Librarian With the Hots, 1977

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Librarian With the Hots, 1977


While the negative aspects of egotism and ambition are all too apparent, it is also true that for a man or woman to function adequately and maturely in a society, it is necessary to have a certain amount of healthy self-confidence.

When a man or woman lacks self-confidence on a sexual level, it can be apparent in every aspect of their lives. It is often necessary to be sure of one’s identity as a man or woman in order to be successful.

Jane Friesen is a woman who suffers from a lack of sexual self-assurance. Buried behind the drab, stem facade of her librarian job, Jane at last realizes that it is a waste for her to hide her natural beauty and sensuality. Thus it is only when she learns to appreciate herself and she at last breaks free of the deeply imbedded strictures of her moralistic upbringing that she becomes a confident and successful adult.

LIBRARIAN WITH THE HOTS is a novel about a woman’s struggle to free herself of deep-seated fears and inhibitions and take her place as a fully functioning, independent and knowledgeable adult.

The Publisher


“Christ… I’m going to miss you when you’re gone, Cathy!”

“I’ll miss you too, Larry! I’ll miss this nice big fat cock of yours! I… Oooooohh… sock it to me, baby!”

Larry had the pretty, brown-haired librarian backed up against the wall between two long rows of books. He was sending his herd cock deep up into her wet pussy in stroke after rhythmic stroke. She was standing on tiptoes, tilting her cunt upward a little to give him easy access to her greedy snatch. Her pussy-muscles seemed to spasm around his rigid penis each time he filled her. It was as if she never wanted to let him go. The feeling made him grunt with eager excitement.

“Jee-zuz, Cathy… they’ll never get another librarian around here like you! Just the sight of you always makes my cock hard as a rock! And the nice part is…” He leered into her lust-dazed eyes.

“Oh Christ, screw me harder!” She felt his penis surge more urgently up into her tingling pussy. Her lower lip drooped as her face became a slack mask of arousal. “Oh, God-d-d… yes, that’s the way! My cunt’s so hot for you, lover!”

She had said nothing to indicate she had heard what the young man had said. But his words had registered. They had sent sharp little thrills of excitement darting through her half-clad body. They had told her that. Larry thought she was lewd, bold, whorish even. She turned him on. That was why Cathy enjoyed daring stunts like screwing customers right in the library.

She liked to be, lewd. She liked to be thought lewd. She liked to turn people on… especially people with fine hard cocks like the one Larry was shoving into her cunt right now.

“Ohhh yesss. So good! So good! So good!” Her pussy ground up to meet the hard-driving cock on each lunging impalement. Cathy was like a machine — a machine tuned to pleasure. She stared wild-eyed up at the wall clock at the other end of the double line of books. It said eight-twenty. She pulled her skirt up higher over her hips, until she was naked from the waist down. She enjoyed the cool rush of air over her sensitive belly. What did Cathy care what time it was! Cock — stiff, filling cock — that was all she cared about! That was all that existed for the moment in her private little universe of lust.

The incredible maneuvers of Cathy’s loose jointed hips made Larry grit his teeth. Her belly was grinding round and round in tight little circles. Every move she made brought a new pang of pleasure-agony from his palpitating penis. The student had never known a woman who could make everything work at once, the way Cathy could. Once again he regretted the hard fact that she would soon be out of his life. Soon, study nights at the library would have lost all their special attraction.

Cathy wasn’t always on duty when he came. She didn’t always let him wait until after closing time for a quick forbidden tussle in the stacks. But there was always that delicious possibility, every time he walked in through the heavy oak front door. Soon Cathy and her antics would be only a sweet aching memory.

“Ooooohh, Cathy… I want to screw you and screw you and screw you! Shit, you drive me wild, baby! Your pussy drives me wild! Everything about you is just too damned much!” The young man came dangerously close to blowing his load right then. The hot, wet, clinging caress of her pussy threatened to pull the life-juices right out of him. But he wasn’t ready to give in just yet. He had a hungry, squirming woman to satisfy first. And since this would probably be their last time together, Larry wanted to make it something special to remember.

The brown-haired beauty clutched eagerly at the younger man’s arms, his torso, his clenching buttocks. She was trying to draw him even deeper into her cunt. His blood-engorged cock felt awfully good in her pussy. But, greedy nymph that she was, she wanted even more. She wanted to be filled so full she couldn’t take any more. “Oh Larry,” she grunted, her voice sounding more a****l than human, “I want to eat you up! I want all of you inside me! Jee-zuz, you’ve got me so hot, I just want more and more!”

A little unnerved for a moment by the woman’s boundless desire, Larry soon hit upon an inspiration. Roughly he pulled his cock out of her pussy and turned her around, facing the wall. She tried to speak to protest, but he silenced her by forcing her to bend over, hands against the wall, ass waving high. He pushed her skirt up over her hips, so the naked half-moons of her ass-cheeks were undulating white and delectable beneath his gaze. He dug his fingers into the smooth flesh and worked his cock in along her wet pussy-silt. He found her yielding cunt-hole and drove his penis deep up inside.

“Uuuuuuhhh!” Pleasure ripples made goosebumps stand out on his arms. “How’s that, baby! Feeling better?”

“Oooohhh! Yessss!” When Larry had pulled his hard cock from her pussy, Cathy had experienced a moment’s panic. Now that his penis was safely back up in her cunt, harder and more filling than before, she could only shriek with delighted glee. There seemed to be so much more of him this way. And she loved the perversion of being bent over in front of him like this, taking his cock up in her cunt as if they were a pair of a****ls. Now she could slain her buttocks back against his loins with all the strength she could muster. Spreading her legs to give herself purchase, she drove backward to meet his every lusty in stroke.

“Whhhoo-eeee! Look at that ass move!” Larry was proud of himself. He had found a way to give both of them more pleasure. By the deeper penetration of his cock and by providing the lurid visual stimulation of her hard-working buttocks. Cathy had just about the nicest ass he had ever seen anywhere… and that included all those girlie magazines he bought faithfully every month at the newsstand.

Her churning ass-cheeks demanded every bit of attention the young man could give them. He ran his hands eagerly over their ripe contours, relishing the way the flesh quivered with her excitement. The single brown eye of her asshole caught his attention. It seemed to challenge him to do something about its bald stare.

There was his cock, sliding wet and slick in and out of that slippery pink hole beneath. On impulse, he moistened a finger in her plentiful juices and stabbed it against her puckered sphincter. The little hole gave way almost at once, letting him penetrate her nether depths with his obscene probe. He was amazed at the tightness of the hot clinging flesh that engulfed him.

This new violation only made the woman writhe harder beneath the relentless pummeling of Larry’s cock. Her whole body welcomed the finger he had plunged into her asshole. As she lunged back onto his hard purple cock, her asshole gobbled up his finger again and again. “Ooooohhh, your finger feels good in my asshole, baby! Oh shit, Larry, you really know how to get me going!” Her voice was low-pitched and thick, as though the intensity of her passion made it difficult for her to speak.

Larry’s twin impalement seemed to have snapped something in Cathy’s raunchy libido. She grunted and groaned and squirmed like a crazed creature, wriggling like a love-slave to make the most of the dual instruments of her pleasure. The young man continued to screw her with penis and finger. His actions were almost automatic. He was overwhelmed by the v******e of the librarian’s responses. His cock throbbed non-stop as her cunt nibbled it greedily. His finger worked in obscene tempo with his cock-strokes. His cock was aware of the finger working only a membrane away. The pleasure was growing steadily in his balls. It wouldn’t be much longer now before he would have to give way to the intense sensations soaring through his hard-working body. And by the looks of the writhing woman, she too was on the verge of a crisis.

The staid old building that was the public library reverberated with the pants and squeals and moans of the lovers’ hectic struggle. The librarian was bent over, bracing herself against the wall, her ass grinding wantonly in the air. The student was driving his purple-headed cock deep up into her welcoming pussy at the same time as he fingerfucked her asshole. He was using her body recklessly, and she was loving it. Both were totally lost in the ecstasy of their mutual abandon. All rules, all morals were submerged beneath the raw call of lust.

“Oooooohhh! Oooooohhh God-d-d… yessssss! Screw me! Screw me! It’s so darned good, Larry!”

“Oh yeah, baby! I’m doing it! Jee-zuz, I’m going to miss you! You’re such good cunt, Cathy!” Once again he regretted that the pretty librarian had never agreed to go out on a date with him. But maybe it was better this way. Maybe memories of furtive fondles among the library shelves were more fun after all than the more normal dating and screwing routine. When it came to good loving, Cathy had never let him down. She gave her all, once she gave anything.

“Uuuuuhhhh! I’m commmmm-ing-g-g-g!” Her lusty cries conveyed the pure joy of her release.

“Uh, shit yeah, me too! Me too!” It was good to be coming together. It was a fitting end to a weird but rewarding relationship. He hugged her ass for a while and lay his head on her back. Then, of one accord, they straightened up and arranged their rumpled clothing. They said good-bye in the parking lot.

“I hope you like the advertising business, Cathy!”

“Thanks, Larry! If you’re as good an accountant as you are a lover, you should make a boodle.” She insisted on shaking hands before they went their separate ways.

Larry’s cock continued to tinge all during the drive home. Strangest chick he’d ever met, but Cathy sure was a good piece of ass. He’d never expected to meet anything like her in a library.

Must be one in a million, he thought. And then he began to wonder.

Well, he thought as he continued driving, I’ll find out for sure next time.


The next day was Friday and Cathy’s last day as a librarian. The brown-haired beauty had never really felt at home in the library. Her co-workers were so stodgy, so narrow-minded. Many of Cathy’s sexual antics in the library after hours had been her way of telling the stuffy old biddies to “stuff it”.

Realizing she was too full of life to become a successful part of the library’s inner circle, she had accepted a job in advertising. She was already screwing the man who would be her boss. He had promised she would never experience a dull moment among his raunchy friends in advertising. Cathy was looking forward to stepping up the tempo of her life.

She was aware of the disapproving stare of Miss Doober as she leaned over the counter to chat with Rick Morris, a high school senior who was a special friend of Cathy’s. Cathy always wore the top couple of buttons on her blouse open. She enjoyed the response she got from men when they spied her lush cleavage. Rick was giving her an assessing stare right now. Cathy could feel goose bumps standing out on her skin at the thought of his fine cock, probably getting hard inside his pants as he stared.

