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I knew something was wrong when the school counselor stepped into my classroom. I’d spoken with Mrs. Davis before when I found out I was eligible for a scholarship. Seeing her glance briefly in my direction, her look haunting when she did, just before approaching Mr. Benson, my social studies teacher. She whispered to him briefly in tones too low for anyone else to hear.

Mr. Benson’s expression softened, further confirming that whatever news they were sharing, wasn’t good. “Benson” as everyone called him was a no-nonsense kind of a teacher anyway. Seeing his expression, especially as he looked up in my direction said more than words ever could.

“Scott? You’re needed in the counselor’s office,” he said almost apologetically.

Normally several snickers or jabs usually followed an announcement of this sort from fellow classmates. Eerily, it was as though everyone picked up that something was wrong. The fact that Mrs. Davis had come to get me herself, rather than sending a teachers aid along with a note to do it only emphasized the seriousness of the situation.

As I gathered my things shoving them inside my backpack, I found my hands were shaking. As I approached Mrs. Davis while she stood at the door waiting for me, her smile was genuinely sorrowful. I wanted to ask her right there and then what was wrong, but it was obvious she wasn’t about to tell me anything yet. I swallowed, my mouth suddenly gone dry; licking my lips as I quietly followed her down the hallway back towards her office. When I arrived, there was a police officer, and my mothers best friend Mary waiting in her office for me.

“What’s wrong?” I finally asked, no longer able to contain my curiosity. “Something’s happened hasn’t it?” I said already knowing the answer.

“Scott? Your mother and father…” Mary began, obviously choking back her own grief at this point.

I knew that Mary was the same age as my mother. Though at fifty, she looked easily ten years younger than that. Her dark brown hair was currently streaked with attractive looking blonde highlights, making her brown almost golden eyes even more alluring. She wore her hair short, swept up and feathered along the sides, making her the most attractive ‘older woman’ I knew. She was also tall for a woman, with long shapely legs, heart-shaped ass, and obviously full breasts. It was hard not to think about her without having lusty thoughts. Something I had often had about her, except for now.

“They’re dead aren’t they?” I interrupted knowingly.

Unable to continue, Mary looked towards the officer who cleared his throat stepping in. “I’m officer Jones,” he began “Your mother and father were involved in an automobile accident this morning on their way to work. I’m sorry to have to tell you this Scott, but they were hit by an out of control eighteen wheeler, they were killed instantly.”

I had no other family. No brothers, no sisters. My grandparents all having died years ago, and mother like me, an only child herself, so there were no aunts and uncles to even speak of. My father did have a brother, but he’d disappeared years ago after a dispute with my father over my grandparent’s estate. So for all intents and purposes, I really had no family to speak of. Only “Aunt Mary” as I had grown to affectionately call my mothers long time friend.

Finally ‘Aunt Mary’ came to me, taking me into her arms hugging me affectionately, her tears freely flowing at this point.

“I’ll take you home, we’ll gather up what things you need to get by for a few days, then we’ll sit down and sort this all out,” she stated simply.

“Where am I going to live? What am I going to do?” I asked bewilderedly.

Once again the officer spoke trying to assuage my fears. “Arrangements are already being made so that you can stay with your mothers friend until such time as we can either locate your uncle, or make a determination as to what will be in your best interests,” he said offhandedly.

“I don’t want to live with my Uncle!” I informed everyone. “I don’t even know where he is!” Turning towards Mary, I looked at her with fearful eyes. “Can’t I stay with you?”

“Of course you will,” she said determinedly. “Don’t worry Scott, like I said, we’ll sit down together and work everything out. There’s no reason for you to be afraid!”

Mary had lost her husband several years’ back. He’d been a member of the Special Forces during Vietnam, still MIA, or “Missing In Action” as it was officially termed, though everyone knew of course that after all this time, he was most certainly dead. Mary had never remarried, refusing for a number of years to even have her husband officially declared so.

