Lynda’s Couch

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Back in the 1980s I was a manufacturer’s representative selling hospital supplies in Chicago. Most of the time I met with middle-aged men, hospital administrators. But then I met Lynda Keller, a nursing supervisor, divorced, mid-30s and slightly built lady with ash-gray, blond hair cut in a pixie manner. I soon learned she wore her hair that way so the it would not fall down into her eyes when she fucked, in cowgirl (and reverse cowgirl) fashion.

Lynda would indicate what kind of sex she wanted, vaginal or anal, by the choice of lube she left on her bedside table. When I went to her place for dinner, and would wash my hands in her bathroom, I would see either K-Y jelly or Vaseline sitting on the table next to my side of the bed. Sometimes, joy of joys, both were sitting there.

With vaginal sex, Lynda was absolutely uninhibited. We usually finished missionary style, after doggy and of course, her favorite, cowgirl.

Lynda preferred to be face down when I fucked her bottom, with a pillow under her hips.

She always put her hand between her legs and played with her clit while I fucked her. She usually came first, and I could feel the muscles in her ass tighten around my cock, pushing me over the top. I would then fall forward on her back and nibble on her ear lobes. I always stayed in her ass until I softened up and naturally slipped out. Lynda really liked that. More about this later.

The first time we made love was on the couch in her apartment. We had been drinking wine casino oyna at a neighborhood tavern we frequented. The Happy-Hour in those days was 2-for-1 glasses of house wine and light Hor D Oeuvres. After a few rounds, and some flirty conversation, Lynda reached under the table, ran a hand up my right thigh and whispered, “I’m wet. Have I showed you my new couch?”

Five minutes later we were just inside her front door, pulling each other’s clothes off. Wet! Her panties were soaking. I thought she had peed herself, but the musky smell of her pussy told a different story. We stumbled to her couch (it is hard to walk quickly with pants-hers and mine- around the ankles.) I pulled Lynda’s blouse off but left her red bra on for effect. He tits were the perfect size, a mouthful and a little more. And nipples! Like pencil erasers when she was excited. (She kept nipple clamps and small clothes pins in the bedside table on her side of the bed. More on that later also.)

She sat down on the couch, pulled my jockeys down and took my hardening cock into her mouth. But for the wine, I would have cum as soon as she took me all the way in. Lynda slowly worked my cock in and out of her mouth, while gently cradling my testicles. I put my hands on her shoulders, but she reached up and put them on the sides of her head. I got the message. I gently but firmly held her head between my hands as I fucked her mouth. After a minute or so she slipped her right hand into her panties and began to finger herself. What a view! canlı casino My cock sliding in and out of her soft mouth and her hand moving faster and faster just below. Thank heavens for three glasses of wine.

I could feel the point of no return approaching so I pulled out of her beautiful mouth, and pushed her back on the couch. I knelt between her legs and began eating her through her panties. She threw her arms over the back of the couch and pushed forward, jamming her pussy into my mouth. Her clit was a hard ridge between her outer lips. I ran my tongue up and down very slowly. She actually twitched when I got to the top of her pussy. Every few seconds she moaned.

I knew I had to be in her but she was so close to cumming I did not want to stop. Lynda decided the question for us, pulling my head out of her crotch and announcing “I want to cum with you in my pussy. Fuck me now.” With that we stood, took the rest of our clothes off and tumbled back onto the couch. I was in her in an instant. She wrapped her legs around me and yelled” Go, Go Go.” I did. As I approached my climax, I felt her slip her hand back into her pussy and finger herself faster and faster. She came before I unloaded. Then I collapsed onto her but she kept her hand in her pussy until I softened and fell out. That was the beginning of my understanding that Lynda always took care of herself. She was never “left behind at the station” when the train pulled out.

Between the wine and our monster climaxes we both fell kaçak casino asleep on the couch. When we finally regained consciousness, it was too late to go home so I led her into her bedroom and we crawled under the sheets. Sometime much later I woke up to the smell of freshly brewed coffee. Lynda brought a cup for me and got back into bed. Stone sober and rested we discussed the night before.

Lynda said, “I have wanted to fuck you for a long time but I didn’t want to seem too forward, too slutty. I got wet at work knowing we were going to meet for drinks. I want you me to spend the rest of the weekend with me.”

“Sounds fine by me, with one condition,” I replied.

“What’s that?” she asked with some apprehension.

“It has to be a no pants weekend. The only thing either of us will wear is a Bear’s jersey. If I get the urge to bend you over the arm of your couch, or the foot of this bed, I don’t want to waste time taking your clothes off. And if you want to suck my cock, I want to be immediately available. Is that a deal?”

I was getting hard under the sheets as I spoke.

Lynda smiled, reached under the covers, gently encircled my hard on and gave it a squeeze saying, “Sounds fine with me, but let’s take a shower.”

Lynda got out of bed and headed for the bathroom. I started to follow her in but she smiled, closing the door and said “Let me tinkle first”.

After the door shut, and I heard her peeing, I got even harder. I thought about just walking in and pushing my cock into her mouth as she peed but I decided to save that for later.

When I heard the toilet flush I walked in, seeing her beautiful bottom climbing into the shower. I followed.

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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