Their conversation was interrupted by Miss Doober. “Cathy… I know this is your last day, but we are paying you for a day’s work. Would you mind typing up those index cards please? I’ll take care of this young man…” Miss Doober was probably no more than forty, but she concealed what was left of her youthful looks behind horn-rimmed gasses and a severe bun.

Cathy winked at Rick and pranced back into the back office without replying to her boss. She could feel Miss Doober’s eyes boring a hole in her back.

It was all the younger woman could do to keep from turning around and making a nasty face at the humorless Miss Doober. She realized she had nothing to lose, since this was her last day. But she had a special request to make at closing time and a raunchy plan. Provoking Miss Doober would spoil all the fun later.

When her boss wasn’t looking, Cathy went over to Rick and left him a carefully folded note. She smiled slyly when he looked up at her. Even without the note, there was an understanding between them.

Left alone at his work-table, Rick opened the slip of paper. In dead center was neatly written: “One last round before I go. Be here at closing time.” His cock throbbed in his pants as he tore the evidence into little bits. He had known Miss Coke wouldn’t go away without saying good-bye properly.

As Miss Doober prepared to leave the library for the day, the staff gathered round to bid Cathy good-bye. The other two librarians strained to smile at their departing co-worker, but Miss Doober seemed unable to manage even that much. She shook hands stiffly and handed Cathy a package wrapped in plain brown paper.

“This is for you, Cathy. I hope it comes in handy in your future life.”

Cathy was grinning broadly. At the moment she was feeling a perverse affection for the characters who had plagued her existence for the past year. They had their appeal, as Ebenezer Scrooge had his. In a way she felt sorry for them. She imagined none of them enjoyed any kind of sex life, including the three who were absent for this solemn occasion.

She unwrapped the mysterious package. It was a book on etiquette. Good old Miss Doober. Subtle as a shithouse seat! “Why thank you, Miss Doober! It’s just what I’ve always wanted!”

This time the old goat smiled. “Just what you’ve always needed anyway, Cathy! Read it in good health!”

In consideration of her last request, the three older women left Cathy alone to close the library one last time. “I’ve really got a soft spot for the old place,” Cathy explained fondly. “Some of the best moments of my life have been spent here! Honest!” she added when she detected frank disbelief on the faces of the others.

What she didn’t add was that the best moment had all been spent with illicit lovers, after hours. She was sure the rafters would ring with her cries fix months after she was gone. The thought pleased her. She was leaving her mark, like a canny dog staking out its territory.

When she had given the others a ten minutes’ safety time to be sure they were gone, she opened the heavy oak front door. Rick stole quickly inside and leaned on the door to close it. His lips bore down on Cathy’s. Though she was close to ten years older than the boy, he was already a head taller. Rick was a basketball hero. He had a fan club of eager teeny-boppers at school, ready to spread their thighs for him. But he liked Miss Coke best.

She was no girl. She was a full-blooded, lusty woman. No female he had ever known could draw the responses from his cock that she could.

The teen-ager held the curvy brunette against him. His hands roamed over her smooth back, taut waist and round tight buttocks. His penis was already hard as a rock, straining against her belly through their clothes. He had been ready for her ever since she handed him her not.

“Oh, Miss Coke, you feel so damned good! I want to stuff my cock into that hot hole of yours right now!”

Though she had told him right away to call her “Cathy”, Rick had insisted on remaining formal. Now it pleased her — that extra little touch of perversion that accented the difference in their ages. Not that she felt like a cradle-robber. There was nothing c***dlike about the hard arms that pulled her close, the lips that pressed savagely against hers. And the cock that throbbed like a live cobra against her stomach was as male as anything she had ever come across.

“Oh, Rick! I want you too! So much! But there’s something special you’ve got to let me do first! I want to remember the taste of you forever!”

His heart pounded with excitement. He knew what she meant. The first time they had ever gotten together she had sucked his cock to distraction! “Oh yeah, Miss Coke! Anything you want is okay with me!” He could practically feel her lips on his cock already.

Her fingers caressed the bulge in his pants as she fell to the floor in front of him. So aroused was she by her lewd intention, it took her hands several moments to figure out the workings of his zipper. She reached into his fly cautiously, her face aglow with anticipation. His cock emerged. It was long and hard and thick, almost purple with the pressure of the blood pounding through it. She stared at its tumescent girth as though she had never seen anything so fine in her entire life.

“Oh Rick, darling! How I’m going to miss this beautiful cock of yours!” She stroked the head of his cock with short, feather-light little flicks of her fingertips.

Automatically, Rick leaned back against the heavy door. He was going to need some help if he was going to stay on his feet for this one. The light filtering into the room through the transom windows overhead was fading fast. But the moonglow allowed him a satisfying view of her dark head as she bent over his cock-head and took its mushroom-tip into her mouth.

“Uuuuuhhh, Jee-zuz! That mouth of yours is something else, Miss Coke! Christ, I love it when you suck me!”

She opened her mouth wide and took his whole penis deep into her throat. “Mmmmmm” was all she said, but it was such a lusty sound that it sent shivers up and down the boy’s spine. The thing he liked best about the way Miss Coke sucked cock was how much she obviously liked it. It made him feel on top of the world to see a beautiful woman enjoying making love to his penis with her mouth. There was no question then about whether he had made it yet to grown-up status. He would have fought lions for Miss Coke and her good loving! He was sure even his old man had never done any better than this! What was there better than this?

Reveling in her own depravity, Cathy began to work her lips back and forth along the penis that filled her mouth. She nibbled every contour with greedy skill. Her lips clung to the fleshy surface of his cock like a second skin. Their pressure was just enough to keep Rick feeling a little bit off balance every second. She was making the blood pound faster through his cock. She was provoking a lewd tingling in his balls, still tucked safely away inside his pants.

Impatiently, she dug into his fly and pulled out the hairy sacs of his testicles. Her tongue lapped hungrily all the way down the underside of his penis. When she reached his balls, she took the heavy globes into her mouth, one after the other, and sucked them eagerly.

“Aaiiieee! Jeez-z-z! Holy shit, what are you trying to do to me!”

He grabbed hold of her hair and tugged on it savagely. Too much more of that ball-sucking and he’d be shooting his load into her mouth right now! She wasn’t going to get off that easily! “Come on, Miss Coke! Suck my cock! Do it to me!”

With the cruel guidance of his hands, she bobbed her head up and down over his turgid cock. She enjoyed even the pain that the strain on her scalp brought her. His urgent movements indicated, he was enjoying her cock-sucking as much as she was. She loved making herself slave to a penis this way! She loved the ever-present threat of quarts of thick hot juices over pouring, spilling down the back of her throat. She liked to revel in the masculine presence in her mouth — hard, demanding cock!

Rick smiled as he watched the shadowy picture of her head making its obscene way back and forth along his penis. She was so totally absorbed in what she was doing. She was like a willing slave come to worship at the altar of cock. There was something that would make the picture even more perfect for him. “I want to see your tits, Miss Coke! I want to watch them move while you suck me!”

She closed her eyes at the hot flash of pleasure his words brought her. Without taking her mouth from his cock, she hurriedly removed her blouse and her bra. She caressed the generous firm mounds of her tits for a moment, bringing the tips to rubbery erection for him. The sensations only added to the excitement already gushing from her neglected pussy. Again she gripped his cock firmly at the base and worked her mouth more avidly back and forward.

Wide-eyed, the boy watched her lush breasts sway with the rhythm of her slavish exertions. She had large nipples, larger than he had ever seen on any girl. The way they were poking saucily out at him now made him grunt with intense desire. What a woman! What a shame she was going away! “You’re so beautiful, Miss Coke! I hope the people at your new place appreciate you as much as I do!”

Though the hands tangled in her hair bespoke a man’s passion, the words belonged to the boy that was still half of Rick Morris. She felt genuine pleasure from the obvious admiration he had for her. She might well miss his kind of artless praise in the gaudy world of advertising that was about to claim her. “No one will ever be exactly like you, Rick! You’re the greatest!”

He forced her head back onto his cock, but she knew the compliment would please him. She felt she had helped make a boy into a man. She almost regretted she would not be around to see the finished product. It would be something!

Much as he was enjoying the feel of her mouth on his cock, Rick felt that it was time he took the woman in hand and gave her a sound fucking. Her compliment reminded him that, to deserve that kind of boost, a man had to know when to be a man. He could not let Miss Coke do all the work during their last time together. “I want to screw you now, Miss Coke! I can’t wait any longer!”

It was exactly what she wanted to hear. Her cunt was sopping wet under her skirt. Her breasts still tingled from the reckless handling she had subjected them to a short while ago. She wanted to give herself up to her own pleasure now. She wanted to feel her cunt filled to overflowing with potent cock!

Rick knew that she liked it best from behind. And he liked to do it to her that way. It made him feel complete master over the woman.

Raising her to her feet, he led her to one of the work-tables, and bent her over it. He pushed her skirt up over her ass and caressed the swelling mounds of her ass-cheeks. His cock stuck out like a poker from his fly. No more time for preliminaries. He had to have her now!

Spreading her ass-cheeks wide, he drove his cock deep up into the hot wet tunnel of her cunt. Her pussy-muscles clasped eagerly around him, welcoming him to the forbidden delights of her greedy honeypot.

“Oooohh! Yeah, Rick honey! Your cock is delicious in me! Screw me, baby! Screw me!”

Her wish was his command. Without pausing, he began to establish a solid stroking rhythm in and out of her moist hole. His penis felt like it had just slipped into a hot vat of syrup. It slipped in and out of her cunt with lusty ease.

With all the build-up of her skillful cock-sucking, his penis was more than ready to enjoy a rowdy assault on her quivering eager pussy. Rick sank his knuckles into the smooth flesh of the near-naked woman and braced himself for an all-out effort. He grunted lustily each time his cock was buried to the hilt in her warm wetness. His growls mingled with her unceasing moans. They fucked like alley cats. There was no rule in the book that was going to put a rein op them now.

A crazy grin stretched over Cathy’s features as she braced herself against the wooden table beneath. There was the smell of the library — of a year of her life — in the wood. She was saying good-bye to all that in the way she most liked to round out any celebration — with a hard-driving cock working its way ruthlessly into her cunt.

