My New Life: A Lesbian Love story

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Traci was a tall slender blonde who had been my Mom’s roommate in college. They’d stayed in touch and I kinda knew her from her short visits. She was apparently rather wealthy and traveled a lot. I’d never understood exactly what she did but it was somehow related to the classical music and jazz business. It was clear that Dad despised her – she was blatantly NON-Christian – but she always seemed to go out her way to be nice to me. Dad went along with my staying with her only because it was the only way he could afford to send me to a Christian college. I’d get free room and board in exchange for housekeeping and looking after things when she traveled. I am kind of a neat freak so that sounded great. More important, it got me out of the house and away from my Dad. When I arrived she greeted me like a long-lost friend and I settled quickly. Traci’s house was gorgeous and she was very welcoming. She let me drink wine whenever I wanted even though I was only 19 and never asked questions about what I did on my own time or who I talked to or anything like that. For the first time in my life I was free, free to be ME. It was great and I quickly came to adore Traci. In fact I quite preferred her company to that of the kids at school…. I felt like an imposter there; I was so burned out on Christianity I didn’t even want to hear the word.


Traci was usually busy during the day, especially weekends but this Saturday was different – she was free and stayed home. We both slept in and she took us to eat. It was a pretty day so we put on jeans and t shirts. Traci suggested we go out for brunch at a new bistro she had heard about. On the way home I said that I felt decadently stuffed from the eggs benedict.

“If you want real decadence, you need a mimosa,” she laughed in response. “Champagne and OJ”

“Champagne? I’ve never even tasted it….” I replied impulsively, immediately realizing that my statement would all but obligate her to buy some: that’s how she’d been with me…. whatever I had not experienced she tried to give me, like the rich indulgent parent I had always dreamed would replace my ever so austere real ones. It made me feel guilty sometimes because of the money she spent. I wanted so desperately to keep this arrangement for the length of my college career that I tried to cost as little time and money as possible and did all I could to keep the house looking great.

“Well you just solved my next problem” Traci chuckled. “There are three bottles of champagne taking up space in the spare ‘frig. And I didn’t know what I wanted to do with the rest of the day so if you are game…. we can have a pajama day with mimosas.”

“A pajama day?” I asked, never having heard the term.

“It’s just an expression” she said, “you don’t go out or have anyone in and you can let your hair down, not worry about how you look and all. You know, wear pajamas all day if you want.”

“Only if you’re sure that’s what you want” I replied quickly to cover my faux pau. “Champagne’s expensive. I am happy just like this ….”

“We shall drink mimosas till sundown” she chimed, feigning the splendor of a royal proclamation, “because you, my dear, are, so far as I am concerned, a neglected Angel and it is my assignment in life to rectify that. Mimosas and pajamas…. or whatever else feels good to you . . . . that’s the order of the day!

I always laughed when Traci waxed pompous because there was a sarcasm to it that betrayed her humbler origins in my mom’s childhood neighborhood and satirized her own socialite crowd.

“The die is cast” I responded mirroring Traci’s satire. “The queen shall pour and the maid servant shall clean the glasses”

“No, no! There is no maid servant here, just my princess….” she intoned solemnly, but she might ought to clean the glasses anyway, been awhile since they were used,” she winked and laughed. “But please, she added, with a note of seriousness, “never call yourself a servant again in this house, you are my guest for as long as you please.” I felt my eyes burn with emotion but didn’t know how to respond, barely squeaking out a Thank you.

“Your queen has spoken.” she dead panned, returning to her comic pomposity. “The word is banned from your lips, my princess. Endanger not thy birthright with foolishness.” She said, kissing me on the forehead and holding my hands lightly. I wasn’t quite sure what to make of the shift to guest from working for my room and board but didn’t want to break the mood and decided to ask about it later… or maybe not at all. I really didn’t mind the chores I had.

And that’s just what happened when we got home; I went straight to the kitchen & began wiping the fluted crystal glasses.

“I shall return” she whispered” as she disappeared down the hall, returning a few moments later in a red silk caftan and slippers to mix the Mimosas. She put some lite jazz on the stereo and we sat in living room which overlooked her back yard garden. casino oyna It was pretty even in fall and we were both pretty mellow by the end of the first bottle of bubbly.

Have you ever opened a champagne bottle? She asked me upon draining her drink.

