Midnight Snack

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” I’m tired.”

“I”m horny.”

I looked over at Drea, smiling broadly. She smiled back, and rubbed her chest into my shoulder, as I stifled a yawn. I rolled over, and faced my lover, pushing my pillow out of the way as I did so. I tucked a soft strand of her hair behind her ear, and leaned forward to kiss her. To my surprised annoyance, she leaned back slightly, and asked, “I thought you were tired?”

I smiled, and put my hand on the back of her neck, pulling her into my mouth. Her morning taste was sweet and musky. She moaned into my mouth, and rubbed my cunt though my boxers, making me squirm.

I inched my hand down her shoulder, onto her arm, and down her smooth stomach. She pushed her pelvis up slightly when I reached the waistband of her lace panties. Drea’s tongue explored my mouth, sending little jolts of electricity down through my gut, and into my pussy, making the crotch of my boxers even more wet against her palm.

I tried shaking most of the clouding pleasure from my mind, and resumed my exploration. I pulled her waist band out away from her just enough to slip my hand under her lace.

She smiled against my lips, and did the same to me. My breath left me as her hand immediately went for my clit. I sighed and wriggled as she slowly frigged me off. Unfortunately, canlı bahis in all the excitement, I had totally forgotten to return the pleasure. Before I could even move, she sat up, and clambered over my leg, as she pushed me back into the bed. She sat back on her haunches, ripped my boxers off and then threw them down on the cold wood floor.

She lowered her head down to my quivering pussy, teasing me with the occasional nips at my thighs, and open lips. Deliberately avoiding my throbbing clit, she flattened her tongue, and ran it along the length of my slit, making me moan. She teased my swollen pussy lips, lightly licking them, knowing that every touch from her made me jerk and shake in pleasure.

I could feel the beginning of an orgasm, manifesting itself in my gut, feeling painfully wonderful. After a few seconds, I started to feel the first waves bowl through me.

“Mmmmmm baby, I’m cumming…….mmmmmmmmmm……….arggggghh” I screamed, as the waves of pleasure coursed through me. As soon as she felt me tense and shake, she shoved three fingers into me, and finally touched my clit. She sucked and nibbled at it as I shuddered and bucked on the bed. My screams intensified tenfold when she added a finger to my ass, and went on to fuck me hard and fast.

My lips were bahis siteleri starting to ache from my bite, when the orgasm finally subsided. Panting hard, and ignoring my protesting elbows and gut, I dragged Drea up by the arms, flipped her around, and onto the bed where I had been. I lifted her lower back, and slipped a pillow under her, making her perfect ass and cunt expose itself for me.

“My turn.” I glanced up to her, an anticipating smirk on my lips. I returned my attention to her nether regions. Hooking my fingers under her lacy black underwear, I gently tugged them down her long, slender legs, and threw them on the floor near my boxers.

Her curly back pubic hair was neatly trimmed into a triangle and had been recently cut short. It contrasted wonderfully with her ivory pale skin. Her small clit glistened her excitement, and her lips were swollen with her lust. Her adorable ass looked absolutely delicious. I leaned down, and lightly breathed on her puckered hole. She shuddered involuntarily, obviously reveling in my teasing antics.

I slowly stuck my tongue out and touched her ass, she jumped, and moaned in delight, pressing her lovely ass into my face. With out hesitation, I buried my face and tongue as far as I could. As I did that, I shoved a finger into her pussy, bahis şirketleri going in a little, and then back out all the way, and then did it over and over again. Each time she let out a grunt in annoyance.

When she started to moan and grind against my face in earnest, I pinched her clit with my left hand, and fucked her silly with my right four fingers.

She came, gripping my tongue with her ass, and leaking cum down her thighs, and hand. She gave me on hell of a ride, as her orgasm ripped through her.

As she gradually calmed down, I crawled up next to her, and picked her up bridal style, and laid her down on my lap.

I gazed down at her fondly, before looking up at the clock. I smiled. It had only been on hour and a half since she had been wide awake. I glanced back down at Drea, in time to see her yawning.

“I’m tired.”She smiled weakly.

“Let’s go to bed babe.” I picked her up again, and laid her on her pillow. I leaned over, and retrieved my own off of the floor. I plopped onto it next to her. She waited for me to get situated, and then scooted up into me. I wrapped my arms around her, and kissed her forehead.

“I love you Alex.” she murmured and settled even closer to me.

“I love you too Andrea.”

I held her to me, and smiled, thankful that I got to be this close to her.

Okay this is my very first story on here, so I would absolutely love feed back….wether it be nice or not, no worries.

Good day to you all, friends and foe alike. :]

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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