“Good-bye, library!” she moaned. “I hope the next girl can live up to my memory! God knows this place needs a little life!” She felt an amused affection güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri for the old building that had witnessed so many wanton scenes of abandonment. In her ecstatic delirium, she dared to hope that someone else would come along who could appreciate just what a fine haven of delights this library could be.

Cathy knew she was getting close to orgasm when her mind started entertaining absurd notions. She was losing her grip on reality. To her addled mind, the whole world became a dizzy playground of sex and merriment. She wanted everyone to have a good time, even Miss Doober. It was so easy, really, to have a good time in life. All you had to do was get it on!

“Oh Rick! Rick! Harder! Faster, baby! Ooooohhh… that’s the way! I’m coming! You’re making me commmmme!”

Pleased with his success, Rick relaxed his self-control for a moment. He was not to recover it this evening. “Ooooohh! I’m comming too, Miss Coke!”

Their pleasure in each other had been intense. It took them some time to recover their senses.

She would really miss him. It felt good to know there were people in life she could genuinely miss. It made being human a more moving experience.


When Miss Doober was interviewing young women in search of Cathy’s replacement, she kept one thing constantly in mind. She wanted a girl who knew her place, who knew how to respond to orders.

It wasn’t that Cathy Coke hadn’t done a decent job. She was a hard worker, and an efficient one.

But she had always had that little smile on her face that said she knew something no one else did. It drove Miss Doober to a frenzy. She had never learned how to get under the younger woman’s skin. Nothing she could say or do seemed to bother her.

The new girl had to be someone who knew how to say “yes, ma’am” and mean it… sincerely. When she asked twenty-year-old, blonde, blue-eyed Jane Friesen if she thought she was the kind of girl who could take orders without resenting them, Jane replied: “Oh, yes,” The look on her pretty young face was so obviously sincere that Miss Doober couldn’t help but hire her right on the spot.

“You can start Wednesday, if you like.”

“Oh, that’s wonderful, Miss Doober. I’m very grateful.”

The head librarian smiled broadly, basking in the awesome shadow of her own generosity. She felt she had made, a very wise choice in hiring Jane Friesen. The only point she could find against her was that she was a bit too pretty. But Jane seemed modestly unaware of her striking good looks — a sign that indicated to Miss Doober a woman of good character.

Jane’s performance on the job immediately justified the older woman’s choice. Jane proved to be a very eager, obedient employee. She was at home in a library, having worked part-time in one even before she took the course in library science. Within a week, Miss Doober felt comfortable with entrusting to the girl the boring task of shooing out the last customers and closing the library for the night.

It was only Jane’s second night alone when she came upon a very upsetting situation at the back of the library, amid the stacks of books that were kept in the building for reference only. She had thought she was alone. Whispered voices coming from the next aisle told her differently. They also made the blood flow cold in her veins.

“Oh God, Rick, that feels so good! Eat my pussy some more!”

“I sure will, baby! Your cunt tastes terrific!”

At first, the blonde wanted to believe she had not heard the lewd exchange. But the lusty female moans that followed drove home the upsetting fact that there was something going on back there that she was going to have to do something about!

Carefully, she pushed aside a couple of books and looked through her peephole at the young couple in the next aisle. The girl, who looked no more than sixteen at most, was leaning back against a wall of books. She was holding her skirt bunched up around her waist. Her panties had fallen in a puddle around her ankles. She had her legs spread as far as the confining hold of the panties would allow. Her knees were bent slightly, to give her boy lover easier access to her naked cunt!

The brazen wantonness of the girl took Jane’s breath away. When she had been that girl’s age, she hadn’t even let herself dream about doing anything so depraved!

The boy’s shaggy head was buried busily between the girl’s parted thighs. By the v******e with which he was moving his head, Jane guessed that he must be tonguing the girl’s pussy to frenzied ecstasy. For just a second she experienced a jolt of excitement inside her own panties. She damped her thighs tightly together and chided herself for her abandon. Though she was alone, her cheeks blazed bright red. Instead of angrily driving the intruders out, she was letting herself be aroused by their lust! How could she be so disgusting!

Upset by the v******e of the feelings warring inside, the blonde forced herself to look away from the inciting scene. Her self-control lasted only a moment, however. Then, overcome by curiosity, she returned to her peep-hole. Her one concession to her conscience was that she refused to let herself think any more sexy thoughts. Her mission was to decide how to rid the library of these shameless people!

Almost at once, Jane found herself captivated by the look of rapt ecstasy on the girl’s face. She was a redhead and she tossed her luxurious thick hair back over her shoulders as she gazed, unseeing but blissful, up at the plastered ceiling. Her tongue darted from her mouth, licked anxiously over her lips. The gesture made Jane think of someone dying of thirst. But no such unfortunate ever wore such a pleased grin!

The girl’s smile grew broader from time to time. The times usually coincided with the clenching of her fingers that pulled the boy’s head closer into her twat. He must have been driving his tongue deep into her tender hole. “Oh Rick! Your tongue is doing such nice things to me! My pussy’s getting so hot, baby!”

The boy raised his head and smiled at the girl. “I know, Cindy. Your juices are giving me one hell of a face-wash!” He chuckled lewdly, obviously pleased with himself. He extended his tongue, then it disappeared back up into the red nest of her pussy.

The watching blonde remembered the youth now. He came into the library regularly. Several times, he had tried to strike up conversations with her, but she had discouraged him. The library was no place for chit-chat. She had noticed Miss Doober smiling approvingly in her direction the first time she silenced the boy. Prom then on, she had automatically responded with the same cold smile and the finger held to her lips. Not once had he appeared discouraged by her reply. Bach time she served him, they went through the same routine. Once she had even giggled in spite of herself.

Jane had never imagined that youth — or anyone for that matter — would have the nerve to engage in such an outrageous display right here in the library! What could the two of them be thinking? Weren’t they afraid of getting caught?

Though she tried to motivate herself to go out and interrupt the lewd twosome, deep in her heart Jane knew already that she could never do it. The very idea of telling the boy to stop sticking his tongue into that girl’s pussy made her turn deep red all over. Even a self-righteous display of anger would never conceal her embarrassment. She simply did not want them to know that she knew what they were doing.

Realizing the next best thing for her to do was to abandon her peep-hole and let the teens sneak out in their own good time, the blonde tried to tear herself away from the lust scene.

It was no good! She was rooted to the spot. The sight of the boy’s head working rapidly between the girl’s thighs, the rapture on the girl’s face, her hushed little mewls of pleasure mingled with his grunts of passion. All these combined to create a spectacle that held her attention as surely as a magnet holds a nail. She couldn’t leave. She had to see what happened! Though she wouldn’t admit it, Jane was fascinated by such a primitive display of lust.

Jane herself was no virgin. But she was the next best thing: a woman who hadn’t yet discovered her capacity for pleasure. Her few experiences with men had left a bad taste in her mouth. She had been raised strictly by church-going parents, and her brief affairs seemed to prove everything they had ever taught her. A boy will never respect a girl who doesn’t respect herself. Respecting herself meant waiting for marriage.

There was a problem in that. Jane felt she was far too young to marry. She hadn’t let herself think too much about a possible long empty future without sex or companionship. She was living just one day at a time, and keeping as far away from men as she could. She was lonely, but she didn’t know what to do about it. Men all seemed to want only one thing.

Her wide blue eyes drank in the obscene abandon with which the boy tongued his girl friend’s willingly parted pussy-lips. He’ll never respect her, she thought. But that thought seemed small consolation for the ecstasy she knew she was missing.

“Oh God, Rick! Your tongue in my cunt feels just like a little cock! All hard and slippery and yummy. My pussy feels so nice, baby! Mmmmmm!”

Again Jane’s cunt throbbed with muted passion.

This time, she didn’t even think to reproach herself. She simply clasped her hand over the swell of her pubic mound and held on for dear life. She didn’t want it to feel good, but at the same time, it did feel so good. For an instant she thought about raising her skirt and slipping her hand into her panties.

No! No! She mustn’t do that. That would make her as bad as they were! So she held quietly onto her pulsing pussy and watched.

“Your cunt tastes great, Cindy!” Rick leered up at his girl friend before stabbing his tongue once again deep into her wet hole. He enjoyed the look of uncontrolled desire on her face. Cindy was the hottest chick at school. She’d been chasing him ever since basketball season started. She wasn’t Miss Coke, but Rick had to admit the girl had a lot of potential. She really knew how to let go!

The boy had convinced the redhead to let him eat her pussy here in the library by lying. He said the librarian always worked in the back for an hour after dosing time. He said he’d stayed late lots of times, and then snuck out just before the woman on duty was ready to leave. She had been nervous at first. But the idea of getting her pussy eaten under such lewd circumstances had finally gotten the better of her. Rick had been sure it would. Knowing Miss Coke had taught him a lot about the way a woman works. He knew how to make her want it as much as he did.

Rick had his own devious reasons for wanting to eat Cindy’s cunt in the library. The ambitious teen-ager had his sights set on the beautiful blonde who had replaced Miss Coke. Though she had discouraged his every overture so far, Rick was self-confident enough to believe that she liked him. He was intrigued to see how she would react to his shameless act between the book-shelves. As his tongue danced expertly over the pink folds of his girl friend’s pussy, he imagined Miss Friesen concealed somewhere nearby, watching them. The way Cindy was moaning, though she was trying to keep it down, made him confident that the blonde couldn’t help but discover them.

It didn’t surprise him that Miss Friesen hadn’t interrupted them. He knew she was shy. It would be much more her style to watch and make observations about his style as love maker. As his cock throbbed inside his jeans, Rick wondered how she was enjoying his performance. Was her pussy wet inside her panties?

What it came right down to was: Rick was advertising for the seduction of the new librarian. He had enjoyed his affair with Miss Coke more than anything in his life. He saw no reason why he shouldn’t repeat the experience with her pretty successor. Once Miss Friesen saw that he was a young man who knew his way around, perhaps she would look at him in a new light.

And if she didn’t? Well, that would be too bad, but Rick would have had his fun anyway.

Charged with the excitement of his bold scheme, Rick stabbed his tongue again and again deep up into the clasping warmth of Cindy’s twat. He clamped his lips around her slick pussy-lips and sucked hard. She squealed with delight. Her red-thatched cunt-mound ground encouragingly into his face.

