My Virginity Taken Pt 5 !

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My Virginity Taken Pt 5 !
We were all naked. Hazel told Natalie to sit next to me. My dick hardening by the second. “Ok Nat watch and learn” Hazel said as she took my cock in her hand and slowly started wanking me.

“My Mrs Wilkinson ! It’s so big !” Natalie said with a look of wonderment on her face.

“It is and it’s Hazel or Haze Natalie please, not Mrs Wilkinson, Ok ?”

I was in a daze and a Haze ! Hazels hand tossing me and Nat looking on.

“Right take over Nat” “Erm ” “Come on put your hand around it and do what I was doing …dont be shy”

I closed my eyes and felt Natalies hand enfold my now totally rigid dick.

I haven’t mentioned that Natalie lived in our street and was the daughter of Hazels friend Mrs Brown! I wondered later how many young ones Hazel had trained ! Plenty i’m sure including her son !

At this moment my thoughts were more on not cumming. If this was Nats first time she was good.

Then Hazel took over.

” Watch and learn again Nat”.

She then took my length into illegal bahis siteleri her mouth.

“Oh my God Don’t Haze Im gonna …..”. I exploded into her mouth as I had before and Hazel stared up at me. “You naughty boy” she said sticking her cum coated tongue out at both me and Nat. Her tongue went back inside. The third time she had done that to me and no fuck.

“Yummy ! Thanks Steve needed protein Your turn next Nat but bit of a break …give Steve a rest ..could be a long day”

“Right stay naked if you wish and back outside on the beds and lets get some more sun” Hazel said as she walked into the kitchen for wine. I looked at Natalie and she smiled.

We decided to put our clothes back on thankfully. I couldn’t have looked at a naked Nat and Hazel
without embarrassing myself !

Hazel was outside with the wine and glasses. “Shy Eh ? dunno why ? The fence is high and gate’s locked ! Complete privacy” Hazel stated. Hazel, still naked, wandered back inside and came canlı bahis siteleri back with a mini buffet of sandwiches.

“Reckon you’ll need some sustenance AND please drink your drinks and CHAT! You both fancied each other before today and reckon you do more now you’ve seen each other naked” she said with a knowing look.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“Well how hard did your cock get when Nat stripped Steve ? and Natalies face was a picture when she saw the size of your cock ….amazed Natalie weren’t you ?”.

We were both really embarrassed and we gulped down our glasses. “Oh well done” said Hazel as they were quickly refilled.

“Right a bit scran and a quiet hour enjoying the sun and wine and then the sex !” Hazel announced. Nat and me looked at each other nervously. “Well you do want to fuck each other don’t you ?”

We both looked at each other again smiled and nodded. “Right there you go ! then Nat we are both going to feel Steves 10″ inside our cunts”.

Hazel giggling bahis firmaları slightly tipsily.

We sat and ate the buffet and drank another couple of glasses of wine and had a bit of a laugh. Hazel was getting ruder and ruder and Nat and me got redder and redder. Then the time arrived when Hazel said “Right its time k**s ! Ok ? Lets Have some sexy fun”.

Nat looked at me and I looked at Nat. Nervous wasn’t the word to describe our feelings.

We had a choice. We could leave or stay. “Im just nipping to the toilet” i spurted out, again nervously, and Nat just gave a dagger look ! “Won’t be a minute”.

“Ok meet us in my bedroom when you’ve finished…and don’t run off !” Hazel replied knowingly.

To be honest i did try to leave but Hazel was one step ahead. Doors locked no keys. “Bugger” I thought and slowly walked into Hazels bedroom.

Hazel and Nat were sat there when I entered.

Both were dressed in a basque and stockings Hazel in red and Nat in black. “Do you you like Steve” Hazel asked.

My body stiffened as did my nether region.

“Eeerm Lllovely” I stuttered !

“Get on the bed and lie down ! Its time for the fun to begin ! You Ready Nat ?”

Nat just stared as Hazel pulled down my shorts to reveal my rock hard cock ! ….to be continued…..

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