My Dream Becomes Reality Ch. 01

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I have made the decision that this will be a multi-part story, but haven’t decided how many parts there will be. If you have any comments, requests, or feedback I would love to hear it. -Beginnergurl


I have always had the fantasy of being with another woman, but I was scared that I would get in there to freeze up. I mean I knew what I wanted and in theory I should know what another woman should want, but what if my execution was horrible? Well, after grappling with the idea for a couple of months I finally expressed my fantasies and fears to my boyfriend. He was very understanding of my dilemma (but what guy wouldn’t be if his girlfriend just told him that she wants to be with another woman) and suggested that we try a threesome so that way I could have my experience and if I should happen to freeze up he would be there to help me out. I thought about it for a couple of days and decided that it was a pretty good plan.

So once it was decided we got together and went out to a bar to find the perfect target. I told him my specifications. She had to be tall with legs for days. I wanted someone with creamy, chocolate colored skin and an hourglass shape that resembled my own. I wanted someone with nice, full tits and a great ass. I needed someone who had an air about her, like she knew that she was the shit, but didn’t act like her shit doesn’t stink. I wanted someone who knew how to dress for her body and how to strategically show some skin without being mistaken as a “lady of the night.”

I knew exactly what I wanted because I had been seeing her in my dreams canlı bahis for months.

In my dream I reveal piece of skin at a time and kiss it and it would taste as sweet as it looked. I remove her shirt and make my way to her nipples. I am always be taken aback by how delicious the dark areola looks against her sweet chocolate skin. I quickly recover from my fascination and bend my head down and take a quick lick. The lick is enough to cause her breath to catch and emboldened by her response, I lean down and take her entire nipple into my mouth and suck lightly. I personally enjoy a little nipple biting, so I bite hers and very lightly roll it between my teeth and she moans. I love knowing that I was the cause of that reaction.

I slowly work my way down her smooth, flat midsection. I always marvel at the fact that the skin in this area felt like silk. My kisses are given generously because I love the feeling of that silky skin on the tip of my tongue. At this point I pull away and hear her whimper, wanting me to come back. I make her stand up so that I can remove her skirt.

As I bring it down I am always surprised by her panties or more specifically the lack thereof. She is clean shaven, just the way I like, and already I can see her arousal glistening at her lips. As I explore it almost seems as if they are pouting because I am not paying enough attention to them. In my head I tell them that they will receive their attention in time.

For the moment I go down to her feet to remove her shoes. I work my way up her right leg with kisses and licks slowly making my way past her calf and knee and up to her thigh. bahis siteleri I am almost to her center and I can smell her arousal and feel her writhing beneath me, begging for me to touch her, but I don’t. I go back down and repeat the process on the left leg and as I get back up to the position that I was in before I suddenly sit up and act like I have been distracted and am going on to do something else. She sits up on her elbows and looks at me incredulously and tells me that if I don’t do something now I will regret it when her turn comes.

I chuckle and lie back down between her legs and look at her and I can see the cum forming in a little pool at her opening and I can’t help but to reach out with my tongue and lick it. She moans and arches her back. I go back in and take another lick. Oh my, she tastes amazing. It is a mixture of sweet and spicy and I am instantly hooked. I dive in and begin to lick ferociously. My tongue darts in and out of her and I hear her moan and feel her writhe. I suddenly remember that I don’t want to make her cum too quickly so I roll over to the nightstand and bring out my favorite toy, an eight inch chocolate brown dildo that is about three fingers thick and vibrates. I bring the toy over and run it up and down her wet slit and watch as she arches and tries to get me to put the toy inside of her. As I tease I chuckle to see her face and at the very moment that she relaxes because she thinks that I am just going to tease her relentlessly I shove the entire thing up her wet and waiting pussy. I hear it squelch as I push it in and out and I hear her moaning loudly. I love the fact that her pussy bahis şirketleri can accommodate the girth of the toy and adjusts so quickly. I begin to rotate my wrist as I push the toy in and out of her. Her hips begin to move back and forth as she tries to speed up my stroke, but I am the one in control.

Soon I have her on the brink of an orgasm I stop with the entire toy inside of her and I turn it on. She screams and begins to buck wildly against the toy and I know that she is trying to reach that special place and I decide that she has waited long enough so I bend down and wrap my lips around her waiting clit and suck. I feel her shake and moan and curse as her orgasm overtakes her. Her hips elevate off of the bed as she yells and screams and begs me not to stop. I pull the toy out of her and hear her begin to groan in disappointment and gasp with shock as I quickly replace it with my mouth. I shove my tongue in as far as it will go as I pinch her clit lightly. I use my tongue as a little mini-dick and feel another orgasm begin. Her juices are on my tongue and I feel them going down my throat as she shakes and shivers and tries to calm herself down. She pushes me from between her legs and sits back and pants. She looks at me and all she can say is, “Damn.”

I always wake up after she cums and I am always left wondering what if? So now as I sit here in the back of this club with my boyfriend on the prowl for my dream woman I wonder will she live up to my lofty expectations? What if I have imagined something so preposterous that no one would be able to satisfy my curiosity? What if I am just supposed to be content with my dreams? As I am going through by uncertainties in my head my boyfriend walks up and says, “Baby, meet Lola” and I realize that the time has come. Will she live up to my expectations? I guess you’ll just have to wait and see.

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