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In the summer of 1998, I was travelling from Boulder, Co. to Sacramento, Ca. My
wife had been in an auto accident two months earlier and she needed months of

Her sister, Amie and her husband, Baxter own a physio company called Baxter’s
Sports Rehabilitation Center in Sacramento.

Her sister drove to Boulder the previous week, packed up my wife, went back home and her rehab started immediately.

I had spent the intervening time packing up our personal belongings. They were
packed in the camper in the back of my truck. The big furniture was left behind
so we could rent it out as a furnished house.

My employer was not about to grant me a leave of absence so I quit. I’d be seeking employment in Sacramento and a place to live.

My sister-in-law wouldn’t be providing me with such a place. We get along fine but having me around is not her idea of a pleasant experience.

I left Boulder just after lunch. I drove for eight hours straight and started to
yawn and nod my head.
In a sleepy little town along the way, I got a room on the ground floor of a small thirty-six-unit motel. I left my backpack filled with my personal stuff in the room and got back in my truck, looking for someplace to eat.

I drove past a Walmart and found a diner that looked promising about half a mile
further. The parking lot had only a few vehicles in it so I parked close to the
front door.

Inside, there were customers at two tables. I walked to the back and sat at the
table closest to the window.

A waitress approached and I gave her my order. The name tag on her uniform said

She was about twenty years old, about 5’6” tall and weighed maybe 100 pounds.
She was cute enough. Looked bored. Her uniform was buttoned to the neck and
covered her to the knees. If she had a good figure, the outfit did not do her

I ordered coffee, two eggs over easy with toast and a couple of pancakes. It
took about ten minutes for Sandra to bring my order. The food was fine, filling
and tasty.

The restaurant was empty at this point. I asked Sandra for a refill.

When she brought my coffee, I asked her, “What time do you get off?”

She was quite taken aback. Flabbergasted and a bit embarrassed.

I told her I was just passing through, was awfully lonely and wanted some
company for the night.

“I am not that kind of girl!”

“I should hope not! I don’t want some hooker off the street. I want a friendly
and pleasant companion to spend the night with. Hopefully, it will be a pleasing
encounter for us both. I have a lonely güvenilir bahis şirketleri night ahead of me otherwise and a long
drive to Sacramento tomorrow.”

She glanced at the back of the diner where the cook was and sat down.

“I suppose you use that line on all us waitresses, do you?”

“No, not at all. It’s just that I’m in an unfamiliar environment here and I am
extremely lonely.”

I did not add that I was also very very horny. My wife being indisposed lately
had meant that I was doing without. I had jerked off daily for sixty straight
days and was very eager for some pussy. Or some head. Or some pussy and some

She looked back towards the rear of the restaurant and said, “I don’t think so.”

She got up, went to the cash register and returned with my bill.

Discouraged, I sipped my coffee until the cup was empty.

The lights suddenly dimmed. I looked at my watch. It was 10:00. I guessed they
wanted to close.

I went to the front and left a twenty on the counter for the food and the tip.

I walked to the door, she accompanied me. She has the keys to lock up. I went out
the door, she did too.

“I could use some company tonight after all and I definitely need some
excitement. I don’t want to be seen leaving with you though.”

“Where is your car?” I ask.

“Behind the restaurant.”

“How about I drive to Wal*mart. I’ll park in the lot and wait for you there. You
can come to the motel with me. In the morning, I’ll drive you back.”

She nods her approval and goes inside.

I have been waiting for about fifteen minutes at Wal*mart, getting more discouraged by the minute. Figuring she is not going to show.

Just then an old five litre Mustang drove in and parked beside me. I reached over
and opened the door for her. She has changed out of her uniform into slacks,
blouse and jean jacket. Her hair is now tied up in a bun on top of her head.

I drove to the motel and parked in front of my room.

Once inside, I ask her, “Would you like a drink or a soda?”

“No, I am fine.”

“Shall we shower first? Together?”

“Sounds good,” she replies. We undressed by the bed and drop our clothing on
the floor.

She has a much nicer body than I could ascertain from her uniform. Her pubes are
trimmed. Her breasts are pert and the nipples abundant.

It’s crowded in the shower but we managed to soap each other and rub and caress
our various body parts until we are cleansed.

Towelling off in the shower is a bit of a challenge what with bumping into one

Naked, we get into bed. She laid on risksiz bahis veren siteler her back and I laid on my side. I hugged her to
me. I kissed her lips and our mouths opened as our tongues did the romantic
rub-and-slide against one another.

