My Wife Journey —3

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My Wife Journey —3

The next day morning, we got up to the bang on the door. I got up and looked over Swetha to see her shuffling in the bed from the banging. I answered the door to find Ravi standing with multiple trays “breakfast” was all he said. I looked past him to see the other servants on their chores and devotional songs playing in the background. I sighed, village people do get up early. I let Ravi in as he started to arrange the dishes on the table all the while trying to get glances of swetha when he can. Ravi was a young k**, the type swetha likes. He finished laying the trays all out on the table, taking more time than needed and finally left.

I walked over to the table to see what they had prepared and was surprised to find a vase with flowers and a small vertical box. I opened it up curiously to find a gold chain with a red pendant. I was pretty sure it wasn’t for me. Yogenderji is really trying hard.

I took a stroll around the house to clear my mind. I was curious to see how far things would go or precisely how far swetha would go. Just imagining the possibilities made my cock hard. It was the same in thailand, i was so aroused the whole vacation i wanted to push the limits further and further. But, alas the vacation ended and once we returned back, it was too dangerous to try it back home. I strolled around some more exploring the house and took my time to return back to the room.

As i entered the room I saw Swetha trying out the necklace and checking it in the mirror.

“Did you see this?” She asked running her finger around the necklace.

“And the flowers” she added.

“I think, he really likes you” I said with a wink

“When was the last time you got me flowers” she asked with a mock anger coming closer to me.

“So what do you think” she asked showing her necklace.

“Looks good on you” I replied honestly.

“I know right, but it’s a bit too much, I am going to return it to him” she said as she took one final glance in the mirror before placing it back in the box.

“so are you going to Arun’s office today” she asked.

“I guess, I am going to work on some office stuff and then go to his place. I am so glad they have WiFi here” I replied

“I guess you’re going on a date” I asked teasing her

“It’s not a date and you know I am not into older men. But it’s better than killing time at home.” She said

“You should have applied for leave too, why do you want to impress the new lady boss so much” she added teasing me

“She is hot, what more reason do I need” I said laughing as she hit me on my chest.

We talked some more as we had our breakfast. Swetha then got up to get ready and I switched on my laptop. After an hour she came out of the bath in a green saree with a matching green blouse and settled herself near the mirror getting her makeup on.

“You look like leaf” I joked

“very funny, you were the one who made me get only sarees in this hot summer” she said putting on a red bindi.

“I don’t know why I listen to you” she added putting her palm on her forehead.

“Once we seal the deal here, you can have all the money you need for your shopping” I said

Swetha came over to me and bent as she hugged me from behind, her pallu sliding down its mark as I worked on my laptop. “You’re a darling” she said as she kissed my cheek.

Ravi entered as he knocked to come in and took a moment to see swetha’s displaced pallu and then quickly informed that yogendarji is ready and waiting downstairs. “I will be there in few minutes” swetha said as he left. Swetha, still holding me from behind, slowly moved her hand into my shorts and stroked my cock.

“I am going now. Don’t get too excited, it’s just the first date” she whispered in my ear as she continued stroking

“Or…. do you want it to go further” she added biting my ear

I didn’t answer as my cock did all the talking. Swetha continued her stroking for another minute and then walked out leaving me with an aching hard on The start of the engine broke the silence. I looked over the window to see yogenderji in the driving seat setting up the mirror as Swetha got into the passenger seat giving him a quick smile. My heart skipped a beat as they drove away.

I got settled in the chair and distracted myself by diving into work. I continued this on until afternoon and kept an eye on the phone for any text messages from Swetha. None came. Disheartened, I called Arun to see what he had for me and made plans to head to his office.

Around afternoon as I was heading to Arun’s place I got a text from Swetha

“Nothing exciting so far, he is just showing off his estates to impress me… he he. See you soon.”

That didn’t say much, but I am sure I will get more out of her when she returns. I arrived at Arun’s place.

“Is Swetha babhi ok?” Arun asked

“ya, She is fine, but she still doesn’t want to talk to me about the fight with rani aunty. And I cannot talk to her until I know it from Swetha’s side” I said.

“Anyway, what’s the deal with prakashji, they look super loaded” I asked

Arun was a talker, so he continued on …
Well, they are the rich and powerful around here, especially prakashji father, yogendarji, He is army retired and since then he is settled here. kaçak bahis I am sure they own at least one fourth of the village.

I continued asking about yogenderji personal life to see what kind of a man he was.

