Pleading in Vain

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Pleading in Vain

By Miranda Birch

Copyright ©2019 Miranda Birch. All Rights Reserved.

Eventually he found out, of course. About the money. There was almost a row. Almost. But
Mary was firm.

“There is no use crying over split milk. The money is spent, and that’s that. It isn’t
like you got nothing for it. Most sissies would give their right leg to have such
gorgeous outfits as you have!”

She laughed then, not even bothering to pretend to take his objection seriously. Mike
was stung by this to attempt some sort of opposition.

“But… I’m not a sissy, I’m not!”

“No Mike, you certainly are not,” retorted Mary. “You are NOT a sissy.” She paused,
and he waited, puzzled. That had taken him off-guard.


“Please don’t interrupt, darling, I wasn’t finished.” She held up a hand. “Thank you.
Now, as I was saying, you are certainly not a sissy, which is why I will not allow you
in future to wear anything but the most way-out, sissiest, girliest costumes!”

“But that doesn’t… I mean, I thought…”

“Yes, I know what you thought.”

“Just so we are clear. This is the life I have chosen for us. güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri It is not up for debate.”

“You must grasp Mike, that such things as pride and dignity are simply no longer
appropriate for you. Humility, submission, obedience, these are the trait we will work
together to develop in you. And what better way than by having you shamed and humiliated
in such ridiculous outfits?”

She stopped to laugh.

“Oh, I am sorry darling, but I can’t help but laugh at the spectacle you make in that
get-up, all ‘tits, bits and bum’!”

She dissolved in helpless laughter until her eyes watered.

“But, please Mary, please, I rally don’t like wearing this stuff!”

In his urgency he had forgotten the correct form of address. Mary decided to overlook it
preferring to rub his nose in his sissified subjection.

“You are not supposed to like your uniforms, darling!” she said with unbearable
smugness, as though talking to a backward c***d. “Helen and I put a lot of thought into
to ensuring that they would be ridiculously exaggerated caricature of femininity! And of
course the güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri whole point of forcing you into this ridiculous garb is so that you will feel
utterly shamed and humiliated! And you do, don’t you? I didn’t tell you this at the
beginning, because you would have kicked up such a fuss. but now…” she shrugged.

She was taunting him openly now, secure in the knowledge of her power over him.

“Oh, you silly, silly boy! Imagine getting yourself into such a predicament! Nothing at
all to wear except frilly frocks and aprons!”

She dissolved into laughter again. She dried her eyes, and tried to compose herself.

“Anyway, these are the clothes I have chosen for you, so these are the clothes you will

His eyes filled. He was fast losing control.

“Now, Mike, no tears please,” she said warningly.

She waited until he looked more composed; then moved in for the kill.

“There will be plenty of time for tears later!” she exclaimed “When I parade you in all
your frilly sissy finery for a selected group of my friends, for instance. Oh, yes,” she
added, noting güvenilir bahis şirketleri with satisfaction his look of disbelief, “that day is coming, and there is
nothing you can do about it. I want to see your cheeks burn crimson with shame and
humiliation, I want to see you fighting to hold back your tears! In fact, I rather hope
you do cry, it will add spice to it!” she laughed gaily. “Oh, darling, I am afraid there
will be tears of shame and humiliation aplenty in your future.”

“You see Molly,” Mary explained patiently, “you are staying in frocks one way or the
other, let there be no doubt about that. My only concern is to make sure you understand
one thing above all: by getting upset about this you are only making yourself unhappy.
Not a thing will change. You need to learn to accept what you cannot change. You have
been quite good about obeying, including doing things that must have been difficult for
you — wearing your uniform, for example — but I think always with reservations, always
with the idea that if you were ‘good enough’ I would sooner or later relent. Well, I
won’t. This is your life now.”

“And now just look at the time! You really don’t have time to waste, Molly, there is
still lots to do! You are dismissed.”

She nodded curtly and turned away.

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