“Ooooohhh, Rick! You do it so good!”

He glowed with pride at the girl’s eager praise. His tongue darted down one side of her pussy and up the other, mixing his saliva with the generous sheen of her cunt-juices. Again he darted his tongue-tip into her hole, then down and up into her asshole. She squirmed urgently against him. By the way she was working it out, Rick guessed it wouldn’t be much longer before she would be coming like crazy.

Without realizing why, Jane noticed it was becoming unbearably hot in the library. She tossed her hair back from her face, seeking some relief from the fires that were assailing her unwilling body. Though she continued to deny her arousal, there was no mistaking the sticky dampness of her panty-crotch that had ridden up into the slit of her cunt. Still her palm clutched her pubic mound, trying to stop the throbbing there. Her excitement only increased. It was horrible! She felt she couldn’t stand it any more!

Still she stayed, her eyes pressed to her peephole. She watched the redhead growing more and more abandoned as her passion increased. Beads of sweat stood out on Cindy’s forehead. She was hot too. But there was no question about what was heating her up. It was the talented tongue that stabbed again and again deep into her hot pink cunt-hole.

“Ooooooohh, Rick! I’m coming, baby… I’m commmmm-ing-g-g!”

It was all Jane could do to keep from moaning aloud in chorus with the wanton teen-ager. She hadn’t realized how closely she had been identifying with Cindy until the moment of her climax. It was then that she felt an incredible surge of contempt, of anger — of jealousy. What that girl was doing was wrong! Cindy was a depraved, shameless girl! A little voice deep inside persisted in asking: Why can’t I feel that way too? If she’s so bad, and I’m so good, why is it her who feels so happy? She began to wonder about the dubious rewards of virtue.

By the time Jane got home, she was exhausted. She had had to stay in the library another half-hour, to be sure the teen-agers had left. Vivid memories of all she had just seen and heard tortured her for the rest of the evening. She tossed and turned restlessly, trying to sleep. Finally, the rhythmic grinding of her pussy-mound against her mattress lulled her to the land of sweet, forbidden dreams.


There was another young man at the library who had been paying attention to Jane. He was older than Rick, older in fact than Jane by about a year. His name was Larry and he was an accounting student.

Jane thought he seemed very nice. Though stand-offish at first, she finally agreed to let him take her out for lunch. They talked several times after that. At last Larry coaxed her into accepting a date.

Jane was nervous about letting a male get so close to her. Though she had tried to drive memories of Rick and that awful night from her mind, it was difficult. Rick was in the library almost every day, and still trying to be friendly. No longer able to remain cool and aloof, Jane found herself blushing furiously every time he came near. She usually rushed off on some excuse and let one of the other women wait on him. Bright in her mind was a picture of his shaggy head buried between the girl’s thighs, backed by the ghostly murmur of their passion-moans. Worst of all, she couldn’t shake off the eerie conviction that he knew that she knew.

The young woman had decided the best therapy would be to get to know a man on friendly terms. Other than the boy who had taken her virginity, and her authority-figure father, she had never really known a man. The entire sex was a mystery to her.

When other girls had already started to go out on dates, to brag about their experiences with boys, Jane was still turning around and heading in the other direction every time a male came near. For some reason unknown to Jane, most men scared the heck out of her.

She didn’t trust Larry any more than she did any other man. But he did seem a lot nicer than most. Maybe he would be willing to just be her friend, for a while at least, until she could figure out exactly how she felt about the opposite sex. Before he came by to pick her up the evening of their date, she had decided to be very firm with him. There was to be no misunderstanding about the nature of their relationship.

Larry was a perfect gentleman the entire evening. Jane felt a little guilty about shrinking from his touch when he guided her through a doorway or helped her into a chair. She couldn’t help herself. The fear that she had nurtured for so long was not going to evaporate in an evening. She only wished it could be easier for her to tell him exactly how she was feeling — that she liked him, but she wanted to be just friends at least until they knew each other better.

Larry had his own plans for the evening and for the course of his relationship with the new librarian. He had the example of Cathy Coke to inspire him to great ambitions in the case of Jane Friesen. Though the blonde was younger and seemed much more shy, she turned him on at least as much as Cathy had. She had big beautiful tits that stuck straight out from her chest. And her ass! That was the best part as far as Larry was concerned. It was high and tight and round. It made him ache to stroke it every time she walked across a room. Larry had always been an impatient fellow. He intended to establish himself on a stroking basis with the blonde as soon as possible.

The blonde’s stiff manner and her shy reserve didn’t bother Larry in the least. In his experience, it had always been the quiet ones who made the best lays. They did all their communicating with their bodies!

If Jane wanted to play it prim and proper, that was fine with Larry. He knew his manners as well as any guy. Later — after he had shelled out his hard-earned money for food and drink — then would come the time of reckoning.

After the show, he took her to a bar. She said she didn’t drink, but he convinced her to try one, just for fun. She sipped timidly at the screwdriver, until she decided that alcohol wasn’t so horrible after all. She finished before he did and agreed to a second. Larry congratulated himself on a good choice.

She was swaying a little as he guided her to his car. The best sign that the liquor had done its work was the way she leaned against him when he took her arm. Before, she had cringed from him as though he had the plague, or his fingers were red-hot branding irons. Now she seemed to crave the security of his arm.

“You know, Larry,” she began when they were safely inside the car. She was feeling incredibly relaxed and peaceful. “I was kind of worried about tonight.”

He grinned easily. He enjoyed the change in her that liquor had wrought. There was a lightness in her voice that hadn’t been there before. “Why were you worried, Jane?” He slipped his arm around her shoulders. The parking lot was dark — a good place to cop a quick feel.

She giggled, then smiled sheepishly up at him. “I feel kind of silly.” For a moment, she frowned. “Before, I liked you and everything, but I wanted to tell you something important. And you know what? I was afraid to! I’m not afraid any more.”

“Good. I don’t want you to be afraid with me. What were you going to tell me?” He was ill-at-ease. If she had the clap, he’d shoot himself. What a bummer that would be, after all his plans.

She was only vaguely aware of his hand resting on her shoulder, then slipping down to the sloping swell of her breast. “I wanted to tell you that I… just want us to be friends. I… don’t want to get romantic right now, you know?”

A wave of relief flowed through him. Was that all? The alcohol had had its effect on Larry, too. He was getting some very strong feedback from the fingers investigating the rich curves of her tit. His cock was beginning to throb mightily in his pants. He didn’t even bother to consider her claims about wanting to be friends. He was close to the woman, there was only one thing on his mind.

And it wasn’t friendship!

His lips bore down on hers, hungrily demanding that she return his passion. His tongue stabbed at her teeth until at last she was forced to let him inside. He searched the hot warmth of her mouth while his hands roamed over her back and breasts. She felt so soft and feminine. His cock strained impatiently against his trousers. He wanted her!

“Mmmmmpphhh!” Completely overwhelmed by the abruptness of Larry’s move, Jane tried in vain to break free of him. His mouth probed hers. His tongue stormed its way into her mouth, dueled with her tongue, forcing a response from her repressed senses.

Her mind fought groggily to understand what was happening. She had thought they were going to be friends. And now he was kissing her, kissing her like she had never been kissed before. No man had ever stuck his tongue in her mouth. She had always thought the idea revolting. But there was something about it, something about being lost in the rising tide of excitement that made her feel weak all over.

Despite herself, she began to return the kiss. Gingerly, she prodded his tongue with her own. Then she was no longer timid. She was a hungry, demanding woman, striving to struggle free of a lifetime of unnatural rules. Why should she deny herself the pleasures of living, pleasures that were basic and universal? If a girl like Cindy could revel in passion, why not her? She was grown up. She needed to be kissed. Only now, when she was doing it, did she realize how much she had needed to be kissed.

It wasn’t until his hand had made its way inside her bra that Jane realized there was more to this kiss then just kissing. His fingers caressed the sensitive curves of her tits with a maddening touch. He pinched her nipples, first one and then the other, until they were hard and throbbing.

She could feel the response in her tits darting all the way down to her cunt. There was a wetness building inside her panties. It was as if her whole body was trying to get in on the rhythm of their embrace. Every nerve-ending seemed to add its note of pleasure to the harmonious whole. Wrong as she knew it was, she craved more of the sensations, craved them with every fiber of her being. She didn’t want him to stop. Not yet. Just a little bit longer. She was feeling so alive, for the first time in such a long time.


Delighted with the beauty’s response, Larry investigated more boldly the valleys and peaks of her tits. He pulled her blouse wide open and pushed her bra up to her armpits. Now it was easy for him to caress their ripe smoothness. They were such beautiful tits. He would have liked to suck them right then, but he didn’t dare abandon her mouth. She might bolt like a spring lamb the minute he let up on her.

Her rigid little nipples pressed pertly against the palm of his hand. His cock jerked at the lusty contact. He kissed her more passionately, forcing her to lie back along the car seat. He positioned his body over hers, straining down against her as their mouths locked together in a searing carnal union.

Only a few times in her life had Jane ever let herself succumb to the kinds of feelings torturing her now. None of those times had been as appealing, as overwhelming as this. Larry was such a handsome man, much more so than the one who had stolen her virginity. His skilled lovemaking almost made her forget there was anything wrong with what they were doing. His tongue probing her mouth tasted delicious. Her tits under his touch tingled with an ecstasy they had never known before. Her first lover had been clumsy and crude. Larry seemed to know exactly what to do to give her the most pleasure, to weaken the ramparts of her resistance.

“Mmmmmm… hhhnnnhhh…” As she became aware of the thick bulge pressing against her thigh, she began to struggle to resist the man. His cock was hard and swollen, hungry for her. She could not let herself ignore this blatant warning of her danger.

Right now they were only kissing and touching. But would his rigid penis be content with that? The old fear began to come back, to chill the glow that had hold of her body. “Noo… nnoooo!” she managed to mumble when he came up for air.

Unwilling to abandon a near-victory, Larry güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri slid a hand up along her thigh into the crotchband of her panties. She was fighting him, but he had her well pinioned. His legs straddled her hips as he stroked the soft wet lips of her pussy. He continued to kiss her. Much to his delight, she began to return his pressure once again. Her tongue again came alive, stabbed his with raunchy haste.

Jane’s mind seemed to have lost hold of her body. She was pursuing the delicious sensations despite her conscience that tried to scream “no!” She was being torn in two by the struggle between flesh and scruple.