Arun continued…. His wife passed away long back. He is decent guy, lot of people respect him. He is not a saint, he had few flings and If he likes something, he will grab it. If you know what I mean Arun said winking.

I wanted to know more but didn’t press any further, I didn’t want to raise any suspicion. I switched the topic to my property related matters and we continued to talk about it. I stayed late with Arun talking about old times until I got a text.

“I am back, where are you” Swetha texted

I took my leave from Arun and texted Swetha back.

Swetha hugged me as soon as I entered.

“So how was your day” I asked lifting her off and laid her on the bed as I slid next to her.

It was ok, nothing exciting. He was a gentleman the whole day. But you won’t believe where he took me first. He took me to a Temple on a hill Anand. Can you believe that!

“Wow, maybe we got this all wrong in our head” I said surprised.

“Ha ha … I know right” Swetha said

Swetha continued, So once we got into the temple we got together like a couple and the pujari did the puja, blessing us both. Then we climbed up the hill to the top, the view was great from up there. I could see the whole village. He stayed close behind me the whole time and kept pointing out all the places he owned. Anand, he owns a lot of land in the village.

After that, getting down was the difficult part, especially in saree. I asked him for help as he held my hand and supported my weight down the slope. When it got too difficult, he lifted me up in his arms, his face too close to my chest. I thought he was going to try something, but he remained a gentlemen. He’s pretty strong for an old guy, I was impressed. Somehow we made it back down safely. I thanked him and took a break downstairs and cleaned myself with my saree, wiping off the sweat from all over my body as yongendarji watched me from corner of his eye.

After that we visited few other places including some of his estates. I was honestly getting bored by now. I guess he sensed that and took me to a nearby local shopping market. The market was small, crowded with local folks and we constantly had to move around them. Yogenderji then caught me by the waist and made way for us. His hands were so rough against my skin, it sent a chill. I adjusted my saree pallu to cover his hand over my waist to make it less obvious. He continued gripping my waist harder moving me closer to him as we made our way through the crowd. I was getting a bit shy and embarrassed by all the stares we got. After a while we stopped at a bangles store. Yogendarji wouldn’t let me go even when I was trying out some bangles, so I moved his hand from my waist and handed him the bangles so he can put it on my hand.

“Do you like these” Swetha said showing me her new bangles

I nodded as she wrapped her hands around me.

“So that’s it, nothing exciting like I told you.” She said.

“Nothing exciting?” I questioned as I moved my fingers inside her wet pussy.

“Ahhhh… that’s wet for you” swetha whispered as she spread her legs to let me in.

“Me or yogendarji” I asked digging my fingers deeper as she let out a moan

“Fuck me….” Swetha begged

I got my shorts down and lifted her Saree up and fucked her to the clanking sound of the bangles.The next few days were pretty much the same. Swetha would leave with yogendarji in the morning and come home late. Swetha wasn’t making it easy for yogendarji, she didn’t want him to think she was an easy catch. So, she played her hard the get card and yogendarji was patiently waiting for his chance. It was a surprise but I was having the better end of the arrangement. Swetha would return all wet and I would get to fuck her all night.

Tonight we lay in bed after our session

“So why is ravi accompanying you both” I asked

“yogendarji wanted someone to take care of food and carry the luggage, so we both can enjoy ourselves” swetha said casually.

“Isn’t it awkward to have him around” I asked surprised that he didn’t want privacy.

“Yogendarji doesn’t mind at all, it’s like he doesn’t even exist for him. It was awkward for me at first but I am used to it now. He just steals glances of me when yogendarji has his hands on me but that’s about it. He is harmless.” Swetha replied

“Oh ya, I am leaving early tomorrow, we are going to some place with waterfall which is a bit far. I hope you don’t mind” Swetha said smiling as she placed her leg over mine.

“Your dates are getting very romantic” I replied

“He’s trying very hard to get his hands on your wife, but you know I am not so easy” she said giggling as she nudged my cock with her knee.

“Or maybe I should give in and reward him for his hard work, what do you think?” She added continuing to play with my cock with her feet.

“Didn’t he already put his hands on you” I answered recalling earlier events

“He still has places to go. You don’t want me to limit his access right.” Swetha teased pressing my cock with her foot.

“I feel sorry for him, he does all the hard work and you tipobet güvenilir mi enjoy the fruit all night” Swetha added referring to our hot night sessions.

“I am ready to enjoy the fruit again” I said trying to get over her.

“No way, we are done tonight. I have to get up early tomorrow. As for the fruit, I should probably let him have a bite for once” swetha said eying me mischievously

The next day Swetha had already left when I woke up.