And so it was that I eventually moved in for good with her. With less than three months remaining before I graduated from high school, and my eighteenth birthday less than a month away, things eventually settled into a resemblance of normalcy, even though Mary was unaccustomed to having anyone living with her as she and her casino oyna husband had never had any children either. For a while, it was awkward, often difficult trying to stay out of one another’s way, and especially in trying to keep from getting on each other’s nerves. Eventually however, things began to iron themselves out, reaching a point where both Mary and I began to enjoy and appreciate having each other for company.

I had few friends, none really close. And though I had certainly dated, I currently didn’t have a girlfriend to speak of either. When the day of my birthday came around, I had made no plans to spend it with anyone, doing anything, or going anywhere. Mary also knew I didn’t want any kind of party, the death of my parents still too fresh for me to feel like celebrating. As such, she offered to treat me to dinner, and then to a movie afterwards. As I had been given, I chose both the restaurant, as well as whatever movie I wanted to see. Dinner had been great, and the movie was one filled full of adventure and intrigue. Something I’d hoped would help me keep my mind off the obvious. And it did, to some extent. But I hadn’t realized when picking it, that there was a considerable amount of sexual activity that would be so openly dramatized. Sitting adjacent to ‘Aunt Mary’ made me feel self conscious several times during the showing, especially when I found myself becoming aroused. I dared not even look in her direction, fearful that if I did, I would see the embarrassment, if not downright indignation that I was putting her through watching this, just because it was my birthday.

“Well, that was certainly an interesting movie,” she’d said moments after we’d exited the theatre.

I couldn’t tell by the tone of her voice, nor by the expression on her face if she was subtly telling me she’d been uncomfortable watching it with me or not. I decided to refrain from saying anything, figuring under these circumstances that silence was the best answer to that.

To further impress that feeling upon myself, we drove home in silence. In the short time since I had come to live with Mary, it was the most awkward and longest silence we’d ever shared with one another. The images of the sexual activity taking place on screen were still burned into my mind however, and like a favorite song, I kept replaying them over and over inside my head. Still a virgin with respect to the fact I’d never had intercourse with anyone, I did have some limited experience with one or two girls I had known. But not much beyond the typical light petting. By the time we’d arrived home, I was all for running upstairs to my bedroom, locking myself in, and relieving what had become for me a most uncomfortable bit of pressure.

Mary’s apartment was small, a two bedroom affair, one of which she’d been using mostly for storage until I’d come to live with her. There was only one bathroom, accessible either by the hallway entry, which stood directly across from my own bedroom, or through the connecting door on the other side to her bedroom. “I know you didn’t want to make a big deal out of your birthday,” she’d begun shortly after we’d arrived home, “but I did purchase a gallon of your favorite ice-cream. I thought we could share some while watching the late show on TV.”

“Ah, ok…but I’m going to change clothes first,” I informed her, “get into my robe,” I added unnecessarily.

“Good idea, I think I’ll get more comfortable myself,” she agreed following me up stairs.

I’m sure it was a combination of several things. I hadn’t once jerked off since moving in with Mary for one, and secondly, seeing the rather suggestive movie had reawakened the lusty urges and desires I had once secretly fantasized about whenever being around her for the other. Even though I usually slept nude, in all this time I hadn’t entertained any of those thoughts, nor done anything about it in the privacy of my room, which Mary had so carefully ensured that I had.

Wearing only a pair of briefs, I quickly tossed on my bathrobe crossing the hallway into the bathroom. The light was off, and I nearly turned it on, closing the door upon entering. I stopped from doing that however, noticing when I entered that the door on her side wasn’t entirely closed. A sliver of light informed me that she was in her room, and I could hear her bustling about getting undressed.

In the time I had known Mary, and though often fantasizing about what she looked like, I’d never seen her naked of course. Aside from an occasional glimpse down her blouse when I’d caught her leaning over, or catching a quick view of one of her lacy bras when the buttons on her shirt parted while sitting next to her at dinner, had been the extent of any real substance I’d enjoyed. Now, standing there in the darkness of the bathroom, the two inch opening of light, flickers of movement in the adjacent room, I knew that the very real possibility of seeing a lot more than I ever had was just a few short steps away. Aroused, I hadn’t even realized canlı casino my hand had slipped beneath the waistband of my shorts. Not exactly stroking, but certainly fondling my erection, I stepped quietly towards the door. And though I made not a sound, I felt as though the beating of my heart would surely give me away as I bravely positioned myself off to one side of it, easing my head gingerly towards the bare crack of light separating the two rooms.