Suddenly his finger drove deep into the tight hot hole of her pussy.

“Aaaaaaggghhh!” she screamed. Still caught in the web of her own excitement, she began to grind her pussy up against his invading finger. The finger worked in and out of her greedy cunt like a little cock, mesmerizing her, freeing her of the last hold of her conscience. It wasn’t easy to lunge her hips forward beneath the pinning weight of the man. But ecstasy seemed to have endowed Jane with superhuman strength. She was hot and hungry for more of the obscenely stroking finger.

“That’s a girl! Let it feel good! Oohh! Your pussy feels terrific, Janie!” Sliding down along the seat, he brought his head even with her tits. He began to suck greedily on one aroused nubbin. His finger continued to rub the walls of her wet pussy. She was grinding up against him like there was no tomorrow. It sent the blood pounding through his veins, right down into his rigid cock, to feel the aroused woman squirming beneath him.

He had won! In just a few minutes, his penis would be buried deep in this steaming cunt!

Sure of the victory at hand, Larry let himself revel in the round smooth perfection of her tits, in the clasping heat of her cunt. His tongue swirled lewdly around first one swollen nipple and then the other. His finger screwed her pussy as exuberantly as his cock would the minute he was ready to take her.

Sweating and writhing beneath the big man, Jane lost all grasp of time and place. The whole universe seemed centered in her throbbing pussy. Her cunt-walls spasmed around the invading finger. She wanted to suck it deep inside. Suck all of him inside. It felt so wonderful to be free, to be alive.

She felt Larry maneuvering on the seat beside her. Even in the haze of lust, she heard the zipper come down. Then came the fleshy hard pressure against her bare thigh. His cock was out! It was swollen, ready to soar up into her pussy!

Like an avalanche there descended dismal memories of the unhappiness that had followed the last time she let a penis into her pussy. Just when she had started to love the man who was making love to her, she had discovered him holding hands with another woman! He had acted like he didn’t even see her! He hadn’t even called her after that!

It had been so bad! Making love had only brought heartache to her then.

Once again she was vividly aware of how wrong her behavior with Larry really was. She hardly even knew him. For all she knew, he would make love to her once and disappear from her life forever, leaving her feeling small and cheap and ugly. She couldn’t let that happen. She mustn’t let it happen! She had to be good, to save herself for the man who would care enough about her to marry her.

Larry was trying to crawl up over her. His rigid cock-shaft was grazing her thigh. It couldn’t have terrified her more if it had been a razor-sharp knife.

With superhuman energy, she drew her legs together and jerked herself up into a sitting position. He tried to grab for her, but she was every place at once — snatching up her purse, reaching for the car door, fleeing out into the mild evening air.

“Bitch!” she heard him spit out, but she didn’t pause in her flight until she was safely inside the bar where they had enjoyed their cocktails just a short while before. She called a taxi, and asked the headwaiter to announce when it arrived. Then she ducked into the ladies’ room to wait. One look in the mirror made her tremble with shame.

She was a mess! Hair disheveled! Skirt twisted! Blouse held half shut over a crumpled bra that was up around her shoulders! It amazed her that the headwaiter hadn’t even looked at her funny. He must see some sights around here she thought wanly.

By the time the taxi arrived, she had made herself look presentable once again. It took a superhuman effort for Jane to resist bursting into tears until she was safely inside her apartment. As soon as the door was shut, she dissolved in a flood of self-pity. Why did men try to take advantage of her, when all she wanted was to be a friend? She cringed inside when she thought about the shameful way she had let herself be taken in for a while. She had actually let him suck her tits and sink his finger in her pussy, while she moaned with pleasure! Those drinks she had had in the bar had turned her into an a****l!


Jane came down with a bad case of nerves that she was able to deal with by drastic measures. She bought herself a bottle of gin and every night after work, she had a drink before dinner. The alcohol helped mellow her out. Soon she was able to deal with the bad sexual memories she had gathered since her employment at the library. She consoled herself by deciding she was too sensitive for men ever to understand her. She was trying to defend a sense of morality that seemed to be on the decline. Some day, she hoped, she would meet a man who admired what she stood for. Then she could let go of the tight reins she held on herself.

Sometimes — especially the nights when she decided to have two cocktails instead of one — she found her body trembling at the thought of things she had seen and done recently. Rick licking Cindy’s pussy to ecstatic abandon. Larry pumping his finger in and out of her own awakened pussy. Her reaction to such depravity frightened her.

She found the best treatment was to go to bed early. If she was on her stomach and rocked herself gently against the mattress, she soon began to feel better. Then she could fall into a satisfied doze and awaken refreshed and purified the next morning. She resorted to this kind of self-help more and more often as the days passed.

One night, she was alone on duty, getting ready to close the library. At a back table, she found Rick engrossed in homework. She paused, timid at the realization that she was alone with the boy whom she had seen eating a girl’s pussy.

She scolded herself for hesitating. He was only a schoolboy. She had a job to do. She would simply tell him to leave and he would obey her. She must learn how to hide behind her own authority.

“Excuse me, the library is about to close.”

He seemed startled by her voice. He looked up and smiled. The smile seemed so innocent and boyish that Jane dared to smile back. He wasn’t a monster after all.

“Oh, hi, Miss Friesen. Man, is it eight o’clock already! I got so caught up in this book…” He looked sheepish. “I’m only supposed to read three poems for tomorrow, and I’ve been through half the book. Talk about a keener, eh?”

Jane was pleasantly surprised. Any boy who could appreciate poetry had to have some sensitivity in him. She had already been impressed by the number of hours he spent in the library, studying. At first she had flattered herself that he only came in to see her. But, even when he continued to get nowhere with her, he was in here two or three hours almost every day, working over his books. “Oh, you’re reading Walt Whitman. I like him too.”

She sat down opposite him.

“Yeah, this is pretty heavy stuff. The guy really did some thinking, didn’t he?”

“Mmm-hmm. You know, I bet you’re top of your class at school. You spend more time in here than anybody, even the old folks who like to read their papers.”

Rick’s heart was beating fast. All this time, he had been trying to get to first base with Miss Friesen. No dice. Now here he was just sitting here minding his own business, and all of a sudden he was right in the middle of a real nice conversation with her. He felt like he was treading on fresh eggs. He didn’t want to blow it this time.

“I do okay. I started coming to the library when my teachers told me they’d kick me off the basketball team if I didn’t get better grades. I’d always wanted to do better, but I couldn’t study at home.”

She reached out and touched his hand. Just that contact made his cock throb in his pants. And, more than the contact, was the knowledge that she had after all seen him with Cindy that night. He had been careful not to tell her his name. Cindy had called him “Rick” when he was tonguing her pussy to hot distraction.

Rick’s instincts went to work to help him take advantage of the progress he was making with the good-looking blonde. Reluctantly he let go of her hand and went to get them both a soft drink. He sat down next to her and told her all about the unhappiness he experienced at home. “You know, Miss Friesen, I’ve never told any of this to anybody. I was always kind of… you know… ashamed.”

“You should never feel ashamed of anything you are, Rick. Everybody is special. You are special.”

He brought his face very close to hers, looking her straight in the eyes. His hands clutched hers desperately. “Do you really think so, Miss Friesen?”

“Of course I do, Rick.”

Lurid pictures of the boy’s tongue extending toward the moist pink flesh of Cindy’s pussy flashed through Jane’s mind. She felt weak all over. Rick chose that moment to plant his mouth on hers. His touch was soft and gentle, searching. She couldn’t help but respond. He needed her! He needed protection from his hard, unloving world.

A strange process went on in Jane’s mind as she sampled the flavor of the boy’s mouth, the yielding softness of his lips that was somehow combined with a firmness that appealed to her. She saw it as his bravery. He was a unsung hero who struggled daily against a hard home life to make something of himself. She was touched by his dedication that brought him to the library and the lonely vigils with his books.

The longer she thought about Rick and his sad story, the more firmly her lips pressed against his. She felt she had been given a mission, to give this brave young man a reason for living, to instill in him a faith in life and the essential good of mankind.

Her brain seemed to race crazily, rationalizing the growing hunger that was clawing at her body. Still she could see him, kneeling before Cindy’s twat, tonguing her to orgasm. And she could taste him. But the taste was real. It was right here and now.

Her arms went around him, clutching him to her as her mouth worked eagerly against his. This time, it was she who boldly prodded her tongue against his clenched teeth. She forced her tongue deep into his mouth, played with his until they were caught in a lusty lingual duel. Almost automatically, they rose to their feet together, still kissing. Now they were freer to kiss, to touch, to explore one another’s hungering bodies.

The teen-ager could scarcely believe the suddenness with which all this was happening. He had made the first move with a kiss which he expected to be short and sweet and innocent.

He had not reckoned on the woman’s immense need. She was engulfing him like a summer rainstorm. There was no way out, even if he had wanted one.

Startled though he was, Rick was not slow to pick up on a gift descended from heaven. He poked his tongue deep into the blonde’s mouth. He stabbed her tongue with the same ardor she had for his. When they were standing, he began to investigate freely the curves of her waist, her ripe ass-cheeks, then back up to her full, billowing tits. They pressed against his chest with a yielding softness that made his penis throb in his jeans. He began to knead them lustily. Caution thrown to the winds, he slipped his hands up under her pullover and pushed her bra up over her tits. They were soft as silk, two generous firm handfuls. His fingers teased her nipples until they stood perkily out against him. Her breasts rose and fell in quick urgent rhythm. Far from shrinking from him, she was getting as hot as a brushfire in August. If anything, she was even more excited than Rick himself was.

Not that the boy believed that was possible. His cock was so hard it ached as his mouth plundered hers, his hands massaged her sleek flesh. It was hard to deal with a dream come true… especially when it had been tossed to him when he least expected it. He had just about decided Jane Friesen was out of his reach, and now here she was panting against him, rubbing herself wantonly against his lean body. His penis poked her belly. Her lusty response was to grind her tummy against him. She was practically begging for it… begging for his long turgid cock.

That was exactly what Rick wanted to give her. His cock ached for her. She was shivering against him like a bitch in heat. All the signs pointed toward his heart’s desire.

