My Fantasy Wife gets a BBC Blacken

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My Fantasy Wife gets a BBC Blacken
I have been a voyeur for as long as I can remember. As a teenager, I wanted to see my girlfriend have sex with another guy. Naturally, these feelings carried over into adulthood and my marriage. As soon as I was old enough to enter adult bookstores and buy or browse the books and magazines, I had found heaven. Then, I discovered the adult section of the movie rentals. This was really great! For some unknown reason, I loved the black on white movies. I could cum all over myself just watching a giant black cock fucking a white pussy. My dick is a short five inches and I have always felt insecure and intimidated by larger dicks. I have never believed any woman could be satisfied with my size. This has caused many arguments with my wife and a lot more nights on the couch.

Vanessa and I have been married three years and I brought up the idea of another man after the first year. She is white and had a very strict c***dhood. She finally stopped arguing about it and would scream NO!, anytime I suggested it. About a year ago, she did agree to watch some of the sex movies. Naturally, they were all black on white. That’s another thing. I didn’t know whites were prejudiced against blacks. After a lot of cajoling and begging, she watched along with me. She seemed to enjoy the amateur movies of housewives and their black lovers. Many times, she wanted me to eat her pussy while she kept her eyes glued to the television screen. She had a much more fulfilling orgasm that way. Afterwards, she would get on top for better penetration and ride me like a wild horse until she cum. All the while watching the movie. This only happened about once a month. She still said the movies were filthy and she only watched to keep my mouth shut.

Vanessa is 23 and very small in stature. She is an white version of a barbie doll. I’m 31, tall and thin. I love her with all my heart, but, wanting to see her fuck another man keeps my life in turmoil. Working keeps my mind occupied, but, I still have a lot of free time to devise ways to change her mind.

About three months ago, a black couple about our ages moved in across the street. We had talked a few times, and they seemed really nice. I found out Tom and I worked at the same factory, but, in a different departments. Since we live about twenty miles from work, we began carpooling and became friends. Vanessa seemed to like his wife, Pam. If Vanessa was prejudiced, it didn’t show.

Tom liked rum and coke and always seemed to have a glass in his hand. I seldom drank and didn’t really like alcohol in any form. One weekend, he talked me into trying one of his drinks. One drink led to another, and soon I was plastered. We were sitting in his backyard, and he was telling me what a beautiful wife I had. He said he had always wanted to fuck an white, but the opportunity never came up. That was enough to open up my drunken mouth, and I told him about being a voyeur. Another drink, and I was telling him about wanting to see Vanessa fuck a black man.

After a few seconds, Tom said, “Are you serious Jim, or just drunk?”

“I’ve never been more serious in my life. I think about it every day. It’s a one way street though. I want to see her fuck another man, but, she won’t hear of it.” I slurred around the rim of the glass.

Tom helped me up and pointed me in the direction of my own home. “We’ll talk more about this tomorrow when you’re sober. If you’re still serious, I’ll help you out. I guarantee you will get to see her fuck a black man!”

Jim woke up with Vanessa kicking him in the side. He had fallen off the couch during the night. “Wake up Jim! Tom is pounding on the door and you have been on this floor all morning. Were you drinking? You smell like a brewery! Go clean yourself up and I’ll let Tom in.”

“Hi Vanessa! Jim still sleeping? I’m afraid it’s my fault. I talked him into having a drink and it went to his head. I didn’t know he never drank. It won’t happen again. Please forgive me. Can I have some coffee while Jim gets straightened up?”

Vanessa sitting across the table from Tom couldn’t help but notice his innocent smile. He was really very nice. Vanessa was only 5′ 1″ and Tom was about 5′ 4″. Sometimes she got tired of looking up at Jim and wished he was shorter. Tom wasn’t really black, but a light golden brown, and she was thinking he was more like an white than a black person. Why in the world would she think that?

Tom was saying something, but, she hadn’t been paying attention. “I’m sorry. What were you saying?”