There she was. I’m not sure what I expected to see. Certainly something, and certainly with the expectation that I’d get too see more than I had seen in the past. But now, watching as she almost teasingly removed her clothing, I knew that for as long as I was willing to stand there, dared to stand there, I would see more of her that I had ever hoped or dreamed of.

Mary had already removed most of her clothing, choosing to sit on the edge of the bed while she finished slipping off her pantyhose. In seconds, she sat wearing nothing more than a black lacy bra with matching thong panties. Something else I hadn’t expected to see my ‘Aunt Mary’ actually wearing. Reaching back around herself, she managed the clasp of her bra undoing it a moment later. As her breasts fell free, I nearly gasped just catching myself, fully aware that any sound on my part would be easily heard as she sat less than ten feet away from where I was standing. Mary took a moment to massage her now exposed flesh, lifting one near perfect orb, scratching beneath it where I supposed the under wire of the bra had been digging into her flesh. Her breasts certainly weren’t those of a perky teenage woman, but I found myself even more appreciative to find that they weren’t. They were certainly full, well rounded without being overly large. The sensual maturity as they rested well against her ribcage, tear-dropped shape in appearance as my only real way of describing them, caused my prick to lurch in renewed excitement. And served as a reminder that what I was doing was also very, very dangerous.

I was paranoid for a split second that Mary would stand and head into the bathroom, nearly backing out and away from the door at that moment. Instead, Mary began to remove the sexy black laced thong style of underwear, revealing to me for the first time the completely shaved full puffy swell of her pussy lips. Except for a few men’s magazines I had seen, I had never seen a woman’s pussy in the flesh. Mesmerized, yet frozen in fear, I continued peeking at her through the door, unable to take my eyes off the vision of loveliness that stood a mere few feet away from me. Mary had turned by this time, removing her bathrobe from the back of the closet door where it hung. Seeing her do this, I quietly slipped back out of the bathroom heading down the hallway back towards the stairs. I’d just reached the stairwell when I heard the hallway door to the bathroom close, and the door locking. Relieved I hadn’t gotten caught; I headed downstairs to the kitchen area where Mary had left out the ice cream to soften slightly on the counter. Dishing us both up a healthy bowl, Mary appeared a few minutes later, like me, wearing her robe. But I knew even as I handed her, her dish of ice cream, that she was nude beneath it.

“You know what would really go good with this?” she’d asked me.

“No. What?”

Mary turned towards the cupboard, retrieving a small pint-sized bottle. “I have some brandy that would taste really good poured over this,” she said simply. She poured us both a generous helping, then I followed her back out to the living room where we turned off all the lights as we usually did, and sat down on her couch side by side to watch the TV.

The brandy-covered ice cream was good, almost too good as I really never had been much of a drinker. Mary polished hers off in good order as well, which I think contributed to her growing rather sleepy as mid-way through the movie she was already beginning to doze off. I nearly suggested to her that she might want to consider heading upstairs to bed when she laid down on her end of the couch, feet tucked comfortably beneath her using one of the throw cushions for a pillow. When she did that, one half of her robe parted, revealing fully one of her beautiful breasts. To my surprise, her nipple stood firm and erect, I am sure caused by the cold ice cream. But regardless of the reason, I was thrilled to be sitting there no further than a foot or so, gazing boldly at that brazen tit, delighting in the fact that I could so easily see it with Mary totally unaware that I could. Moment’s later she lay snoring softly, assuring me that she was indeed sound asleep.

Though I had softened somewhat sitting there, it took mere moments for my erection to once again reach its full hardness. I couldn’t believe what I was thinking, let alone actually talking myself into doing. Parting my robe without untying the sash in the event she woke, I slipped my hand beneath the opening, were I could more easily sit there stroking myself, eyes fixed kaçak casino on that luscious breast with its caramel colored hard swollen nipple.

