Mom, dad keeps touching me!

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Mom, dad keeps touching me!
Mom, dad keeps touching me!

What happened to me over the summer started out so strange even I can’t believe it. My name is Olivia. I’m in going into my junior year of highschool. I’m 5′ 4” and weigh about 110 lbs. I have shorter dirty blond hair, light brown eyes, 32C tits, I do like my nice round ass and I shave my box mostly due to the girls at school laughing at my hairy box in the gym showers.

Mom, we have to talk.

What’s wrong sweetie?

Dad is perving on me!

Perving? Hows that?

I see him looking at me in the bathroom, the bedroom and his hands are roaming around me too freely, grabbing his penis.

Well sweetie dad hasn’t been sleeping well and he’s under a lot of stress. Besides that you’ve got a hot body.

So this is my fault?

No, of course not. However you do walk around the house with no underwear. I see your nipples on high beam most of the time and I’ve seen your pussy on occasion when you bend over.


What? You’ve got a great ass. Be proud of it and you give dad a hardon. Anyway I hear you diddling yourself almost all day and night. That’s typical for a teen girl. I’m sure dad has heard you fucking yourself too.

Mom, you’re not taking this seriously!

I think you’re taking it too seriously. Your dad was only with a couple of girls before we were married. Lighten up and enjoy yourself. Just be careful not to scare your father. I don’t think he realizes what he’s doing.

That talk got me nowhere so I headed up to my room where I ran into my father.

Mmm babe I was just comming down to get you while Olivia is out.

Dad I’m Olivia not mom.

Oh role play, I like that as dad reached up under my T-shirt exposing my pussy and squeezed my nipples.

Fuck baby your tits are so firm, your nipples rock hard I can tell you need a good hard fucking.

Dad I’m your daughter.

OK baby I’d love to play along.

Dad picked me up and carried him to his room and threw me down on the bed.

Holy fuck baby you shaved your pussy. You’re really into this role playing.

Dad pulled me down the bed by my ankles my T shirt riding up exposing my bald pussy to him.
I’m going to make a meal out of your pussy.

Dad spread my legs dr****g my ankles over his shoulders. I closed my eyes as dad began kissing my thighs my stomach and then my pussy. I didn’t know what to do or say but his tongue felt so fuckin good, so much better then anything I’ve ever done to myself before. I remember I was too embarassed and didn’t want to cum for my dad. My legs were shaking I couldn’t hold back any longer I lifted my hips and screamed out holy fuuuccckk oh my fucking god, oh shit. My dad stuck his tongue in my virgin fuckhole and I heard the words deeper, tongue fuck me deeper, deeper come out of my mouth. When I came again I actually blacked out for a second. I came to when I felt my dads hot cum spraying all over my body. I opened my eyes and saw a couple of kaçak bahis ropes of his cum spewing out of his cock. Dads cum shot all the way up to my tits.

Sorry I came so soon baby, you made me so hot I promise to fuck you good and hard later. You better get cleaned up before Olivia sees you.

I lay on mom and dads bed practically covered in my dads cum. I rubbed a little cum on my nipples while I caught my breath. Was dad talking about fucking me or mom later? What if it’s me? I’ve never been fucked before let alone good and hard. I don’t know what to do. Should I try to talk to mom again?

Mom was getting dinner ready.


Yes sweetie.

Things are getting out of hand with dad.

This again? I told you I don’t think he realizes what he’s doing.

You’re not hearing me mom. Dad kissed me there.

Do you mean your pussy?

Yes mom.

Oh, your father loves to eat pussy. Did you enjoy it?

MOM that’s not the point.

Sweetie I think it is the whole point. If he ate you out and enjoyed it what’s the problem? Tell me what happened.

Dad saw me in the hall, reached up my T-shirt, grabbed my tits, pulled on my nipples, picked me up carried me to your room and ate me out until I came. Then he came all over me. I do mean all over me.

Your dad is blessed, I should say I’m blessed that your father has a lot of cum. He really fills my pussy up with so much of his cum it squirts out not to mention what happens when he face fucks me.

Oh Olivia, come on! Anyway what’s the harm? You’re getting off, your father is getting off and my asshole and pussy are getting a little break.

Mom you look flushed, are you getting turned on by this?

Yes a little. When you and your little friends talk about sex it must turn you on. That’s probably part of the reason you’re always diddling yourself.

He’s talking about fucking one of us good and hard later. What if it’s me?

Well first off does it really matter? You wanted me to take you to get an IUD last year. So you’re protected.

I’m a virgin.

Really, I’m surprised. I know your dad will really get off hearing that.

I can’t believe you think it’s OK if dad fucks me.

Sweetie if you came so hard by him eating you out imagine how good it will feel for you to finally get properly fucked.
Anyway Why not dad? Would you rather have some two pump chump k(i)d from your high school fuck you and not care if you get off?

I don’t know, I supose?

You should be happy you have a mother you can talk openly about sex.

OK mom. I thought most mothers wouldn’t encourage their daughters to lose their virginity let alone fuck their fathers.

The next day.


Oh sweetie now what?

I was in the washroom trying to pee.

Did you have trouble?

NO! Well yes, dad came in with no pants and wanted me to give him a blowjob. He stuck his cock down my throat and pumped his cock in my mouth.

That sounds fair after all he did get you off eating tipobet güvenilir mi you out yesterday. It’s right to return the favor.