“I said we are going to barbeque some steaks this afternoon, and wondered if you and Jim would like to join us?”

Vanessa hesitated a minute, unsure how she felt about going into their house and just as fast decided it would be okay. “I’d love to, but, you must ask Jim. He may not feel up to it.”

“I’ll take care of Jim. How about you going over and helping Pam get things ready?” Tom asked.

Within a few minutes, a hungover Jim entered and grabbed a cup of black coffee. “Where’s Vanessa?”

“What kind of greeting is that for the man who will soon be fucking your wife?” Tom grinned like the chesire cat.

“Oh God! It wasn’t a dream! I really told you, didn’t I?” Jim groaned.

“Not only did you tell me, but, I’m going to put the plan into action taday. Pam will be working on your pretty little wife in a few minutes. When she gets finished, Vanessa will be unsure whether it’s right or wrong. Pam can make her believe it’s her duty to fuck me just to make you happy. We have an open relationship and Pam enjoys helping me with a new conquest. The world’s full of white guys with the same problem you have. I love white pussy and I love seeing the expression on their husbands face when they see their wife being fucked by a big black cock.” Tom bragged.

“I can’t believe you! Your wife is too nice and wouldn’t condone something like that.” Jim snapped. “I thought we were friends and this was something to satisfy my curiousity. Now, it sounds as if you have planned the whole thing.”

“Listen to yourself! You’re the one that brought it up. You will still get what you want and so will I. Pam is happy because she doesn’t have to take my oversize cock for a while. She has never been able to adjust to my size and is always sore afterwards. Don’t worry! You are going to see your wildest fantasy and Vanessa is going to get the fuck of her young life.

Jim was amazed and disbelieving of what Tom had said. “Just how big is this cock of yours? If it’s too big for your wife, it will be too big for Vanessa!”

“It’s an uncircumsized ten inches long and over two inches thick. I can normally cum three times before it goes soft. Actually, it’s too late to change your mind. By now, Pam has been talking to her and Vanessa knows you told me everything. Did you believe this was going to be a one time thing? If your wife’s as sexy as she appears, I’ll want her again. You can experience your fantasy many times. Women are strange and have some weird beliefs. Many wifes will agree to let another man fuck them for their husband’s sake. They will agree on the condition they don’t have to kiss the man, or suck his cock. One other thing, they seem to think if they put his cock inside their pussy they are giving themselves willingly and not for their husband. When I get past those hurdles, I know they are mine. Women are weird, huh? Let’s have another cup of coffee and give them a chance to get aquainted.”

Vanessa was cutting up the makings for a salad, when Pam shocked her speechless by saying, “Tom has been talking for the past month about wanting to fuck you. He thinks you are very beautiful and the sexiest thing he has ever seen. Are you going to let him?”

“Let him what?” Vanessa stammered.

“Let him fuck you, of course.” Pam replied.

“NO! How can you even suggest such a thing?” Vanessa almost shouted. Vanessa wanted out of this house. She had to get to the safety of her own home. This whole conversation was crazy.

“Please, let me explain.” Pam said. “I know you are ready to run out the door, but, just hear me out. You can always leave. Let’s have a glass of coke and get comfortable. Listening won’t hurt anything.” Pam had prepared an iced pitcher of rum and coke. It wasn’t very strong, but, Vanessa had never had a drink of alcohol in her life. It wouldn’t take much to relax and make Vanessa more receptive to suggestions.

Vanessa’s mouth was dry and she took a large swallow to quench her thirst. She didn’t know why she hadn’t already left, but, she really liked pam and couldn’t understand what this was all about. Vanessa took another drink and it crossed her mind that it was very good, but, had a funny taste and smell. Pam was drinking hers, so there was nothing wrong with it.

“I brought the subject up because yesterday Jim told Tom about his fantasy while he was drinking.” Pam began explaining. “Don’t be angry with Jim. Tom is a very good listener and has a way of getting other people to talk about their problems. My husband has made love to other white women, but, never an white. He does so with my blessing. There is something wrong with my vagina and it cannot adjust to his size. We make love, but, it is very painful for me. I love my husband with all my soul and I want him to be happy. I accept güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri his needs and desires, along with his fascination for other women, especially white women.