Actually sitting there next to her masturbating without her being aware of it was the most exciting thing I had ever experienced before in my entire life. I had had to stop twice, once fully removing my hand as she’d stirred, fearing she was about to awaken. The last time, she’d even shifted positions, stretching out one leg a little more fully until it had rested against the meaty part of my thigh. It took a long time for me to dare attempt jerking off again, doing so even more slowly, more carefully with her foot now in direct contact with me. But the sensation of her foot abstractly involved in my self-pleasuring escapade, merely added to the heightened sensuality of the moment. That and the fact that her breast had revealed itself even more fully to me, falling out of the robe to expose itself in all its glory. As my prick became more and more slippery, I was careful to keep the juicy noise I was making down to a bare minimum. Tempted to increase the pumping motion of my hand in order to more rapidly achieve orgasm, I was thus forced to refrain from doing so. Her foot pressed firmly against me, with the tell-tale knowledge of what I was actually doing too dangerous to increase with any more movement than I was already so recklessly getting away with as it was.

Thus forced to continue on with the slow, almost agonizing pace of playing with myself, when the orgasm came after one of the longest self-stroking sessions I’d ever performed, the intensity of pleasure caught me by surprise. The force of the climax I experienced was a gusher as cum flew from my prick, coating the inside of my robe in a thick gooey mess. I had barely finished milking out the last of my sperm into my robe when Mary stirred again, this time sitting up, gathering her robe together as she did, completely unaware that her breast had been so openly exposed.

“My God, what time is it?” she asked sleepily.

The movie we’d been watching was of course over. Another old time western now on, which I hadn’t even been aware of until then.

“What the hell are you watching anyway?” she asked glancing towards the set.

My hand was still trapped inside my robe, covered as I well knew it to be with vast amounts of cum which still clung between my fingers. Any attempt on my part to wipe it off, or withdraw it would draw her attention towards me, something I now prayed with every fiber of my being she wouldn’t do.

“Oh…just some old western,” I replied lamely. “Actually, I was just thinking about getting up and going to bed myself.”

I’d managed to lift my leg just enough, crossing it to hide the fact that my hand was still trapped down inside my robe though my cock had at least become flaccid enough that it wouldn’t give me away. Carefully, I wiped my hand off inside my robe hoping to have removed most of my sticky white spunk from my fingers before being forced to withdraw my hand.

“Yeah, me too. Been a long day,” she said standing, stretching with a wide yawn that once again parted her robe briefly, showing me yet another quick peek at her breasts before she discovered the indiscretion. Mary cast a quick sidelong glance towards me, knowing full well how exposed her breast had become before covering herself. I however pretended not to have even noticed, already reaching for the remote in order to turn off the TV. Though to my horror upon doing that, I saw faint traces of my cream still clinging across the back of my hand.

“We need to go grocery shopping tomorrow,” she said as I followed her at a discrete distance back upstairs to our rooms. “So no sleeping in,” she warned. “We’ve got a busy day ahead of us, and I want to get going as soon as we’ve had breakfast in the morning.”

I was surprised when she turned at the head of the stairs, giving me a quick perfunctory kiss good night. Worse, her hand had dropped taking mine as she did, giving it a quick little squeeze. I feared briefly that she’d picked up some left over residue of my spending, but either way, there was nothing I could do about that now. “See you in the morning, sweet dreams!” she offered, then stepped inside her bedroom closing the door.

I made my way down the remainder of the hallway to the bathroom, stepped inside, this time turning on the light. As I did, I noticed this time that the door leading back into her bedroom was closed, and in all likelihood, locked as well. I finished peeing, washed and dried my hands, and stepped out into the hallway crossing over into my own room. I’d barely taken off my bathrobe to examine the damages when I heard the bathroom door just outside my bedroom once again closing. It was a quick simple flash of mind, but for a moment, I imagined Mary sitting there on the toilet playing with herself. I finally managed to crawl into bed, making a mental note to take a load of clothing down to wash as soon as possible, including my robe for obvious reasons of course when I heard the toilet flushing and the door once again opening. Expecting Mary to head back into her own bedroom, I was surprised when a soft light knock came to my door.

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