“No” I laughed in reply.

“Come, this you must learn,” she hammed in her royal voice as she led me to the kitchen.

She explained the details of the art of opening champagne and then started to show me when her hand slipped and the cork popped, directing the foam into my face and chest. I salvaged the bottle from her hands before she dropped it but I got pretty soaked in the process.

“O God! I am so sorry, “she said dabbing at me with a dish towel. “I can mix them if you want to change and put those into soak. I hope it doesn’t stain.”

“Doesn’t matter, they’re old anyway “I replied heading for the laundry room. I stripped to my panties there and then went to my room and slipped on a long blue silk robe that Traci had gifted me the first night there. I didn’t get to spend much time with Traci but I really enjoyed it when she was around so I didn’t want to waste any time. I also had acquired a taste for drinking and wanted to learn about champagne and all the other things that were so mysterious to me yet so familiar to her.

“I can sure try” I replied eagerly. This new world of luxury and decadence that Traci was showing me kept me eager to learn and practice things like that.

“It’s a pajama day so no point in putting more clothes on, huh,” I quipped as I entered the living room.

“Ahh you learn so fast,” she laughed. “Of course it’s really all an evil plot to get you out of your clothes and corrupt your morals” she jested as I sat where she had set my glass at the far end of the couch from her. “At least that’s what your father would probably say,” she added with a hint of bitterness creeping into her voice.

“No doubt” I agreed. “But he’s not here and we get to make all the choices, Right?”

“Right.” Traci said firmly. “Let’s forbid all mention of sad things today and seek only beauty and pleasure. “

“Amen and hallelujah!” I replied, raising my glass to toast the idea. We clinked glasses and sipped quietly for a minute staring out the picture window before Traci sighed deeply and smiled at me.

“I hope you know that you really are beautiful and I really love having you here.” She said pulling her legs out from under herself and leaning towards me. “You are like a breath of fresh air on a life that was getting stale.”

“That’s so sweet,” I replied, feeling tears well up in my eyes. “This has been the best 6 weeks of my life…… Thanks to you.” My voice crackled with emotion.

“I meant what I said before,” Traci said looking deeply into my eyes. “I want you stay as long as you are happy here.” She leaned forward across the short couch and brushed the hair away from my face with her fingers and traced a line down my jaw to my chin before letting her hand drop onto the couch between us. “You really are like a little princess that’s just wandered into my life….I can’t get over how pretty you are either”

I had never really thought of myself as pretty, I was short and skinny and uncoordinated and somehow that remark burst the dam and my tears flowed. Embarrassed, I wiped them quickly and apologized for the outburst as I brought it under control.

“Don’t be sorry” she said softly. “I can’t stand what you and your Mom have been thru with …..” she stopped suddenly but we both knew she was referring to my Dad’s impact on our lives.

We stared into each other’s eyes for a long moment before she moved across the couch next to me and laid her hand on my thigh. Her touch was soft and cool.

“Would you…. would it be ok if I kissed you?” She asked. “Really kissed you?”

I nodded shyly as chill of excitement ran down my back. She’d never touched me like this before, never asked to peck my cheek…. I could sense that something was very different as she pulled me to her and put her lips on mine. Then I felt her tongue probe my lips ever so gently. Instinctively they parted for her, but it seemed so strange. Our tongues flicked at each other in a long luxurious kiss, the softest I had ever experienced, yet somehow more stimulating, more erotic, than anything I had known before. She slowly broke the kiss and looked at me again.

“You know I would never ask you to do anything you didn’t want to, don’t you?” her voice was a whisper but huskier than I had ever noticed before. “You can say no to anything and nothing changes here. Understand?”

“Yea, sure, I know that, why?” I stammered, confused but suspicious as her hand rested on my thigh again, pushing the robe away this time and creeping higher.

“Have you ever…. been with a woman? She asked hesitantly.

“You mean…. biblically?” I flinched as I heard the word escape my mouth. “I mean uh um uh ….”

“Yes, that’s exactly what I mean” she canlı casino smiled, watching me intently with a look that almost resembled fear in her eyes.

“Uh no, but …”

“Your Mom never told you about ….” she asked cautiously.

“No what do you mean? I asked, suddenly sure I knew the answer. “Oh you mean, like you are ….. A lesbian?

