My Brother and His Husband

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My Brother and His Husband
Chapter 1: “Biggest Pleasure”


“Everything okay?” I asked my mom as she drove the car, looking worried.

“I’m just thinking about you moving in with your brother. He and Owen just
got married. And their apartment’s so small! I’m just…” she paused for a
second, “I’m sorry we can’t help you get a place on your own in the city.”

“Mom, it’s fine! Taylor and I used to share a room growing up, it’ll be
just like back in the day. Besides, it’s only a matter of time before I can
afford a place, I already got a job lined up. Granted, it might take a
while, the money’s shit. Sorry,” I said as she shot me a disapproving look.
Even at 21, she didn’t like me swearing.

The plan had been for Mom and Dad to help me move out on my own after
graduating college, just like they did my brother Taylor six years ago.
But, with Dad’s recent medical bills, they were stretched thin. When I got
a job offer in the city where Taylor lived, he offered for me to stay with
him and his husband for a few months, until I can afford a place that’s not
horrendous. I knew they had to be less than thrilled to have me invading
their newlywed nest, but we all felt like we need to make sacrifices.

As much as I tried to downplay it in front of Mom, this would be quite an
adjustment. She was right, Taylor and Owen’s place was tiny! Whenever we
went to visit we would always get a hotel room, there was no room to stay
at theirs. It was a one-bedroom apartment, with an open-plan kitchen/living
room area. Now, I would be sleeping on the sofa bed.

After a few hours’ drive, we finally got there.

“Boy, put some clothes on!” Mom yelled at Taylor who answered the door in a
pair of navy-blue briefs.

“Nice to see you too, Mom,” he flashed her his brilliant smile and hugged
her. “Hey little man,” he ruffled my hair next.

“Don’t call me that,” I said. “And since you’re so big help us carry some
of my stuff up the stairs.”

I wasn’t k**ding, my big brother had gotten buff! I was no slob myself, but
he seemed to be in excellent shape. He was only an inch or so taller than
me, but his protuberant pecs and thick thighs made him look much bigger.

“Angela, so good to see you,” my brother-in-law suddenly came out to greet
us as well. It being the middle of summer, he wore nothing but underwear
either, a pair of tight white boxer briefs with a colorful waistband. Owen
was a personal trainer, so his body was even bigger than my brother’s,
every muscle perfectly defined. Plus he had a VERY handsome face, one that
to this day never failed to make my mother blush.

“Here, let’s get the stuff out of the car,” Taylor said, as he and Owen
grabbed two pairs of shorts (hardly any bigger than their underwear) and
walked down the stairs barefoot to help unload the car. I was certain that
the only reason Mom didn’t tell Taylor off for walking on the sidewalk
barefoot was because Owen was there.

It didn’t take us long to carry everything upstairs. I’d only brought the
bare necessities, planning to get the rest later when I got a place on my
own. Until then, I asked Taylor where to put my stuff.

“We made some room for güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri you here,” he said and walked me to their bedroom as
Mom and Owen chatted in the kitchen. “It’s a bit of a pain that you’ll have
to walk in and out of our room every time you need something, but it’s the
only place with enough closet space.”

“That’s okay, I’m sure we’ll… manage,” I said, looking around their room.
The two of them weren’t particularly neat; there was underwear and socks on
the floor.

I hung my clothes next to theirs in the closet, and went to use the only
bathroom in the apartment. When I came out, everyone was dressed (more or
less, Owen and Taylor were still just wearing short shorts and tank tops)
and ready to go out for lunch.

“Thank you so much,” Mom said when we were done with lunch, talking to
Owen. “Thanks for having Rory stay with you.”

“Nonsense,” he smiled. “Living with both of your sons, it’ll be my biggest

As he said that he turned to me, grinning, and gave me a wink.


