Part 12) Sunday – Country Western FUN in Vegas

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Part 12) Sunday – Country Western FUN in Vegas
Angel began the day impaled in her ass by a huge cock & spent the day there while other guys enjoyed her cunt too. A few even got to DP her asshole too. Sunday night a LOT of guys enjoyed DPing Angel while she was impaled on a huge cock in her ass, even more cocks in her ass too.

Sunday we woke up around 11:30am so Billy & me went in to see how Angel & her friend in her ass were doing. They were still sleeping on their sides & he looked like he still had about 10″ of semi-hard cock in her asshole. We then woke them up & he rolled her over on top of him & then got up off the bed & carried her into the living room area to fuck her some more. Billy then suggested that he & me each take 1 of her legs to spread her wide open & then carry her out on the balcony to be assfucked. The way she was out there anyone looking out of their rooms in the adjacent towers or on the same floor as us could easily see her being ravaged by a 13+” cock in her ass.

1 nice thing about this was that it took the guy in her ass about 10 minutes of fucking her to get fully hard in her ass & then it took another 20 minutes or so to finally cum in her again. During this time Billy had began pumping her cunt with the big dong in it making her begin to climax a lot as well. Once the guy had finally cummed in Angels ass he flipped her over & then laid her down on a glass table there with his cock still in her ass with her head hanging over the other side. Billy then stuck his cock in her mouth & fucked her mouth & after he cummed in her throat I took my turn fucking her mouth too.

The guy then said “Damn, her ass is fantastic. Part of the reason it took me so long to fuck her this time was because maybe a half hour before we woke up her asshole began spasmning on my cock squeezing it over & over again until I cummed deep inside her about the same time as she gave a little squeal too from I think her climaxing in her sleep. While I was still semi-hard inside her it took a while for me to build back up again. Her ass feels so great I think I could stay in it forever if possible.” Angel then spoke up & said “Hell, my asshole has gotten so used to him being in it that I think I could stand having it in me for some time too. Let me ask you, how big of a gambler are you? He answered “Well, I’m in Vegas so I must enjoy gambling, WHY?” Angel replied “I’ll make you a bet that I can endure your cock in my ass for longer then you can. IF you lose you pay me $100 cash. IF I win then I will do ANYTHING you tell me to do so long as Billy & John agree to it. I must tell you though that I really HATE losing bets so I’ll do most anything to win…” He replied “OK, I’ll take that bet. I was a bit surprised by all this because usually Angel was the 1 to take a bet from a guy. This was the 1st time she had ever started the bet with a guy about her & sex.

Billy then said “Well, since you’re going to be around awhile, what’s your name?” He said “Believe this or not but my name is DICK.” Billy then said “Well OK Dick, why don’t you take Angel into the bathroom to take a shower together?” Dick replied OK, but I need to take a crap 1st.” Billy said “no problem, just sit on the pot with her on you & go. If you piss in her ass it’s OK too because she can use an enema. Once you get her in the shower just lift her almost fully of your cock long enough for her to drain out & then fill her back up.” He said “OK”. Then he proceeded to sit on the pot & take a crap while pissing in Angels ass. Then he took her into the shower & then said to her “IF you need to, take a quick piss before I let you empty your ass out.” Billy then promptly took the dong out of Angels cunt & held a ice bucket beneath her for her to pee in. Angel then took a hardy pee filling the ice bucket about 4″ with her pee. Billy then poured about 3″ of that over her tits while she was also being showered off while Angel also soaped herself down. She even stuck the bar of soap in her cunt a bit to clean it out too & also soaped down Dicks dick & balls. Then they rinsed everything off. Dick then raised Angel up to where the tip of his cock was barely still in her so she could empty her ass of his piss & cum in it while Billy again held the ice bucked below her to catch that cum-piss mixture in. Once she said she was empty Dick just dropped her back down on his cock & they finished their shower together. I then helped hold Angel up while she & Dick dried themselves off. Billy then handed Angel the ice bucket & told her to drink the piss/cum mix in it. She drained the bucket almost dry drinking it too.

