Just A Thought

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She was so beautiful, so sexy.

I watched her clothes caress her skin with each breath, saw the outline of her bra sink into her side, her breasts full, softly hanging. Her whole body jiggled with each movement she used to emphasize her words. Her body whispered to me underneath her voice…sex(touch me)…sex(kiss me)…sex(fuck me). I watched her pants curving over her full hips, disappear between her legs, saw the seam gently part her lips.

Deliciously ripe, juicy was the perfect word. I knew that if I bent to kiss her sex, I could lap up and sip, drink and suck…so full of those juices. Like a peach…running my tongue over it to make the fuzz lay flat. So ripe there’s no need to bite it…just suck…slowly…forcefully, until it opens and sweet nectar seeps out. Closing my eyes to savor the moment the first trickle flows over my tongue. I poke my tongue through the raggedly opened hole to scoop out more…

I knew she was like that peach.

I felt her fingertips brush my arm…her perfume tickles my nose as her warm, soft hand lays on my shoulder…she moved closer. “Are you OK?” she said, her voice like a feather over my nipples. casino oyna

“Hmmhmmmmm…Just a head rush…strange” I said.

“Just give me a minute” I mumbled, trying to shake the image of my tongue and the peach.

Her fingers trailed softly…pushing my hair behind my ear.

“I know what will help” she said quietly. Incredibly…she moved closer, standing in front of me. I looked up at her as her fingers combed my hair from my face, her thumbs resting on my temples. Her dark hair fell forward, her dark eyes a mystery.

“A little massage should relax you” her voice wafted through to me from the springy flesh of her breasts. I saw each word start its vibration, a traveling wave through her chest…I relaxed into her fingers.

“That does feel better” I breathed, leaning back into the armchair.

She leaned forward, spreading her legs for balance. Fingers massaging, she continued her conversation. I watched again through half closed eyes…her pants clutching her thighs, that seam between parted lips. Her body was screaming at me now, drowning out her voice…sex(lick me)…sex(drink me)…sex(I am that peach). I watched her breasts’ swaying, canlı casino jiggling as her fingers rubbed, pressed. I could just reach up and touch…return the massage.

“I hope you don’t mind, a little hard to reach”, her breasts spoke to me again and I watched in slow motion as her knees moved to rest one by one on the outside of my thighs. She lowered, felt her soft ass on my lap. Her breasts were within lips reach…Her perfume was driving me crazy…I could feel the warmth of her on my thighs…Each movement she made was exquisitely amplified….

“Ummmm…no, make yourself comfortable”, I murmured with a resigned chuckle.

I thought to myself, “Enough of this crap”

“No more slow torture”, I made a silent vow.

Took a deep breath, placed my hands on her hips and pulled her forward.

She lets me… Her voice completely silenced now, her body doing all the talking now. I heard it, rumbling in my ear…sex(touch me)…sex(suck me)…sex(eat your peach). I slid my hands slowly…forcefully, up her sides under her blouse…fingers tingling with the first contact on her smooth skin. Pressing my thumbs in deep lines that met between her breasts, cupping kaçak casino them adoringly with my fingers, feeling their weight. Her ass cheeks pressing back onto my thighs as she arches her upper body toward me. I run my thumbs over her nipples, pushing her blouse up over her breasts (sigh…see through lace, her dark nipples a shadow underneath) and back down to firmly squeeze them, watch them spring back to roundness…so right…so ripe…

“Finally” I thought, leaning forward to lay my tongue flat against one nipple, barely touching skin through the lace. Dragging my tongue upward, I feel her voice again; a soft moan travels past my hands, through breast, through nipple, to tongue…slowly tracing circles around her hardening nipple. Sucking it in, squeezing the other, licking it slow, pinching the other, sucking it in…

My skin tingles, feeling her ass rubbing against my thighs, her soft sighs and moans vibrating though her body…I reluctantly pull my lips away from her heated breasts, leaning my head back, to look at her, my fingers massaging her lovingly…her dark hair grazes my face…dark eyes impossibly darker, her full lips slightly open, her breathing heavy.

I reach a hand behind her head, caressing her hair, pulling her to me. Our lips meet…so softly, my tongue flicks over her bottom lip, questioning still, she sucks me in and I’m lost.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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