He is an experienced, considerate lover and would never hurt you. Understand this, he would never attempt anything you didn’t agree to. If you ever decide to let him have your body, you would make three people very happy. Jim would get what his heart most desires. Tom could finally fuck an white and I would get a much needed rest. Besides, you might be the luckiest one of all. For once in your life, you would get truly fucked out of your mind. Your glass is empty. Let me get you a refill. You don’t have to say yes or no, just think about it. Okay?”

Vanessa didn’t know it, but, she was getting tipsy. She thought she was dizzy from trying to digest all she had heard in the last few minutes.”I guess that is okay, but, I’ll tell you now, my answer will still be no.”

Looking out the window, Pam said. “Here come the boys. Please don’t tell I said anything to you. I’ll understand if you leave and don’t speak to me again. I just don’t believe there is anything wrong with what I suggested and it’s difficult to accept other people not feeling the same.”

During the course of the afternoon, Vanessa drank several more of the weak drinks. Jim drank glass after glass of ice water as if he was dying of thirst. After eating and relaxing, everyone was enjoying themselves. Earlier, they had moved inside because of the mosquitoes. Soft music was playing and each was dancing with their spouse. Several times, they switched partners. Vanessa enjoyed dancing with Tom because his head was on a level with hers. With Jim, her head was against his chest and she had to look up to talk to him. She was very relaxed as Tom held her closely and was breathing into her ear.

Tom held her more tightly, and whispered. “You are a very beautiful and sexy woman. Jim is a lucky man to have such a wife.”

Earlier, Vanessa wouldn’t have allowed another man to say that to her, but it seemed a compliment and she was pleased this man found her beautiful. Suddenly, she was thinking about Jim telling Tom his secret and what he wanted to happen between them. Thinking back to what Pam had said, she began to wonder if she was wrong and they were right. Would she lose Jim, if his fantasy wasn’t fulfilled? Could she ever let a man other than her husband touch her? Tom, Jim, and Pam would be happy, but, what about her? Would she survive such an ordeal? What about her values? Should she just throw them to the wind and let happen what everyone seemed to want? She could feel Tom’s bulge pressed just above her pubic mound. Her breasts were flattened against his chest and he was gently blowing into her ear. She knew she was getting wet between her legs. She was feeling a desire for another man! What was happening to her?

Tom could feel her submission and cupped her ass cheeks. She never pulled away and he began rotating his cock against her while pulling her closer. He looked over at his wife and Jim. Pam had a smile on her face and Jim was staring in disbelief. Tom winked at both of them.

When the music ended, Pam pulled Jim toward the kitchen to refresh their drinks. Tom and Vanessa collapsed on the sofa. Tom still had his arm around Vanessa’ shoulders. He slowly turned her face toward him and kissed her softly on the lips. Before she pulled away, he had his tongue inside her mouth and found her’s for just a moment.

Vanessa pulled away from Tom’s kiss, but not as forcefully as she should. It had sent a tingle all the way to her pussy. She could hear Pam and Jim laughing about something in the kitchen. Tom took her head in his hands and kissed her again. This time she never resisted and their tongues were fighting with each other. Tom’s hand went up under her blouse and cupped her heaving breast. His hand wriggled under her bra and he was caressing something no other man than her husband had ever touched.

This couldn’t be happening! It took all her willpower to move his hand and scoot away from him. Just as she did, Jim came through the door followed by Pam.

“We’re out of drinks and need to run down to the store. Who wants to go?” Jim asked.

“Not me! I’m bushed.” said Tom.

“Pam and I will go.” Vanessa spoke up. But, when she stood, everything began going round and round. She fell backwards toward the sofa and onto Tom’s lap. She couldn’t understand what had happened, but, she was in no condition to go anywhere without help. She was able to scoot out of Tom’s lap.