Recklessly, he pulled up her skirt and sank his finger into her panties. Her clit was already hard as a rock. It stood up against his finger. He rubbed around and around the pert tip until she was moaning in ecstasy. Then he probed deeper, found the fleshy entrance to her cunt and shoved.

“Aaaaaahhhhh… ooooohhhhh mmmmmm…” Jane’s senses responded eagerly to the boy’s progress. Her brain had already short-circuited. Her conscience had yielded without a struggle. It was the boy’s youth, his vulnerability that had carried the day for him. She didn’t feel threatened by Rick any more. Though he was big and tall like a man, to her he was a lonely, mistreated boy. She felt that he needed her. And she was so ripe to be needed!

Parting her thighs lewdly, leaning against him for support, she began to grind her pussy up and down over his impaling finger. The electric sensations in her clutching hole darted through her body, charging every nerve-ending with swift bolts of arousal. Wantonly, she ground her tits against his chest.

How good it felt to let go! Now that she had finally found someone who needed her, all her suppressed love came gushing out of her. She was hungry to be consumed. She had been carrying a burden of unused energy. Now it was up to him to harvest the fruits of her self-denial.

“Oooooohhhh… Rick!” Now she could entertain the picture of his head buried between Cindy’s thighs without having to suppress it. She let herself be excited by memories of his hungry sexuality. She squatted down onto his finger and mewled out her rising passion. She was alive with need, a hive of frustrated desire bursting apart at the seams.

Rick’s penis strained against his jeans demanding to be let loose. He reached down and freed his blood-swollen cock-shaft from its prison. He lurched his groin against her belly, testing her for reaction to his naked cock. She only moaned more loudly, strained against him more feverishly.

That did it! He had to have her, and right now! He gripped her panties fiercely and tore them off her. As though she were light as a rag doll, he picked her up and set her on the edge of the worktable. Her cunt was at just the right height for his throbbing penis. He guided the head to her pussy and shoved.

Instinctively, she wrapped her legs around him and made room for him to enter her. His cock soared deep up into her near-virginal cunt. An initial quick stab of pain melted into a heady flow of ecstasy as she tossed back her blonde hair and wailed out her pleasure. “Ooooooohhh… oooooohhhh!” She wanted to say more, about how wonderful it felt to be joined to him like this. But other words failed her. “Oooooooohhhh!”

With the unrestrained ardor of a rutting b**st, Rick lunged his loins forward again and again. His cock established a hard-driving rhythm deep into her tight hot cunt. Nothing existed for him but the incredible excitement of screwing this beautiful older woman and hearing her moan like a hurt a****l beneath him. All along, she had only been playing hard to get. She was, after all, the hungry, sexy nympho that he had been hoping for. Though she was several years younger than Miss Coke, she was every bit as wild. If anything, she was even more feverish about squeezing every ounce of pleasure from his pulsing cock.

“Oh God, Miss Friesen! You’ve got the tightest, hottest cunt I’ve ever screwed! Christ, it feels good in there!” He kissed her savagely — her lips, her cheeks, her ear-lobes, then down along the sensitive flesh of her neck. She squealed with pleasure and rubbed her neck against his mouth, inviting more of the torrid torture.

Now that she had let herself slip within the pale of pleasure, Jane had abandoned all stops on her lively libido. If she had been conscious enough to fear, she would have been frightened by the wanton woman she had released from deep within her spirit. Too far gone now to fear anything, she was free to indulge her new capacity for enjoyment. And indulge she did.

Bracing herself with her hands against the edge of the worktable, she literally pulled herself forward onto Rick’s cock each time he had drawn it from deep in her twat. She was challenging his orgiastic energy with a matching force of her own. Rick couldn’t slacken off for a moment. He had to invest every iota of strength in keeping the woman at bay.

“Ooooohh, Rick… you’re so good!” At last she managed to express her appreciation beyond a simple “oohhh”. He beamed with self-satisfaction as he reamed her pussy steadily. Jolts of excitement shook his athletic body. He was riding awfully high. He hoped that she was ready to come in for a landing with him.

“I love doing it to you, Miss Friesen. Your cunt’s squeezing me so I can hardly stand it! I’ve never had a woman like you! Never!”

She grinned lazily at the compliment that made her heart swell with pride. She was being good to him. He appreciated what she was doing. How sweet he was.

Again and again she rammed her cunt up along the swollen length of his cock. Then at last, her momentum deserted her. All her energy was scrambled in the awesome rush of release. “Ohhhhhh, God-d-d! What are you doing to meeeee!”

Rick realized she was coming. Her pussy-muscles milked him powerfully. He let himself go along with it. In only seconds, he too was climaxing. “Shit, Miss Friesen, I’m coming too!” He could feel his cock shooting hot jets deep into her spasming pussy. The sensation made him very tired, very happy.

The boy let himself collapse onto the worktable on top of the woman. They lay in sated bliss for long minutes, until their breathing returned to normal. When at last he rose from her, there were tears in her eyes.

“Gosh, Miss Friesen, what’s the matter? Did I hurt you?”

“No, Rick. No. We’ve got to get out of here. It’s late.”

He wanted to walk her to her car, but, she wouldn’t let him. The boy was utterly confused by her defeated manner. Miss Coke had never acted like that. She had always been glad about their get-togethers. He decided not to let it bother him. She had felt awfully good until just a little while ago. Sooner or later, she would remember that.

“Good-night, Miss Friesen,” he called into the darkness. He whistled as he walked off toward his house. He felt very glad to be alive.


For two days, Jane walked around in a daze. She was totally unable to understand what had come over her the night with Rick. It had been as if she’d gone completely berserk. Her body’s need had run roughshod over her conscience.

Sure, she still felt sorry for the boy. She still felt admiration for his dogged dedication to school-work in the face of family adversity.

But to make love to him — even if it was to bolster his self-confidence, to reward him for his goodness — was so wrong! It had been so wrong of her to let her own agonizing need use the boy as an excuse to lighten its burden of frustration.

Every time she thought about the shameless way she had indulged herself, a shudder ran through her body. She couldn’t help it. Rick’s lovemaking had been the most incredible experience of her life. Though she knew she must never let it happen again, still she treasured her new awareness that it was possible to find someone who would make her feel good both during and after lovemaking. Not for a moment had she felt that Rick was using her or despising her for her wantonness. He was a pure, lusty a****l. If she had been three or four years younger she would have had a huge crush on Rick Morris.

But, at her age, that was impossible. After all, she was twenty years old. He was still a schoolboy of s*******n.

The next day, when Rick came into the library, Jane was on pins and needles to see if he would somehow give them away. By a look, a gesture. But he was the same as always, friendly, cheerful, but betraying not the slightest intimacy. Jane knew it was perverse of her to feel disappointed he had done nothing to show he remembered.

When she was checking a source for him in the index files, he touched her hand for just a moment. A shiver of happiness charged through her. He did remember!

Almost as soon as it had come, she buried the ecstasy deep inside. That chapter of their relationship was over. But she thought it would be all right to at least remain friends. To give him someone to talk to when life got too much for him.

Almost a week after their encounter, Rick waited for Jane at closing time and told her he had to talk to her. Unwilling to stay in the library, that was ripe with memories, she offered to drive the boy home. On the way, she suggested they stop at her place for coffee. It was time she set Rick straight on what had happened between them. Now was the time to establish their relationship on a solid basis of friendship.

She offered him coffee, but he asked for a beer instead. She hesitated, then she decided he was quite old enough for a beer. He was almost a man. She poured herself her usual gin and tonic.

Rick told her about the latest dilemma in his home life. She listened sympathetically. As she was fixing their second drink, he followed her into the kitchen and tried to kiss her.

“Oh, no, Rick! What I wanted to tell you… we mustn’t do that any more… Mmmm… it’s not right!”

Heedless of her protests, he planted kisses all over her neck, her chin, her earlobes. This last tactic seemed to destroy the last bastions of her resistance. She threw back her head and began to moan wantonly.

“Oh, Miss Friesen,” he murmured. “You mustn’t tell me ‘no’. I’ve been living for this chance to be alone with you again. You’re so wonderful. You make life seem so good.” The boy had learned by now the arguments that would most appeal to her missionary instincts.

His hands began to grope the out thrusting mounds of her tits. Roughly he pushed aside the barriers of her clothing. Her eyes were closed, as though she didn’t dare look at the realities of what was happening. It was obvious she wanted him as much as he wanted her. But, unlike Miss Coke, it seemed Miss Friesen had a conscience to grapple with. He bent down and began to suck the rubbery, responding tips of her breasts. His hands kneaded their bases while his mouth worked greedily to bring her nipples to stiff erection.

It had all been so sudden that Jane scarcely knew what had happened. The truth was she didn’t want to know. She just wanted to feel, to experience. She had been so full of good intentions when she had brought the boy home, or had she? Was this really what she had wanted after all? To be carried away by the brutal force of their mutual passion? To let him take over and make her do what she craved with every fiber of her being?

All these questions raced through her mind as she sank deeper and deeper under the spell of the boy’s eager sexuality. Her body so surprised her, the way it succumbed in the face of her best resolve. She desperately needed some way to explain how she could feel so sure of herself one minute and so totally abandoned the next.

Yet, as Rick’s mouth and hands worked more and more eagerly over her throbbing tits, the need to explain grew less and less important. Her whole being was tingling with the heat of the boy’s passion. It was as if the trembling of his body had set up a sympathetic rhythm in her own. She was falling completely under his power. His wants were her wants. His excitement was her own.

“Ooooohhh, Rick… I know we shouldn’t! It’s wrong!” Even as she spoke them, they seemed only empty words. They meant nothing in the face of the joyous hunger that surged through her. “Oh, you’re so good to meee! Soooo good!”

Driven by his mounting need, the boy turned her güvenilir bahis şirketleri around and bent her over the counter. He raised her skirt up over her squirming ass-cheeks and let her panties fall to the floor around her ankles. Eagerly, she stepped out of them and kicked them aside. This was the greedy side of Miss Friesen he knew and hungered for!

He urged her to spread her thighs wide apart. He pulled his hard cock from his pants and guided it in along the wet slit of her pussy. His cock-tip found the yielding hole and rammed its way deep up inside. Amid her grunts and groans of ecstasy, he began to screw the pretty blonde librarian in long lunging strokes.

