My Very Personal Maid Ch. 2

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They looked fetching in the new revealing underclothes. I told them that they must not use them around other people, for they had cost a pretty penny, and were totally out of the range of their means. The quickly agreed. They caught me and pulled me into bed with them. They quickly slipped my gown off and then undressed.

We kissed and caressed each other. It felt so sensual to be between their lovely soft bodies. “I feel like a harem queen. Do you think the harem women made love to each other? Imagine fifty, a hundred beautiful women lying around all day, only one man to attend to their desires. They must have made love to each other. I remember an erotic picture of a harem scene, women in a pool, some holding each other.” I said as Daisy kissed one breast.

“Were they as pretty as we are?” Betsy asked as she nibbled expertly on the other nipple.

“No they were not nearly as beautiful as you two.” I said stroking them.

“Liar, Mum!” Daisy giggled.

“A Sultan would give a thousand goats for each of you to be in his harem. If I were his queen, I would keep you in a special chamber and never let him touch you, I would keep you all for myself.” I said reaching down to kiss Betsy’s upturned face.

“Oh, be the Queen, and command us, Mistress.” Betsy said looking up at me in such an adoring look my heart melted.

“Please, Mistress!” Daisy echoed.

“Very well, Slaves. Attend my every word, or I shall have you flayed alive, and your worthless carcasses fed to the vultures.” They giggled and bowed to me.

“Slave Daisy, go to yon bowl and bring it thence with a little water in it, you shall wash my feet. Slave Betsy, when she is finished you will suck each toe dry.

Daisy washed my feet, taking care to wash each toe well. Then as Betsy sucked each toe I commanded Daisy to place a towel under me and to wash my cunny and rear well, with her hands alone. The sensation of Betsy sucking each toe was very erotic and exciting. Daisy carefully soaped my cunny with her fingers, carefully and slowly, delving into every crevice.

“Oh, Queen, may I please be allowed to bathe your royal arse? I shall do ever so good a job.” Betsy asked moving down beside Daisy.

“Of course, Slave Betsy, but mind you do a thorough job.” I said turning on my side. I raised my thigh to give my two ‘slaves’ free access. I truly felt like a queen.

Eager, slick, soapy fingers played over my front and rear. They took me at my word and did a very thorough job. Soapy fingers gently probed in and out, front and back.. “Now wipe me off with a clean cloth.” They quickly wiped the soapy water off.

“Now you will do the same to each other. Do it well, wenches, of feel my wrath.

Slave Daisy, spread your thighs and let the other slave wash you first.”

They giggled and quickly obeyed. I watched as Betsy slowly washed Daisy’s

spread cunny, then her pink anus. It was a lovely opening that I vowed to enter tonight. When she was through, Daisy was breathing faster, as had I done when the two had washed me. Then it was Daisy’s turn as Betsy washed her.

Betsy’s sweet cunny lips were darker and protruded more than Daisy’s, Her black hair was abundant and framed her cunny. Her core was deep pink. Daisy washed it slowly and carefully, pulling at her lips, and slipping a finger into her wet center. She took pains to pull her lips upward and soap her now erect clitty as it peeped out. She then moved to Betsy’s neat brown anus and soaped and washed it, slipping a finger in and out several times, up to the second knuckle, drawing a sigh from Betsy.

“Slave Daisy, do that again! Soap your finger and slip it back in. You did not clean her there properly. Now deeper. ” I said firmly, eliciting a giggle from Betsy.

“Oh, yes Queen, she did not do it deep enough. Give her a slap on her unworthy arse!” Betsy said.

“Silence Slave! I give the orders here.” I said as I reached out and gave Daisy a sharp swat on her flawless buttocks. I had realized that she liked a little pain. I left a red hand print on her, and her expression proved she enjoyed pain. She soaped her fingers again and slipped her middle finger in and out of Betsy as deep as it would go. She washed her hands thoroughly, took the cloth and dried Betsy off.

“Bring a chair, and set it there.” I pointed. “Put a soft cushion on it.” They quickly did as I said. I moved to the chair and sat, legs spread. “Slave Betsy, come and get on all fours and lick my royal cunny. See that you do a good job of it.” I had positioned the chair so that I could lean back against the wall, and by raising my legs give Betsy free access to my cunny and arse. She moved into position, and spreading my lips, began to lick my now excited cunny.

