My First Sex Teacher

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Mrs. Prasad. She was the stuff boyhood fantasies were made of. I still remember her vividly after all these years have passed. 9 years exactly. She was my high school English teacher.

At 5′ 6″, she had that typical build of an Indian woman – not skinny but not fat either, just the right amount of meat on her bones. She was of wheatish complexion with her black hair cut short to her shoulders. Her breasts were small, a size-A cup perhaps, but I am not much into breasts. I am more of an ass man, and she had plenty of that – round, curvy, big. I could just gaze at that posterior as she walked along those hallowed corridors of school dressed in her trademark starched sarees. Even in her late thirties her butt was firm and tight.

Most of all, I think it was her glasses that got me. She had this way of holding them up to her lips and smiling. She could get me all riled up doing just that. She was too hot for a teacher.

Unlike Hollywood’s perception, it is not all sex, drugs and rock n roll in all high schools. So I did what I could, which was a lot of fantasising and a lot of jerking off to Mrs. Prasad. I was an eighteen year old over-sexed guy who seemed to have a perpetual hard-on in Mrs. Prasad’s presence.

One day, I got called to the principal’s office. Mr. Reddy was a strict man who laid great stress on discipline. The students almost feared him. One look of reproach was enough to make a lot of us pee in our pants. Had it not been for this demeanour of his, a lot of girls would probably have had a crush on him. He was a good-looking man. Tall, dark and handsome.

I knocked. There was no response. I turned the handle. It was unlocked. I decided to enter. I am glad I did!

Mr. Reddy’s pants were down to his ankles. Mrs. Prasad was bent over the desk, her saree lifted to casino oyna her waist, egging Mr. Reddy on. I could see his big, black cock move in and out of her cunt. His balls were almost as big as golf balls. Mrs. Prasad’s face was contorted in an expression of ecstasy.

I was hard instantly. Mrs. Prasad had lovely long legs, muscular thighs, and her derriere was beautifully round and brown. She was better than I had imagined her to be.

I quickly locked the door. The sound jolted them back to reality. Mr. Reddy stopped and pulled out. His cock was truly magnificent – must be over 8 inches at least, thick, uncut. The head was swollen almost obscenely. Mrs. Prasad’s juices glistened on his member.

His eyes were bloodshot, “You were supposed to knock!”

“I did” I replied calmly, “Perhaps you should lock the door the next time.”

I don’t know what came off me. I should have been terrified of his anger, not calm as the ocean. But then, Mr. Reddy with his manhood standing up proudly was not a fearsome sight at all. His cock was still twitching. This man was still excited, may be even more so now that a student had walked in on him.

He screamed, “You think you are such a smart ass? Come here!”

Naked or not, his voice still held that command to make his students bow to his will. I went to him. He motioned me to come closer still, until I was just inches from his throbbing erection.

“Suck this, you swine!” he barked.

What? I was straight as a ram rod. I could not possibly do this. But I was not conditioned to protest in this school. Not against this man, definitely. Reluctantly I went down on my knees. I looked up to find his cock staring at my face, like an angry monster out for revenge.

“Open your mouth!” he ordered, “Swallow my cock. Finish me off. Finish canlı casino what you interrupted!”

He forced open my mouth and shoved his penis. Oh it was terrible at first! His cock was too big for a first timer. I fought hard to keep away the gag-reflex. It tasted salty due to Mrs. Prasad’s juices. His balls kept hitting my chin. I could feel the bile in my throat. He placed my hands on his ass. Despite the situation, I liked feeling his butt up. It was a very smooth and tight ass. At 45, this was an ass of a man who worked out.

Slowly, I started getting into it. I was actually beginning to enjoy going down on a man. Hell, I even put two fingers up his anus as I blew him. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Mrs. Prasad. She was watching, and masturbating! Her legs were spread wide. Her fingers were in her clean-shaven pussy. She was clearly enjoying the show.

This was all the inspiration I needed. I went harder, faster, pushing him over the edge in one big cataclysmic explosion. His member spewed semen deep into my throat. I had no option but to swallow it.

He sat next to Mrs. Prasad who was still pleasuring herself.

He spoke up, “So, Mrs. Prasad. What do we do with this student?”

For the first time, Mrs. Prasad opened her mouth, “What do you mean? You have done your bit with him. You finished off, leaving me half-way. I am getting my share of him.”

Did she say that? I could not believe my luck. The humiliation of sucking a cock was definitely worth it for this one moment.

She called me over to her, and stripped me off every shred of clothing. My phallus stood up in attention, saluting her. It was no where close to Mr. Reddy’s size, may be about 6-7 inches. If she was disappointed, she did not let that show.

“Virgin?” she asked. I nodded.

She kaçak casino smiled, “Today, I shall make a man out of you.” And she guided me into her mouth.

So this is how a woman’s mouth felt! Warm, soft. She cupped my balls and sucked me.

“I have a special treat for you” she said in between sucks, “It is something I have not done even for Mr. Reddy.”

I could only imagine what that could be. Mr. Reddy’s eyes told me he knew, and he was none too pleased about it. That did not stop him from stroking his cock, which had regained its full hardness.

Mrs. Prasad bent over the same desk on which Mr. Reddy was gamming his boots in her. She spread her ass cheeks. Her pussy was gorgeous. For her age, she was tight.

“Take me in my ass!” she said.

Wow! Hell of a way to lose my virginity. I positioned my cock at her entrance, and in one hard motion shoved it all the way into her ass till my balls hit her pussy. She let out a guttural moan.

“Fucker!” she screamed, “Not this hard in the ass, you bastard.”

I was too far gone to hear. I just went at her like a runaway train. She was rubbing her clitoris vigorously. I pinched her nipples over her blouse. She screamed again. This time, the scream was different. It was more of a yelp of pleasure.

I went on and on as if it was the last day of my life. I could not have lasted more than two minutes. But she was excited enough to have had a couple of orgasms. When I finally discharged my load in her anus, she flopped down on the desk getting her breath back.

I started to dress, “Thank you, Mrs. Prasad. That was phenomenal. Can we do it again sometime?”

“What makes you think I would want to?” she questioned, “You are not that good a fuck.”

My heart sank. Deep down, I knew she was right. This was only a one-time thing. But a man can hope, right?

As I walked out of the office, Mr. Reddy called out from behind me, “But you can suck my cock anytime!”

I am not sure I will take him up on this offer.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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