Penny my wife for other men Part two…enjoy her

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Penny my wife for other men Part two…enjoy her
If you have read the first chapter you will already know quite a lot about us. Our story now move forward a little over 5 years. Our good fortune has continued we have our family a boy who is just starting school, work has been terrific with two further promotions. This took us to a house near the coast beyond our wildest dream given our modest background.
We had only one problem Penny felt at a loose end, no not really true baby bored cooped up at home in a new area, and although she had made a few friends it was mainly baby talk she was totally stir crazy. Our sex life on the other hand had never diminished, Penny loved a tongue or cock up her cunt, or waking me up with her lips round my dick. The first few months after the little one I had trouble keeping up with her so hot was she…..anyway I digress, something had to be done.
Penny got all proactive, she had been a Civil Servant back home. She couldn’t believe how easy it could be, one phone call and a tiny interview and she was taken on by the local tax office. Penny loved it coming home with tales of a good crowd mainly made up of women. Then she came home talking, and talking a lot about her boss James. I listened a lot about James over the next few weeks, twenty five year old university graduate rumoured to come from a rich family, and there was a position for him at head office once he completed his initiation. It was also rumoured he had tried it on with a number of the girls working for him, in fact one husband had taken his wife from his clutches after a few late nights at work.
One think I’m not is slow on the uptake, my good wife was infatuated with this young man. With an itch needing to be scratched. After our experience with Bob, I had no problem with another man in our bed, but I wanted to share not give and would always want to be be involved. This was the sort of conversation we had after I asked Penny if she wanted to fuck him and got a very demure smile and nod of the head.
It was Saturday night and we had a guest for dinner, little one was safely tucked up, and Penny had prepared a tasty treat….in fact two tasty treats. The first a superb dinner, the second Penny herself, oh a real treat. What a sight as she came down the stairs , WOW hair tied back, jet black eyes red lips, tight white top over a black bra, over a tight very short skirt. A skirt covering nothing but cunt.
James would be arriving soon and Penny told me how excited she already felt, I lifted her skirt running my hands along open swollen pussy lips. Penny moaned as I ran my fingers through the wetness, I could smell her arousal.
Forty minutes later the meal was finished and I was cleaning away the last of the pots. Throughout the meal James after a little hint had followed my lead, whenever Penny came close to me my fingers wandered up her tiny skirt, and she started to get the same treatment from James. I noticed she spent kaçak iddaa a lot longer on his side of the table. When she served desert I think she almost passed out, she leaned heavily on the side of the table, and it was obvious he was finger fucking her to her first orgasm of the night.
I listened hard while I was in the kitchen there was a lot of moving about, and when I went back in James had Penny across the end of the table legs spread wide, tiny skirt flipped across her back. James’s trousers were round his ankles, his dick tracing a line along her swollen cunt lips….fuck yes go on James stuff it in fuck me, he didn’t need much prompting, she was sopping wet leaking down her legs like a stream. James pulled back a couple of inches then he launched into her, that cunt was so wet it ate up every one of the seven inches Penny automatically wrapped her thighs round his waist moaning for more. I moved closer watching her cunt stretch round his dick, her hot cunt juice flowing round his cock and down into her arse crack. I moved to her head my own cock was straining for release, I dropped my trousers and started to wank my cock next to her face, Penny didn’t disappoint her tongue snaked out and licked at the underside of my shaft. I had to climb half on the table to feed it into what I can only describe as a very eager throat. She was loving having two cocks again, and minutes later two lots of spunk filling her body.
Both James and I slowly removed our softening cocks, we could see what a mess we had made of my wife cum dripping down her chin, and pouring from her gaping twat. She was covered in sweat and the room stank of sex. James hadn’t finished with her yet, he spun her round laying her out on the table he opened her legs wide forcing them apart wider. Then he was in there eating her, his tongue going as far up her cunt as he could get it, then darting onto her clit tasting her cleaning her. Penny was loving it lick me oh god so good lick me more. Her hands went between her legs stretching her lips to allow easier access, my little slut wife was loving it.
Then James stood above her… please don’t stop now she murmured. He pulled her more to the table edge right on to his hardening cock, slowly this time I watched him the devil in his eye. All the way in all the way out he fucked knocking the air from her body. Time and again I heard her give that special long moan, orgasms were ripping through her body. James lasted well and we new when he was shooting another load into my wife, a long scream emitted from his body as he fell away from Penny.
She rolled off the table a little stiffly I knew it had been uncomfortable, but it didn’t stop her without faltering she was rolling to James taking his softening cock between her lips savouring it and all the juices left on it. She looked up at me…fuck me more I want more. There she was on her knee’s cunt open and sopping wet cum running onto the carpet, kaçak bahis who could refuse she devoured my cock and in minute’s drain me of another load of hot spunk, got to say after all these years I realise where sex was concerned I was just another piece of meat none of these knowing looks and thank you between husband and wife this was just fucking…..thirty minute later she was behind the front door saying a sexy good night to James. Thus began a liaison that would last more than two years