“Slave Daisy, get behind Slave Betsy and lick her unworthy cunny, Slide your tongue inside her. Do a good job, or else, I shall flog you soundly.” Her eyes gleamed as she moved behind her friend. I sat back, legs spread, looking down at the two in front of me. casino oyna I had never in my wildest dreams envisioned that one day I would be playing games of this kind. I sighed as Betsy’s tongue lapped at my cunny, and moved up to run over my clitty on each upward stroke. She moaned as Daisy ministered to her pussy in turn.

“Slave Daisy, get on your back and continue licking. Spread your worthless thighs, and finger your useless cunny. Slave Betsy, lower your hips so the unworthy one can slip her tongue into your dry, and useless hole, and give moisture to it. Now, lower your mouth and bring it to my priceless nether hole and wash it again with your tongue. While you do that carefully slide two fingers into my glorious cunny, and I will graciously let you frig your Queen with your fingers” They both giggled and played their roles as slaves.

“Yes, Oh Illustrious Queen. I shall frig your glorious cunny.” Betsy said looking up at me from between my thighs.

“Yes, your Royal Worshipfullness!” Came Daisy’s muffled reply from under Betsy’s thighs. Her thighs were spread and her fingers played with her open cunny slowly.

What an erotic sight. I wished we could play this out in the grand salon, with me in a huge cushioned chair, and the two on the deep soft carpet. We would have incense braziers burning, and many candles. I closed my eyes and let my imagination roam free.

Betsy moved upward, and as her fingers slid in and out rotating, her magic tongue ran up my spread cunny to flicked over my swollen aching clitty. I opened my eyes to take in the two, Betsy’s face buried in my cunny, her hand moving as she finger fucked me, and Daisy frigging herself while she lapped at Betsy’s cunny.

I cried out as Betsy drove me to a shattering cum. My cries triggered the two and Betsy cried out against me, while a moment later I heard Daisy’s moan as her fingers became a blur and she brought herself off. We rested for a moment, then moved to the bed.

“Did my sweet slaves enjoy themselves?” I asked kissing them in turn. They grinned and nodded happily. “I wished we could have been in the grand salon, I in the great chair, you two on the soft deep cushions. Wouldn’t that be grand? I’m just happy to be here with you two wonderful friends. I love you both dearly.” I said with real feeling. They kissed me and held onto me, deeply touched.

“Is there anything you two would like to try?” I asked.

“Yes, Mum. I had hoped that we three could make love. I have wished it for as long as you have been here. I never imagined it would come true. I had wondered if it would be possible for three to make love to each other all at the same time.” Daisy said looking at me for the answer. I smiled at her skillful phrasing. A smart girl!

I thought for a moment. “I think there is. We can form a triangle and each place her face in the other’s cunnies. We can all tongue the others cunnies at the same time. If we all lie on our same, – right side.” We moved on the bed, and tried to arrange ourselves, but Daisy’s bed was just too small. There was not enough room. It was just barely big enough for the three of us to lie together, but not large enough for what we had in mind. There was not enough room on the floor either and the floor was hard and cold.

“We will go down to my room. My bed is huge and we shall have enough room. I’ll go first and signal you if it’s clear.” I slipped my gown on and tiptoed down the stairs. The house was quiet. Some of the servants were off on Saturdays. The two were at the top of the stairs, and I motioned them down. They slipped into my room quickly, and closed the door. I locked it. No one would dare open it, but I wanted to take no chances.

Betsy had never been in my room and was awed by it’s size. My bed is a huge four poster, with a lace fringed canopy over it Betsy and I pulled the covers down completely and undressing, we fell into bed. Betsy reveled in the satin sheets and pillowcases. She said she had never felt anything quite so wonderful.

“Mum, how do you keep from sliding out of bed?” She said it so sincerely I couldn’t laugh at her. Daisy giggled, and I cautioned her with a look.

“I just have to be careful. You get used to it, Betsy. They do feel wonderful. Sometimes I take off my night clothes and wiggle around between the sheets completely, sinfully naked. I usually wind up bringing myself off with my fingers, it feels so good. Now you can wiggle to your heart’s content.” She took me at my word and the two slid and wiggled over the smooth sheets. They had never felt anything like it. My face lit up watching the two twist and turn on the smooth sheets.

“Oh, Mum, you are right, it does get one’s cunny hot!” Betsy sighed wiggling face down on the sheets.

“Well, lets really get that delicious cunny of yours hotter. Let’s move together and try the triangle.”

On the huge bed it was no trouble to make our triangle. We all lay on our right sides, facing inward and positioned ourselves so our heads were resting on a canlı casino soft thigh, and our faces buried in a soft wet cunny. It felt so wonderful and sensuous, our bodies on the velvet sheets, and our heads on soft warm thighs.

