she would think about it but thought it was really hot that her mom watched me fuck her and then her she watched her mom and I fuck.

In summary here is the sex education that occurred in this true story:
1. My MIL taught Jess how to take a man fucking her from behind, in doggie style position without any discomfort or pain at all.
2. Jess taught my MIL how to suck cock and take cum both in her mouth and down her throat.
3. Jess taught my MIL how to lock her legs around a man when being fucked in the missionary position and buck like you are riding a bucking horse.
4. My wife took the virginity of a 18 year old young man and taught him how to sexually please a woman.
5. I took the virginity of a young 18 year old woman and taught her how to sexually please a man.
6. I took the anal virginity of the 18 year old man taught him how to have sex with another man.
7. Jess taught my wife how to ride a man and control his ability to cum without the man moving.
8. My wife and her mom may have sex with each other at some point.
10. Another woman in the retirement apartment building wants to potentially have sex with me.
11. My MIL is going to be hooked up with another man.

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