Pam laughed and said to Jim. “It looks like we are elected. Have fun! We’ll be back in about half an hour. Vanessa, maybe you should take a short nap while we’re gone.”

No sooner had the door closed than Tom had is arms around Vanessa and began kissing her eyes, her nose, and finally, her firm lips. Vanessa leaned back and let him have his way. She was too tired to resist anymore. She was beginning to accept the fact that he was going to have his way with her. There were too many against her. With one hand he unbuttoned her blouse. Her bra unsnapped from the front and he soon had her breasts bare and open to his mouth.

Tom got on his knees between Vanessa’s legs. He was alternating between kissing her sweet lips and then sucking on her small firm breasts. Her nipples were about an inch long when they were aroused, but, seemed longer because of the size of her breasts.

Vanessa’s body was filled with erotic feelings. She was so hot! She realized this was all wrong, but a little petting wouldn’t cause any harm. Besides, it felt so good. She felt his hands under her skirt and pulling down her thong panties. Before she could resist, he had them around her ankles and then off. Well, touching her there was as far as she would let him go. While sucking her tender breasts, his fingers were twirling around her clitoris and sending waves of pleasure through her body. Vanessa was groaning deep in her throat and on the verge of her first orgasm with another man. He stuck one finger inside her and tweaked her clit with his fingers. This was enough to send her over the edge and she had the most delicious orgasm.

Tom knew Vanessa would do whatever he wanted now. She was his to do with as he pleased. He wanted to taste her delicious pussy and wanted her to suck his cock before he royally fucked her. He would eat her pussy until her husband and Pam returned, then give her the fucking of her young life. It would be many a day before she wanted sex again after he was finished tonight.

Vanessa was coming down from her mind shattering climax. Guilt hadn’t had a chance to set in yet, but, it would later. Tom was still between her legs and nibbling on her breast. She was so relaxed and comfortable, she could go to sleep. She felt him leave her breast and thought he was getting up. Then, he was spreading her legs and suddenly, he was kissing her inner thighs and moving closer and closer to her throbbing pussy lips. She could feel his fingers spreading her lips, as his tongue licked the juice from her pussy. She knew she was very wet down there, and tried to move away, but, it was useless.

Tom could tell she wasn’t resisting very hard. She had the most beautiful pussy. There was a small triangle of hair above her slit, and not another hair anywhere. When his tongue flicked her clit, she shivered all over. He continued tongue fucking her as he sucked and licked her hard little clit.

Vanessa was lost! She hadn’t meant to let it go this far. Where was her husband? Why wasn’t he here to stop this **** of her body? Well, not ****. She wasn’t exactely resisting, was she? This is what Jim had wanted to see, wasn’t it? Why wasn’t he here watching? It felt so good and she decided to let it go on a while longer. As soon as her big mouthed husband got back, they would leave. There’s no way, she was going to get fucked by a black man! She could feel another orgasm building in her stomach. Her body was so hot! The heat was spreading from her pussy to her whole body. She couldn’t breathe! She pressed her hips harder and harder against Tom’s mouth. Just as she reached a screeching climax, the door opened and in walked her Jim and Pam.

Jim stopped as if paralyzed and stared dumbfounded. His legs were suddenly weak and he stumbled to a chair. His legs may have been weak, but, his little dick was instantly hard.

As Vanessa came down to earth, she opened her eyes and the first thing she saw was her husband sitting there with his mouth agape. She wanted to die! Her face turned red as a beet and she prayed to disappear. She tried to close her blouse, but, it was useless. Tom still had his head between her legs, licking up the last of her juices.

Tom finished cleaning her pussy before looking around. “Hi neighbor. I got hungry and had a little snack while waiting for you guys. No dessert was ever sweeter than your wife’s pussy.” There wasn’t a hint of embarrassment in his voice or on his face. His face was covered in love juices, though. He reached for a tissue and wiped his mouth.

“You guys are back sooner than I expected. Where are the drinks?” Tom asked.