I was kissing Betsy’s sweet cunny, while Daisy had her lips and tongue fastened to mine. Betsy licked her friend. I slowly licked Betsy, savoring her taste and smell. She, like Daisy leaked her sex juices. I tunneled my tongue up into her and sucked her juices. I stoked her rounded buttocks and slipped a finger to titillate her nether hole. I moved my head slightly and looked at her brown puckered hole that Daisy had washed so carefully.

With but a moments hesitation. I ran my tongue around her brown ring. It tasted unlike her cunny, but not unpleasant. I heard her groan as I circled it again.

I probed with my tongue. and the firm ring relaxed to let my tongue enter her ‘rear door’, as I had heard it called. I slid my fingers into her cunny, rotating them as I slid them in and out of her slippery core. I continued to slip my tongue in and out of her back hole while ‘finger fucking’ her sweet cunny. I loved that term the women used.

I moved back to her cunny, and found her hard clitty and sucked it. I moved my fingers inside her, trying to find the spot Daisy had found inside me that caused such a wonderful sensation. I plumbed her velvet depths, and found the opening into her uterus, a hard firm ring. I remembered Daisy had felt in the front of my cunny and I moved my fingers behind her pubic mound. There was a small round raised spot there and I ran my fingers over it. Betsy moaned aloud and I thought that I had found it.

I continued to suck her clitty and tongue it as I rubbed her tender inner spot. It took only short minutes till she began to thresh her hips and moan against Betsy’s spread cunny. I intensified my actions and her body went rigid, and she cried out as she climaxed. I slipped my lips to her core, and slid my tongue in beside my fingers in and out as fast as I could.

Her cunny literally gushed her sex juices into my mouth. They were so copious that they ran down my chin and onto her squirming thigh. Her juices were certainly not urine, but salty like the juices she produced while being stimulated. I swallowed them gladly, drinking from her sweet pulsing cunny. Her cunny spasmed, clamping down on my fingers, her juices spurting out of her cunny. I continued to tongue her as best I could until she let out a long moan and went limp. I removed my fingers and softly licked her inner cunny lips.

Daisy had not been idle and her lips, tongue and fingers played over, and into my cunny. She sucked my clitty and her fingers slid inside me giving me a wonderful sensation. My passion rose, then soared, till I cried out and came violently.

By now Betsy had recovered, and Daisy redoubled her efforts on Betsy till she too came again. We lay still locked together, but now our tongues licked slowly. I rolled over. We sat up and kissed, each of our faces wet with cunny juice. We laughingly licked each other off.

“Betsy, when you climaxed, your sweet cunny gushed juices out. Did this ever happen before. It was not pee. It tasted like your sweet cunny juice.” I asked still licking her face.

“No, Mum. Not that I know.” She said a little embarrassed.

“Oh, don’t be embarrassed, I loved it. But you gushed out juices. Daisy, I had my fingers inside her, and rubbed in the front of her cunny, just here , behind her pubic bone. ” I placed my finger on her body. “Like you did earlier to me.”

“Mum, I found out it felt good to have that spot pressed on. When my Jimmy gets behind me, and his big cock rubs hard against it, it really sets me on fire. Sometimes from the front, if he moves just right it feels so good. It just felt like it would be nice to rub it. I don’t think I ever did it to Betsy before.” Daisy said looking over at the friend.

“It really felt, I don’t know how, I felt like I had to pee, but then it really felt good. Very deep and real nice. Thank you , Mum for doing it.” Betsy said kissing me.

“Daisy, why don’t you try it on her? See if she does it again. Is really felt wonderful to me.”

“I’d love to, Mum. Come here you sweetheart. I’ll make you howl with joy. I want to fuck you with me fingers!” Daisy said pulling Betsy to her. They slid together with the familiarity of long experience.

I moved aside to watch. Daisy kissed her lips, while stroking her firm breasts. She moved down to them for a while, sucking her nipples to hard points before moving slowly down to her dark fringed cunny. Betsy slid her thighs apart and Daisy fingered, then kissed her cunny. She moved between then, slipping two fingers up inside her.

Betsy looked up at me. “Mum, please move over me and let me lick you while she licks me.”

I straddled her head and lowered my cunny to her lips. I bent forward and this gave me a close look as Daisy made love to her friend. I watched as her two fingers, palm kaçak casino up stroked inside Betsy’s cunny.