He came in my mouth.

Oh I love that.

MOM he came so much cum slid down my throat, out my lips and cum even came out of my nose.

Yes p(i)ssing turns your dad on. One time we were in the backyard and I hand to pee. I pulled my sundress up, dad came up behind me, stuck his cock between my thighs and we p(i)ssed together. (thx j42) it was so hot, it turned us both on so much we fucked in the yard like a(ni)mals.

Mom, I don’t understand.

Which part? How we p(i)ssed together or fucked like an(i)mals?

WHY you’re telling me this.

Sweetie it’s a moms job to help her daughter with sex questions.

The next morning I went to go to the bathroom and my father followed me in. Holy fuck here we go. My dad bent me over the counter, I felt some cold lube on my asshole then he was pushing something in my ass.

This is to get you ready for later he wispered.

Dad was pushing a butt plug in my ass. It both hurt and felt good. He was turning me on a little. I winced as he pushed the plug all the way in and twisted it around. I almost pi(ss)ed on the floor.

Dad slapped me on my ass.

You know I like that ass. I’m going to fuck your tight ass later tonight.

Strangely having the butt plug in my ass and the thought of getting ass fucked like the women I love to watch on the internet turned me on. I leaned against the wall in the shower overcome with the urge to masturbate. I started rubbung my clit a little and thought what the fuck I’m in the shower, I have to pee I wonder what it feels like to masturbate and pee. I rubbed my clit a little more and began to pee. I opened my eyes and my dad was stroking his cock
Oh fuck babe you’re so hot, you know I love when you p(i)ss like that. If you needed a quickie fuck why didn’t you say?
Dad pulled me out of the shower, lifting me on to the counter.

Spread your legs for me baby, I need pussy, my balls are full of cum.

I figured one way or the other I was going to get fucked. I spread my legs and felt my dads cock head against my virgin fuck hole.

Slowly dad I’m a virgin!

You love those role playing games! OK, virgin girl there’s one thing you need to know. You can’t stop a rock hard dick. It will fuck any girls pussy or ass.

My dad slowly pushed his cock into my virgin pussy. For the first time I felt the head of a real hot stiff cock invading my little virgin pussy. It didn’t hurt, as a matter of fact it felt so much better then anything I fucked myself with in the past.

Fuck are you tight. Talk to me babe. You know what I like to hear.

I didn’t have to make anything up from what I watched on the internet, his hot cock invading my virgin box felt so fucking good.

I wrapped my legs around my dad and began telling dad to fuck me. That’s it fuck my virgin pussy, make tipobet me cum. I want to know what it feels like to cum with a rock hard cock in my pussy.
Dad was fucking me so hard my head was bumping against the mirror and I had to hold onto the counter. I was getting fucking so hard the butt plug squirted out of my ass. I heard my dad grunting.

I’m about to cum babe.

Dad grabbed me lightly by my throat. I felt him cum in my pussy. Holy fuck mom was right. Dad came so much he filled my pussy and his cum squirted out my pussy lips with each thrust of his cock.

Oh fuck babe you were great.

Dad wet a washcloth for me and said you have to clean up I don’t want Olivia catching us.

I sat slumped on the counter, in a pool of dads cum still dripping from my pussy. Oh fuck that was fuckin great. I rubbed dads cum into my pussy and wiped my fuckhole with the washcloth thinking I’m a virgin no more.

I was thinking about what mom said how she was so turned on telling me how they fucked like an(i)mals. I could just imagine being raveged, fucked like a slut. I got some lube from my nightstand and put the but plug in my ass. Today it was hot outside. That made me hornier then usual.

I spent most of the day taking the butt plug in and out of my ass watching porn on the internet.

Later that evening dad was up to it again! He was sitting in his chair naked, cock hard standing straight up. He was covering his cock with lube.

Come her babe I need you! Olivia is out of the house. How about a piece of ass?

I was horny and thought what the fuck I want to try taking it up the ass. I loved getting fucked yesterday.

I pulled my T-shirt over my head and removed the butt plug. Dad handed me the lube and I lubed my ass.

I sat down on my Dads dick, I took him right up my ass. Dad pulled my legs back, my pussy open and exposed.

Suddenly mom came out of her bedroom with an open cup bra, open crotch panties, nipple clamps with a chain connecting the nipple clamps and a big vibrator in her hand.

I tried to get off dad, he held my legs with his arms and his hands on my tits his dick in my ass and my pussy exposed to mom.

Thats quite a site of my little girl. Mom went to her knees and crawled over to me slowly. Mom burried her face in my pussy.

Mom looked up from eating me out, I found all of those “Moms teach sex” videos you downloaded. Dads can teach sex too you know. Dad really wanted to fuck his little da(u)ghter. When I told him you were a virgin he had to have you. Mom went back down on me. I’ve been had I thought to myself, pleasenly had. Am I going to be the family slut? How cares I wouldn’t have it another way.

Dad whispered in my ear I’m going to cum. I want you to p(i)ss in moms mouth and her face when you cum.

I held back my orgasm as long as I could. Then I let loose doing as my dad told me. Feeling his hot cum in my ass with moms tongue so soft and silky on my pussy. Holy fuck it was the best orgasm I had.

Mom looked up face and hair soaked.

You little slut mom said as she turned the big vibrator on teasing my pussy with it.
Hold her there like that. I’m going to fuck the shit out of you…………..

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