Mom and Me First Time:1986

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Mom and Me First Time:1986
After my father passed away it was just me and my mom. All of my sisters were already married and out of the house.

We were both depressed and it was a sad place to live. I tried to make her laugh as often as possible and I tried to be good and stay out of trouble

I come from an affectionate family. We hug and kiss eachother on the cheeks and always say we love you to one another. After daddy died mom and I would comfort each other as best we could.
We cuddled on the couch when we watched tv at night before bed, washed each other’s backs when we showered, rubbed one anothers shoulders and sometimes sleep in her bed.
Non of it was sexual. I never felt like we were doing anything wrong or inappropriate.

Being the only boy, mom really didn’t know how to raise me. She had raised four daughters and there wasn’t a man around to explain stuff to her either.

I was at the age when I would get erections for no reason and being that I had no male to talk to I was embarrassed by it.
I remember one night laying on the floor watching TV and mom told me to go pee. I said i didnt have to and then she used the NOW voice and told me to go to the bathroom. When i stood up i noticed i had a hard on and when i looked at her she was staring at it through my shorts. kaçak bahis I blushed and went to “take care” of it.

A few days later she went out with her friends for dinner and drinks. She told me that there was leftovers in the fridge and to make sure I was in bed by 10 because it was a school night.

It was a hot month of May that year so all i had on were my sleep shorts and a sheet for a cover. Laying there in the dark, sweating, I hear a car pull in the driveway and a car door shut. Mom’s friends,laughing and being loud, telling her to have a good night as they drove off a moment later.

I stayed up a little later than I should have, so when I heard her coming down the hallway, I pretended to be asleep because I knew she would come check on me. She paused at my doorway before coming in.
Then I heard her whisper “Bobby, are you awake”?
I kept my eyes closed and didn’t respond as she came over to my bed. I had one leg out from under the cover and almost jumped when i felt her hand start caressing my thigh. My t***** year old cock getting instantly hard as her other hand pulls the sheet off of me.
She then untied my shorts and pulled them down a bit, releasing my 6″ hard on.
She leans over and whispered, again asking if I was awake. I didn’t move or say anything.

She kaçak iddaa then grasps my dick and starts kissing the head of it, licking it, making it harder.

I can still remember the sensation of my cock going in to her wet, warm mouth. I can still hear her moan a little as she starts sucking on it as she then cups my swollen balls and fondled them.

My hips thrust upwards on their own accord, gagging her, I reach down and place my right hand on her head before she can pull away.

She sucks harder as I fuck her mouth, my left hand now pulling her dress up over her ass.
Exposing it, I start exploring, feeling it through her silk underwear, running my fingertips up and down her ass crack, teasingly, lightly, touching her pussy through the fabric.

Still sucking on me, she pulls her panties off. Then she nudged me to move over a bit so she can kneel on the bed.

I now spread her wet pussy lips apart, finger fucking her. She is licking my balls and jerking me off, both of us moaning and growling a bit.

She then swings her leg over me, straddling me as she lifts her dress off, then lowering her hot, wet, hairy cunt onto my dick. I nearly came then and there.

Slowly rocking on my dick, she leans down and kisses me. Her tongue and mine rolling around together, our saliva güvenilir bahis mixing and running down my face. I have both hands on her big ass,kneading it, grabbing it.
I run my finger over her asshole a couple times which makes her moan a little louder, so i get brave and play with it. Tickling it and pressing on it, never really penetrating it.

She then sits up and starts fucking me faster, breathing harder. I feel the sweat covering her body as she starts telling me how good of a son I am.
Crying out, her whole body tightens up, I feel even her pussy get tighter as her juices leak over my cock, running down my ass crack.

She rolls off of me but i follow, rolling on top of her. I push her legs open and slide my cock back into her.

There is nothing gentle about what i do.
I fuck her!!
Both of her feet on my shoulders, I ram my cock in her as hard and as fast as I can.
Making her cum again, she tries pushing me away. I grab her hands and hold them above her head.

Thrusting again and again until I feel my own orgasm surfacing.
I pull out just in time, crying out loud as come all over her belly and cunt, I run the head of my dick through her thick pubic hair. I collapse next to her, both of us breathing hard, covered in sweat and each others fluids.

“Thank you” I say as she’s petting my chest. She laughs and says “Thank you too”.
“Now, you know we can’t tell anyone about this, don’t you”?
“Yeah I know. We’re going to do it again right”? I ask while fondling her breast.
“We’ll see” she answers…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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