Betsy moaned her approval, and her tongue speared my eager cunny. She slipped a finger inside my backside and I felt the suction of her lips. Daisy licked and sucked her clitty, and I could see her bright pink nubbin as Daisy’s lips and tongue bobbed up and down. I closed my eyes for a moment as heavenly sensations moved through my body, as Betsy flicked my swollen, aching clitty with her magic tongue.

She stopped for a moment as her own passion rose to a climax. “Oh, yes, there. Rub it there. It feels so good, ” she moaned. Daisy’s fingers flew pressing into her friends gaping cunny. Betsy went rigid under me, and she thrust her face hard against my cunny, and muffled her cries as she exploded.

Her hips bowed upward and Daisy’s fingers wiggled as she agitated the spot inside her friend. Then it happened, Betsy’s juices shot out past Daisy’s fingers. One spurt after another gushed out. Betsy had moved her face down, and the juices splashed onto her face. She didn’t stop for a moment. There were at least half a dozen, or more of the spurts, then Betsy gave a little cry and went limp.

I swung my leg off her and turned around, and kissed her face while she caught her breath. Daisy continued to softly lick her spread cunny. Finally, she moved up beside her friend.

“Well, I think we learned something. Betsy, your sweet cunny gushed it juices again. They went all over Daisy’s face. Look down at the bed, see the wet spots.

It looks like Daisy stumbled onto a very delightful spot to have rubbed. I wonder how many women know they have it.?” I said laughing at Betsy’s expression as she looked down at the several large wet spots on the satin sheets.

“Oh, Mum, I have soiled your beautiful satin sheets.” She said mortified.

“Not to worry, Love. Daisy will change them in the morning, and no one will ever know. I just wish my mouth had been there to catch them.” I laughed.

She quickly saw that everything was all right and smiled. I was still hot from her licking, my clitty aching. I knew Daisy must be excited from bring her friend to such a wonderful climax. I moved to her and in no time we were in a wonderful 69 again. As I had vowed earlier, I slid my finger deep into her perfect backside. She gasped as it wiggled deep inside her. I stroked it and out as I sucked her form swollen clit. We licked and sucked each other to a sobbing climax, as Betsy stroked our bodies. Spent we moved apart. We shifted on the bed, I lay between the two lovely warm women.

We lay together cuddling, absently stroking each other. It felt so warm and natural. “Betsy, what work do you do? I have never heard Daisy say.” I asked the lovely woman.

“I am a seamstress, I sew for Madame DeVille. I have worked for her for four years.” Daisy answered and kissed my cheek.

“Are you good?”

“Oh yes, Mum. One of her best. She gives me many of the hardest, and most expensive dresses to sew.” Betsy answered proudly.

“She pays well?” I asked hoping for a negative answer.

“No, Mum, she’s terrible to work for! She doesn’t pay us well, and owes all of us back wages. We normally work from six in the morning till six at night, but she keeps us later many nights till eight and even ten in the evening, and we get no extra pay for it.”

I asked how much she made a week. When she told me I was shocked. I knew what Madame DeVille charged for her gowns. She was paying her workers a pittance.

“How would you like to come to work for me earning — ?” I named a sum that I knew equaled Daisy’s pay.

“Oh, Mum. Don’t make fun of me.” She said dejectedly.

“I am very serious, Betsy Dearest. I will pay that sum to you each, and every week, without fail. Daisy, I know it is equal to your pay. I have a reason. When Auntie learns how much I pay Betsy, she will have to give you a raise. She’s really an old softie, beneath her crusty exterior. Don’t tell her I told you, but she thinks you are a true gem. She thinks the world of you. Always telling me what a good, faithful, hard worker you are.

“Betsy, you will be my personal maid. You will have the same days off Daisy has. You will also sew for me. I will also buy extra cloth, and you can sew for yourself and Daisy when you have time. If you sew for Auntie, I will see that she will pay you what Madame DeVille charges. Will you do that?”

She jumped up on her knees. “Oh, yes, Misses Diana. Yes! I will do a good job for you. I promise.” She said, face beaming. “I will be a good maid, and seamstress. I will do what ever you want, anything, Mum.” She said with great conviction.

“Wonderful, after six months, we will talk again, if you are satisfactory I will give you added privileges, and a raise in pay. I enter the university in the fall, and you can be a great help to me. You may have the room next to Daisy. I think you both will like that. Just be very discrete when you go to each other’s room. Or slipping down to mine.” I added laughing. “I think we three will make a wonderful trio.” I said hugging them both. They were overjoyed. They couldn’t thank my enough. They kissed and kissed me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20