The sight of her firm shapely ass-cheeks writhing before him made Rick’s balls hang heavy, his cock drive more impatiently up into her wet cunt. “Oooohh, Miss Friesen! It sure is good to feel my cock up in your cunt again! It’s so tight and hot and sexy in there… Jee-zuz!” Giving voice to his arousal increased it ten times over. Gritting his teeth, he watched his long purple member disappear up into her clutching pink hole.

Jane stared unseeing at the neatly arrayed canisters of sugar and flour that sat a few inches from her head. Her entire awareness was centered on that firm filling hardness that was forcing her pussy-walls wide apart. That was massaging her sensitive cunt to pulsing peaks of abandoned pleasure. “Oooooohhh! Oooooohhh!” It surprised her each time his cock plumbed new depths. Each time, her pussy sent back fiery pangs that made her knees want to buckle. She clung fiercely to the edges of the counter and sink, determined to ride with him wherever he wanted to take her.

“Shit, I could screw you forever, Miss Friesen!” He watched her beautiful blonde hair fly around her head as she wriggled out her excitement. Though she still wore her blouse, unbuttoned, and her skirt up around her waist, she was more sexy to him this way than if she had been completely naked. Her garb indicated the fury of her lust, the urgency of her passion. She looked thoroughly wanton, and he loved it. Though she was almost as young as he was, she was so much hotter than Cindy or any of the other chicks at school. She really knew what her cunt was for, though she had to fight her morals to get through to her real self.

The best thing was how tight her pussy was — even tighter than Miss Coke’s. She felt practically like a virgin. But Rick couldn’t imagine any near-virgin turning on the way Miss Friesen was doing right now. She was twisting and moaning like a seasoned veteran of passion!

Right from the very first time she made love, Jane had been wild and hungry like this, once, that is, she decided to let herself go. Those times had been very few. And only with Rick had she felt completely at home with her abandon. Somehow, though it was wrong, there was something very right about their union. He made her feel that she deserved to enjoy. He made her feel that she was important to his joy. Though he was a hard-driving lover, there was something very touching and tender about Rick. Though he hurled dirty words down on her head as they screwed, from his mouth they sounded all right. He was asking her to be there with him in his ecstasy.

Like a cowgirl on a bucking saddle, she slammed her buttocks back against his loins again and again, until that same strange flood flowed over her again, the way it had last time with Rick. She realized now it was what they called an orgasm. Only when she was at home in bed, alone, did she experience this kind of soul-wrenching release. But Rick knew how to give it to her, too. It was wonderful. “Oh Rick! You’re making me commmme!”

The surprise in her voice pleased him. It made him feel he was giving her something she hadn’t expected to receive. He was carrying her beyond herself! He began to suspect that maybe she wasn’t all that experienced at this sort of thing after all!

If that was the case, he had discovered a natural born woman, if there ever was one. Miss Friesen was made for loving! “Hell, I can feel your pussy sucking at my cock when you come like that! It sure feels nice!” He continued to saw his cock up into her cunt. He drew his prick out until only the very tip was still lodged inside her blonde-fringed hole. Then he shoved all the way up, till it looked like his crotch-hair was growing out of her ass. It felt good to be that deep in her, safe and warm, throbbing with earthy satisfaction.

Everything was feeling so damned good, he didn’t want to stop for a good long while. By keeping a tight rein on himself, he fought down the urge to come. He was swelled with pride at the idea that he was screwing the librarian right in her own apartment. Miss Coke had never let him visit her at home. To celebrate the special occasion, he was going to make it last as long as his teeming balls would let him.

“Jeez, Miss Friesen… I just want to keep doing it to you and doing it. You make me feel like it’s the very first time! You’re something special, I tell you!”

His adoring words made Jane want to burst into tears of happiness. She wanted to do something for him, something to show him how special he was to her, too.

She looked back over her shoulder at the straining boy. “Rick, I want to suck your cock now! Please let me!” The lewd words made goosebumps stand out all over her flesh. She had never spoken of such a thing before, let alone done it. Her first boyfriend had tried to make her, but she had resisted fiercely. For this brave teen-ager, she was ready to make the ultimate sacrifice! Her desire to please the handsome youth overrode her own distrust of such an immoral act!

Stunned with his good fortune, Rick let the woman straighten up and then fall to her knees on the toss rug in front of the sink. He stood over her, watching his long swollen cock swaying just millimeters from her nose. Excitement pulsed through him like water spurting through a tiny hole in a dike. She had roused him to a fever-pitch of expectancy.

Even Miss Coke hadn’t sucked his penis this early in their relationship. He had never expected to see the lips of the blonde beauty locked around his cock so early in their affair. Now, he thought he wouldn’t live if she didn’t do it right away!

He gripped her soft blonde locks and pulled her head toward his jerking cock. “Yeah, do it now! Suck my cock, Miss Friesen!”

Jane trembled with a strange kind of excitement and fear. Could she really do it? Rick’s hands guiding her face toward his menacing cock-tip left her no choice. She opened her mouth and let his penis invade her throat, all the way to the hilt!

“Mmmm-gghh!” For a moment, she wanted to gag. Then she remembered the thrill she had experienced when she told the boy her intention. She really did want to give him a gift of unforgettable pleasure. If this was the way to do it, she would do it!

She pulled her lips back along his rigid prick until only the bulb-like head was still encased in her warm mouth. She nibbled timidly, experimenting with taste and texture. His cock felt very firm, almost rubber-like. She discovered an odd satisfaction in feeling its thickness gliding back into her mouth.

His cock-tip seeped a drop of seminal fluid. She drank it gingerly and found she liked the taste. Greedily, she licked the rounded contours of his glans. She was trying to coax from his cock some more of the creamy, tasty juice. “Mmmmmm,” she mewled, and fell to her obscene task with renewed abandon.

Round and round his cock-tip, her agile tongue swirled. Then she bobbed her head up and down, up and down over his fine, fleshy penis. She was astounded at how much she enjoyed sucking Rick’s cock. She had expected to be making a sacrifice, lowering herself to make love to his prick with her mouth. Instead, the gesture was turning into the most satisfying erotic stimulus she had yet known.

As though his cock was feeding her and she were starving, she threw herself into the wanton spirit of her task. Her tongue, her lips, her cheeks found new ways to move and stab and suck and caress. Rick’s moans of pleasure were her sole repayment for her zesty efforts. She, too, moaned around the filling presence in her mouth, letting him know how much she was enjoying him.

To her surprise, though her pussy was getting no attention at the moment, it throbbed in eager response to her lusty deed. Her tits too tingled as they bobbed up and down on her chest in rhythm to her sucking. Her whole body seemed to be responding to her experiment with abandoned zeal. Now, at last, Jane knew what brought women to lower themselves to sucking a man’s cock. The thrill of enslaving herself to a cock this way was like nothing she had ever known or dreamed of.

Jane was beginning to realize just how much she had been missing in life by not indulging her sexuality. Freeing herself to the call of the senses was making her far mote alive than she had ever been. Now there was a purpose to it all. Pleasure! Was there anything better! She had never found anything to hold a candle to it. She knew that now. Now that her appetite was whetted, she wanted to drink deep of the joys of the flesh.

Rick would help her. She knew he would be there to help her learn about herself.

Rick was too enthralled by what the librarian was doing to him to do anything but grunt and smile. Miss Friesen really knew her way around a hard cock. Her lips nibbled him like he had never been nibbled before. The warm slick cavern of her mouth was the sweetest hide-out his cock had ever known, except for that tight pussy she had. The boy was glowing all over. The bottom had not fallen out of his life after all, when Miss Coke left. Heaven had sent him Miss Friesen to keep his spirits and his battery charged. “Whoo-ee!” he shouted and rocked her blonde head back and forth along his throbbing cock.

It seemed to Jane that Rick’s prick was getting even longer and harder as she sucked. She realized then that the natural outcome of this union was a mouthful of gushing white cum. Though the idea frightened her just a little, she wanted it. She wanted to drink deep of his foamy sex-shake. She swirled her tongue around his penis with a new determination. She was going to make him give it to her. The rushing sense of power that made her cunt flare under her skirt inspired her delirium.

“Oooohh, yeah! Jeez, Miss Friesen, you sure can suck a good cock! Shit, I’m not going to be able to take much more of this!”

That was exactly what Jane wanted to hear. Her ass squirmed with uncontrolled energy as she achieved a fever-peak of effort. She wanted him to come in her mouth!

Her supreme effort of willpower gave her what she was after. She had to struggle to keep up with the hot gushes of juice that flooded her mouth.

“Shit, Miss Friesen! I’m coming! Swallow it for me! Yeah-h-h!”

A glazy smile idled across Rick’s features as he sank safely into the afterglow of release. His cock still tinged with the intensity of her work. He was pretty sure he’d never be the same again.

“You’re not unhappy this time, are you, Miss Friesen?” he asked her.

“No, Rick. It would be perverse to be unhappy about something so nice.” She still crouched on the rug, now with him next to her. They cuddled like tired puppies. They were both sorry that he had to leave right away. But Jane understood.

She was glad she didn’t have to go out. The experience had been an exhausting one for Jane. More than the pleasure, there was the new knowledge she had gained. She realized now she could no longer deny herself such a delicious part of life. She wanted pleasure, all she could get.

Rick left her on the couch, half naked. Her breasts peeked out of the folds of her blouse. He kissed the tip of each nipple before tiptoeing out.


The same quality in Larry that made him a good accountant made him a good private eye. He was thorough.

Though he had been furious with Jane the night she ran out on him, just as he was ready to screw her, he was not about to forget the sexy blonde. She had become more of an attraction to him now than she would ever have been if she had given in on their first date. That was what he had expected, but the way things had turned out intrigued him.

He was pretty sure she wasn’t just being a cock-tease. She had really been frightened of his hard cock and his overwhelming passion. That knowledge enabled the young man to hold onto his pride, even though that night she had left him nothing to hold but his own aching cock.

He was willing to give her a second chance. Only this time he was going to go about it more smoothly. He stayed away from the library, using a friend as agent for any books he wanted. Larry feared that seeing him again so soon after her shame would only set her harder against him.

Eventually he hit upon the idea of doing a little research. He waited for Rick Morris to come out of the high school one day. He and Rick knew each other vaguely, from the library. Larry had figured out that the k** was screwing Cathy Coke at the same time he was. He hadn’t minded. He figured there was enough to go around. So he had said nothing to Cathy or to Rick.