Jim found his voice and said. “Sorry, but the store closed early and we didn’t güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri want to look for another one. Pam thought something might be happening here more interesting, and she was certainly right. Honey, you can uncover your face now. That was the most erotic sight I ever saw. I’m jealous, though. You never scream like that when I eat you.”

Vanessa tried to sink deeper into the sofa. She had finally buttoned her blouse, but, hadn’t hooked her bra. She was too ashamed to look for her panties. She thought the evening was over and they could finally go home. In her heart, she knew Jim hadn’t been satisfied with seeing her being eaten. She had heard his arguments too many times of wanting to see her fuck a black man.

Jim moved next to his wife and hugged her. “I love you honey, and I want to see you as happy as you have made me. You’ve went this far. Please don’t back out now. Finish what has been started and I swear I will never mention it again. Will you do that for me, please?” Jim begged.

Without saying a word, Tom stepped in front of her and dropped his pants, his long black cock was sticking straight out. She took one look and gasped in shock. Never in her life had she seen anything so powerful looking. No wonder Pam complaind about it hurting. That monster was enough to cause anyone pain. His pee hole seemed to be staring right at her. She was certain of one thing, he was never going to fuck her with that.

Jim was also staring as if mesmerized. His small dick was so hard it was hurting. He took Vanessa’s hands and brought them up for her to feel the hard, black rod of manhood. She automatically opened her fists and her fingers encircled Tom’s cock. She had still never said a word.

“Move over Jim, so I can sit next to Vanessa. I know what Tom wants next and she is going to need help her first time.” Pam said. “You suck Jim don’t you? Well, this is the same, only bigger and more of it. Tom loves having his cock sucked. You lick one side of it and I will lick the other. When you feel more comfortable, take the head in your mouth. Don’t worry, you will learn to love sucking a big cock.”

Vanessa heard what Pam said, but, it made no sense. She hadn’t made up her mind to suck this monster the first time, but, Pam was saying she would learn to love sucking it. Maybe, if she could make him cum this way, he wouldn’t expect anything else. As soon as Jim cum once, he wanted to go to sleep. All men are the same, she was thinking. Did he think she was going to take his cum in her mouth when he reached a climax? Jim always pulled out and shot his little load on a tissue. Pam was beside her. Maybe she would let him climax in her mouth.

Pam was already licking and sucking the shaft of Tom’s cock. Vanessa slowly opened her mouth and licked the other side. It was a weird feeling to be touching the lips of another woman, even if they were separated by the thickness of a giant dick. When Vanessa moved to suck on the head, there wasn’t room for Pam’s head, so she moved out of the way. Vanessa suddenly found herself alone, with a big cock in her mouth. She had both hands around the shaft and was masturbating him while trying to take more into her mouth. Tom had his hands in her hair and was fucking her face. That’s the only way to describe what was happening. He wasn’t forcing it down her throat yet, so, at least she could still breathe.

Vanessa’s jaws were beginning to ache. She tried swirling her tongue around the head, but, her mouth was too full. Tom was getting excited and cramming more into her mouth. Now, it was hitting the back of her throat and gagging her. How could you get used to having something this big and long in your mouth? Tom’s cock was going like a piston and she could feel it swelling. She knew he was ready to climax and she had to get her mouth off his cock now!

Tom was on the edge of cumming. Vanessa was attempting to get loose from his grasp. Seeing the fear and revulsion on her face put him over the top, and he began pumping load after load down her throat. She was groaning and gagging, but, had no choice about swallowing. She swallowed as fast as possible, but her cheeks were still full. Tom held her in place until she had taken every drop. As his load slowed down, she caught up and emptied her mouth into her stomach. He pulled out an inch or so, and milked his cock of the last of his copious load. Vanessa dutifully took that also. Removing his cock from her mouth, she seemed reluctant to let him go. There was one more large drop that oozed out, and she reached up and licked it off his dick. She seemed to savor the taste before swallowing.