Also, while they had been showering Billy had called down for breakfast. Dick & Angel had only been out of the bathroom for a few minutes & were sitting by the table with Angel straddling Dick when the waiter arrived with our breakfast He saw Angel sitting with a cock buried in her ass & asked “Are you comfy like that?” Angel replied “YES, & there canlı kaçak iddaa is more in me then you can see too.” With that she put her feet on the floor & raised up to where Dicks cock was about 5″ out of her. Angel then said “Believe it or not there is 8 or 9 inches still inside my ass & I plan to keep having this in me for another day or so. I made him a bet that I could endure him in my ass longer then he could & really don’t want to lose either. During all this coming time other guys will either have to join him in my ass &/or fuck either my pussy or mouth, whichever they want. Where are you going to use me for your tip?” The waiter replied “Wow that sounds wild. I guess I’ll take your cunt this time.” With that Dick kind of stretched out some so that Angels cunt was more accessible & the waiter began fucking her too. Billy then said “I want to ask you to do 2 things just before you climax in her, PULL OUT & cum on her breakfast & then let her lick you clean before you leave.” The waiter said “OK.” He continued DPing her for about 7 to 8 minutes then pulled out & cummed on her eggs & hash-browns & then stuck his cock in her mouth so she could clean him off. Then he pulled his pants back up & left. Angel then proceeded to eat her cum covered breakfast.

After breakfast, around 2:00pm Dick carried Angel out into the hallway again to show her off impaled on his cock. The concierge & guard both said to the effect “Damn you look good with that cock in your asshole.” Angel answered “Every time you see me today & likely tomorrow you will see it in me too. I bet him he could not outlast me with it in me. The damn thing about this is that his cock is HUGE & fills my ass almost totally. Last night though I did take a few other guys in there with him, 1 of which was damn near as big as him too. I actually did not believe my asshole could ever take that much in it. I know you can see just how big around he is but you can’t see the 13+ inches deep he is IN my ass. The really nice part about this is that whenever anyone barely touches my cunt or ass more I begin climaxing & do it repeatedly. This actually is the only reason I’m scared that I might lose our bet. I might explode from ecstasy too soon.”

The concierge said “Well, let’s see how you do then.” as he had Dick lean back on the concierge desk so he could fuck her in her cunt. Angel did start climaxing quickly too & was still climaxing when the guard took 2nds in her cunt.

Dick then said “Let’s see just how daring Angel is now. Call the elevator to take us downstairs & warn the guard down there that we are coming so he can send us back up.” When the elevator doors opened Dick again backed into the elevator so that Angel was again facing the door for all to see naked with a cock in her ass & some cum leaking from her cunt. About 20 minutes later the elevator got back to reveal Angel with a stranger fucking her cunt again. It seems that he & 2 other guys had got in downstairs & 1 of them had fucked her on the way up to the Penthouse just above our floor. They got out there for the 2nd guy to fuck her as well before sending her, Dick & the 3rd guy back down to our floor. Dick & this guy then got out long enough for him to finish fucking her. Then he quickly re-entered the elevator to go back down without even saying Thanks or bye.

Dick then walked her down the hall again & stopped at the door of his friends & told Angel to knock on the door & when they answered to ask them if they would please fuck her again too. 1 of his friends opened the door & before Angel could say anything he said “Damn Dick, you’re fucking her ass again?” Angel answered for them “NO, he is fucking my ass STILL. He got in me last night downstairs & carried me up to our room & then slept with me with his cock in my ass & then after we woke up this morning he carried me out on the balcony & fucked me again for others to watch & then flipped me over to lay me over the table there with him in my ass while John & Billy fucked my mouth. Then he carried me into the bathroom, sat on the pot with me on top of him & crapped in the toilet while he pissed in my ass. Then he carried me into the shower to 1st raise me up to where I could drain myself into a ice bucket & then impaled me back on his cock while we showered. Then the room service waiter fucked me sitting at the table on Dicks dick before we ate our breakfast. Mine was even covered by the waiters cum too. Then he brought me out for the concierge & guard to fuck me before he took me downstairs on the elevator to wind up letting 3 guys get in. 1 of them fucked me on the way to the Penthouse floor & a 2nd there on their floor before the 3rd guy fucked me on the way back down & finished by the concierge. Now we’re here because I want you 2 to fuck me next if you want to.” 1 of then said “Well, come in then.” Angel said “NO, you have to fuck me here in the hallway. I need to be where other people can watch me being canlı casino fucked & even join in if they wish to.” The guys then just dropped their shorts & stepped out into the hallway with Dick & Angel & 1 of them began fucking her cunt again. Angel was squealing in delight as she was being DPed again. She had begun climaxing again almost as soon as his cock sunk in her cunt. She was still climaxing 15 minutes later when he pulled out & the other roommate filled her cunt again & began pumping her even harder. She was then squealing loud enough for 3 of Billys band members to look out to see what was happening.