The boy looked surprised to see him, but he responded quickly to Larry’s friendly invitation to a couple of beers. Larry waited until the boy had had a few before getting down to what he wanted to know.

Rick gave him his lead. “Don’t see you around the library any more.”

“Naw. What’s the point, now that good old Cathy isn’t there any more?”

Rick’s face went serious. “You mean… Miss Coke?”

“The same. Sexiest woman I ever knew. Man, she and I had some great nights in the old library.” He was leery of Rick’s growing frown, but he thought he knew how to get rid of it. “I noticed you were getting your own in there, too. The lights were burning late more often than just for me. I’ve got to hand it to you, Rick. At your age, I would never have had the nerve to tackle a woman like Cathy.”

Despite himself, Rick found a proud grin replacing his frown. He hadn’t known Miss Coke was making love to any other guys. “Yeah, she was really hot! I missed her pretty bad for a while!”

“Found someone to replace her, eh?” was Larry’s immediate reply. He was hoping the tipsy teen-ager would let something out.

“Yeah, old Miss Doober sure knows how to hire them!” Almost at once, Rick realized the mistake he had made. Obviously, Larry was not sharing his action with Miss Friesen. He’d have liked to keep it that way. He started to talk quickly, to change the subject.

Larry had learned what he wanted to know. Sly bitch! He grinned to himself as he nodded in response to Rick’s drunken prattle. So she does go for it after all! I’ll have to see what was wrong with my cock that this punk k** gets it and I don’t!

The young accounting student didn’t waste any time. While his blood was still up, he went to pay Miss Friesen a visit. It was close to ten p.m. when he arrived at her apartment. She didn’t answer the door until he had rung three times.

She was in her nightgown, and she was very surprised to see Larry. She staggered back, mouth open, as he barged his way in and closed the door behind him. “Larry!” At last, she realized that she was on home ground, and he was invading it. “What do you think you’re doing? Get out!” She pointed at the door.

To her dismay, she realized her words were slurred. She had been planning to play with herself tonight, and she had had three martinis to put herself in the mood. She found her clit was much more sensitive when she was tipsy.

He caught hold of both her arms as she motioned him out. He pulled her close and leered down at the ripe swells of her tits bulging from her satin-and-ribbon nightgown. “What’s the matter, Janie? Don’t you remember? You and me have got some unfinished business!”

“But, Larry!” Tears began to run down her cheeks. “I told you! I just wanted to be friends! You took advantage of me. I had to get away!” She struggled desperately, but he held both her wrists in one hand as he pulled her toward the couch. His strength made her efforts seem puny.

“You tried to sell me a ration of shit!” he spat contemptuously. “For a while there, you had me thinking you were some kind of cherry-assed virgin! Then I find out you’re fucking this Goddamned high-school k**, still wet behind the ears!”

She looked up at him, horrified. “Rick! How did you know?”

“He told me!” He threw her down onto her belly on the couch. Her nightgown flew up over her ass, exposing two round, enticing globes. She made no attempt to conceal herself. She didn’t even try to get up. She just lay there, her face buried in her anus. Quickly, Larry scrambled out of his clothes.

Rick! She couldn’t believe it. Rick had been talking about her! She had thought he was something special, pure and brave and honest. He had betrayed her!

Suddenly she didn’t care any more what happened to her. She remained motionless as she felt Larry’s weight on the couch behind her. She let him raise her ass up so it was waving provocatively at him. What did she care? Rick had just pulled the rug out from under her. She had no faith left.

Panting with excitement, Larry parted the firm cheeks of her ass and slid his cock along her slit. When he found her curd, he shoved deep and hard up inside her hot clinging depths.

“Aaaaggghhhh!” It was impossible to be indifferent to the thick searing presence that had spread her pussy-walls wide. Larry was merciless! He began to stroke his cock back and forth in a harsh unrelenting rhythm. Her cunt was dry. He was hurting her! “Stop! Please stop!” she wailed.

Even her cries for mercy were not as strong as they might have been. Some perverse part of her told her she deserved to be punished. She had relied too much on Rick’s being different from other men… and she strongly suspected her ulterior motive had been her own hunger for pleasure. She had wanted to find some excuse to fulfill her sexual longings. She had been stupid and deceitful, and she deserved what she was getting! She had acted like a whore!

A sharp slap across her buttocks made her cry out in pain. “Come on, Janie honey! Let’s see you move that good-looking ass of yours! I want it as good as the k** got it! And by the look on his face, I’d say that was pretty good!” Larry knew instinctively it hurt her to know the boy had been talking about her. So he laid it on heavy. She was going to suffer the way he had suffered the night she ran out on him and his stiff cock!

Timidly, Jane began to wriggle her buttocks back at Larry’s loins. His cock was pummeling her hard and heavy. The constant friction was making the juices flow from her pussy. It wasn’t hurting any more, except in her heart.

Like a robot, she began to slam her ass harder and harder back against Larry’s belly. Her cunt opened easily now to admit his thick cock on every in stroke. Her pussy-muscles clasped hungrily around his cock, coaxing him to stay up inside. He continued to pull out of her though, only to soar back in once again.

“Christ, you’ve got a greedy little pussy! No wonder Rick goes for it! It feels like it’s trying to eat my cock alive! Shit, you know, you sure are a good actress, Janie! You should get an Academy Award for the night you ran out on me. You really love it, don’t you! Look at that sweet little ass move! Hallelujah, here I come!” He began to plow into her hungry hole even faster than before. His prick felt hard as iron. He wanted to go on screwing her this way forever.

The sight of her quivering ass-cheeks slamming back against him was more precious to Larry than the Mona Lisa. If she was mad at him for what he was doing to her, she was sure doing a good job of hiding it. He had never seen a woman respond any more avidly than Jane Friesen was doing right now.

“Whoo-ee! Shake that thing, baby!”

His words spoke to a deep-buried part of Jane. A part that had been struggling to get out for a long time now. She wanted to be lewd and abandoned and sexy. She wanted cock and more cock. She liked the way Larry was screwing her, even though she wasn’t too sure what she thought of Larry.

“Oh yeah! Screw me! Ooooohh, it feels good! It feels damned good!” No longer a woman fighting her true nature, Jane abandoned herself even to crudity of language. She had never spoken the way she was speaking. But her encouragement was coming straight from the gut. And bouncing back through every writhing inch of her aroused body. “Your cock is really doing it to me, Larry! Do it! Do it!”

Larry could only stare and grin and screw the wanton blonde squirming before his plundering cock. It astounded him that she was no longer holding back on him in any way. She was as much into their rough coupling as he himself was. She wasn’t even mad at him for barging into her apartment and forcing himself on her — at least not mad enough to resist the enticing lure of his filling cock.

While Larry watched awestruck, the quiet librarian turned into a raving sex-maniac before his very eyes. Suddenly it was she who was setting the pace of their rutting union. She was slamming herself back against him by using the leverage of her arms. Her blonde head was tossing crazily from side to side, whipping her fine full hair around her like a demonic halo. Somehow, she had pulled her nightgown up all the way to her neck. Her naked back writhed for him, beckoned him deeper into her.

His prick lunged so far inside that he could feel the tip poking her cervix. She wailed hotter than ever as he penetrated deeper. His cock glistened now with a thick sheen of her juices. Larry looked down at it as it emerged from her swollen pink hole. His penis was purple. It looked bigger than it ever had before. It didn’t have much farther to go. He shoved his throbbing cock back home.

“Aaaaaggghhhh!” Jane could feel her cunt muscles spasming around his thick cock. She felt filled to overflowing, more filled than she had ever been in her life. Then suddenly she was in a new dimension. She was set free. “My God! I’m comminnng-g-g.”

Encouraged by her climax, he let go all his own stops. A few more lusty strokes, and he too was coming. “Uuuuuhh! Wow! Man, it’s never been like this!” He meant it. She had even more energy, he thought, than Cathy Coke. Or maybe it was just that he hadn’t had a first-class screw since Cathy went away.

As she lay dazed from her climax, Jane thought about whether or not she should feel sad. The book had been closed at last on her innocent youth.

Her tingling pussy gave her perspective on her new reality. If this was lost innocence, it felt damned good. Even if she had lost a little more of her faith in her fellow man, she had gained some too. She felt she could rely on a good hard cock a lot sooner than she could on a pledge of eternal friendship. Hard cocks were easier to find.

“Want a drink, Larry?” Her voice was sultry. She had never let herself be sexy before. She kind of liked the charge it gave her.

Larry was delighted. He had come looking for a monster and he had found one — but a monster of lust was his kind of monster. “I’ll have what you’re having, baby!”

“And I’ll take what you’ve got!” She squeezed his cock playfully before staggering out to the kitchen. Thank God for martinis. She needed one now.


When Miss Friesen hadn’t shown up at work for a couple of days, Rick asked about her at the check-out counter.

“I’m sure Miss Friesen would be touched by your concern,” Miss Doober told him snidely. “She has caught a very bad cold. We expect her back in a day or two.”

Rick bought a handful of posies at the greengrocer’s and went by Miss Friesen’s apartment. He heard her call “come in” when he knocked. He found the pretty blonde lying naked on the couch, a bottle of gin on the table next to her.

“Oh, it’s you, Rick,” she said coldly. He could tell she had had quite a few drinks. “I was expecting someone else. Well, don’t just stand there. Come on in and have a drink.”

The boy helped himself to ice, gin and tonic. He was knocked a little off-balance by his discovery. Who could Miss Friesen be expecting that she would let walk in on her naked? Somehow, he had thought he was her only lover. She seemed more sincere than Miss Coke. He felt a tinge of resentment coloring his appreciation of her full, naked body. “I brought you some flowers.” He set them down in the valley between her rounded tits.

She smiled at him for the first time. “That’s nice. I like flowers.”

He sipped his drink casually. “Miss Doober told me you were sick.”

“I was.” She giggled uproariously. “Sick of work!”

“What have you been doing?”

“Having a good time!” She reached up and tugged on his shin. “Why don’t you sit down here?” He sat next to her ripe tits. He began to stroke their naked smoothness. As her nipples strained against his fingers, his cock began to throb. He wasn’t feeling so resentful any more. He was feeling horny. Thinking she was sick, he hadn’t expected to screw her. He was beginning to let his imagination wander.


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