In the meantime, Jim had beat his pitiful dick until it was sore. He had cum twice and that was a record for him. He had never dreamed anything could be so erotic and exciting. Still, he knew the best was yet to come. Hadn’t Tom said three times before he went soft?

Pam was sitting on the arm of Jim’s chair. She had been watching him and watching Vanessa suck Tom’s cock. She was horny as hell and needed satisfaction. “When Tom fucks her, I want you to eat my pussy while he’s doing it.”

“I thought you’d never ask. I’d love to eat your pussy and watch his black cock fuck Vanessa at the same time.” Jim smiled.

Tom’s cock had never lost it’s hardness and he was more than ready to fuck her tight young pussy. He never bothered to remove her skirt, but raised it above her hips. Her blouse was again unbuttoned and there was easy access to her breasts. He pushed her back until she was reclining on the sofa and gently began sucking each breast.

Vanessa realized she had let the situation go too far. This would never have happened if she hadn’t drank those spiked cokes. She had known there was alcohol in them, but too polite to refuse. That was her first mistake, and letting him kiss her was the second. She should have known she couldn’t control what was coming. She needed to appeal to his sense of rightness and goodness. “I don’t have the strength to resist, but you have to stop. I love my husband and have never been unfaithful before. He’s the only man I have ever been with. Please don’t let this be on my concience.”

Tom ignored her and never said a word, but placed his mouth over her’s and parted her full lips with his tongue. His hand went to her pussy and was stroking and caressing her clitoris until she was moaning with pleasure.

Tears were on her face as she realized she was helpless, and was going to submit to him. He put one of her legs on the back of the sofa, and spread her thighs even more. She realized she had surrendered and lost all will to resist. Tom felt the resistance leave her body and knew she was his to do with as he wished.

Vanessa tried to imagine how her husband felt right now. Was he experiencing his ultimate fantasy of seeing his wife give herself to another man? This man had given her pleasure by eating her pussy and she had reciprocated by sucking his big cock. Now, was she giving her husband pleasure by fulfilling his fantasy? She was on the verge of deciding whether to submit, or give herself fully and completely to this black man. She knew being part of her husband’s fantasy and letting Tom fuck her would pleasure both men. Maybe, his giant cock wouldn’t hurt too much and she would receive more than either of them.

She wished she could see Jim’s face, but Tom’s body was in the way. There seemed to be groans coming from across the room. Jim was really enjoying seeing his wife about to get fucked!

Tom’s body covered her’s as he mounted her and directed his extremely hard cock against the wet open lips of her cunt. The head felt larger than her fist. He was moving the large head up and down her slit, wetting the head and making it slick.

He began applying pressure and slowly pushed into her, as the lips of her pussy stretched to accept this monster. Vanessa was groaning at the steady pressure and spread her legs farther to ease the pain and making his entry easier. She cried out when the head popped inside and her pussy stretched around his thick shaft.

Now, his cock was invading her tight pussy as he slowly pushed deeper than any man had ever been. She was groaning continuously, her thighs fully open and accepting his cock as the master and she the slave. It was far too late to stop and she lost all thoughts of ever having resisted.

He held his cock fully into her until she adjusted to his size, then he slowly began to fuck her with short deep strokes. Tom gradually began to lengthen his strokes that became faster and faster. Her body was jerking and she was moaning with each thrust. The pleasure pain was indescribable and she suddenly cried out as she climaxed the first time.

He held her tightly until her spasms subsided and the shaking stopped, then began moving again. He was going to take a long time, enjoying his conquest and her complete submission. The more pleasure she received, the more willing she would be the next time. Her husband was going to be sorry he ever let this happen. She would never be satisfied with his white dick again.

Tom began thrusting more forcefully, completely filling her with his cock, and soon she was responding again. Her body stiffened as another orgasm came güvenilir bahis şirketleri full upon her and she cried out, her body jerking. Her climax put Tom over the edge and he groaned as he thrust fully into her, pulling her hips and ass tightly against him, as he pumped load after load of potent baby making sperm into her body. He held her this way until he had emptied his balls, draining his cock. His cock was still hard and he left it inside to give time for one of the millions of eggs to fertilize this beautiful woman.