That first night was a catalyst for the next couple of years. (read the first chapters to catch up, you may enjoy) When Penny and I eventually rolled into bed that night she had been soundly fucked by her new lover James. She giggled while telling me how much she had enjoyed it, but decided the dining table wasn’t the most comfortable of back rests for getting shafted.
Our new life worked perfectly, just far enough away from her works that her colleagues wouldn’t learn our secret, James and I had hit it off so well the neighbours thought he was my mate as we trundled of to football and rugby matches together.
The beauty of this James could come and go as he wished, sex changed completely I had always got plenty, but now Penny was insatiable with or without James she was always ready.
When James was about, she was perfect no shyness she would sink to her knee’s to take his cock between her lips sucking him to completion. Penny swallowed spunk with relish, and looked a picture when her face or tits were dressed in cum.
Other things happened in the first few month sexually our lives changed and we did things we have never ever repeated to such a degree. To begin with Penny wearing just her tennis skirt and nothing else, after which James showed a liking for Penny in sexy outfits, and she ended up with quite a selection….and my favourite is still a slutty school girl….. It was not unusual to see Penny around the house in stockings (any colour) and suspender belt under tiny skirts, her tits on show in quarter bras and tight sheer tops.
We got her pouring her make-up on nice and thick, she loved it being a total slut wife and James and I took every opportunity to dress and fuck a maid, air hostess, secretary or super woman.
James also took a liking to blindfold sex…guess who’s cock, soon turned to guess what’s up there now, he started stuffing her cunt with whatever came to hand, it started with a bottle then quickly moved on to banana’s, cucumbers, her hairbrush, electric toothbrush and a variety of dildos. At first I thought Penny was doing it to please us, that was until she started bringing them to bed for me to stuff her full before a good fucking session.
What a sight and surprise when she did her first show for us parading round in a sexy outfit, before sitting over a beer bottle balanced on the coffee table she was soon bouncing up and down, her cunt squelching has she landed each time. The noises cumming from güvenilir bahis Penny, well you had to be there to appreciate, squealing like a banshee eyes rolling into the back of her head she was lost in lust. We soon had her riding wine and champagne bottles, even held a baseball bat erect on the rug while she fucked it to multiple orgasms. Everyone who new Penny socially, family and friends would have never believe what she had become and me and James were loving it..
Times we all enjoyed most was when we got a baby sitter and managed to go to James’s apartment, it seemed to give Penny even more freedom she’d strip off and wear whatever James had got for that night. He bought her lots, leather and rubber outfits, high heeled shoes and boots and she wore them like the perfect slut getting fucked and sucking cock in every room. Over the weeks and months there was one thing we both wanted and that was her anal cherry but that was something she didn’t want, we’d both had a finger and tongue up her bum hole but that was as far as it got. We both new she was getting used to us m*****ing her arsehole, and kept telling her so, when it happened we were both pretty surprised.

James had been fucking Penny for more than six months, when one Saturday he was telling me about George a bloke he was at uni with. They would share girls or women for a night’s sex while they were studying sometime four or five blokes were involved, in other words a gang-bang. Anyway he said George was coming down the following weekend, he hadn’t told him about Penny, but went right ahead asking for my permission for a four way. At first I was a bit dubious, but the feeling in the pit of my stomach told me it was going to happen.
Penny was introduced to George with a blindfold over her eyes, unknowingly taking his fat stubby cock between her lips. She knew it was new, but she didn’t miss a beat bringing him off and even giggling when she met him eye to eye. We had a sitter overnight, so things really progressed with James leading plus a few glasses of wine. We ate her cunt, arsehole and toyed with her tits until she was gasping for it, her nipples were rock hard eyes glazed and little begging noises coming from her lips. James and me were on each side of her, while she was on her knee’s, we stretched her cunt and burnt plum opening them up, while George licked bit fingered her opening her wide. Penny was sopping wet when George slid his cock between her labia lips, sliding in easily he slowly began to pump into her, while we worked more on her bum hole.
Without any warning George pulled right back and out, he took his cock in his fist and pushed his helmet right through her sphincter. We held her while she tried to pull away, I felt really guilty right up to the moment she started to moan and relax. James was working her clit and George went all the way in and started to fuck that tight hole and god she started to love loved it.
We fucked her all night, but only that once up her anal hole. Firstly because we didn’t want to put her off, and secondly because a warning to anyone who hasn’t been there its fucking messy. This was a start to a new chapter to our sex lives.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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