I got on with my usual routine and got to office work. Things were moving smoothly with prakashji. Arun had gotten all the formalities done and we will be closing in the next few days.

As for our sex life, it was going great. Swetha was having her fun and I was getting my share but I wanted to get more details. Swetha was usually coming in late and the details were lost as soon as I jumped her. She did give me a jist of what went on that day but I wanted more. Just staying at home and imagining what Swetha was up to wasn’t enough. I figured out a way to get a front row seat but was sure swetha will not like it. I did my research and decided on a video app that i can put on swetha’s phone and it would send me the video in intervals. I just had to convince Swetha.

Early afternoon I got text from Swetha

“Hi baby, things moved to the next level”

1min later
“I know you had a problem last time, I really hope your ok with it this time.”

2 mins later
“We kissed”

1 min later

This time I was prepared for it but i was still jealous and hard. With one hand on my cock I replied

“I am fine. I will just have to charge you more tonight”

Swetha texted back

“You’re the best”

“You can have me all you want once I am back ”It was late in the night when swetha returned.

Swetha was dressed red hot. Red saree with a red matching blouse and a red bindi. She also had a gold chain with red pendant on her neck.

“Hi baby, sorry i am so late, it was quite far.” Swetha said as she came over to me.

“what’s up with the necklace” I asked unable stop myself

“Are you jealous?” Swetha asked putting her hand on my bulge

“He did a lot more than just putting the necklace on me” Swetha added smiling

“He put it on you?” I asked surprised

“Ya, once we reached the place, yogendraji really insisted I wear it. He kept complimenting me on how good it will look. So I finally gave up and let him put it on me. It looks good right”…swetha paused “wow hubby, that made you hard”

“Do you want to hear the rest of it?” Swetha asked getting her hands inside my shorts, stroking my cock as she sat beside me.

Swetha narrated
Once we reached, me and yogendraji toured the place and Ravi waited in the jeep. The place was decent, the waterfall wasn’t that big but the lake around out it was beautiful. I took a few pics, I will show you later. We were like a couple on vacation, his hands never leaving my waist. There wasn’t much crowd, so I let him explore.

And around afternoon it started raining and yogendarji directed me to a makeshift hut to take shelter. I was all wet and tried to dry myself when yogendarji suddenly hugged me from behind, his hard cock poking me. Anand, he definitely has a big one, I am sure. I let him hold me as his hands moved around my navel making my pallu fall. Sensing no resistance from me he slowly turned me around, I was so shy that I closed my eyes and then I felt his lips on mine. We kissed.

“Anand, I know your cock loves it, but I want to know your ok too. If things continue, it could go further than a kiss” Swetha said with a serious tone continuing to stroke my cock.

“I am fine, really” I emphasised

Swetha smile broadened as she gave me a kiss and continued

So we kissed like that for few minutes and then I let my tongue inside his mouth. I think he was a bit surprised and he paused for a few seconds. He then hugged me closer letting my tongue in. We hungrily kissed each other exploring with our tongues. His mustache was getting in the way, tickling me. I had never kissed anyone with a mustache before, it was ….. different. Yogendarji didn’t let me go but his hand was slowly moving from my waist to my chest. He then pressed my tits so hard that I had to move back a little. He continued that for sometime. It was a bit painful, my tits are still sore. So, you better be gentle with me tonight.

Yogendarji then started to unhook my blouse when we heard a knock on the door.

“Who is it” yogendarji asked in annoyance

“Hukum, I brought umbrella and towels” Ravi replied.

Annoyed, yogendarji ordered him to come inside.

Ravi entered, handed the umbrella to yogendarji and looked over to see me in my blouse, top buttons unhooked. I quickly covered up and excused myself to the next room grabbing the towels from ravi. I went in closing the makeshift door behind.

Yogendarji gave ravi some instruction and he left apologizing. Yogendarji waited for me patiently as I dried myself. I removed my pallu and dusted it off and let my hair lose. As I continued drying my hair I heard some noise and saw someone peeking through. It was ravi.

“Wow, i had my doubts about him, but didn’t expect that” I asked surprised

“Yes and there’s more” Swetha said mischievously

It just felt so dirty to see tipobet someone peeking on me, especially a servant that I got really turned on. So I decided to give him a show. I took my blouse off in an act to dry it and let him see me in bra. Even yogendraji didn’t see me in bra and his servant was ogling all over me. I began to dry myself slowly with the dry towel stopping at all the important parts. He continued peeking through adjusting his position and then i noticed him stroking his cock. Anand, he was such a pervert, he was mastrubating looking at me. After a few mins i saw his cum spurt out. He was done.