Vanessa was coming down from the second orgasm and beginning to regain some sanity. It suddenly dawned on her what she was trying to remember. He hadn’t used a condom and she wasn’t on birth control! She and Jim had been trying to have a baby, so birth control was unneccessary. He was holding the sperm inside her body and she knew she was probably impregnated.

Before Tom finally withdrew his still hard cock, he put a towel under her ass. As his cock left her pussy, his sperm gushed out of her as if she was pissing. She held the towel against herself and ran for the bathroom. As she passed Jim, she could see Pam still had her mouth around his dick. He gave her a weak grin and a wink before she was out of sight. My God! What has Jim been doing? She had no time to think of that now.

After cleaning her thighs and legs, she knew her pussy was still full of Tom’s seed. She needed to get home and take a long hot bath. Walking back into the living room, Tom was in the chair and Pam was sitting on the arm. Jim was on the sofa, and looking down, she could see he was still hard as a rock. She thought, My God! Isn’t it over yet? Does he expect to fuck me again? As she sat down, he reachedd over and put his arm around her shoulders. It was so possessive, almost as if he owned her.

“My beautiful little white slut, we aren’t finished just yet. I need your sweet pussy one more time before the night is over.” Said Tom.

She hung her head from embarrassment and shame. There was no way out except submission. She knew she couldn’t say no. Tom wouldn’t listen and Jim didn’t care, as long as he got to watch. She looked over at Jim and he was rubbing himself through his pants.

“Just lean your head back on the sofa and I will be on my knees between your legs. Since you’re tired, you can relax and enjoy.” Tom whispered loud enough for Pam and Jim to hear.

Without any foreplay, Tom held his cock almost touching her pussy. Tom told her. “Take my cock, rub it up and down, your slit, and place it at the mouth of your womb.” She did as instructed and he pushed into her slick stretched pussy.

Vanessa’s body began trembling as she felt his large cock penetrate her again. Looking down, she could it slowly disappearing inside her hungry cunt. She couldn’t believe she was actually taking all of him. He kept up a steady pressure, until he bottomed out. She could see the outline of his cock deep in her belly. Just watching his cock stroking in and out was enough to make her want to orgasm.

Jim set down on her left and Pam set on her right. Jim gave her a long tongue searching kiss. Her breasts were being sucked and at first she thought it was Tom. But, No! It had to be Pam! She was being fucked and made love to by three people. They moved their mouths, but sat watching Tom’s cock appear and disappear into her tight hole.

Now, she could see Tom’s cock thrusting inside her, and each time his balls slammed against her ass, she would tremble and shake. His cock was glistening and slimy from the previous fuck. All she could smell was sperm. It was intoxicating and gave off a heady odor.

The contrast of his massive black cock and her little pussy, was driving Vanessa insane with desire. She was bucking her hips up to meet each thrust and moaning as he fucked faster and faster.

Tom looked Jim in the eyes, and said. “I’m going to shoot my baby making sperm into her again. If she didn’t get pregnant the first time, she will be now.”

Vanessa could feel the first spurt of hot sperm hit her cervix. When she felt the second blast, it triggered her own orgasm and she gasped for breath. She knew beyond all reasoning that he had gotten her pregnant. She put her legs around Tom’s ass and pulled him closer. She never wanted him to remove his glorious cock.

In his excitement, Jim had forgotten about a condom. Hearing his wife was being bred by a black man, he cum in his pants without touching himself.

Tom shot load after load into Vanessa’s fertile pussy. Finally, she had every last drop he had to give. Before withdrawing his turgid cock, he told Jim to get on the floor beside him and be ready to clean his wife’s pussy.

Jim stuttered. “What do you mean, clean her pussy? Here’s a handful of tissues.”

“Don’t be dense! It’s time you did something besides play with that small pecker of yours. You’re going to suck that baby juice out of her. She’s already pregnant, but there are millions of sperm left for you to swallow. Do a good job and I’ll let you do it again sometime.” Tom said angrily.