I wasn’t happy with the idea of my brother coming to stay with my husband
and me for so long, but I had to admit that in a way I owed it to the
family. Mom and Dad gave me a generous amount of money when I was his age,
and I never had to pay them back. It wasn’t Rory’s fault that Dad’s medical
expenses were so high. Luckily, Dad was doing better now, and we were all
determined to count our blessings and move forward.

It was my husband Owen’s idea, to offer Rory our couch. I was surprised he
didn’t seem to have a problem with it. We definitely enjoyed being on our
own. We moved in together a couple of years ago, after only dating for a
few weeks. The reason for that was we were both EXTREMELY sexual, even by
gay men’s standards, so living with roommates was too much of a hassle.
Having my little brother around would definitely be an adjustment.

After lunch, Mom drove back home, and the three of us guys went back to the

“Home sweet home,” Owen said, doing the first thing he usually did when he
walked in home, which was get down to his underwear. “Anyone want some

“Sure,” Rory said. He looked around, as if trying to decide where to go,
then headed to the living room.

I took my shorts and tank top off, and dropped them on the floor. I went to
sit next to my brother on the couch.

“I hope you don’t mind, we’re usually in our underwear round the house when
it’s so hot.”

“Of course not,” Rory said, sounding almost offended. “I just spent four
years living with a roommate and suitemates, what do you think we wore
round the dorms?”

“Oh that’s right, you’re used to sharing with people,” Owen said, waking in
with three bottles of beer and passing them around. After that, he sat on
the armchair, putting his size-12 feet on the coffee table. “It was all
guys, right?”

“Yeah, one other roommate and two suitemates, and we all shared a bathroom.
So I promise you, I’ve seen it all!”

“Well maybe not all of it,” Owen smirked. “Ever lived with gay guys?”

“Of course I have. There were tons of openly gay k**s at school. One of my
suitemates, güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri Eric, he’s gay AND he has two gay dads.”

“Really?” Owen said, absentmindedly scratching his crotch. “I keep trying
to get this one pregnant but she won’t go off the pill.”

I rolled my eyes, as my brother and husband laughed.

We spent an hour or so talking about Rory’s time in college, the new job
he’d be starting next week, and the college girlfriend he’d decided to
break up with because they both agreed they didn’t want to do
long-distance. He and I kept drinking, but my husband was seeing a client
that evening so he had to quit early.

“I gotta go, I’ll see you soon,” he said after a while and got up to walk
to the couch where Rory and I sat. He gave me a big kiss, that I expected
to only last a second or two but he kept going and going, sticking his
tongue in and out of my mouth and licking my lips, with his right hand on
my neck gently choking me, all the while my little brother was sitting next
to me. “I love you,” Owen said, biting my lower lip.

“Love you too,” I replied, turning around to watch his gorgeous glutes flex
as he walked.

“Rory, my man, I’ll be in late so if I don’t see you, I’ll catch you
tomorrow,” he yelled, heading out.


Rory and I continued to drink and chat until we got hungry. We had some
food delivered and ate in front of the TV, then helped ourselves to one
final beer.

“There’s something I need to tell you,” I said, putting the TV on mute and
turning to face my brother.

“What is it?” he seemed to sense it’s something a bit more serious.

“You know the job I was doing? I was fired… bout six months ago.”


“With everything going on, I didn’t wanna tell Mom and Dad. I’ve been
bartending in the meanwhile, few nights a week.”


“So… I hate to put you in a position where you gotta lie to them, but…”

“Oh no no, don’t worry about it,” he rushed to reassure me. “I think you’re
doing exactly the right thing. I’ll be careful what I say.”

“Thank you,” I said, and leaned forward to give him a hug. I might’ve had a
bit too much to drink, it was making me feel all affectionate.

“And bro, listen, if Owen and I ever get too much, if there’s anything
round the house that bothers you…”

“Again, no worries! You guys are doing me a favor by letting me stay here.
I want you to feel like I’m not even here. Just go about your day doing
anything you’d normally do.”