“Well, not lezzie, she smiled softly, “but very bi. You excite me Rachel, like no one has since. . . . well for too many years.” She was silent a moment and I saw tears well up in her eyes. Recovering her composure, she added in an almost business-like tone, “if you don’t want to… If you want me to stay away from you . . . physically. That’s ok, really, it’s ok. Whatever will make you happy?”

I could feel the blood rushing into my face as she watched my face for a reaction.

“I never thought much about it till just now but…for you…. with you…. yes, yes I think I would like that.” I whispered, my voice shaking along with my body. “But I haven’t had a lot of uh you know, experience…I don’t really know much about ….sex. Just the basics with guys, you know.”

“Yeah, I know Rachel. But you aren’t a virgin…?”

“No” I laughed “not since last year. But don’t tell my ….” I stopped before I spoke his name and smiled at her. “Kinda stupid to even think you’d tell him, huh?”

“No, not stupid, not after what you…. how you’ve had to grow up.” She extended her hands and I took them. She gently pulled me to me to my feet and we embraced with another long deep kiss.

“Shall we retire to the boudoir?” She smiled leading me by the hand up the stairs and into her room. It was white with chocolate colored furniture and a four poster bed canopied in sheer white cloth. She took both my hands and looked at me. The white sheer curtains were trimmed with gold. It was bigger than any bedroom I had ever imagined let alone seen.

“Are you sure this is something you want too?” She said with a quiet intensity. “It’s ok to say no. Nothing will change. Nothing at all. I promise.”

I slowly nodded. I was trembling but could feel the humidity building between my legs. My nipples were hard. I wanted her too. I wanted this to happen.

Traci let go of my hands and pushed the hair away from face. Her hands slid slowly down my cheeks and neck to my shoulders. I untied the robe and she pushed it back off my shoulders; I felt it fall to the floor. She stepped back and looked at me

“My God you are beautiful… more than I had even imagined” She gasped running her hands lightly down across my breasts before pulling me close as our lips and bodies crushed into each other’s.

We lowered ourselves to the bed as we embraced and she rolled over on top of me.

Her silk caftan was cool against my skin. My skin tingled as its heat met the coolness of her caftan. I pushed my leg between hers and gently rubbed her mound with it. The heat from between her legs was incredible. She moaned as the kiss ended and nibbled my ear, then down my neck. I relaxed and let her pull away just far enough to bend over and suck my nipple. Her tongue rolled over the tip and circled the aureole slowly but firmly. Her fingers slipped under the waist of my panties. I lifted up just enough for her to pull them off.

Electricity seemed to run straight from her mouth through my body as she returned to my nipple. I moaned again as she stood up and pulled the caftan off over her head. Her breasts were perky and sagged only a little. Her belly showed the pockmarks of age but only sagged a tiny bit. Her nipples were dark brown and hard with little tips that jutted out inviting my attention. She pushed her red bikinis to the floor and stepped out of them. Her bush was trimmed very short and had been shaved to the edges of her firm tight labia.

“O God yes, Traci.” I gasped as she sat beside me and ran her hand up my leg, fingertips grazing my lips before it drifted up to cup my breast. She gently twirled my nipple between her fingers as her other hand drew little circles up my thigh and teased the pouter edge of my labia. I gasped as she drew her finger firmly across the cleft, touching the entrance to my vagina before finding my clit and rubbing it with firm, gentle strokes. I moaned and reached for her but she was just out of reach. She lowered herself onto the bed beside me and pulled me to her. Our bodies met, breast to breast, tummy to tummy, our legs twined around each other’s and our tongues dove deep into each other’s mouths. Her hands roamed down my back and cupped my butt. I hugged her to me as tightly as I could, savoring the softness of her skin and the gentility of her touch. She rolled me onto my back and broke the embrace, kissing down my neck and chest before she took my nipple in her mouth again & sucked it gently, twirling her tongue around its edges and nibbling ever so gently on its tip. She kissed down my tummy and thigh, then up the other thigh. I gasped, anticipating her fingers as they kaçak casino pulled my lips open, exposing my overheated clit first to the cool air, then to the firm warmth of her tongue. She slid a finger into me, then a second one, massaging my interior as she worked them into me. I heard myself moan loudly as she stiffened her tongue and sucked firmly on my swollen clit. My hips rose as a wave of pleasure boiled up from her mouth and enveloped my belly, legs and chest. I grabbed at the sheets, then at her head, as though to pull her into me, to join us into a single entity of pleasure. I felt an orgasm sweep across me as my back arched off the bed and my hips bucked against her weight. I sighed loudly and collapsed as the wave of pleasure subsided into a warm glow. Traci pulled herself up next to me again and stroked my cheek with the back of her hand.