Jim meekly got beside Tom and as Tom withdrew, he pressed her pussy lips together so not much could escape. Jim placed his mouth over her mound as Tom moved his fingers. Jim’s mouth instantly filled with sperm and he swallowed as if dying from thirst. Vanessa was watching in disbelief as he slurped Tom’s cum from her stretched pussy. He licked and swallowed until there was no more to satisfy his thirst.

Finishing, Jim looked at the gaping hole that was his wife’s small pussy. Could he ever satisfy her again? Would she want him to even try?

At last, Vanessa stood up groggily and Jim stood beside her, with his arm around her waist. “Let’s go home.” Vanessa said.

Monday morning, Jim and Tom went to work as if nothing had happened. Vanessa spent the next three days in bed. She was so sore, she could barely walk. After many hot baths, she was able to get around, but was still sore and couldn’t stand to touch her pussy. By the following Saturday, she was almost back to normal. She hadn’t seen her neighbors all week and spoke very little to her husband.

Jim had to work half a day Saturday, but Tom was home. As soon as Jim’s car left, she heard a knock on the door. In her heart, she knew who it was but was powerless not to answer. Opening the door, there stood Tom with a big grin on his face. He pushed her back inside, and picking her up, carried her to the bedroom.

Laying her on the bed, he spread her robe revealing her naked body underneath. Undressing, he lay down next to her and reached for her pussy mound.

Vanessa was speechless! Tom was treating her like whore, his whore. There was little gentleness as he sucked and fondled her breasts. He had completely dominated her and she couldn’t say no, or, resist. She was submitting to his advances against her will. There were tears in her eyes, but her body betrayed what she was feeling. She wanted his cock far up her belly.

After only a few minutes of foreplay, he mounted her and thrust his huge cock to the hilt. She screamed from a mixture of pain and pleasure. She was still sobbing softly, as she pressed her hips upwards to meet the impalement of her body as she could feel her pussy pulling his cock deeper.

Tom fucked her powerfully and throughly until she was crying out as she came. She cum even more strongly as she felt his cock swell and pulsate inside her. She felt his semen spurting and pulsing against her cervix. Her humiliation was complete! She had been taken as the whore she was.

He held her firmly until he had emptied himself into her, his semen flooding her. Finally, he moved off and she lay there, her legs spread, emotionally drained. She could feel his juice running out and down between her asscheeks, but she wasn’t able to move.

Smiling down at her, he got dressed and left.

She lay there conquered, naked and spread-eagled on their marriage bed. There was no pain in her body, but in her mind. She knew she could never refuse Tom, her body wouldn’t let her. She would have to tell Jim what happened, and how she felt. If this went on, her life and marriage were ruined.

later that day, Vanessa was crying on Jims chest as she told him about the events of that morning. Her suggestion was to move to another town, anywhere away from their neighbors.

“Let’s think this thing through rationally.” Jim was saying. “I have been with the company about four years. We bought this house when we married and have a large mortgage. There’s really no equity in it, and we would lose a lot of money trying to sell. I make much better money than I could get somewhere else. We can’t call the police, since no crime has been committed. Tom could kick my ass with one hand tied behind his back. You may be pregnant with his c***d and don’t want to have an abortion. What other options do we have?”

“You haven’t offered any options. You’re saying we must accept the status quo and let him continue fucking me every time he wants. You just want to see me fucked. Am I correct?” Vanessa said.

“Since we’re being honest, yes, I do like to see him fuck you, That doesn’t mean I don’t love you. If you can’t say no to him, how do you know you can refuse the next black man you meet? Maybe, this known evil is better than an unknown future somewhere else.” Jim explained.

That conversation took place two years ago. I have a beautiful boy and am pregnant again. Jim and I haven’s made love since that first time with Tom. I am Tom’s slut and do whatever he asks. I still can’t refuse him. Lately, Tom has been suggesting having one of his friends join us.

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