Once the 2nd guy cummed in Angel Dick took her over by the hall window for the band guys to fuck more. By the time the 3rd guy was fucking her Angel was actually screaming lightly in ecstasy because that last guy was also fucking her asshole with Dick driving Angel wild as she climaxed repeatedly.

This attracted even more spectators. Angel even had 2 females watching her as 2 more guys fucked her ass with Dick as Angel screamed in ecstasy while she was jerking herself on those guys while they assfucked her for well over 1/2 hour more. Just before the last guy cummed in her ass Angel again slumped down between them passing out from ecstasy again.

That did not stop things though. 1 of the gals watching dropped down beneath Angel & began licking the cum out of & off of her cunt & asshole as well as licking Dicks balls clean too. What really shocked me was to see the other gal come out of her room naked with a BIG strap-on on & then shove it in Angels cunt & begin fucking her with it too. It wasn’t often I was able to watch another woman fuck Angel so it was fun to watch then. It took that gal over 20 minutes to finally climax from the strap-on rubbing her clit as she fucked Angel to finally stop. Angel never even knew this happened at the time because she was still passed out from before. (She found out a bit later when the gals girlfriend showed us some Polaroids she had taken then.)

Dick then said “Hey folks I need to end your fun with here for now. I really need to take a piss & her ass is getting sticky from all the cum in it so I’m taking her in to get a piss enema again. Billy then said “Besides that we need to head downstairs soon so we can do our show while she puts on another show down there next too.”

Dick then took Angel into the bathroom & stepped into the shower & pissed in Angels asshole again. She was still u*********s this time when Dick raised her up far enough for her to drain out into the ice bucked again then he slammed her back down on his cock reviving her almost immediately. This time though Billy just refrigerated the piss cum for her to drink later because we needed to head downstairs for tonights show. Again Dick carried her down impaled on his cock.

As soon as we got backstage Billy made an announcement to everyone there. He told them “Tonight Angel has to remain impaled with this cock in her asshole so everyone fucking her tonight has to go with it. She can be fucked in her cunt and or her asshole along with Dick here. She can even be fucked by 3 guys at a time IF everyone can fit in her. Also, her mouth is open to be used as you please too. Beyond this HAVE FUN TONIGHT…”

With that Billy brought out the lounge out of his room & Dick laid back on it with Angel on top of him & then laid her back over him. Billy then as usual took his turn in Angel 1st in her cunt & when he was done I took 2nds in her. Then the rest of the band used her as well. 3 of them were also the 1st guys to DP her asshole with Dick.

Once the band was done the stage crew & other workers back there began fucking her too. Angel looked & acted like she was in ecstasy as well. She was squealing & gyrating wildly between the guys fucking her. It was obvious that she was climaxing hard over & over.

She screamed out some too when the guy that had the 13″ cock fucked her cunt long enough to moisten his cock with cum & then slowly shoved it about 10″ in her asshole with Dicks dick & began DPing her asshole. She screamed again when a 3rd guy got in front of him & stuck his cock in her cunt & began fucking her too.

Angel had been DPed by 2 big cocks a number of times but this was the 1st time she was DPed by them in her asshole together & then had a 10″ cock in her cunt at the same time. The damn thing was that after maybe 5 minutes of this she too seemed to get in to it & began wildly gyrating herself on those 3 cocks. The ONLY cock that was not pumping in her was Dicks but even he looked like he was really enjoying the action going on then in her. Angel climaxed again before the other 2 guys fucking her but they were not far behind her before she got cum shot in her ass & cunt almost together.

