Moms Seducing Their Kids

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Moms Seducing Their Kids
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I lost my husband when he was born. I’m left with some wealth which makes me to afford a private school to my c***d.

There happened a parents-teacher meeting. There I met Aishwarya, she is the mother of akash, my c***d’s best friend.. She is looking sexy like anushka setty, well structured..perfect physic.. That tempted me too.. She came and hugged me.. After some chat with her.. She becomes close to me.. She is also widower which makes me to open up with her freely. I invited her to our home for dinner.

Next day it’s Sunday, she came to our home carrying his 14yrs k** in her waist.. I was little surprised that she even now she’s holding him into her waist.. She sat on sofa.. Both k**s went outside..

We were talked about personal sex life.. She told very good.. I was shocked and asked how. Do you have any affair.. She replied I do with my k**..I was astonished here it and replied what? In a surprised manner..

She then told she’s frustrated with life when his husband gone.. I started living alone life. Later I turned into i****t life with my son.. We were always nude.. In home.. He always watches movie sitting on my pussy… Even he didn’t aware of any sex life.. It’s just a natural thing to be naked at home. We bath naked.

When we wake up in morning, we both went to fresh up to bathroom.. There is will sit on bathroom camode I will make him sit on my lap with his two legs on my each side.. And his face facing me..when he will piss. It will fall directly on my chest. The warmth of his urine makes my day. When the urine is so warm.I will hug him even more in such a way that his small dick slightly enter my pussy.. And he urinates in my pussy.. And we will excrete latrine siting in the same way.. And I will wash his ass..

With left hand and splash some water to his asshole.. And I will clean finally his asshole with my tongue.. One day he asked me why mom every time you wash my asshole and lick .even I can canlı bahis wash it with my own hands.. I then replied if someone licks your asshole with tongue after washing with hands it will be more cleaner.. Then he replied “I will also make your asshole cleaner ” in an innocent manner. I am surprised and thrilled and allowed him.. Then he went back and cleaned my asshole with water and licked for 2 mins. I hugged him in satisfaction.

After here her words I felt wet inside my pussy.. I felt excited and asked to go ahead of it

Then she again started after bath we will prepare for breakfast. We will do breakfast also nude.. He loves bread and jam. I again stuck with sexy idea. I will sit on dining table and also pick him over the table. I given bread to him. He asked jam mom. I replied jam would taste delicious if you eat on the way I told. He replied how mom?

Then I applied it over my boobs and pussy. I asked him to lick jam over it and eat bread.. She did same.. I felt wet in my pussy.. White creampie also came in between.. He observed it And told “mom horlicks milk is coming along with jam ” in a surprised manner. He usually drink milk only with horlicks. So instead of milk he used to say horlicks milk. 🙂 I told him drink the milk.. He licked it and told mom. Sugar is not there enough on it.. I then put some sugar to my pussy. He licked completely and told mom it’s a different flavour of horlicks but nice.. I laughed my self..

Then after he asked some fruits.. I brought g****s for him. Now I again stuck with crazy idea.. I turned back and put g****s on my asshole. I asked him to take from asshole. He did same. Meanwhile he chewed my ass for one g**** with teeth.. I felt heaven.. I asked him.. Is your stomach filled now. He said yes mom.. He picked bag to go to school. He again came back that he forget something. I Asked what. He replied Mom I forgot to eat egg today. He starting eating eggs recently on seeing Sachin add on eggs for healthy diet bahis siteleri :).

I took boiled eggs from kitchen and about to give it.. He’s waiting near dinning table. I went to him and sat on dining table and I put the egg on my pussy.. He asked mom what are u doing my eggs. Meanwhile I inserted two eggs completely in my pussy.. I replied son ” do u know how eggs come from hen?” he replied yes mom.. From down it will lay eggs in a innocent way..

Then I told showing my pussy.. This kind of organ is present in down of hen. From that eggs will come.. Saying that I put his head over my pussy. He inserted his finger inside my pussy searching for eggs..he has find with fingers but couldn’t see with eyes..

He then deeply spread my pussy and peeped into it.. I told put your mouth near. I wil lay eggs like hen directly into mouth.. He followed my order and put mouth. I Slowly released one egg it came out slowly. Instead of waiting to come out completely. He started eating egg by putting teeth inside.. Finally ate eggs. And finally one banana has today eat as today breakfast fast.. I took one banana and squeezed it and made paste and stick to my pussy. He has eaten it.. And left for the school. Kissing on my cheek..

I cummed completely inside my panty after hearing her story. After playing mean while k**s came. Akash sit on his mom lap. His mom puts his hand inside her drawer and started playing with it. MY k** went for bathing. I also asked akash to take bath with him so that I can listen the next part. He followed to my son’s room for bath.

She again continued the story. I can’t control myself. I asked her to go and talk in another room. She accepted with smile, we went for another room we locked our doors. I sat on bed. Without hesitation I took my panty out and showed her the cumm inside my panty. She laughed and said it’s OK. Saying that she opened her panty inside her sarry.. It’s also cummed.

We both laughed. I sat on bed and I opened my all innerwear bahis şirketleri bra and blouse and petticoat.. And tied transparent black private parts are all visible now because I’m milky white like actress thamanna.. She too opened all her innerwear and in silver coloured Saree. We both slept with only Saree side by side and talking. Meanwhile our boobs were exposed.. I hugged here and made her to fall over me.. She sat on my pussy and pinching my boobs and continued the story.

After class her son came home. She also came to home from office.Both were went naked. Her son loves watching wrestling wwe in ten sports in evening. He’s watching siting on mom’s naked lap. She continued saying ” he busy in watching TV but I become horny. I’m squeezing his dick.. And putting some saliva into it. I did for some time. And I rubbed his anus over my pussy. Due to friction my pussy becomes wet. I am stuck with new idea. I asked my son ” babe shall we fight like that ” he is excited and said yes mom. Please.

We started playing in bed. The game started. We were naked though. He came to me and surrounded my belly and trying hard to put me to fall over bed. I understood him and I intentionally fall on bed. He then lifted my left leg and put his head near pussy and counted 1, 2,., I lifted my leg. And wake up. Now I lifted him like kane’ ( wwe super star) with hands over his neck and put him down.. And sit on his mouth with my ass over it. I am shaking my ass over his mouth.. In such a way that his tongue goes into my ass..I feel like 69. I put his dick into my mouth and sucking and finally after few minutes I made himself won. But Sexually I won :). ”

She after saying my pussy is wetting again. I asked her to remove Saree. I too removed Saree. We both were naked and wet.. We broke kisses each other. We crossed our legs for each other in such a way she put her legs in between my legs and my legs were covering both ways of scissor..due to movement, friction we both cummed.

We feel like exhausted. We left the room and she whispered why can’t you try once with your son. I smiled she left home with son..

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