I chuckled. “Anything?” I said with a smirk.


“There’s one more thing,” I said, and got up off the couch to go to my
room. I took my chain and padlock, put the chain around my neck and locked
it, and walked back to the living room.

“I usually wear this 24/7,” I said. “I didn’t wanna wear it around Mom cuz
it’s so big and she… doesn’t know what it stands for. But it’s a chain
that Owen got me. He’s got the only key for it and now that it’s on I can’t
take it off without him. He put it on me on our wedding day, and I’ve been
wearing it ever since.”

“Aww. That’s actually… really romantic.”

Rory smiled at me. When I saw how genuine his smile looked, güvenilir bahis şirketleri I went in for
another hug.


After getting up early to have Mom drive me to my brother’s, and drinking
so much beer, I was ready to crash. I stripped down to my underwear as my
brother finished his last drink in front of the TV, and I went to use the
toilet and brush my teeth.

When I came back in, he’d pulled down the sofa bed and made it ready for me
to sleep on.

“Thank you,” I said while yawning. “Now get out of my room,” I joked.

Taylor came to give me another hug, and I patted his back.

“You know those photos of us hugging in our undies as k**s?” I said. “We
look just like that now, only 15 years later.”

“We do. We should take a photo,” he said, and picked up his phone from the
coffee table. He hugged me from behind, and snapped a pic, before heading
to his room. “Night, man!”

I was asleep when I heard my brother’s husband try to sneak back into the
apartment. I was used to roommates sneaking in while I was asleep, so I
wasn’t upset to be woken up. When I heard him go to their room and shut the
door, I got up and walked to the fridge in the boxers I slept in to get
some water.

I was just starting to drift off back to sleep, when I heard noise from
their bedroom.

“Ahh, fuck. Fuck!”

“Mmm, yeah!”

Are they doing what I think they’re doing? Undoubtedly. I smiled. My
brother was 27 and his husband was what, 32? I’d be surprised if they
didn’t fuck every single night.

The walls were paper-thin, though. It was the moaning that got my
attention, but now I could hear everything: the bed creaking, bodies
shuffling, body parts being smacked and slapped.

“Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck,” I heard a voice that was unmistakably my

I thought of what Owen had sad earlier, “I keep trying to get this one
pregnant.” That must mean my brother was the bottom and was the one being
fucked right now.

“Fuck me. Fuuuck me,” I heard his voice again.

I kept smiling. That’s it bro, get some dick, I thought. But what about me?
I reached down and I was rock hard. My college girlfriend Mia had spoiled
me, I got used to getting laid the entire time. I had no idea how long it
might take me to meet someone to date (and fuck) in the city.

For now my hand will do, I figured, and started jerking off. I pulled down
the cover and my boxers, and grabbed my dick with both hands, stroking it
up and down.

I took and deep breath, then exhaled, enjoying the tingling sensation on
the tip of my dick. I’d started to leak precum, and I scooped up some of it
to use as lube.

“Fuck yeah,” I heard my brother’s voice from behind the wall again.

“Yeah, you like that?” Owen’s voice came, followed by an echoing SMACK.
“You like that?”

“Fuck yes. Oh, fuck yes. Ahhhh, that’s nice.”

I continued to jerk off.

“Mmm, that’s nice, I moaned softly to myself.

“Fuck, yeah, that’s nice!” my brother’s voice screamed, getting louder.

In a while, no audible words came from their room, just grunts and moans
and screams. “Mmmm,” “Aaah,” “Oooh,” the two of them kept getting louder
and louder, and I stroked my dick faster up and down, feeling my balls
ready to explode.

“Fuck!” “Fuck!” “Fuck!” “Yes!” both Owen’s and Taylor’s voices screamed out
interchangeably, as cum started to shoot out my dick and all over my chest
and the sheets my brother had lain down for me.

“Fuuuck,” I moaned, still stroking, then started to laugh. We’d all cum at
the same time.

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