“your cock is throbbing so much” swetha said stopping her strokes.

“Baby …… you like your wife playing around” swetha whispered teasing me.

She continued whispering…
“So, After I came out, Yogendarji continued kissing me throughout the day, he just couldn’t get enough of your wife….”

I was at the edge, I couldn’t hold on any longer. I pushed Swetha on to the bed, ripping off her saree. I moved her panties aside and shoved my cock in. She let out a gasp. In few minutes I was done.

Swetha surprised just smiled at me. Any doubts she had about me having trouble with this arrangement had vanished. She knew I was more than ok.“No, I am not doing it” Swetha said embarrassed as she lay by my side.

“Please Swetha, you can switch it on and off whenever you want ” I lied

“Anand, it’s too embarrassing. How can I do it while you’re watching” Swetha replied as her face turned red.

“You will think I am a slut” she added turning herself on her chest, hiding her face.

“I like you slutty” I said smiling, playing with her hair

“I can’t be, if your watching” came a muffled response

“Come on Swetha this is not fair. I am at home all day and you’re out having fun. I should get my share too” I said turning her over to face me.

“You’re getting your share” Swetha said pointing to my cock

“I need more” I demanded

“Baby, please understand. I can only do it because no one’s watching especially not you. I will feel too guilty to do it before you.” Swetha said now sitting up

“You don’t mind ravi watching” I said

“He’s …. That’s different” she replied flushed, placing her forehead on my chest.

“Swetha, You know i like it. you don’t have to feel guilty.”

“It’s not that simple. I am still your wife and ….. ”

“Anand…… its also……. Do you think you can handle seeing me with yogendarji …. When he has his way with me” swetha asked facing me again.

I wasn’t sure about it. But regardless I replied “Yes”

“Swetha, Do it for me” i added.

This continued on for another hour until swetha finally gave up.

“Ok, but i will decide when to switch it on” swetha said with a sigh.

I hugged swetha as we rolled over the bed with me on top. “Thanks baby” i said smiling and closed the deal with a kiss.Today swetha and yogendarji didn’t have any plans since he had some work in the village. So me and swetha had the whole day to ourselves. We just lazed around all morning in the bed talking about all sorts of stuff. Swetha had gotten rid of her saree and put on my t-shirt and pant as she complained about the hot summer. They were too big for her but sexy none the less. It had been long since i saw swetha in something other than saree. I wondered what yogendarji would think seeing swetha in her usual modern dresses.

“So what plans for today, you have your wife all for yourself” swetha teased breaking my thoughts

“Well, we are going to rani aunty house today evening. She called me yesterday and wanted to apologize to you and also wanted to talk to me about the property” i replied

“She is going to apologize?” swetha asked surprised, walking over to me with a satisfied smile

“Yes, i know, i was surprised too” i replied

“Anand ……… we are not going to move back to rani aunty place right?” swetha asked cautiously.

“Nooo, how can i separate you love birds” i replied teasing her

“Anand you’re so shameless” swetha said turning red

“You should thank yogendarji. He gets your wife all wet and ready for you” she added

“I will. So are you ready now or do you have to go to him” i teased moving my hands insider her t-shirt, massaging her tits.

“mmmm… maybe” she replied with a naughty smile, wrapping her hands around me

“Maybe what?” i pressed as i hugged her closer

“Maybe, i should visit yogendarji tonight, he can get me wet and ready for you”

“Or do you want the other way round” Swetha whispered mischievously.

“Your such a slut” i said pressing her tits hard

“As he touched you down there” i asked holding my breath

“Not yet…… But he is getting close” swetha replied teasing me.

“You’re teasing him too much” i said pinching her nipples hard

“Ahhh.. Baby…….be gentle. I am sore from yesterday.” swetha replied moaning

“Was he rough?” I asked getting turned on.

“ahhh gentle….” swetha let out a moan as i pinched her again “Ya, he was rough, but…. I liked it.”

I was getting really hard now. I didn’t know he was rough with Swetha. My cock only grew harder to this new info. Swetha sensed it as her hand moved to my cock.

“Yogendarji treats me like a slut” she whispered teasing my cock in her hand as it throbbed.

I pushed swetha on to the bed and proceeded to remove her pant. She lifted her ass up to let me wiggle it out. I removed my own shorts and jumped on swetha. I kissed her hard, she responded back harder.

“Memsab, lunch” ravi announced as he entered with a tray.

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