What really got us though was when the 2nd guy now in her ass with Dick just stayed still IN her ass while another guy fucked her cunt again & cummed in her too. Then when another new tipobet giriş guy got in her cunt & began fucking her again he started slowly pumping his cock in her ass again too. This guy really had a lot of stamina too because he continued to slowly fuck Angels asshole while 3 more guys fucked her cunt. Angel was so in to this by then that I don’t think she even cared that she was being fucked this way, she just LOVED being fucked. Before the last guy fucking her cunt finished Angel let out another little scream as she climaxed hard again & passed out again too. I can see WHY she passed out though. She had just been 3Ped in her cunt & ass by 6 different guys in her cunt while having two BIG cocks in her ass together. Angel had been DPed a few times by 2 horses but NEVER with both of them in her ass.

All 3 guys were still finishing up fucking her when Billys 1st show finished & the guys came backstage to witness this extreme fucking Angel was getting. Billy then asked “Hey guys, why don’t we give her a brief break while me & the guys take a break too. She still has to keep Dicks dick in her ass but let’s let her recuperate from more then that for a few minutes & let her wake up again so she can enjoy it too. Also, in case anyone is wondering WHY she has to keep Dicks cock in her asshole, SHE made a bet with him that she could endure his dick in her ass longer then he could. If he loses she wins $100 but if she loses she has to do ANYTHING he tells her to do. We still have no idea just what that might be either. So far he has carried her down in the elevator with her legs held up while facing the doors so anyone could see her cunt & her ass with his cock in it. She even got fucked 2 of those times by other guys as well. Hell, if he told her to go into the casino naked & let guys assfuck her there she would have to do it (unless John or I object.).”

Angel was allowed to semi relax for about 20 minutes before Billy came out of his dressing room. Dick then got up with Angel & laid her down on the lounge with him standing between her legs with his cock now about 10″ deep in her cunt so other guys could straddle between him & Angel to fuck her & to make it easier for her to swallow cocks with her head back over the other edge of the lounge. Billy was the guy that shoved his cock in her mouth & began fucking her throat while another band member got in position & began fucking her cunt.dick was just standing there not moving & enjoying the feeling of her asshole around his cock. Billy shot a load of cum down Angels throat & then the guy fucking her cunt moved to let her take his load in her mouth too while another band member replaced him in Angels cunt & then also let her drink his cum too. The rest of the band followed suit & fucked her & then had her drink their cum by burying their cocks down her throat.

Then after the guys went back onstage for the 2nd show the crew began using Angel again. What I liked watching was the guy with the 13″ cock shove it down Angels throat giving her what looked like a moving Adams Apple as he fucked her mouth while another guy was fucking Angels cunt again. This time though the guy in her mouth let her suck him off a 2nd time while other guys took turns in her cunt & cumming there instead of her mouth. However she still got to clean off those guys before the rest of the guy to fuck her cunt let her drink their cum again. I also thought it looked cute to see a cock head bouncing around in Angels throat as any guy with more then a 9″ cock fucked her mouth. The only problem with this was that those occasions only lasted from 30 seconds to maybe a minute because those guys were in her mouth/throat to cum, not fuck it really.

Due to this type action about 20+ guys were able to fuck her cunt & cum in her mouth while Billy & the band played onstage nearby. There really were no sloppy 2nds in her cunt after about 3 guys fucked it after the crew began fucking her again since they all were cumming in her mouth instead. During this entire time Dick had been slightly moving his cock in her ass just to keep him hard but it only looked like he climaxed in her once again too.. Angel though was again climaxing hard over & over as the guys gave her cunt a good pounding.

Once Billy & the guys came offstage they all took another turn in her cunt & mouth before they let the waiters & busboys have turns in her too.

Again it was about 2am when we decided to take Angel back upstairs so we could get some sleep but Angel was already sleeping. She had passed out again from ecstasy maybe an hour before this. Of course what could you expect? She had been cunt fucked well over 75 times with a cock or 2 in her asshole for well over 5 hours again & another 7 or 8 times AFTER she passed out too. Beyond that she also had drank gobs of cum too.

2 of the band members helped Dick carry Angel to the elevator & upstairs too. 1 of them did this with his cock in her cunt too & even walked backwards to our room after we got upstairs. Once in the room he quickly finished fucking her filling her with a last load of cum for the night.

Dick just took her into the bedroom, laid down & went to sleep with his cock still in her ass…

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