Pottery class

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Pottery class
Felling potty
Booked a pottery class
Creative & messy with a little wine
Sliding wet clay all over my fingers
While it’s spinning around and around I can’t get you out of my head I miss you I haven’t seen my lover for a week

My pots gone all floppy
Whilst everyone else in the room seems to have perfectly formed vases

Mines bent what a flop
How does the tutor make this look so easy

His wet hands sliding over his perfect pots as he’s talking to the class my mind wonders off
Thinking about those slippery wet clay covered hands sliding all over my breasts
I think iv lost the plot or pot (I don’t even smoke pot wtf)
I glance around everyone’s pots looking potty

Fuck it I can do it
As I slap fresh clay on my wheel and start moulding it into shape
I’m covered in clay it’s all canlı bahis over my face
Ahhhh yes it’s looking good
O o o o what a flop it’s gone again

My mind wonders off
The tutors quite tasty or perhaps that’s just the wine from earlier
His Wet slippery hands

Its cummming the clay is actually forming into something
My firm wet grip
It’s getting there more like a vase than pot
Oh well
It’s an improvement

It’s hard it’s erect
I seem to be moulding what looks like a giant penis
Spinning around in my wet hands
Perfectly moulded and well formed
My wheel stops spinning

Oh well it looks great
Taking a sneaky peak at everyone’s pot
im impressed
I created something

I didn’t realise the tutor standing infront of me
Oh fuck
It’s hard and standing to attention.
Not perabet giriş floppy at all

And what exactly is this

He grins and walks off

I don’t care must be the alcohol
I’m proud of my handy work

maybe be I’ll get into this and start making penis flutes
yes that must be a money making dragons den master plan of the century
Clay penis flutes
I can even open a little art studio by the river

A few weeks later
I get a call to pick up our work
A little embarrassed
I was a little drunk that day ooooops
I knock on the door

You young lady are late
Sorry I missed the bus
It’s waiting for you
All the others have cum and gone
i was just about to go home

I go pick up my work
It looks great

I turn around
He’s standing behind me
Kisses me
I’m not complaining perabet güvenilir mi he’s tasty
as he picks me up
Sits me on a wheel spins it round a few times
I’m dizzy
He catches me and kisses me and laughs
I go to kick him
he grabs me pulls me closer
kisses me

And wow I can feel his art work
Would you like to go to the pub?
Nar iv got wine
As I pull a bottle out of my bag
We’re using two old pots as glasses
Some other students unclaimed work

His muscular body sexy curly hair
Drinking and feeling tipsy
Show me how to make a pot please
Your hands are so big and distracting

I will next time
As he pulls me in for another kiss
We’re tearing each other’s cloths off

And fucking on the hard cold floor
He’s consuming me
like a vampire sucking & kissing every inch of my body
still very sexy for a much older man

At home I place my art work on the fire place 🙂
and go to bed with a big smile on my face
my boyfriends pounces on me in bed
did you have a nice day how was your class?

It was very interesting

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