I lowered my head to her breasts and kissed and licked her nipples. They got pointy
quickly and she purred with delight. I reached between her legs to her pussy and
gently rubbed over and across her mound , I brushed against her trimmed patch.

My middle finger stroked up and down her pussy’s slit. She was hot and wet.
My finger slipped inside and my thumb caressed her clit.

As she got more excited with my ministrations, I kissed her mouth, her lips, her
breasts, her nipples.

I inserted a second finger now and she moaned, parted her legs more and her
hips moved around, then up, then down, and around some more. As her breathing
quickened, I sped up my pushing fingers and pressed her clit a little harder and
more direct.

She gasped, muttered something gutturally, arched her back and with hips
thrusting upwards, she climaxed.

I softened my fingers thrusting into her privates but I did not stop.

She was humming and slowly rolling her hips on the bed. Then she quietened.

“How was that?”

“Mmmmmmm, awesome. I needed that, it’s been too too long!”

“Are you on the pill?”


I kissed her mouth and licked her lips and inserted my tongue into her mouth. She was
obliging and returned my kisses.

I moved over her leg. She widened her legs to accommodate me.

My erection pushed against her pussy. She reached down and inserted my cock into
her pussy. I rested there fully sheathed for a moment. I withdrew an inch or two,
then pushed into her again. I started slowly, building momentum and enthusiasm.

She grabbed my buttock and established a quicker pace.

We were humping and thrashing powerfully on the bed. In and out. Up and down.

Her hips ground into the mattress. She came again. Her body arched and her
hips urged me on. I quickened and deepened my strokes until I too climaxed.

I moved off her as our breathing returned to normal.

My hands stroked and caressed her breasts, stomach and belly, sides and upper legs.

Within seconds, she was snoring. Long day I guess.

I laid back on the pillow and I too fell asleep.

Sounds and bright sun shining into our room awakened me about 6:00.

Sandra was on her side facing away from me and I was nestled behind her,

I had a boner between her legs and it was demanding release.

I reached over her thigh, found her pussy and commenced fingering her slit and
clit. She awakened and turned on her back. I got between her legs and laid on top of

She reached down and pulled my cock to the entrance to her pussy. I pushed in to
the hilt.

We both started ground our bellies against each other. She lifted her legs to
lock behind my butt. I stroked in and out. She lifted her bum on each advance and met my thrusts. I took my time and soon she was writhing and gasping and moaning to reach her climax. She bucked fiercely when she came and tightened her grip on my cock with her pussy muscles.

When she had quieted down, I withdrew from her pussy and raised up and sort of
sat on her chest. My hands were in her hair as my cock pushed into her face. She
opened her mouth and wrapped her lips around my cock. Her tongue worked miracles
on my cock head.

Slowly she started to lick my knob and sucked my cock greedily. I basically face-fucked her. Calmly but surely I worked myself, with her help, to my ejaculation. I felt my jizz traveling from deep in my balls, through my shaft and squirt and spurt into her waiting mouth. She gagged a bit but swallowed it all. She licked and sucked my cock until it softened like a wet noodle.

I rolled off her onto my back beside her. She turned and laid her head on my
chest snuggled up together.

We relaxed there for a few minutes until nature’s call took over and she rushed
to the bathroom. Moments later I heard the toilet flush and then the shower

I stayed on my back, sated and relaxed. Good night I thought. Fucked and sucked,
good times.

When she exits the bathroom, I went in and urinated and showered.

She was dressed when I got out.

As I dressed, I asked her, “Shall we grab some breakfast before I leave?”

“Thanks, but I better get home. Last night, I called and told my mom, I was
staying at a friend’s place overnight. She is expecting me home shortly.”

“Alright. Thanks very much for a super exciting night. You sure cured my
doldrums and gloomy thoughts.”

“Thank you too. It was fun. I enjoyed it very very much.”

We got in my truck and I drove to Wal*mart. I parked beside her car. It looks fine.
No one broke into it during the night.

“That is a nice old Mustang.”

“Thanks. It was my dad’s. He was the original owner. I hope to keep it a long

“It’s held up well. You take good care of it.”


She opened the door, got out and asked, “What’s in Sacramento?”

“I’m moving there. Looking for a job and a place to live.”

“Cool. Maybe we’ll run into one another there someday. My uncle Baxter wants me
to visit sometime.”

She closed the door, unlocked her car, got in and took off.

“Oh boy. Oh boy. What a clusterfuck this could be.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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