“I think you like a woman’s touch.” She whispered, almost laughing.

“Um hmmm… god that was good… O God, Traci, I love you” I said throwing my arms around her and pulling her tightly against me.

“I love you too baby. You don’t know how much I’ve wanted this….” He hand brushed the hair away from my face and she looked into my eyes.

I hugged her tightly to me as hand explored the smooth curves of her back and cheeks, slowly moving into the crevice between her legs.

I rolled over on top of her and imitated her earlier moves, kissing down her neck. I licked a spiral from the base of her breast slowly towards the nipple before I sucked it as gently as I could. My nails grazed down her belly and across her thighs before finding her lips. I massaged her clitty thru her lips.

“Yes” she hissed, “o my God baby, yessss.”

My finger pushed her lips open and I slid into her, careful that the nail didn’t catch her tender flesh.

I slid the finger out and up to her clit in a single motion and began to rub as softly as I could. She moaned. I propped myself up on one elbow. I wanted to watch her beautiful body reply to my touch. I wanted to see pleasure in her face, pleasure that I gave her. Rubbing in slow circles I bent to suck her nipple and nibble her neck and ear. She moaned and I licked the lobe of her ear as one then two fingers pushed deep into, feeling along the top of her vagina for the magic spot. I felt it and saw it in her face at the same time. She lit up, her eyes flashed open, her back arched, a hiss then a soft moan escaped her half open lips. I luxuriated in the feel of her skin against my tongue as I kissed and licked my way back down her and along her thigh. Her perfume filled my nostrils, my tongue pressed between her lips, searching for that little button and found its goal. I tweaked it ever so gently before I began to suck on it. She arched and writhed. Her thighs clamped onto my head. Instinctively I slowed down and eased off on the pressure. My tongue barely touching her clit as my fingers found the firm spot below her entrance, above the bottom of her ass. I rubbed in smooth firm circles.

“O my God, YES, YES YES.” Her voice was strained and husky. Her body stiffened and quivered. It seemed to hang in space above me writhing. I slowly reduced the pressure from my tongue and fingers as she relaxed back onto the bed, her chest heaving in long, labored breaths, her eyes fluttered open, then slowly closed as she sighed.

I lay beside her, my hand on her thigh.

“Was it… was I…was it good, Traci?” I felt the blood rush to my face was I realized how stupid and insecure I sounded.

Yes, o yes Rachel,” she sighed. The she laughed softly. I think you’re a natural just like….” Her voice cracked from emotion and she fell silent for a minute. “You’re a natural, baby” she tried to finish as she discretely blinked a tear away.

“Just like my mom, right?

“Yea Baby, just like your mom” She stared intently at me for a second and then burst into quiet tears and pulled me to her. I hugged her just as tightly. We both sobbed, Tears of joy and sadness and longing and fear mixed together on my cheeks. I felt her chest spam in rhythm with my own. I knew what her tears meant as much I could understand my own. We lay in each other’s arms, stroking, hugging, and murmuring for what seemed like only a few languid minutes. Late afternoon shadows had invaded the room before we spoke.

“I suppose we should eat pretty soon, Traci sighed.

“I guess” I whispered, not wanting the moment to ever end. “What are you in the mood for?”

Traci raised herself and rolled to face me. “I meant what I said before… and NOT just because you slept with me….. The only rule I have for you is that you never, never think of yourself as anything but my guest, my lover. I want you to stay…. I want you….to do what makes you happy.”

“You Traci, the way you are… that makes me happy…. I don’t ever want to leave.” Sadness crept into my heart and voice as I suddenly remembered that this was all to end at least briefly with the semester… that I was expected home for xmass. Fear welled up in my belly.

“You don’t have to, baby…I have business trips, you have your school….the rest of the time we have each other.” Her fingers touched my face reassuringly.

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